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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Cousin Shares

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-24

Sheila turned back to me, saying, "You can take your nighty off, Abby, if you want to," she told me as Owen got up and moved to kneel between her legs, his long cock dangling near her ankles. She reached over and took my free hand to bring it over in between her legs, pressing my fingers right at her opening as I felt Owen's cock sliding back and forth. They lay together kissing for several minutes when I heard Sheila ask me softly, "I'm sure Owen would like to make you happy, too, if you want, Abby." He looked over at me and smiled as I heard myself say, "It was beautiful and so hot, yes, I do want it, I want him."

My s****r in Law Cums Around

first-time cunticker 2018-03-24

She got up and with the robe falling completely open revealing a small white bikini pair of panties she came over to me and bent down and we kissed again this time long and deep. While our lips and tongues were still locked together, she began groping for my rock hard cock stroking it through my pants as she fumbled to unbuckle my jeans and pull my zipper down. It is hard to describe the pleasure of gently slipping my fingers under the panties and pulling them slowly off as the sweet aroma of her pussy juices penetrated the air making me even more excited, as if that were possible.

Elders Meeting – Moses

first-time tankengine123 2018-03-24

Pastor Daniel told the Elders that he was taking Moses to his bedroom for special prayers. Having been forewarned by Lily, Pastor Daniel asked Moses a special question. Samuel: Moses, your little belly looks so wonderful with this bulge in it. Elder Joseph sat on the couch in front of the boy and opened his legs; he scooted forward making his cock and balls available to Moses. When the straps were removed and Moses was helped down, his legs were so wobbly that Samuel had to carry him to the shower for another special cleaning session. (Moses knew what that was!) Pop-pop reached behind the boy with one hand and grabbed his little butt cheeks.

One & Two Make Three Ch. 1

first-time KimberToo 2018-03-24

I wanted an experienced guy not like the "also" virgin that popped my sister Lisa's cherry. When the 'I'm ready to lose my cherry' time came Lisa had decided the next guy that got her alone on Flat Top look out, (the towns famous 'make it in the car on Friday night spot') would be the lucky guy. When they got to the drive in Lisa waved at all her friends there letting them know she had a date with Buddy although she was having second thoughts about the whole thing. Well that is the story that Linda told me and from the moans and action I got to hear in our bedroom she found a lot of guys that knew how to please her.

Tina O'Brien has lesbian sex

first-time 2018-03-24

As word got around Roza received her first "famous" customer when, in summer 2009, during a break in filming the X factor star Dannii Minogue (s****r of Kylie) wanted to follow up on a previous lesbian experience she had enjoyed in a club in London when a lap dancer stripped Dannii naked in front of all the other girls and licked her pussy until she reached an amazing orgasm. Tina could not see what they were preparing for her but she soon felt her pussy being opened wide by Roza's fingers as one of the Thai girls coated the monster penis with KY jelly and slowly pushed the fucking machine into Tina's sopping wet vagina.

When I was a busboy

first-time 2018-03-24

They both laughed then and Marcia asked, "Why on earth would you think I need to know your last name Peter?" I shrugged my shoulders and said nothing. She stopped kissing me and whispered, "Once I have your cock all the way up into my cunt Peter, I want you to roll me over onto my back and fuck me hard and fast until you cum inside of me." I whispered, "Okay," not really knowing how that would work. He looked at me then and said, "Do you want to be Marcia's protege Peter?" I nodded my head warily.

Swing Time Ch. 05

first-time l8bloom 2018-03-24

Stan piled Craig, Allie and David into his SUV after the concert. "What about Hillary and Mr. Olaffsen?" Allie wanted to know. A policeman put his hand on Jeff's head — the boy was already cuffed — and pushed him into the back seat of a cop car. Stan took his little girl's hand. Stan looked around to see how Craig was taking it. About the same time, Hillary Fairchild was running her hands over Jacob Olaffsen's body. Jake took her tender breast in his callused hand and laid his mouth to the sweet pink tip. "Last night Stan took Dave and Allie and Craig out for pizza.

A Rainy Evening

first-time fin 2018-03-24

Her hand went to the back of my head, but I pulled away for a moment and reached behind her to undo the bra. Then, just as my tongue was tiring and I was afraid I couldn't keep going, she thrust her body hard at me, a long wail coming from deep in her throat. I wanted say that it had been years since a woman had done that to me, so long that I could barely remember what it felt like; but I couldn't quite. I began to move again, keeping my strokes smooth and slow, relishing the moment when we drew apart, the tip of my cock just nestled between her lips, the anticipation, then the sweet convergence and our bodies meeting, hotter than ever.

