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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Anymore? Ch. 02

first-time Tangledskein 2018-03-22

I could feel the first tremors of an orgasm which soon came to realisation when I looked across at Geoff to find that he had his erect cock out of his jeans and was gently rubbing it. Geoff rammed his bursting cock into me again and again as I deep-throated Clive. Geoff came first; his moans of pleasure heightened my excitement as for the second time this evening, white-hot come splashed into me. Geoff had pulled out of me and sat between my legs watching proceedings, so with some trepidation, I began to caress my clit, bringing myself to my final climax just as I felt Clive’s shaft stiffen and another surge of semen entered my body, pumping down my throat.

First Anon Sex. m2m

first-time 2018-03-22

  Letting my hands ago he grabbed my hips and pulled them up to him, which really pushed his cock deep into me.   He the slide forward and regrabbed my hands in the small of my back with with one hand and the other he pushed down on my neck.n he started to fuck me hard and deep and I knew he was close to coming. Finally,breathing quickened and I could feel his dick swell a bit more then he pushed in as deep as he could and grunted loudly, this is going to be good.  I could feel his massive cock pump as it shot cum deep into my rectum.

Me & my daughter 3: Jessie

first-time pegaseus69 2018-03-22

Looking in the mirror, I could virtually see us on the bed, my cock opening up Jessie's tight, maybe virginal opening, while Sarah pulled Jessie's face against her dripping young pussy, ordering her friend to lick her, lick her good. Sarah growled huskily, "If you think his cock looks great now, you need to see it when my Daddy is naked, stroke it, then feel that wonderful stiffness sliding into you, bursting your virginity, like my Daddy has done with me!" I felt Jessie's hand reach down, stroking at my head, in the mirror image, I saw Sarah's hands gently pulling apart the moons of Jessie's ass, spreading open her sexy rear cleavage, then her face pressed forward, nuzzling against Jessie's tight back door.

Virgin Whore

first-time Headmaster-Michael 2018-03-22

He hated to pull away from her, but he moved between her legs, pushing her legs up and back until her pussy was spread out before him, his cock jutting up, bouncing in pleasure as if it were eager to be inside the virgin whore. “Put it in, I can’t wait any longer.” Bill wanted to feel her tight, virgin pussy wrapped around his cock. That didn’t stop him, rocking back and forth, his hands holding her captive as his cock drove deeper and deeper into her once-virgin pussy. She couldn’t believe the pain, his prick tearing in and out of her, Heather barely able to breathe as he smothered her with his clammy body.

A Young Man's Ideal

first-time ainu 2018-03-22

" I guess I mean," she says and then she points at the screen where the guy is starting to spit out semen and the girl, still holding his cock has her mouth open and is catching a lot of it there. I mean everyone's a little different but, yeah, pretty much the same as him." On screen, he's now kissing her stomach and she's spreading her legs to give him room and he's about to start licking her pussy. But like you, I've fantasized about it and want to." By now, the guy has slid up over the girl and, with her helping aim him, she's pushing his cock into her pussy.

My First Time With a Transexual

first-time 2018-03-22

She lead me into the bedroom so we could more confortable, I started to kiss her cheeks and lips I moved down to her tits I caressed each one than I suck her nipples one at a time until she stared to moan softly I continued on down to her belly button than finally to her cock which I licked all around the tip than the length I continued licking and caressing her between her legs on down to her knees calfs and ankles finally to her feet, kiss each and sucked each of her toes, than I turned her over and started back up her legs to the back of her knees to her ass which I ate with gusto now she was moaning and groaning she put her ass in the aire so I could really get to her little hole to stick my tongue in her ass hole which tasted just fine after a bit I worked my way back up her back licking and caressing her spine until she said that she was going to cum again.

In Loving Memory Pt. 09

first-time Tara_Neale 2018-03-22

His earlier question of her echoed in her mind, "Why?" she whispered through the haze as she arched a bit higher, taking another inch of him deeper inside her body. Squeezed and played with it like a beach ball for a long moment as He moved inside her in those slow, torturous circles. That had always been her James; pushing her, demanding things she was not certain she wanted to give, cold and distant at times, then in a moment soft and tender. He had replied...'Good for me you won't need to...CFNM.' She had not known what those words meant, but was a bit shocked that this young man, only a bit older than her own sons would tease her like that.

Duck, Duck... Sex

first-time sexygirl76 2018-03-22

As she sipped her soda and saw the couple's around her laughing and chattering, Jessica began to wonder why she let Amanda talk her into coming tonight, she knew everyone would pair off and have fun, while she went home alone. Brian rested his head against the seat again and closed his eyes, tuning Amanda out as he thought of Jessica beneath him. Brian knew right then that he was in trouble because at that moment all he could think about is finding out from Amanda what time she planned the duck game and how long he had to wait before he could give in and finally have Jess the way he wanted her from the moment he saw her picture; naked beneath him with his cock lodged inside her.

