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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Reetu losing virginity to three guys

first-time sargam 2018-03-20

I tried to call Sarun for help but Abhinav pushed his dick into my mouth. Rohit pressed my boobs and sucked them greedily while Abhinav was trying to mouth fuck me. Meanwhile, Rohit took out his erect cock and pushed into my mouth and made my hands rub his balls. Sarun started licking my wet cunt, sucking my pussy lips and rubbing my clits. Drink it!” Abhinav shouted in excitement and I drank all the cum as I was getting excited by Sarun licking my cunt. My wet pussy was dripping pre cum when he pushed his middle finger inside my tight and untouched cunt. Rohit started sucking my boobs and squeezing them while now Sarun was pointing his meat to me for a blowjob.

My first time Avt IV

first-time orcyclist948 2018-03-20

After questions about whether Ronnie and I had any fun together, not with coach, the subject changed to "my special talent" I'm not sure which of the men brought it up, but he mentioned in a very complementary way that Bob says that you have an amazing natural gift. Ronnie could get his hands around Paul's beer can cock, but he couldn't get the head into his mouth and had to be satisfied with it pressing his lips open to the max. I couldn't see how much of Leo's cock was in my mouth but when I heard voices say “ A gold medalist here, Bob." Amazing, Ed and just a little more.” I knew that I was doing good.

Young Innkeeper

first-time neutrona 2018-03-20

Soon, they both had their hands roam as they kissed and when Simon finally got up the nerve to cup one of her breasts, Paula pulled away and removed her sweatshirt. As she continued to caress him and tease his nipples, Paula explained "As I said, always start light, then tease and if the person wants more, they'll let you know." Simon, having learned from the kissing, copied what Paula had done to him and caressed her softly, taking his time and teasing her skin. Hearing his breathing, feeling his balls tighten in her hands, and knowing this was his first time, Paula figured he was close and didn't want to tease him so she kept going and sucked just a little more.

Movie Buff

first-time ReefBeach 2018-03-20

Some raw impulse had me wanting Sam's lips again and I reached my hand over to her cheek - we had never touched during a film before. I was skinny and gangly, Sam was just a bit chubby and kept her hair in a ponytail or else it looked like she'd just got up. One evening I sat behind Sam. I slipped a hand between the seats, over her shoulder and started undoing the buttons of her blouse. With her chest heaving I ran my hand over the curve of the breast, feeling the nipple harden to my touch. Lovely Sam, with Cointreau, I like the way you're thinking.

Girls Next Door

first-time Leenysman 2018-03-20

Looking down at her, her mouth beginning to work its way back up my shaft, her tits pressing between my legs, the ends of her hair tickling my left knee and her naked back and ass the rest I could see of her, I said a small prayer that I wouldn't wind up disappointing her, this goddess in the process of answering so many of my other prayers. She'd repeat that grasp around my cock several times, as she sensed I was getting close again, and I was beginning to go crazy from being denied, but each time everything got more intense, and I really thought my balls were going to explode if she didn't let me cum soon.


first-time Christian Black 2018-03-20

Before the first time I laid eyes on Cassandra, I had believed that love at first sight was a cliché not found outside of sappy light rock radio or those trashy paperbacks my grandmother read. I actually had a condom on, and was struggling to squeeze into her tight little vagina, when Melissa broke down in tears and said that she didn't want to go to hell for pre-marital sex. We hit it off so well, so quickly, that Greg suggested that Cassandra I come camping with him and Cindi that night. I reached up and played her breasts, but Cassandra's eyes were closed and it was like I wasn't there at all.

The Proposition

first-time __Lisa__ 2018-03-20

Grace summoned the courage to turn and look into the blue eyes of Tom Jackson, her best friend Alison's older brother. Grace forced her hands away and met his eyes. Grace blew the hair from her eyes and glanced down at her hands. Grace closed her eyes and tried to imagine how Tom's hands would feel roaming her body, touching places only she had touched; his weight pressing down on her, his hardness pushing into her. "Grace." Tom clasped her face in his hands, brushed his thumbs over her cheeks. Grace closed her eyes at the sensation, pulling her mouth from his to explore the line of his jaw with her lips. Grace closed her eyes and let her head drop forward.

BBC Slut Cums Full Circle

first-time MonsterandKitty 2018-03-20

I'm a black girl with a nice golden complection hourglass shape with big wide ass and hips, shapley legs, 42DDD breasts with nice medium dark areolas surrounding hard hershey kiss colored nipples... The first thing he saw was his girl flat on her back, legs spread with a half my hand burried in her pussy moaning and telling me not to stop. His dick was almost too big to fit into my mouth so I worked the head and began deepthroating his monster cock while Janie licked and sucked his balls. Janie wanted a taste and quickly started licking my face trying to get ever bit of cum she could.

The First Time

first-time nightlyfun002 2018-03-20

I wanted to know what a real dick in me felt like and of course, not being in control. As I was staring at them in my closet, I decided "Fuck it, let's do this." I went to my computer, got on Craigslist and posted the following ad: "First time bottom looking for a top. I looked at his picture, the butterflies in my stomach having a party, then I saw myself in the mirror, and the same "fuck it" attitude came back over me "no one'll know.". "You like the way my hand feels huh baby?" He asked. "Damn you look tight as hell," he said and went to stick one of his huge fingers in me. "Damn baby, you're tight" he said looking at me naked.

