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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Staying After Class Ch. 02

first-time complicatedfaery 2018-03-24

My hands roamed down my body as my mind focused on Mr. Pearl's kiss, his strength, his touch. "Honey, Mili's play is tonight remember?" My mother reminded me as she opened my door and walked into my room. Not that I really cared, but the realization that Mr. Pearl was in fact the coach of said football team, well I started to feel the optimism I sported earlier in my bedroom fading fast. Opening the door, I started to wonder if he had changed his mind about meeting me. His hands cupped my ass, pulling me against him, letting me feel how hard he was beneath his pants.

The Tempest

first-time steph1990 2018-03-24

I grab your hand and slowly return it to my breast, knowing you can feel my nipple tighten with need, and hold your anxious gaze. You graciously accept with a smile on your face, and kiss my breast before taking one of my nipples into your mouth, sucking on it deeply, caringly. I want to feel your skin against mine, so my hands slide down your bare, muscular chest and reach the first button of your shirt. You gather all of my hair in your left hand and hold it away from my damp skin and then you dive into the crook of my neck, leaving open mouthed kisses while rubbing my back up and down with your free hand.


s****r in-law and Niece visit part I

first-time jimp72 2018-03-24

Nobody I knew off the top of my head so, just to be safe, I squirted into the cabin and threw on a pair of silk pajama pants on my way to grabbing the little .32 out of my bookshelf. I walked into my bedroom as Shelly headed for my bathroom She'd come out her a few times throughout the years and knew her way around. I turned around to close my bedroom door and looked eyes with DanyAnne, who'd not been here in years, still standing in the doorway. The second thing that happened was the weight of the .32 in my pocket dragging my silk pajama pants down, flashing my pud at this poor unsuspecting young girl at the very moment her gaze was locked on it.

Losing My Virginity In Germany.

first-time a6uldvnt 2018-03-24

Gently she put her hand on my leg and then slowly moved it up until she was touching my hard cock. Trude gently stroked the outline of my cock with her fingers and I laid my head back to enjoy the sensations. Trude grasped my cock in her hand and started to jack it. Trude kept her hand on my cock gently stroking it, playing with it, sucking it. Trude started to rock back and forth on me, sliding her pussy to the tip of my cock and then pushing it fully inside of her again. I pushed my cock as deep into Trude as I could and filled her pussy with shot after shot of my hot come.

18 Year Old's First Squirting Orgasm

first-time sheetsoaker13 2018-03-24

Her squirt was starting to slosh out of her as she laid with her head thrown back, back arched high, and belting out her loud constant squeal. Then I stopped and pulled my hand away from her soaking wet pussy and wrapped both my arms around her tight. I took a moment just to enjoy her fully pleasured body laying before me and rubbed my hands up and down her squirt covered skin. So I took my hand and slid it back between her legs and immediately she spread them open for me and began to moan as I rubbed her pussy. After repeatedly finger fucking her G spot and rubbing her pussy for a total of 5 squirting orgasms I stopped.

The Walk

first-time JavaJoy2321 2018-03-24

He laughs too and kisses the top of my head as we start walking toward the track behind the neighborhood elementary school. He quips, "What gentleman and pulls my hand to his lips for a gallant kiss. "Will, this probably has gone way too far," I grip his hand to stop him, and his other hand snakes up the leg of my shorts going for the sweet spot, and rubs. I tell him so, and he smiles, and says, "ok, let's try this," and thrusts a second finger inside me and starts pumping hard and fast. I keep stroking til they stop, then pull my hand from his shorts and lick my fingers clean one at a time.

My Smoking Hot Holiday

first-time livvy_uk 2018-03-24

It was then, as I sat on the end of the bed happily enjoying the sun with my cigarette, that I noticed him watching me. Another cigarette was in order as I looked at the older guy once more before filling my lungs with smoke. Crushing out my cigarette as I exhaled my last breath, Roger began to lay me back flat on the bed. I took another deep breath from my cigarette and inhaled the smoke as I waited for the pain, but instead I felt only pleasure and exhaled. I flicked my cigarette away and exhaled the last breath of smoke as I lay still enjoying the pleasure I was feeling.


first-time theredmanutd 2018-03-24

The Reds were deserved winners on the night thanks to braces from Wayne Rooney, youngster Reece James and Ashley Young and a fine opening strike from Danny Welbeck. The Reds doubled the advantage on 42 minutes when AJ Delagarza was rightly punished for a deliberate handball which stopped Valencia’s right-wing cross and Rooney converted with aplomb from the spot. Young, another second-half addition, received the ball down the right and his pin-point cross picked out James to slide home a lovely left-foot finish into the corner. Young netted twice in quick succession in the final stages with two excellent finishes to complete a great night's work for van Gaal and his men and the display and result offers plenty of positives.

