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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Daughter Then Mother

first-time ainu2 2018-03-22

I mean, I don't go around looking at people's Moms and thinking about fucking them but every time I see a good female body I have to admit that I recognize that it's good, whether they're young or old. Then another morning, again when we're recuperating from one session and getting ready for another, she tells me, "I've purposely been flashing my pussy at my Dad. I've been going down for breakfast, naked in my robe and he never tells me to cover up or dress different and he really looks when I show myself. "Sara, why don't you go to your Dad in our bedroom, I'll take George to your room." About two minutes later, without further talk, we're both in Zara's room and Mrs. Abrams starts removing her blouse.

J&J - The Backseat

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-22

As Jason continued kissing her neck, Jennifer ran her hands lightly over the inside of her boyfriend's thighs, towards the now apparent bulge in his pants. "God you taste so fucking good," she told Jason, "You know I love taking your hard cock in my mouth and sucking you off just how you like it." She saw his dick twitch in excitement as she said this, and she could feel the wetness spread between her legs as her pussy began to ache for him. Jason took his left hand, and pushed his finger past the folds of Jennifer's pussy. All Jennifer could do was moan, as she felt Jason's cock swell up inside of her soaking wet pussy and unleash his seed.

New Escort Loses Her Virginity

first-time KissedMany 2018-03-22

He nestled his lips into the base of her neck below her ear and kissed the soft skin as he felt the strong throbbing of her artery beating below in time to the rhythms of Bolero that were singing exaltedly from the cello. He knew the melody as well and she could feel him spread her pussy lips with the thumb and forefinger of his left hand and just when she started to strum on her cello, he started strumming his right forefinger between the opened slash and strummed on the engorged wet lips. Looking down on her he could see her bare breasts as her white blouse was fully open and he could see her white panties with the crotch pushed aside to reveal red engorged pussy lips covered with a soft brown curly matted pubes.

Movie Night Ch. 02

first-time JoeAllison 2018-03-22

I love going down on you and you know it, You can tell I am totally lost to everything except you wet pussy right now. You weren't planning on me cumming in your mouth but some of it came in there (to your surprise you didn't mind the taste) as you pulled away and pump my cock through the rest of my orgasm, as I shot all over the two of us, your face, boobs, my stomach. After a long while we flip into "our position", with me sitting crosslegged, and your legs wrapped around me grinding away on my cock as I kiss and suck on your breasts, pulling you closer and holding you up in my arms.

Jennifer Tests Her Wings

first-time Reefkeeper 2018-03-22

I'm sure she'll try to get you in as much trouble as you could want but at least I've got the knowledge that you'd have her parent's house to fall back on if she gets too crazy for you." Carrie Lewis had been Jennifer's best friend from toddler days right up through when her father was promoted in his job and their family moved to New York. "He saw you at the dinner table and put two and two together since only an hour before that I turned him down when he invited me to dinner." Jennifer had a puzzled look on her face as Ben continued, "I had told him I couldn't make dinner because I was going to hire a sweet young thing and spend my evening fucking.

We travelled & Pleased

first-time kaju1kg 2018-03-22

The train started & as it was early morning all were feeling sl**py, so other 2 passengers went up on their respective seats. I noticed that as & when she gets opportunity to talk, she looks towards me with a real attractive, inviting smile & same time pressure with the side body, as we were sitting still close. After some time, almost all passengers including her f****y members were sl**ping as everybody was tired due to catching of early morning train. I also moved went to door & intentionally tried to look at the platform there and intentionally placed my hand on her while holding the rod of the door.

What I Did Ch. 01

first-time HardTimmy 2018-03-22

We sat there for a little while making small talk and trying to watch what was on the TV when out of the blue I feel a hand in my lap rubbing my rapidly hardening cock through my shorts. Our passionate kiss lasted for a few minutes before my brain kicked in and I realised exactly what was happening and what the repercussions would be if Lily was to walk back in after being in the bathroom. Even though in this position, if Lily was to walk back into the room the first thing she would see would be Courtney's pussy, I couldn't help but reach out my hand and touch her.


first-time Maverick Aussie 2018-03-21

I stood very close to her, really noticing everything for the first time; how the water sparkled in the sun, how it flowed over her shoulders down to her breasts, where her nipples showed through the soaking wet fabric; her soft, golden legs, little drops of water gleaming on her skin; her round, angel face, with such an expression of enjoyment; her bright green eyes, now looking into mine. I moved between her legs, and still letting the water pour on her, I moved my dick back and forth, matching her rhythm so the tip touched the folds of her pussy, then deeper and deeper with each stroke, so that before either of us knew it we were fucking in the soft wet grass, my cock moving in and out to meet each thrust of her hips.