A Friend in Need

first-time Anonymous77 2018-03-22

A continuation of Friends go swimming... Notes: Second submission, Please read Friends go swimming before you read this. I could never do this without your support and advice. Well here is the story; there will be more to come. Oh, and if you want to just bash the story without any advice, or ideas to improve it, do so using your username, not Anonymous. So I can refer to your stories (If there are any) and learn from them, that and it is easy to bash someone when they can't see if you are any better. Staci: "I'm really lonely and I really want you to come over and just hold me while I cry."

Pounding the Maid

first-time mscheergrl 2018-03-22

He is thinking about his dick replacing his lip in my mouth and I can feel it swelling against my hips. My pussy gets wet as I feel his hand graze my inner thigh. Before I know it, I feel his hard dick slide into my dripping pussy. He pulls my hips to his mouth and begins to flick his tongue into my pussy. It's your pussy baby, please fuck it like you own it!" With that he pushed my face down into the pillow and pulled my hips up to meet his dick. He's fucking me better than any porn star I've seen and I scream, "JUSTIN!!!" He is beating my pussy up so bad, but I want more!

Private Lessons

first-time adel5000 2018-03-22

With only two more weeks until finals, there was no way that Adrienne would be ready to pass the big exam in her grammar class. “We’re going to start meeting Monday,” Adrienne took another long drink of “It looks like it’s about time for me to get going,” He said, glanced at “I’m glad you showed up,” Professor Johnson said, smiling at Adrienne who His words filled the small office, but just like the day before Adrienne Professor Johnson lifted his hand and brushed a strand of hair away from “Well, thank you very much for your time, professor,” Adrienne said “You know,” admitted Adrienne, “all the girls in the class really think Adrienne placed her hand lightly on his hip, settling softly and rubbing

A Long Way Home Ch. 01

first-time dan57 2018-03-22

In the boarding house, Naina and her sister soon made friends with several girls and were stupefied discovering they had such a relaxed way of life, discussing openly of the beers they had drunk during the last week end, the films they had seen alone in the theatre and especially their boyfriends. We had so many adventures tonight : we went for the first time in our lives alone to watch a film, we were mauled by a gang of bikers, we tried to find a shelter in the night club where we were forced to strip in front of maybe two hundred people.

Santa's Little Elf

first-time SecretGarden 2018-03-22

In fact, come to think of it, he thought he had seen Petra giving head to Olfar in the reindeer stables last week -- at least, it had certainly looked like her set of red-bronze curls that had been bobbing up and down on Olfar's prong, as his hands fumbled within the unlaced top of her robe, squeezing and kneading her joyous tits as her talented mouth did its work. Santa groaned wordlessly, and Timma looked up at him, her doe-eyes shining, and whispered, "Now I know what Nummi was doing in Dancer's stall." And with that, her agile tongue flicked out teasingly and traced the tip of his cock for a moment, before retreating again between her full pink lips.

Policeman's Boy 2

first-time john1195 2018-03-22

Ross and Nick stood at the window watching the lad working away. As Ross reached him, Nick whispered "Look at how stiff his cock is. Nick smiled at Ross as he pointed at Colin's throbbing cock and then turned Ross moved closer to watch Nick bite his son's nipples. Colin hugged Ross and said "I hope so, Dad. Now let's go upstairs. "Be rough with me Dad - like you were earlier," said Colin. Fuck me hard," said Colin. Taking hold of Colin's narrow waist, Ross began to fuck the boy faster and Ross reached under and grabbed hold of Colin's stiff little cock and wanked Ross felt Colin's arse muscles squeeze his cock as he shot his load.

First Time Threesome

first-time CatherineS 2018-03-22

At times Catherine had laid her hands on Holly's, or gently stroking Holly's leg whilst she chatted. Gently, Catherine eased two fingers inside Holly's soaking wet pussy. Holly became wetter as she watched Catherine gagging on his cock, as well as feeling Thomas' tongue against her own. Thomas fucked her harder, and with Catherine on her face, Holly's moans of pleasure became muffled. Thomas pushed Catherine's hand away and sat on top of Holly's chest, his cock aiming toward her face. Catherine held her onto Holly's wrists tighter, whilst kissing Tom. Holly squirmed, she wasn't sure that she wanted him to cum straight at her face, but her pussy ached as she thought about what a bad girl she was being.

The Desk Clerk

first-time Lucky Mann 2018-03-22

Mandy had looked a little nervous on the ride from the area she had said the Chi Chi's was located. As I firmly placed a kiss between her tits, I let my hands slide slowly down Mandy's back. One long pussy lip parting lick from her asshole to her clit caused Mandy to gasp loudly again, spread her legs as wide as possible, and arch her back. As Mandy licked and kissed my face, I put the head of my cock to the entrance of her pussy. Please, don't stop." "OK, Baby." I kissed her lips again and slowly began stroking in and out of Mandy's tight hole.

