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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ok... soooo... I'll go first...

first-time yoyo41 2018-03-21

Then she sat up and took her bra off and then she said to me "I want to know what it will feel like with you touching them", and I remember gently rubbing my I rolled over and laid on the bed and she half climbed on me and started kissing me and I new that she wanted to touch my pussy, because she kept putting her hand so close, but then pulling away, I think she wasn’t sure how I would react! She said to me that the one thing she had been wanting to do from the time we started kissing was to lick me, and I remember really wanting her to, and when she did it felt really nice, I remember feeling her tongue around my clit, and it felt really good!

The Fourth Bridesmaid Ch. 02

first-time potsherd22 2018-03-21

By now she was in a world of her own, Her eyes were closed tight, her face flushed pink, as was her neck and down to the upper slopes of her lovely, round, firm breasts. It all means the same, putting the head of a man's cock (is it all right to say cock?) in your mouth and sucking on it until he comes. She started with kissing my face, working around towards my lips, then letting her mouth fall open, and teasing my mouth with her tongue. Vanessa looked at me proudly, and licked up the escaped come back into her mouth. "Oh my little love, you really do look like the cat that got the cream."

My Small Vices

first-time oralTcmlvr 2018-03-21

her knees sucking one guy's cock while the other was quarters, this second movie showed a guy fucking a started to suck this cock, at first I could hardly ass against the wall feeling the cock slide between my could start sucking on his cock once again. my pussy, my guy pulled his cock out and brought it the first guy started to suck my pussy, moving his 2nd guy brought his cock towards my lips and I started wanting to be left out inserted his cock into my mouth and as I sucked and slurped on his cock he soon came. the guy fucking me in my ass came, the one that I was

Teen BOY learns in the WOODS

first-time bifun4u 2018-03-21

Dad raised back up and took that nasty cock and licked and sucked it clean and then told me that I had a sweet ass and he had wanted to lick it for a long time! Dad then had my friend start sucking his cock while he sat on the side and I watched them a few minutes until some guy patted my ass and asked if I was interested in going upstairs with him and his son! When he pulled out, I saw a massive amount of hot cum spill from his tight slutty hole and I knew I just HAD to have it so I went over to him, placed my open mouth over his nasty wet hole and I sucked out every bit of that cum and I even licked him clean all over!

Montgomery Affairs

first-time TheGreatJay 2018-03-21

“We both need it, and I know I can coerce him into letting me do it.” She looked over at the head maid, Katia, and felt her stomach churning with excitement. Most of her weight rested in her legs, but the hard results quickly made themselves known as Bridgette began to take off her shirt, revealing her slim and curvy body. Oliver kissed her neck, bit her collarbones and jaw, moving at a reasonable pace so that he didn’t overwhelm the inexperienced teen whom he straddled.Slowly, the itch in each of their guts’ began to subside as they found the right thing—or person—to scratch it with.

My Sex Journal pt2: Lauren

first-time 2018-03-21

She stood now on her tip toes and hooked her hands around my neck pulling us close now so that our bodies were pressed tight together as we had been earlier that day. I could feel the warmth of her trickle down my shaft and on to my balls as I slowly edged every bit of my dick inside her until I could fell the very deepest parts of her vagina pressing against my head like purssed lips. She giggled a little and planted a wet kiss on my lips before lifting off me, spilling our hot fluids on my balls and belly before she lay next to me, her head in the crook of my arm and her arm over my chest.

First cuckold experience

first-time Ass_worship 2018-03-21

Anyway I decided the best way to see how things are with her is for him to tell us he's crashing on a friend couch and still doesn't have anywhere to stay, then I invite him to use our guest room while he acts like he's shy and is refusing to see if she might try to convince him. The song was getting close to the end so to keep things going I decided to change the song so she doesn't stop when the song ends, one song became two then three and it was obvious that she was having fun and didnt care how long she danced.

OMG I cheated!

first-time 2018-03-21

His hands slipped up under my shirt, so warm cupping my over my bra before pushing my shirt up exposing my covered chest. It did not take long till he roughly pushed my bra out of the way to let his mouth find my nipples. Everything i had been wanting softly layed in my hands as i leaned in taking him fully into my mouth. Lustfilled hard fast deep with my hands on the glass door way totally exposed to anyone that walked by or drove by. He pulled from me slowly and i so wanted to keep him in there all night.We pulled up our jeans and we walked back to the hotel with the last words no one has to know right.