A great experience as a crossdresser

first-time adel5000 2018-03-24

The guy in the other cubicle saw this and put his hands through the hole and slowly pushed my head forward towards the massive cock now inches from my face. I did as he said and the next thing I know I was getting very light headed and buzzed with such strange sexy feelings I felt that I no longer had any inhibitions or apprehensions and was almost bubbling with desire to pleasure these two big cocked guys. This continued for about a couple of minutes and he shouted he was ready to cum, the guy f***ed my head forward at an angle as he rammed his cock right down my throat and started to spasm and blast a massive load of hot thick cum straight down my throat.

It was a Typical Saturday Night

first-time MSTarot 2018-03-24

As I walked past the long dead, once bright-purple/red and blue neon lights of The Vigilant old memories came at me like stray dogs and I had to sit down. It would be many years of my life latter, hell after I got back from Korea, before I would ever meet a woman more ready to fuck me silly than Cora Johnson had been that night. And yeah, to a drunk you will possibly think that you have some sort of amazing super powers that will allow you to deal with a burning movie theater, once the bone-dry wall curtains have caught and the flames are flowing their way up to the ceiling above.

Island Fun with BBC

first-time santacruz001 2018-03-24

I asked him if he turned on to garter belt and stockings, knowing full well that that was the outfit Donna would select for the evening. He slowly undid her robe and his mouth slid down to her nipples, gently licking and sucking her breasts, his hand still on her nylons, which turned me on so much, I was hoping that he would also kiss her nyloned legs and feet. I know that John did not want to cum because he thought that he would disappoint us with a quick finish but Donna was begging him to cum in her mouth. As I watched John rub his cock on her feet, with his hands caressing her stockings, Donna took my cock in her mouth.


first-time Ashson 2018-03-24

"Have you got a gun?" she demanded. "I have a gun, Miss," I assured her. I looked at the two young men rolling around on the ground trying to beat each other up. "Ah, yes, Miss, but shooting can be so permanent. "You morons," she shrieked. He also skipped the present. "Sarcasm is a wonderful thing." "Not in this lifetime," she assured me. Just not with the two morons. She thought this through, nodding judiciously. She kissed me back after a moment and we stood like that for a while, lips locked and lovely breasts treasured in my hands. I stood there feeling like an idiot, not that the feeling of idiocy dampened my ardour or lessened my erection.

Kerri's Descent Ch. 03

first-time Honey_Bee_16 2018-03-24

The weeks had flown by after I discovered how much I really liked spending "quality time" with my roommate Jessie. "Jessie," I said, "I don't even know if I'm going to have sex any time in the near future. "Uh uh Kerri, if you want to be fucked, it's going to be by this vibrator." Jessie picked up the long, sleek vibrator and turned it on. I was getting very wet, despite the fact that I didn't want the vibrator. I felt embarrassed but horny at the idea of myself fucking Jessie with a dick. I felt myself pulling it as Jessie moved it gently around inside me. Jessie fucked me hard with the vibrator and I only lasted a few more seconds.

Is Sex So Beautiful! Ch. 02

first-time manavata 2018-03-24

Without realizing her younger sister's presence she came to me and hugged me and almost kissed my lips. As soon as she was out of sight, Kumi was back in my arms and kissed me long with a passion that she definitely would not be showing to my cousin. I moved up and gave a long and hard kiss on her lips that I continued down to breasts, nipples, stomach and finally to her pussy. My cock was hard and probing her cunt but she soon got up and started to kiss me on my lips, chest, nipples, stomach down to the base of my cock.

Our first wedding anniversary present to each othe

first-time 2018-03-24

Feeling my hard cock against her the wife starts to stroke my cock as Miranda (working girl name) continues to touch both of us up and down with her hands. We both start kissing Chloe from her mouth down her torso, licking and kissing her hard erect nipples while Miranda was stroking and working her wet pussy. Miranda moves down between Chloe’s legs and starts licking her pussy while I am deeply tongue kissing Chloe, she was wild with excitement. At this point our booked time of one hour had almost expired but we had some time to chat, while I caressed Miranda she caressed Chloe including stroking her tits commenting on how lovely and soft Chloe’s skin was and also how good the experience was also for her.

