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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

first time ever

first-time kiwi123 2018-03-23

we have stopped laughing and struggling with eachother and i am just sitting there with it in my mouth not doing anything when he asks if i will make him cum first,so i gave in and just started to suck on it.he released his grip a little on my wrists but continued to hold me down with his knees as i enjoyed his cock,this felt really strange all smooth and hot in my mouth but it felt so erotic. he was telling me how great it felt when i felt some taste in my mouth from his cock,he was now leaking precum,a lot.this made me even more turned on and i started to suck on it more until i felt his cum burst into my mouth,it was all over my teeth and gums and my lips but it felt really hot and sexy.

my married friend and i

first-time adel5000 2018-03-23

I asked her if her husband would be ok with it and she replied "of course, he told me he knows u through his friends and is fine with u." she then asked if I wanna take a swim, I said sure, but I gotta go home for my shorts. I peeled her tight pants off her amazing ass to reveal her perfect ass wrapped in a white lace boy shorts that was so tight it looked like part of her skin. "Yes yes just like that." I held onto her legs as I gave her all I cud, enjoying the sound of her moans, the jiggle of her breasts, and sound of my dick splashing in our juices.

Accidental First Time

first-time engagemind 2018-03-23

We nervously joked about it but then I really had to go and soon, so you got the bed pan, placed it between my spread legs and looking at my crotch pulled my boxers down exposing my cock to you for the first time. By this time my cock has started to leak, I am past embarrassment and now getting close to cumming even though you have not yet touched me, but the excitement of you looking, and washing all around is almost too much for my young inexperienced body. You are so startled, yet excited at what you have just seen, you just hold my semi hard penis, unconsciously squirm a little in your seat still looking at my member, the seamen on your arm, shirt, hand and the seamen dripping from my cock.

Forcibly Used

first-time Pansycuck 2018-03-23

I considered begging him to let me pause and catch my breath but his heightening intensity only told me that he was only concerned with using my mouth as his fuck hole. As his thrusts became faster and forcing my head to his belly to where even my nostrils felt as if I could not breath in, I resigned myself to being a mere hole for his cock and only wished that he would quickly cum. With his cock fully in my mouth and my lips pressed against his belly, I realized that he was shooting directly down my throat. I wanted to taste and swallow his load and to savor the bitter after taste of his semen and so I quickly withdrew until only his head was in my mouth.

Personal Assistant (True Story)

first-time legsopen 2018-03-23

David pulled me down harder on his cock, i was riding him HARD, grinding my body and hearing him moan drove me wild. As i straddled his thick cock i could feel he was going to cum, i pulled him out of my pussy and into my mouth, i licked the juice from my pussy off his cock i tasted amazing and i was about to get the first dose of his any minute now. Taking him right to the back of my throat i began sucking, grabbing his hand and forcing it to my head so he could push me down further (i like to be gagged by a nice thick cock) i grabbed his balls massaging them with my fingers, only taking my mouth away to give his balls a good licking now and then.

my sisers

first-time stif266 2018-03-23

Basically, here's how the school day schedule of my f****y went: Wake up, have breakfast and chat with our parents about how yesterday went, drive my s****rs and I to school, endure information being f***efully injected into my brain, drive back home, watch TV with Elisa pressed against me while Jenny and Carly gossip in their room, and make dinner for the four of us. After time to process, I was now able to look at Jenny and Carly without my mind instantly freezing up, but Elisa wouldn't say a single word to me. With Carly still bouncing on my cock, Jenny suspended herself over my head and buried my face into her pussy, sending my tongue as far up into it as possible.

I'm a finger whore

first-time loloishorny 2018-03-23

Went out with friends, some of the boys had felt me up and some of them had slid their fingers in my clit. The boy then undid his pants, my hand vame from my undies and I had then gravved his dick. I was stunned cuz I never had a penis in my hand before, but it felt soft to the touch and he was rock hard from me rubbing. The next time I went out with another boy, he fingered me, and I sucked his dick. I would only let the boys finger my pussy and fondle my tits. I"m out of school and I'm going out all the time, letting guys finger me and me sucking them off.

First Time With Hannah

first-time twiddershins 2018-03-23

She reached in, grabbed my shaft with two fingers, pulled at it, and whispered, confused, "It's, like, not even five." I felt her hot breath trailing down, down, across my chest and stomach until my shirt was totally open, her hands now at my hips, and she kept going, slowly, trailing kisses. Hannah grabbed onto my short, hard erection again, completely enveloping it in her hand. "Nngh, does this little guy want my ass?" She wasn't whispering anymore. She just laid there making some muffled, rhythmic noises into a pillow that made her body tremble, and I was still on my knees on the bed, steadying myself with a hand on each of her incredible ass cheeks, just breathing.