BBW TEACHER (re-posted)

first-time jkjkram 2018-03-21

Make me cum!" With that, I let go of her breast and started licking her pussy. Her eyes gleamed over at me and asked "why haven't we done this a while ago!?" She grabbed my cock and started stroking it. "Oh my god, Deborahhh that feels so good!" She started sucking my cock and playing with my balls. Soon I got the feeling I was going to cum. "OHHHH!" I moaned and shot my cum into her mouth.  She blushed and said "I never would have thought your cum would taste so good. It felt great!" I reached over and rubbed her pussy a little. I wanna feel your hot cum in my pussy! Cum in my pussy!" I liked fucking her from behind.

Good Boy Ch. 02

first-time Maddiegirl 2018-03-21

I didn't want to cause you the same pain but every time you touched me I could feel my desire. As I kissed you, calmly, you slowly moved your hands away from mine and to my back. I was about to start begging you not to leave when you grabbed me and began a fierce kiss. I closed my eyes as your fingers slowly moved across my flat stomach to pull them off, too. My breath caught as you let a finger slide along my opening and slowly slip inside. I wanted to kiss you all over and your face plagued my dreams. Now that I knew there was hope I felt like I could actually rest looking forward to you forgiving me.

video booth takes a turn

first-time runner1nj 2018-03-21

I resisted a little because I wanted to finish and go but he just turned me around and before I knew what was happening, I was bent forward with his tongue in my ass. I was about to shoot what felt like the biggest load of my life when I realized his friend from the hall was poking his head in the door. If someone calls the police, they are going to bust us all and your little secret will be public." As I stood there with friend number 1 sitting behind me trying to work his cock into my ass and friend number 2 trying to "push" me down on it, I understood that I wasn't getting out of that booth without taking it.

Six Years of Waiting

first-time Ophelyra 2018-03-21

Without ever having heard your voice, I felt like you were wrapping strong arms around me to comfort, as real as any of my many real life friends. Yet, I couldn't deny the warmth that kindled in my heart when you jokingly said we'd be perfect for each other, or how my heart skipped a beat and my breath stilled when late one night you wrote, "You are my soul mate, or close to it, but you live so far away." I remember how thrilled I was at our first phone conversation, your Southern drawl gentle and pleasing to the ear, your laughter deep and masculine.

My s****r and I. ( True story0

first-time Nickerlover 2018-03-21

I hot my cock in between her pussy lips and worked it back and forth for a while and it was starting to feel great and was giving me the urge to push harder and faster so I did and then it was getting uncontrollable and I DIDN'T CARE AT THIS POINT IF I HURT MY s****r, so I grabbed her by the shoulders and gave one ungodly shove and I FELT HER HYMEN RIP AND MY COCK GO DEEP UP HER LITTLE PUSSY, SHE GAVE OUT A YELL AND TRIED TO PUSH ME OFF but it was feeling so good by this time and I was at the point of no return so I kept hammering in and out of her hot tight pussy, she was crying and begging me to stop but i just couldn't after I CUM I just stayed on top of her and she stopped crying and my cock went slack inside of her.

The Boy Next Door

first-time devlincyde 2018-03-21

The first year Tiffany opted to stay home and work rather than go to Italy, Jason checked on her every day, asking if she needed any help around the house. Then came a conversation from a few days before Antonio left, when Jason asked Tiffany bluntly about sex. Tiffany could have stayed there and enjoyed the cool night air a little longer, but she felt an energy growing inside her; an anxious feeling. Concerned about where his mouth was headed, as well about the growing wet spot on the couch, she sat up and turned herself around, so her ass, the glorified asset of her short, plump mom body, faced her lover. As Jason's tongue continued to energize Tiffany's body, she reached her hand toward his shaft.

Seduction at Night

first-time Ashson 2018-03-21

Turning her back on Neil, Chloe lifted off her nightie and then turned back to face him, defiant. Chloe watched, appalled, as Neil extended one long finger and traced a curve from the top of her breast, across her breast, over the nipple, pausing to rub it, and then down the slope of her beast, across her tummy, over her mons to dip between her legs, pressing along the length of her slit. She gave a startled squeak, her grip in Neil's cock tightening as she felt his hand close over her breast. How Neil accomplished it, Chloe wasn't quite sure, but she found herself lying on his bed with him next to her. Chloe found herself writhing under Neil's exquisite little touches.

Very True Sexual Encounters with Strangers.

first-time 2018-03-21

I got on and sat down in an empty seat, admittedly showing an awful lot of leg, as the hem of my short skirt sat under my bum. Just before we pulled out of the station a black guy got on and made his way down the carriage towards where I was sitting, passing most of the empty seats, as the carriage was almost empty, and as he neared, his eyes fell on my exposed thighs, and I just sensed I was his target. He jumped up still shooting semen as the train was pulling into the station, and I got a load on my mouth and face, making me recoil and land back into the seat.