Late Night Movies (chapter 11)

first-time oregazm 2018-03-22

“What’s going on back there?” Daddy asked and immediately I felt like I couldn’t answer. Mommy looked back with a smile, “Mmmm that’s cause he’s ready to cum again aren’t you hun?” she asked as she ran the tips of her fingers over his jawline. “Well if YOU don’t want it I know a slut who DOES.” He said, smiling at my mother. I wanted to ask him if he’d talked to mommy yet even though I knew he hadn’t a free moment since we got home. I didn’t feel different, but wondered why someone would drink something that tasted like that as opposed to hmmm I don’t know, chocolate milk?

Older man Frank Part 1

first-time hereforquestions 2018-03-22

So this would be the place where I would have sex with a man for the first time I thought, while entering the weekend house of Frank, the old man, who I met on the internet… Now there was no way back. Me lying naked on the bed in the weekend house of an older man, getting my cock touched by him. I cleaned it and went back to the bedroom enjoying the feeling of walking naked around in the weekend house even though my ass felt a little sore. I wanked myself after the shower, enjoying a great orgasm again and then soon went to bed, knowing that this wasn't the last time with Frank...

Losing m=My Virginity

first-time ajg121188 2018-03-22

Admittedly by now the party was starting to wind down and while casting my eye around the dance floor I caught the eye of a girl called Katy who smiled at me, and looked me up and down, like a Lion sizing up its kill. 'I'm going to come,' she said as she ran her hands through my head. She ran her fingers gently across it and it was all I could manage not to come there and then, before she took it in her mouth. 'Fuck me, I'm going to come again,' she said and I felt her pussy contract against my cock as she cried out. She kissed me hard again as her hand started stroking me, slowly first but then gathering in speed.

How We Started Swinging, An Essay

first-time jackevermore 2018-03-22

You would never suspect that a mere two weeks ago she spent a warm, breezy Sunday afternoon fucking a strong Black man bareback and letting him cum in her mouth, while I fucked his lovely wife in another room. I started taking digital pictures of my wife as a prelude to sex a little over eight years ago and I sensed this desire lurking deep inside her. She was about to storm out of the room, but I convinced her to read the comments that were made and to look at the pictures of hard cocks that had been sent from all over the world. She sat, becoming ever-wetter, reading the comments and reviewing cock after cock cumming on pictures of her ass, her breasts, her pussy.

Me and Tim

first-time ghostdawgg62 2018-03-22

I would usually be the one that would start to get hard looking at everybody else's dicks and nuts. Tim leaned over and grabbed my dick and started rubbing it through my pants. Tim sat up grabbed my dick and started stroking, the feeling was so I really got turned on watching Tim stroke his dick and the way his nuts were moving up and down and how sometimes they seemed to retract upward. I gently grabbed his nuts and rubbed and Tim let out a groan and shot stream after hot stream of gonad glue on my stomach and chest. I rubbed that cum all over me and put Tim's dick back in my mouth because I had never tasted cum before let alone mine.

Big Dick made me Dizzy

first-time virginblood 2018-03-22

Darrell came inside mouth open and obviously staring at my tits and ass. He told me he want me to rub my pussy from his head down all the way down his shaft. Darrell and I were talking and he told me he wanted to come over and have "LUNCH" with me for his lunch break because he was close. I knew if he continued I would,,,,,, Yup just like I said legs up and I was moaning from his dick inside me. He told me ALL women should get dick at least 5 times a week. He came over one time when my gf was home because his dick got hard and he wanted me to drain it for him.

How I became a BBC Slut

first-time proudman2 2018-03-22

So I said the only reason I was dressed like this in this part of town was because I wanted all the black cock I could stuff into my tiny white hole. While he was licking and munching I would throw in an occasional comment such as black guys really know how to fuck a white hole or I'll be back tomorrow so make sure there is more black cocks for me because one isn't enough but when I asked if his big nigger dick liked my tiny white pussy , my husband stood up with another erection ( once was always his max). It was telling her that she loved big black cocks and showed pics of huge black dick and white women sucking and fucking them.

Tutoring The Tutor Ch. 02

first-time ShySlut19 2018-03-22

"Jan Baby, in the few love relationships I have been involved with over the years, I think most of the tension is centered around the disrobing act, so what I thought we might do to start is both getting naked, then sit on the couch and just talk and have a little more wine, as we get comfortable with each others' body." I bit my index finger, scared to death over what he might want to try, but at that point I was almost willing to try anything with this wonderful man, and said, "Okay Dr Reynolds, you can try it with me."