Have Been Thinking about My Bi Side

first-time clarissaj1982 2018-03-23

The lure of summer weather, a big luxurious house on the beach, with a pool, and her pull towards Cassandra had finally convinced her that the time was now. Penny stiffened at first, resisting but almost immediately remembered her decision and relaxed to spread her knees further apart and raise her hips to meet Cassandra's exploring tongue. "Just keep that tongue working," she said, "I'll do the rest." Penny did as instructed and Cassandra squeezed her tits, massaging and pinching her nipples. The intensity of Cassie's climax, the stimulation of her tits, the oxygen deprivation brought about by having Cassandra wrapped around her face all combined and drove her over the edge a second time.

My Son's Best Friend

first-time Cheleste 2018-03-23

When I glanced a third time, he was staring straight ahead, but I could see the sweat glistening in the fine hairs of his upper lip, and his hands fumbling absentmindedly in his lap. Extricating my legs from under the steering wheel, I turned my body over his, pushing my swollen labia through jeans and seams against the mound I knew would be there under my splayed legs, knees bent into the back of his seat. He kissed me tenderly with his eyes closed, while mine were open; all over my face, he kissed me; and caressed my breasts under the turtleneck, and lifted it carefully over my head, so he could mouth the flesh of my chest.

The ex files - Emma's first time on film.

first-time olly01 2018-03-23

As soon as he said this i looked over at Emma who was on the dance floor with her s****r and imagined her being filmed by Gary while i watched but quickly dismissed it as out of the question as there's no way she would go for it but i couldn't get the idea out of my head and my cock stayed rock hard as i thought about it. I went back to sit with Gary and asked how someone would go about booking him for private filming and he just started laughing and said "You interested then?" so i told him that i was.

The Beach Cottage

first-time QuietJohn 2018-03-23

As we were getting into the car Mrs Weschta, John's mom, ran out to say that Tim had just phoned to say that something had come up at work and that he would have to delay his departure and could we go past their place and take Jenny with us? "When I spoke to Sandy, the caretaker guy, on the phone he said to look out for the big piece of driftwood shaped like a whale at the door. "When John said you were like a seal in the water he wasn't kidding!" Jenny said, looking me up and down. When it had at last passed, Jenny said, "come lets go walk on the beach for a bit." We had stopped near a long white beach, apparently deserted.

The Affair

first-time Sarah Sidal 2018-03-23

I tell you everything as you fuck me slowly…my pussy grabs your cock with each thrust…it's not going to last long…you tell me your going to cum…you tell me that your going to cum hard…this brings me even closer…I can't hold back any longer…I ask you if you want to feel me cum…yeah, yeah you pant…are you ready, I ask…uh huh…I feel how close I am…I see how aroused you are…I cum violently…my pussy grabs on to your cock with every pulse…you fuck me harder…I tell you the dirtiest things…I make everything wet…your cock drips with my cum…feeling me makes you cum…you push yourself deep inside me…filling me…you collapse on top of me…

The Cleaning Lady

first-time mnav8or 2018-03-23

Our tongues danced around each other, the feeling of Karen's tongue in my mouth made my cock twitch in her warm hand, which was slowly stroking me now. As we kissed I allowed my hands to explore her body and squeezed the ass that my cock had touched so many times. She began to kiss my wet face and dug her hands into my hard ass, pulling me deeper inside of her. I pushed myself deep inside of her and we both came, I could feel my cum and her juices rush out of her saturated pussy on to my still hard cock.

My Best Friend's Girl Ch. 01

first-time tnhardon 2018-03-23

As the cute girls found out I was taken, I either got "friend zoned" or forgotten, as they found another guy they liked. Rebecca and Rachael spent a lot of time together, so hanging out with both of them was normally what worked the best. "Happy Birthday Wilson!" Rebecca said as she and Rachael had made her way across the room. "Ryan, have you met my friend Rachael before?" Rebecca asked, acknowledging her presence in the group. I had seen Ryan act this way at many parties when he was talking to a girl he liked. Ryan began to tell us about his night with Rachael, and how they had gone to the campus coffee shop and talked for a few hours.