Timestop day 2

first-time PussyViking 2018-03-21

And so Warren started rubbing his dick, imagining the time he had walked in on Julie, bent over pulling up her panties. For some time, Warren just twisted his finger around inside of Sandy, exploring the feeling of her tight pussy on his finger and discovering what a woman's insides felt like. Laughing at how they look, Warren finally pulled Sandy's bra down over them, trying to line it up right beneath her boobs and around her back, but not really knowing the right way to do so. And since she had lifted her head a bit and started to talk, the first spurt after time stopped traveled the couple inches from his dick to Julie's open mouth and landed on her tongue.

My Pregnant s****r

first-time 2018-03-21

“Christ Mike, that’s so horny.” I wasn’t sure if she meant what I’d said or the fact that my hand was now inside her bra smoothing her creamy breasts and pert little nipple. I felt her erect nipples brushing my chest and she whispered “Yes Mike, fuck me, deeper, yes that feels good.” Slowly I increased speed but not too fast as I didn’t want to hurt her or the baby. Finally she said, “Well little b*****r, that was pretty fucking amazing!” I kissed her and told her I hoped that it wouldn’t be the last time and I’d be happy to rub cream into her belly whenever she wanted it.

Aunty and Uncle Part 2

first-time 2018-03-21

You know your aunty Peggy prefers a real cock, like this" He pulled open his trousers and yanked out his cock. I felt ridiculous, a pathetic, skinny boy with his cock shrunk to nothing standing in front of a stronly built man in his 50's with a big meaty cock in his hand, while he told me what women really want. "that's it you little shit, that's what aunty Peggy really wants, a real cock. "I think you must like the feel of a real cock in your hand fr a change too" "I don't mind if you wanna fuck your aunty Peggy but you have to ask my permission first. If you want to fuck your aunty peggy you're going to have see what it's like yourself first."

Heather's Helping Hand

first-time studrelease 2018-03-21

Heather, however, is a complete goddess of a brunette who's hair goes down to her chest, bright blue eyes and a smile to match. "Scott, think y'all can get away from Coach early?" She tilts her head to the side a bit, and that smile appears. When I look at Heather again, she opens her mouth to show my pearly white load, then closes it again and makes a slightly exaggerated swallowing motion, before showing she really did do it: all I see is her bright red tongue and sparkling teeth. Heather crawls over and sits by me, laying her head on my shoulder and bringing her left leg over and wrapping it around my waist.

Young Woman's First Experience

first-time Captainwood 2018-03-21

"Oh yeah, you've got great legs, you're quite a babe." he said looking at me and pursing his lips quite suggestively. "Wow." he said as he looked down again momentarily, watching his fingers manipulating my vagina. To my shame I didn't attempt to cover myself up as I still felt really horny from his fingering, and I have to admit I opened my legs wide open and smiled at him as he looked at me as he dressed. Then I opened my legs wide and masturbated on my bed leaving the door open deliberately this time hoping he might watch me again but in truth I think he was so drunk he just went next door and straight to sleep.

Ricky and Lucy

first-time jv1983 2018-03-21

She had been slowly falling sleep for the past half-hour and when Ricky left for almost fifteen minutes to go to the bathroom, Lucy went over to her bed and fell asleep. Within minutes, Lucy felt Ricky move his right arm so that his hand, which had been over her chest, was now holding her left breast. Taking firm hold of Ricky's cock- her hand just barely fit around it he was that big, Lucy began to rub him up and down. Lucy loved how large, long, hard, and hot Ricky's cock felt in her hand! After Lucy spent what seemed to Ricky like hours staring at his cock, she took hold of him again and continued giving him a hand job.

A different kind of friend.

first-time chefjohn2112 2018-03-21

We were talking about the cars, and stuff, when I asked him if what he said earlier, was true. He asked me if I wanted to watch a video, and I said sure. As the guy on screen was fucking the cross dresser, I asked him what role got him excited, and he said the part of the cross dresser. He stared in awe at my 9" rock hard cock, and slowly reached out to gently take it in his hand. It looked like it was already lubed, and I asked him, and he said yes he had lubed it in hopes of me fucking him. I said cool, and then he asked me to help, by holding his cheeks spread, as he slowly sat down.

First Time

first-time rexhame317 2018-03-20

Maybe a little tongue action, oh how she missed a guy with his head between her legs, tongue licking her pussy, playing over her clit, rubbing it...Oh god, she was getting wet in anticipation. His hand untangles from hers and reaches behind her head grabbing a fistful of hair, pulling her head back and letting his tongue graze her lips, nipping at them hungrily. She moans a little as his lips cover her nipple through the lace of her bra.He sucks gently at first, then more greedy as His hands pull the straps off her arms and he lets the bra fall to the floor. He smacks her ass again, pushes her chest against the back of the couch and slips the head of his hard, throbbing cock into her waiting pussy.