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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

fuck my first school love in school

first-time vrvroy 2018-03-23

thode der bad wo mera sth dene lage we kissed in lipsss like wild hum pagal ho gaye the humare lipsss ek dusre se apne saliva exchange kar rahe the theennn i grabed her and grab her bobs and peress it very har she said lv vvk plssss itss paining but mai kaha sunne wala tha wo dekh kar mai uske pussy ko kiss karne laga wo enjoy me moan k,arne lagi aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss yesssssssand mere sir ko apne vagina ki mu uske mu me tha we kisseed but wo rone lagi ye dekh kar mujhe bahut bura laga but that time i want to fuck her only then i gottt the respond then am start to fuck her maine apne lund ko undar bahar kar raha tha



first-time play_thing7 2018-03-23

slightly aroused now he went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, drew back the curtain and entered, feeling the hot water stroke his body as he dreamt and lightly stroked. her small hands started to rub up and down his back, gently circling and stroking, he felt a light kiss on the back of his neck which made the little hairs stand on end, then her hands moved down, kneading the top of his bum and then he felt her wet body press up against his. he leaned hard against the wall for support as his legs trembled under him, her touch was like heaven to him, she began to stroke him just the way he liked, while her other hand continued to caress his back, stealing little kisses all over his neck.

Jim's Seduction Ch. 01

first-time JackMoz 2018-03-23

Kate promptly announced to Jessica that she would be coming home with her and 'Daddy Jim', where she would be safe and cared for. Within a year, Jessica was a thoroughly Americanized teenager, save perhaps she absolutely adored her 'little sister' Kate. I never mentioned this to Kate (for obvious reasons), but I remembered when she turned seven, she gave me an impish little smile and said, "Don't worry, Daddy Jim. I'll let you know when it's time for my new Momma." An odd comment that I found would be prophetic. I know kids that age, even good ones like Jessica, are a little embarrassed to be seen with their parents at time.

Fucking Karima Ch. 01

first-time TheFaceMan 2018-03-23

Karima was older than most of the girls in my class, she was 30, long brown hair, soft skin, mixed as she was half arab and half white, with bright brown eyes and a stunning body....thin legs, nice juicy ass and the perfect boobs. She gasped as she felt my cock in her hands...and she began stroking it with her fingers instinctively, and once again began kissing me hard with her tongue all the way inside my mouth. With a smile, she moved towards me and began kissing me hungrily, her tongue now freely playing with mine, while her fingers began stroking my cock - getting ready to feel my cock inside her for the first time.


first-time louise7033 2018-03-23

A few people had told me that older men made better lovers than younger men, but until I met "sir" I never believed them. And, you know, as I got astride him, my legs wide apart as I lowered myself onto him, I was so excited I thought I was going to cum.... I could feel the bridge of his nose going from side to side, gradually widening my opening in readiness for his tongue. And then the wonderful feeling as his tongue was gently inserted into the hole, and when it reappeared and licked me from top to bottom. And then suddenly his cock was everywhere - on my titties, inside my puki, on my legs, on my tummy, and even in my hair.

First time 3sum true story

first-time nomate 2018-03-23

About 6 months ago my wife and I had an argument, over what I can't remember but she brought up that night I got d***k, she shouted 'how can you love me if you want me to fuck another man' I was taken back, I had no idea what she was talking about. I opened the door and welcomed him into our house, I got him a glass of wine and we started to chat, a few minutes later my wife came in, I could see Jeff looking at her, I knew then that he would jump at the chance to fuck my wife.


first-time litcalurker1 2018-03-23

I turned 18 in February of my senior year, I was still short for my age and most people who didn't know me probably thought I was a freshman, and it was becoming evident that I wasn't going to lose my virginity until I got to college. ...However, Brynn is based on a combination of couple of different girls from my high school, but one of them that she's based on did have the largest breasts I had ever seen, or have seen since. I remember one day early in the school year, Brynn was absent and the teacher was reading the attendance, a kid I sat near said,

Ms. Rich 01

first-time duckduckgoose218 2018-03-23

Her neighbor who knew her a whole summer before she began teaching at her old high school, falling in love as freshman, two years before he could see her everyday in class. There was a frantic nature coming out of every guy as summer approached, and Mrs. Rich leaving for good. Looking forward to leaving on going on to college in hopes of finding someone half as hot as Mrs. Rich. My meal was absolutely perfect, and she was actually being flirty, placing her hand on me a few times, giggling at my poor attempts at jokes, staying away from talking about her exhusband and instead focusing on me and what I was going to and where I expected to be and all that jazz.