A Sweet Love

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-24

Isabella and Aman finally make love after being apart for a year "I waited for you a long time." He says and takes her bag. with her luggage and Aman shakes his hand and says goodnight. wants to run into his arms and kiss him. kiss and when it is very late Aman says they should go to bed. "I want to be with you." Isabella takes his hand. "OH, look at you!" She says and rubs her hand on his chest. "No Isabella." He hands her a blanket but she shakes her head. "Aman, be with me." She crawls on the bed and kisses his hands. Isabella lays her head on his chest listening to his heart


first-time JustLikeEwe 2018-03-24

This wasn't the way that most guys my age want to spend the summer before heading off to college, I recall thinking as I looked out the kitchen window to the tiny yard and the postage stamp lawn that might take me all of a minute to mow tomorrow. It was a very plain nightgown that revealed little, but with the house less than ten feet away it was almost like being there, with the sheer curtains giving Anna's bedroom the look of an old-time movie. Sitting at what looked like a little make-up table, Anna worked the brush through her wiry hair with her right hand as she used her left hand to hold it down.

First time

first-time downblouse 2018-03-23

She had just had 19 years, after her evening of birthday we are in her room(), shein tucked up her skirt on the stomach, in removed its panties and asked me of the good to lick her I did well him to wet, then it came to impale itself on me I had the impression to go into a block of butter;; she enjoyed practically immediatement, I still remember her glance and its lips which she bit not to shout! She said to me then that she had never been taken in 4 legs and that she wanted to make me this present, she thus settled down buttocks tightened well(stretched out well) on the carpet so that I the pénetre profoundation in greyhound bitch, it again enjoyed without being able to hold a shout, I withdrew to ejaculate on the offered buttocks.

Sweet Escape

first-time DirtyGeisha 2018-03-23

If you asked me if I felt bad about lying to both of the men I cared about, I'd have to say yes, but, at the same time, Tatsumi made me the happiest girl alive. Drew had gone on vacation with his family so I was free to do whatever I liked. Tatsumi's lips always tasted like sugar. "I love you Lotus." She said taking my earlobe in her mouth sucking on it slowly before leaving it for the exposed flesh of my neck and the expanses of my belly. Lucky for me as her lips and tongue trailed kisses down along my stomach and along the lines of my hips, progressively moving down.

my cousins girlfriend

first-time 2018-03-23

I love my cousin i really do but he started dating this girl named Kayla and things began to change. After school i headed on over there and things went fast, the moment i walked through the door she asked me to take off all my clothes. I was already rock hard anyway so i complied, i only have about 7 inches but she said i was bigger than my cousin she had a very sly grin on her face at this point. Soon she began to suck my cock and finger herself at the same time. I titty fuck her one more time than leave she says we should do this again as she smacks my ass on the way out and i can't wait.

By the Light of the Moon

first-time PeliRojo92 2018-03-23

Jenny looked good; she had long brown hair with olive skin and green eyes, legs that went for miles, and a smile to match. Just as quick as she grabbed the duck, Jenny realized that the toy must be from Sean, and there there could have been no way that he would have known where she lived without her telling him. Sean looked up from his work and replied, "All in good time, my love." Sean opened up her legs and positioned himself sturdily between them, his bulging cock throbbing with heat and passion as it awaited entrance to Jenny's temple. Sean began thrusting, slow at first to allow Jenny's vagina to accommodate his cock, but they soon arrived at a medium pace, which they both liked.

Tight Pants

first-time chrismffddvrrrr 2018-03-23

she wasn't looking at me but i knew i was in the corner of her eye; the only guy that could see it if she opened her legs. as soon as Aj needed to use the restroom, i unzipped my pants erection shot out under the table cloth. we made eye contact again and this time i lifted up the table cloth gave her a peak at the erection i was pushing into the table. she slowly slid her hand down my thigh under the table cloth. she danced her tongue across my pee pole and the warm cum started fill her entire mouth. "i didn't think you'd explode like that, that was really hot!" she placed her hand under on my time and started messaging my balls.

Friends with benefits

first-time Lizbiz1983 2018-03-23

I said that I thought of him more as a friend, but was thinking to myself that I was very horny from not having a man service my pussy in quite a while. Then I asked if he minded just fucking each other occasionally rather than be in a relationship, like friends with benefits I said. Jason stared at me and smiled he reached up to fondle my breasts and my nipples got rock hard. I thought Jason might be a virgin since his relationships didn't last long. I kissed him hard and then moved down and took his cock in my mouth. I began to take off my thong, when Jason said please leave it on. Since he'd never done this before I took over and started moving my ass and fucking him.

The Weekend With My Step-s****r PART TWO

first-time 2018-03-23

Sitting down on the sides of the bed I gently pulled on her ass cheek spreading it wide open so I could get a good look at her pussy and ass. I pulled the dildo out of her ass very slowly then took my finger and wiped the pre-cum off my cock. As I came I could feel her ass tighten even more around my cock just like a pussy. When she said that I replied, “Oh shit… Okay, here is what I’ve got!” and began pumping her ass like I had just began to fuck it. I knew you’d be getting up soon so after I left your room I got back in bed and fucked my dildo and fell asl**p again.