Unexpected Holiday

first-time Aamra 2018-03-23

Turning back around, the expression he was wearing must've been one that wasn't terribly comforting, for the girl's eyes widened and she began to struggle and cry. Looking into her terrified eyes, he lowered his mouth to her breast and engulfed her nipple with his lips. He suddenly pushed his tongue between her innermost lips, causing Mila to spasm and cry as it immediately fills her, her tiny fingers curling in his hair. Taking this as a hint, Ethan lifted her lower body, a hand on each butt cheek, kneading them as he propelled the rest of his tonguelength into her nethers, Mila spasming excitedly. "...How old are you?" Ethan asked, looking at her full breasts, wide hips and round ass.

iCarly: iHave Sex

first-time TreborCox 2018-03-23

Carly then put her right hand on the dick and lowered her head all the way down, trying to get all of Freddie's cock in her mouth. "I'm just a dirty little slut," teased Carly, as she grabbed Freddie's butt cheeks and started fucking his cock with her mouth. "Yeah, I just kissed a girl for the first time a few weeks ago, and now I'm already licking girls' pussies," said Freddie, sarcastically. Carly was looking at Freddie with a pure lustful look that just said: "Fuck my brains out." Freddie matched Carly's rhythm and slammed his dick up into her pussy each time she bounced up.

First time with mummy - complete version

first-time 2018-03-23

Mummy appeared round the half-open bedroom door and I knew she could see my hard cock...she lingered for only a few seconds then turned and left the room, and I thought maybe that was that, except I didn't hear her go downstairs again. Now was the moment for me to act, and I pretended to come awake - she looked up at me as I propped myself up in bed but before I could say a word she just pushed me gently back down and carried on sucking me..."please don't say anything or try to stop me" she said after a few seconds, "I know this is wrong but I couldn't help myself...please don't be angry with me or tell anyone what I have done".

Diane & John Ch. 06

first-time MathGirl 2018-03-23

John stroked and kissed me until I had a long, gentle orgasm that left me feeling energized, lively, and very much in love. I looked into his eyes as I licked that extremely sensitive spot on the underside of his head, and John rewarded me with little sounds of pleasure. By milking him with my hand as I held the tip in my mouth, I got a nice big stream of slippery stuff to coat my lips, tongue, and the inside of my mouth. I bobbed my head slowly to glide my lips over that hot, slippery cock, and John moaned with pleasure and stroked my cheek with my fingers. John put his hand over and stroked my inner thigh, and I got to feeling like I might even be able to come.

Jane cums of age and how

first-time 2018-03-23

Patsy stopped the shower and each girl in turn held Andy's monster erection in their hands and took him into their mouths and giving him a swift blow-job whilst tickling his balls, but they stopped short of making him come. He tried to push again but he had little strength left as his orgasm had completely drained his energy and he could feel his erection fading and slowly pulled himself out of Jane's very red pussy collapsing on his back as Jane rolled on top of him and kissed him as they embraced like the two satisfied lovers that they were.

lucky guy (part 5)

first-time wankersoffagain 2018-03-23

Fast forward to later on and the three of us are sitting round the dinner table and i was actually worried sick she might say something about my perverted ways to her mother May. We ate and all made small talk as we normally do and i felt a bit more comfortable,then Ray commented that it was snowing outside and she wandered if i would give her a lift to town as she was going out with her freinds.No problem i said "Ill just help your mother clear the table while you get ready,take your time". Ray climbed in the car and i tried to look away as her boobs almost popped out of her crop top,a crop top i ask you,its snowing its november my god shes crazy.

Tied Down

first-time jazmyn909 2018-03-23

He sucked my bottom lip between his lips and applied more pressure to his fingers, and I couldn't refrain from moaning, he pulled his hand away from me and I let out a sound of disapproval. "That's okay my love I'll get the words out of you soon enough," he mashed his lips to mine and, slid his fingers into my panties, soaking his fingers in my juices, he pulled away all together much to my dismay. I felt him smile before he continued his long slow torturous licks, I cried and trashed, bucking my hips, begging for more, but instead he moved so he was perched over me, like a lion staring down his prey.

Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 05

first-time BlewWater69 2018-03-23

I know I let Sid and Harvey fuck me but I think two other guys did too," Bea confessed, in between fits of sobbing. Viv started to ask if they were going to chow when they both noticed Jenny crying and the open letter on the floor. When Charlotte left and Viv, Dorrie, and Bea moved off talking, May noticed Jenny's distant look and said, "You okay?" They held each other for a long time until Jenny said she needed to check on Ben. "May, you want to have one more time with Ben before he leaves?" Jenny asked. "May, after all that's happened to me today, I'm not sure holding back is a good idea either," Jenny confessed, as thoughts of Jerry entered her mind.

Wife's First Swallow

first-time luckyhusband5 2018-03-23

"Change what?" Suzan answered getting worried he would pull right into the drive way and her parent's would know she wasn't spending the night at Kate's house. "That is good but that isn't the favor I am talking about." He said turning the patrol car onto Hwy. 101. You look like you have been around the block a couple times and you have to be the hottest girl I have seen in a long time." He said as he winked at Suzan setting her at ease. "You like that, my big cock hitting your throat, keep sucking." He said. Suzan tightened her grip applied by her mouth and hand to his cock; she knew he was close by the movement his body made.