I shared my wife. With a stranger from the Interne

first-time 2018-03-24

He said " I would love to draw you into the picture" she turned a little red knowing what he meant as far as her being pretty. He eventually had to leave and nothing happened this time but as he left he asked for a phone number to reach me at and maybe set up a day to come back. I said to him" Would you do me a favor,I've always wanted to see someone touch my wife ,would you go rub her back so I can take a few pics." Without hesitation he agreed but not without a look of uneasiness from my wife.

Lost Virginity!

first-time Grace23 2018-03-24

Soon his hands moved down over my hips to my legs, I was wearing a pleated skirt so it was no trouble for him to get his hands under it to caress my thighs and up feeling my pussy through the thin material of my panties. I had gotten used to being teased there by Joan and always found it exciting, now I had a live warm stiff cock in my hand and rubbed the head against my pussy enjoying the feel of it, then let it slide into me and he started to stroke me. Now that was something I really enjoy to bring me on is sucking a cock, I love the warmth and velvety feel of it and learned to really tease it with my tongue, as well as 'deep throat' it.


Week at the lake

first-time StarScreamUSA 2018-03-24

While taking the pictures, I started to get an erection and it was showing through my swimsuit, now I have a big bulge. They had me wear this cock device for the rest of the week and to make it worse, they made me watch them in their bikinis on the beach, knowing it would make me want to get hard and masturbate badly, to torture my dick, I guess this was their way of punishing me for taking pictures of them and being erected, I would have thought they would be flattered, but I was to be their male slave for a week and could not do anything about it.

kinky brithday

first-time 2018-03-24

Kang Seulgi thinks her girlfriend Bae Joohyun forgot to get her a birthday present but she was shocked to find out that it was something completely different - something kinky. Joohyun smirked at her girlfriend and Seulgi couldn’t help but notice how luscious her lips looked. Her girlfriend was busy getting ready for her birthday sex gift while she could only wait with her aching core reminding her of what was to come. Joohyun smirked as she began to kiss her neck, sucking and biting at her sensitive spots. She could feel her girlfriend’s lips on her inner thighs, sucking and biting on the soft skin. Without warning, Joohyun rammed into her pussy, making Seulgi moan loudly.

Summer Storm

first-time bigdick2012h 2018-03-24

Birdie laid back, her head on a rock pillow, her body half floating in the shallow pool, her breasts were partially submerged in the clear water, she spread her legs to steady herself, looked up into the night and began “He had a god gifted tongue.” She rolled her head to me “Did you ever see pictures of Gene Simmons' tongue?” No part of me was touching her but my erection was just a fraction of an inch above Peter Pan. Birdie twisted her head, looked into my eyes then pushed her ass up until my cock was lodged firmly in the crack of her cheeks.

i had sex with my first cousin, after 20 years sin

first-time hornybiguy88 2018-03-24

There I was half my shorts on, and my cousin her being 2 years older than me watching me change. In short I woke up before her, and I felt something might/could who knows what will happen since she saw me in undies we got closer but never talked sexual things. I am in kitchen, she comes in black t-shirt, and white see threw shorts exposing me to see she had black underwear on underneath. She then said lets go back home before parents/my s****rs come back from work. We got home, she said give me a minute let me shower then we have lunch. But lots of winks/eye contact from her and me face turning cherry red, with boner leaving wet stain on my shorts.

Meeting my Neighbor

first-time boernesucker 2018-03-24

I worked the head of my cock into his hole, and he told me how much he wanted it and couldn't believe he was letting me do this. His ass felt so good, hot and tight, that I could have shot my load right there, but I wanted to get my whole cock inside him. After a couple minutes he said he wanted to see me shoot, so I pulled hard a couple times and started shooting my load all over the towel and the floor. I kept working my cock while he tried to get a load out, but after a couple of minutes he gave up saying he was just too nervous.


first-time tinaheels31 2018-03-24

After pulling them up my legs and onto my body I decided to wear my mom's white six inch chunky high heeled ankle strap sandals. I then decided to pick up the phone and pretend I was talking as I walked back and forth in the laundry room hallway. I pretend talked as I walked back and forth for a long time, mesmerized by the sound of my high heels clicking on the concrete floor. As I opened the basement door, my mom said " I know you are there, I could hear your high heels. Come in the livingroom now to talk." I said "Ok, mom, wait till I change clothes".