How I Lost My Virginity

first-time alyssa2211 2018-03-21

"You probably didn't get a very good look from in the door way," he started to pull his shorts down. Without a word, he moved closer and I felt his fingers tug at my shorts. He moved closer to me and I felt his tip press against my pussy lips. I felt my lips stretch each time his head entered and exited my aching pussy. Mitched picked up speed and I felt his long thick meat stretching my virgin pussy out. My legs started shaking, my lips quivered, and my cunt tightened around his cock. I felt my pussy grabbing his cock. I could feel my cunt pulsing and milking his cock for every last drop of his cum.

Life with neighbors

first-time patpar71 2018-03-21

We came back and next day I went to the same shop and purchased the saree liked by Savita and got a gift pack done. Her body had intoxicating natural perfume and my cock started hardening and I was sure that it was touching Savita on her thighs but she kept me in the embrace. Savita came to my rescue and moved one of her hands down and touched my cock and started moving her hand along the length of my tool. Savita understood that I was new to the game and took me to her bed room where she caught hold my full cock in her hand and kept pressing the same for 1-2 minutes. I found a small tool inside and on touching the same Savita started pressing me with great fervour.

My wife and I, our early life....

first-time phillybilly 2018-03-21

At about 6 maybe 6 1/2 months, My wife seemed to calm and change, she was now VERY pregnant(showing) but look WONDERFUL, her skin tone came back to her nice tan, her eye sparkle, everything came back. she soon ahd me turned over, worked her way from my shoulder to my chest to my stomach and for the first time in over six months, I felt my wifes hot mouth on my cock. This I think was my cue, and although I just wanted to do I asked, 'Now what' and the simple reply, 'fuck me in the ass' it took one second, but I had my throbbing cock head at the entrance to tight little hole.

Katy the Virgin

first-time Karenas 2018-03-21

I didn't really have any idea what Dad's reaction might be to Mike and I dating, but I thought I could probably talk him around to it. "Bat your pretty little eyes at me all you want, Katy, but he's not mine to give." Dad picked up the paper again and turned it to the Sports section. "And, Dad, I think I have a pretty good idea of what Mike wants—in a girlfriend." There was a long pause until I said quietly, "I want it, too." But I wanted to look perfect for Mike, so I asked, "Daddy, will you tie my bow for me, please?"

my hot pussy reshu09xxx

first-time reshu09xxx 2018-03-21

G. Gupta called me into his cabin, a few things before training, I knew that she cm on me, I what was new was taking multiple cocks in pussy, I was sitting in the chair, she wakes up, right stood behind me and said - you're very sexy dress. A few days out, Babloo, which was in the room with me, he knew all, wishing I could make no faithfulness, took heart to meet him, was now Chudne him in his room, his big cock my body's thirst Quench started rubbing me fuck the taste of the food was gone, looking at my body arrived at the Swab, I see every boy felt very itchy indeed, especially to my chest makes the boys crazy.


first-time idreamofmommy 2018-03-21

i couldn't believe what i was i recorded a voice note saying i want you! oh my god she sent a voice note saying all kinds of horny fuck me A shaved beautiful looking pussy pic voice note arrived tell me what you want to do with my cunt and send a pic of your big hard cock! I know Rachel she said..shes just left my house and told me all about last night, Yes ive seen your cock and im really fucking horny. I want you to fuck me.i know your coming to London tonight.. Eddie we've had an idea...instead of going to two houses tonight just come to mine me and Steph are gonna fuck the living daylights out of you..

my first time bi experience

first-time 2018-03-21

suddenly i could feel mick unzip his sl**ping bag and then mine and then i felt his hand searching for my now erect cock, he tugged my boxers down and grabbed my throbbing cock and started to wank me. my nipples, belly button and then he started to kiss and lick my shaft.then amazingly i felt his mouth engulf my throbbing cock, it was mind blowing, saliva was running down my balls and round to my bum. i pre warned mick, whispering "mick im gonna cum soon" he replied, "please mark i wanna taste all of you" minutes later i came harder and more than i ever had, i was exploding and my mate mick was lappin it up....totally mind blowing!!!

Petra's sexy secret about Alex

first-time petdyke 2018-03-21

I saw immediately in her eyes that I had lost at that very moment my Alex to my pervy Petra. Petra wanted to get her story out and so she seduced me - she is good at that - to host it. Petra loves to handle those soft spots to make me hard from feeling lust rising in my loins. Petra always decides herself which Prize she wants to pay for whatever she will desire of me. like a ch1Ld with pursed lips, your cheeks, kiss-close your eye-lids, last one at your temple. Your love lips swell a bit and quickly you get wet, so wet that my tongue slides in by itself. You sexplode so sweetly in your wet dream orgasm and pee-wee a bit along my long licking tongue.