The Darkness that Surrounds

first-time Into Deep 171 2018-03-23

Tea was brought and Angel took the cup in her gentle hands and brought it closer to her bright pink lips. He just looked at Angel and was soon swept inside her hazel eyes. "Hi, I'm Jake" he said in a very gruff voice, stretching out a hand he smiled "A… Angel" she said still trembling and scared. They both sat down on the huge bed that provided a very soft sensation that Angel had never felt before. Jake did not notice, he was just lost in the pleasure inside Angel's body. Jake looked at Angel and smiled. Angel too smiled, the pain had gone away and pleasure had filled her pussy.

The First Time

first-time skipford 2018-03-23

"Want to go out and make snow villages?" Steph asked as she reached for her coat off the coat rack by the back door. "Yes I know I can feel them against me" she replied as she looked up into my face with a smile. "Let's go in the old outhouse and get out of this cold wind" she said as she grabbed my hand and led the way. As her face came up the head brushed against her cheek as her hand grasps the hard shaft and stroked it as she kissed the shaft and rubbed it against her cheek. Just as I could feel the tension build I could hear the call of her sister Linda yelling for us to let me know my parents had arrived to pick me up.

Sometimes, Group Sex Just Happens (Pt1)

first-time headsupMax 2018-03-23

“Me too,” whispered Eve. I kept sucking Adam’s cock for all it was worth, caressing his balls with one hand when I felt two different pairs of hands begin to rub my body, Greg’s large rough hands and Eve’s softer smaller ones reaching between Adam and I to rub my breasts and nipples, both of them were running their hands down my flanks and around my ass. Eve had pushed Greg’s head aside so she could watch me fuck her husband so I said, “Never mind us, you’ve already watched us, now it’s our turn to watch you!” Adam reached around and began massaging my clit as Eve mashed her lips against Greg’s and started moaning in time with his pounding.

Camping With Friends

first-time holepuncher69 2018-03-23

A couple weeks later while taking our late night walk, Carol said she had to go to the bathroom which left Joe,Beth and me to wait for her. We got back to the camper, Beth said good-night and went in while I helped Joe pick up the chairs and put out the campfire. He told me to play with them, Carol was halfheartedly fighting to pull her top down but once I touched her tits she mellowed out, her nipples got hard and she kissed Joe. I went to my camper to find Beth sl**ping, I went to sl**p with a stiff cock.

I handed her my penis and asked her to take it in

first-time urpussysucker 2018-03-23

One day my girlfriend told me to go to her house at night because her dad and s****rs were going to attend a marriage, and she was there alone with her mom. After sometime I took her in my arms she said nothing, then I understood that she was horny and I started sucking her nipples and rubbed her pussy from outside her clothes. She said nothing, then I took off her clothes and I lay upon her. I told her to put my penis in her pussy. She closed her eyes and slowly took my penis in her pussy. After that we had sex for three years, and she sucked my penis many times.

Beebe and Petey Ch. 02

first-time Valendon 2018-03-23

I thought it was kind of sweet and kind of gross that you and Chad could talk like two girls-or two boys-and share secrets and stuff. "You two don't look like either one of you wants to start, so let me open things up" Dene said. She listened wide-eyed as I admitted the thundering, high-volume orgasm I'd had was triggered entirely by seeing and tasting Chad's few, shining drops of pre-cum. "Hun, if you can trigger something as spectacular as what I heard this afternoon just by licking a little pre-cum, you've got a freaking gift!! "Mmmmmm," I said, reaching down and stroking his dick through his shorts, "you're better with handling my tits than Hank, but he's pretty good at kissing them.


first-time lonelyislandveins 2018-03-23

But as you walk past the bed with the laundry basket, I stop you. Your hard cock is brushing against my soaked thong. You lift up your hips to push hard against me and I welcome the contact. I press back down, rubbing my soaked pussy on that hard cock. I continue to rub my wet crotch on your hard cock as you suck on my flesh. You know how bad I want to touch you. I can hardly breathe with pure want of your cock. Finally, you're ready for me to cum. Feeling my warm juices, my screams, my moaning of your name, it all pushes you over the edge. I open my mouth, wanting to taste some as you pump your cock dry.

Just another job???

first-time badpenny72 2018-03-23

As far as he knew I booked a room at the hotel his birthday do was being held at for some work meeting the next day n he'd caught my eye.We chatted, flirted, joked n teased so when I put the notion out there he liked it so now I knelt over him flinging the briefs away and pausing to take in this lad who lay under me naked and less than 24 hours legal. For a man just turned 42 I don't look bad at all, even if I admit it myself lol.My body is slender,naturally toned, skin smooth and soft while my cock is large, thick, uncut and shaven with a pretty decent pair swinging between my legs.I'm always told my arse is gorgeous too which always makes me smile.