The Cougars Next Door

first-time mooremike 2018-03-24

Once Jimmy and his dad were home Steve said "looks like we have a couple of nice lesbians living next door. "So Jimmy do you like the idea of having two women wanting to fuck and suck you all night long?" Connie asked with a smirk Connie was opening her mouth and Jimmy grabbed her head and started to fuck his cock in and out of the woman’s mouth. Connie looked down and could see her friend’s little asshole and suddenly she had a perverted need to see Julie ass fucked. Julie started to shake and moan loudly as her friend licked her ass and the boy pumped her hot wet pussy.

Caught in my s****r's underwear

first-time 2018-03-24

"Dan, do you..." she started to speak, then stopped as she looked down and stared at my hardening cock, "Wow my b*****r really is growing up. She slipped it off her shoulders, revealing the baby pink version of the bra I was wearing, stepping out of the skirt I could see the matching thong, and like mine, a slight patch of pubic hair where it changes. "Well you can go to your room if you want, but what's the point imagining me, when you can stay here and see the real thing?" Jane said as she brushed her hand over my cock as she walked past me and lay on the sofa. "Dan, why don't you release that cock and stroke it while you look at me....we both know you want to," Jane said.

The Virgin Punter

first-time 2018-03-24

The events of the night eight years ago hit him with absolute clarity, hearing the screaming even before opening the apartment door, realising it was coming from one of the smaller bedrooms, walking towards it and being almost deafened by the yelling obscenities. She was now begging him to do it harder, ram his cock deep inside her, as he did so he felt his spunk welling up, I'm close he thought but so is she, as he thrust forward she suddenly started to scream loudly, the obscenities pouring out of her mouth. He was bucking inside her mouth, she was writhing on his face screaming at him to lick her harder, as he started to explode and cum for the third time something clicked in his memory.

Deflowered in the video shop, then with daddy

first-time 2018-03-24

I did not answer, I just looked forward as Joe sized the moment and pressed himself against me and came, the warmth spreading in a new place for me, but an old place for man, as I moved with him, his cock inside me, his hands were on my hips as he pushed deeper, there was no doubting Joe's achievement for this session, he had my scalp on his bedpost, I had surrendered my virginity to him, and walked out with the videos and his spunk, nestling inside my folds, sealed with my vaginal lips closed tightly, and making sure Joe's lips were as tightly sealed before leaving, or he would have my dad to deal with, for this intrusion.

New Year's Resolution

first-time AverageBear 2018-03-24

As he'd watch and try not to gawk, his mind was always battling between lust and law – enjoying the view of Ashley's lovely derriere while trying to conceive some fine point of jurisprudence from the lecture on which to debate Professor Randall. In the event that Ashley might hear his question, Dan wanted to impress her with his fertile mind, not just add an air of legitimacy to his voyeurism. Anyway, Dan doesn't know for sure what Ashley's intentions were in that little episode with old Professor Randall. Dan had positioned himself squarely behind Ashley Martin, awaiting the start of Professor Randall's help session for the Advance Contracts final. Dan remained silent, unaware of Alyssa's question, lost in lewd thoughts of Ashley.

A Private Self-Defense Lesson

first-time happywriter007 2018-03-24

"My friend had to leave already, and I don't like to bike through town alone, so would you mind to ride up with me for a ways?" She asked me with her big brown eyes just barely peeking from under her perm. This chick just got groped, and is as shy as can be, looks even shyer than me, and here she is asking me to show her a Judo hold in her own apartment? Suddenly she pulled loose and said: "I didn't like it when you grabbed my tits in class today." Like this," I said, as I placed her thumb and index finger around my balls at the top and wrapped the rest of her hand around my balls.


first-time 2018-03-24

From the look in Daddy's eyes, Frank could tell that Dad was more then just a little interested in doing the job himself. "Just relax baby, you're going to do just fine," Frank said as he eased his hand between Brook's legs. As Daddy pushed the rest of the way in, held for a while, then started slow-fucking Brook, Frank told me to get undressed and lie down beside the fucking couple. As Frank slammed his six inch cock into my pussy, Daddy rolled over onto his back, carrying Brook with him. The feel of Frank's dick slowly being shoved in and out my mouth was lovely to be sure, but when I felt Daddy's hand caressing my ass, it nearly drove me over the edge.

It's Fact that I had slept with Two Guys at N

first-time jasminbetts007 2018-03-24

We decided to have a no-holds-barred party starts on Christmas Eve and ends at the New Year’s Eve. On the plane, we completed a pact with at least one score absolutely sexy singles guy, and if possible, returned with a tally of more than. Hardly was the online dating Club and without bothering to be the head of the hotel, we went to the beach and had abandoned the most mind-blowing sex. Sex is nowhere near as explosive as it was with Jack the night before was as sweet Brian in bed, as he was for myself. There were no strings attached either to the guys I’ve met, or my only regret was with Jack, sex unprotected.