Freshman Girl Loses Her Virginity

first-time thirstygirlll 2018-03-21

I was a virgin in practically every sense of the word- never smoked ANYTHING, never partied, never drank alcohol, never had a boyfriend, never been kissed- and never had sex. So when my roommate and floormates wanted to go to a party, I said "Sure, why not?" I was hoping to meet a guy who I DIDN'T see all the time in my building, and so I wandered off towards the side of the room that the party was in. He reached down to pull my shirt off my body and I was finally just wearing a bra in front of a guy for the first time I ever. He was kissing me, thrusting on top of me, and I asked if he wanted to have sex.

First Glory Hole/ blow job.

first-time 2018-03-21

I started to jet when I saw out of the corner of my eye that a light was coming from the adjacent booth and could here that someone else was watching a porn video, in fact the same I had stopped on. I just knew that I was in big trouble; however, for some reason I decided to look quickly in the hole as I was about to leave. The older gentleman loosly squeezed my cock and flicked his tounge in the tip licking out all of the pre cum that had built up. As I stood there trying to keep from cumming, I looked over and saw a larger cock than mine with grey pubes sticking through the hole.

How Can I Please ME.....

first-time sunshineone 2018-03-21

A pretty blue anal toy with a big ring on the end grabbed my attention. Well it was time to try out this pretty blue toy. Having the house to myself I could go about my normal routine with that toy in my ass and just that nice ring sticking out. I imagined my bf being there and ordering me to wear nothing but the pretty blue toy and go and make him lunch. LOL I ordered a set of anal trainers and a new desensitizing lube. The blue toy was so much fun the last time I thought that I would start with that. He used my trainers and then fucked my ass so good.

Mom chats with bully on webcam

first-time Sinderellla 2018-03-21

For the entire school year that big bully Jeremy had been picking on her precious Billy, calling him names and making up rumors. “Alright Jeremy, I’ll get Billy to start a webcam chat with you” she said and hung up her phone. As the session started Rebecca saw that the webcam was behind her, pointing straight at her ass. [Rebecca]: Alright you little brat, I want you to promise me you won’t lay a finger on Billy again and I won’t talk to your parents. At this point the slutty mom wanted ANY cock to fuck her ass, even if it belonged to her son’s bully. [Rebecca]: Jeremy, I think I’m going to have to come over and talk to you in person about you bullying my son.

A Snow Storm For Rob and Ann

first-time FRED_S 2018-03-21

Her soft, warm lips sent shock waves down his spine causing his cock to continue swelling, pushing against the soft material of his sweat pants and creating a rather large wet spot where the tip touched the cloth. Ann broke the kiss and began tasting Rob's body starting at his neck working her way down his torso until she came to his cock. Her soft, firm breasts felt warm and wonderful pressed against his chest and he could taste his pre-cum on her tongue as their mouths locked in yet another passionate kiss. With one final soft, warm kiss to her swollen, excited pussy lips, he reluctantly abandoned them to position the swollen head of his cock at the opening of her eager, hot, wet love tunnel.

A Winter's Tale

first-time LindaW 2018-03-21

Joe moved out of the way and I felt Sean's hard cock rubbing up and down the length of my wet pussy, slowly opening my labia, preparing me for the next moment. I could feel the head of his cock banging against something hard deep inside me (obviously my cervix, although I didn't know it at the time) and when his hands came round and started pulling at my already over-sensitive nipples, my body exploded again and I slumped in a quivering heap. Again their lewd words added to my excitement and then I felt Joe's movements behind me and his hands on my hips, as he opened my sopping pussy with his cock and slid easily inside me.

Life with neighbors Part 2

first-time patpar71 2018-03-21

I asked Kumkum whether she would like to come and see a movie and we will have lunch somewhere. In next scene she got very scared and came very close and kept her hand on my shoulder, in the process my hand also moved up and was touching her pussy. Slowly in this position, I started moving my hands on her boobs and kept her hand on my pulsating tool. I kept thrusting my tool and Kumkum started participating and was enjoying and in a minute she orgasmed and her pussy was filled with juice. Savita was looking very cute and I started kissing her but Kumkum wanted me to suck her nipple.

The gift that keeps giving

first-time Muckieduckie 2018-03-21

He knew what I was doing and said loudly so that my husband heard clearly " only I get to decide when you enjoy this." His hands were now wrapped around my ankles and he moved my legs apart so that he could see my pretty, pink pussy. He balanced the tip of his beautiful cock on my bottom lip and just as I thought he was going to go about full throttle, he said "tell your man you love him." I hesitated, wondering if it was a trick but I did "I love you" and as I heard him begin to utter the words in return, black beauty f***ed his cock in my mouth so fast, the gag reflex kicked in straight away and my eyes watered. I moved my right hand over to my pussy, I couldn't get the motion to have my fingers do their own thing, it felt like someone else was touching me.