One-night stand in Middle Kingdom

first-time thrillseekerott 2018-03-23

I had a huge hard on, and I was sliding my hands up her dress, far up her thigh and she would pull my hand away - she liked it so fucking much, she let out a loud whine every time, and I was guessing she didn't want to taxi driver knowing what we were up to in the back seat. Every time we got in and out of the taxi I would give her a long deep kiss, grab her ass and push my ragging cock against her. When I knew she could handle getting fucked hard and deep, I put her on all fours, and fucked her doggy style until I couldn't take it anymore, pulled out my cock, ripped off the condom and came all over her ass..


first-time 2018-03-23

I was in Florida with my dad and a couple of his friends playing golf. We went out to dinner and one of his buddies brought his daughter. She was cute with a big ass and tits. She sat on the edge of the hot tub and I buried my tongue in her pussy for at least 10 mins. Then I started hitting that pussy from behind with my thumb in her ass. Her big firm ass was so nice, I only wish I would have buried my cock in her tight asshole. Two hours later I left to play golf with her dad. He asked if we got beer and went to the hot tub.


first-time gaytheist 2018-03-23

Indeed, Cliff sounded like everyone's older sister: "wear your life preservers at all times on the raft; drink so much water your urine runs clear, and urinate only into the river or one of the little plastic buckets I'll distribute at each campsite then empty your little plastic bucket into the river; if you need to piss from the raft, let me or Adam guide you into the engine well, hang on to something beside your penis to maintain your balance and don't piss all over the engine; also, don't push yourself too hard in this harsh climate; again, drink so much water your urine runs clear, 'cause if you start bitching, that means you're dehydrated, and nobody likes a bitch; always work as a team unloading and loading the raft for everyone's benefit; take turns carrying the 'honey pot' and use as little toilet paper as possible so we don't run out."

Losing My Virginity

first-time Wet_BBW_Pussy 2018-03-23

It was long and thick, pulsating with desire, yearning to be inside of my juicy, hot cunt. I sucked his cock first, making sure he was absolutely hard. While I sucked his dick, I fingered my pussy. I was so wet, my fingers and hand were soaked by the time I was ready for his dick inside of me. He positioned himself and pushed in, sliding in easily, my tight, virgin cunt was so fucking wet and juicy and I wanted it so bad, it didn't even hurt. The only sounds your could hear was his cock pounding my dripping wet cunt as I squirted my pussy juice all over the place.

Melanie's First Time

first-time BarbraNovac 2018-03-22

Melanie gave polite nods to the three business men, a slight courtesy to her father, and then turned toward the other end of the long table where her tutor sat. Still looking down at their hands, Melanie said "I saw her sitting at the table in the kitchen and he stood between her legs. Melanie noticed as soon as the tutor changed his posture and his behavior that she could feel the wetness between her legs and the ache deep up inside. He had planned to take it later that night, sneaking into her room around midnight, but from the way the men at the table looked at her, and indeed the maid herself, the tutor knew he may be too late.

An Innocent's Epiphany Ch. 03

first-time happy_bloke 2018-03-22

I lay back in bed, one finger on my clit, my other hand gently pushing deeper into my pussy and imagining what it would be like to allow Rich do the same, would he be gentle, or would he go at his own pace, taking me however he wanted. Although, I don't want to end up like last time.", Charlotte knew the details of my last efforts with Andy, although she didn't know about Rich's interest in me. Whereas Andy had, I think, been surprised by the intimacy that my dress afforded him when he put his hands on my back, Rich definitely was not, and I wondered if he had in fact planned where he would hold me.

The wait was over

first-time shaggyinit 2018-03-22

He started to fondle her breasts, beautiful mounds with the tiniest of nipples, each gently teased before being engulfed by his mouth. He got on top of her and started kissing down her navel, his hands squeezing her body, finding out where she liked it the most and putting just enough pressure on to drive her wild with lust. It was all a rouse though, after a minute or two, when she was expecting to start the torture of it all again, he carried on, right up until the juncture of her thighs, then he took her into his mouth with an audible gasp of pleasure, he went to work.

The Lessons Ch. 06

first-time Charles Petersunn 2018-03-22

After Mr. Peters' class in which the boys provided samples of sperm for Miss Harding, Penny had been wanting to get Teddy alone. Miss Harding had indeed humiliated Teddy, and Penny tried to make him feel better. Penny had always wanted to do things with Teddy, sexual things, but she knew it was wrong for the girl to act first and Teddy couldn't even get himself to kiss her. Penny felt that she couldn't do that, and, besides, such behavior might even scare Teddy away. Penny and Teddy walked down the hallway, openly and comfortably holding hands. In fact, Teddy had been thinking a lot about Penny. Penny remembered Miss Harding suggesting that Teddy liked to be spanked. Teddy looked hastily around the library to see if anyone was noticing what Penny was doing.