After School

first-time Peoni 2018-03-20

"That was wonderful, did you enjoy it too?" Tom said and I replied that it was the first time I had seen a man cum so it was a bit of a shock but it was also funny as well. "This is what we call mouth-fucking you little whore and you seem to be good at it" "Do you want me to go all the way and cum in your mouth little girl?" he said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth for an instant. "Does my little whore like that?" he said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth it was starting to droop.

The Hotel

first-time Mr_Trickz 2018-03-20

I put my hands on the sides of your face to hold you where I want you, I then wind my fingers up in your hair and tug tight, and somehow, just by the way I am touching you, it makes your mouth open, which commands you to close your eyes, and forces you to start breathing faster and faster until you feel dizzy and think you might black out. As I continued kissing, I spread your lips and licked on your clit sending shivers through your body making you feel weak, with this ravishing frenzy inside you. I could feel you tensing up ready to cum and immediately moved away from your pussy and refocused on your nipples my tongue circle your nipple, teasing, making it stand, eager for more licking.

My First time (Fictional Story)

first-time Charmer2710 2018-03-20

Her nipples were hard and I couldn’t stop thinking of how they would taste and feel in my mouth, on my tongue. "You know, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have you, to have sex with you, to feel how hard your cock would get for me." I whispered to him as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Pound my pussy mm-mm.., "you better fuck me hard!" I was getting ready to cum when she moved quickly and turned towards me. I didn’t know what to expect, but then I felt her mouth around my hard shaft again this time she could taste her pussy.

Rosalyn's trip to a stripclub 09/22/2012

first-time RawrRosalina 2018-03-20

As the song nearly ending she got on top of my lap one final time and rub those lovely tits on my face, as dhe did that I grabbed her tits and I sucked her hard nipples thus finally concluding the song. I sucked on her nipples, and then she sat her huge ass on my "clit" while leaning on my chest with her next to mine I nibbled on her ear lobe while one hand was on a titty and the other was between her asscheeks and she was lifting her leg up in the air.

Me and my Bhabhi

first-time 2018-03-20

I started to suck her boobs and removed her bra her boobs were very juicy wet and nipples were hard like rock I sucked her for 10 min and then slowly went down to enjoy the heaven and removed her panty by the time she had removed my boxer and was moaning with my every bite on her boobs. I said bhabhi “I am going to blow” by the time said I blow I shot my cum In her mouth she started to enjoy It and said your cum Is too good to taste and sucked me hard. She said your cock Is very fresh and big It seems you are masturbating every day 2 to 3 times and ordered me not to masturbate now onwards whenever I felt like to come to her to fuck or alteast get sucked.

The Good Little Girl

first-time Brishen37 2018-03-20

She had begun to hang out at the community college and had heard guys say things like "now that's a woman..." and "that's a body built for fucking..." It made her feel so dirty, but now she knew what they meant. "On your knees little girl, time to use that mouth for something much better than yapping." She looked down once again all that ran through her mind was how was that thing going to fit... "You're being a good little girl but you're going to have to learn to listen to get what you want." He pressed the head towards her thick lips, 'oh, fuck it' she thought and opened wide.

Janny Ch. 01-03

first-time Reefkeeper 2018-03-20

She saw Doug's gold Blazer in the south parking lot and she knew Kenny hadn't had enough time to get there from his last class, so Janine walked past the SUV. She'd long since decided to let Kenny have anything he wanted and she might submit to Doug as a way to encourage Kan but she didn't really know Tom and four definitely was a crowd! After they made love the second time Kenny kissed each of her eyes and said, "You know that the kids are never going to let up, right?" Janine wanted to hit Kenny for talking to her that way but the more she thought about it the more she realized that everything he'd said was true.


first-time Ha275 2018-03-20

Jack showed her the way to the shower and gave her old clothes. Emily decided to stay and after taking a shower, she came out to see Jack watching some Game Of Thrones footage. "Your turn" said Jack after taking of his clothes. Then, Emily started smothering Jack's face with her boobs as they bounced up and down on the bed. Soon, Jack turned her over and started fucking her in the ass. Emily let out screams of "Yes!" as she wrapped her feet around Jack's dick and gave it a nice rub. Jack started kissing and licking everywhere whereas Emily gave him a hard handjob. Jack's body eventually gave up and he stopped holding Emily's boobs.


first-time clarkcrow 2018-03-20

His grandmother had said he was staying with a friend while Amelia prepared all her things for moving. That strange, singular fear which left him almost feeling paralysed at times, ever since his grandmother had told him about Amelia's leaving. He remembered when he was seventeen, and living with his cousins after having decided to stay another year at the same college, and his grandmother called him to pass on the message that Amelia had decided to throw a small gathering for her thirtieth birthday. Terrence was not a bad person as far as he could tell, and this was while he was attempting to be unbiased, but the person he was made Grain wonder at times how he and Amelia could have ended up together.

A slut is born.......

first-time caroletv31 2018-03-20

I lay there on the floor like that for a while and then lying on my back I raised my gorgeous girly nylon stockinged legs in the air, crossing them and uncrossing them, rubbing the points of the heels along the side of each shoe - Once more my she-cock was standing to attention and so I started to jack her off all over again in a state of frenzied excitement and once gain my fountains of spunky sperm nectar shot into the air only to CUM back down again spattering my smooth skinned girly body and my face.

first night trying to be romantic.

first-time 1mclovin1 2018-03-20

I can tell I hit it because you shiver, after a little bit of this my hands start to move back up, but my kisses dont stop they just ever so lightly trace your spine. I stop kissing your sweet spot and start kissing you down your side all the way down to your hips I kiss all the way across teasing you making sure not to kiss your vigina, even though im so close kissing the inside of your thighs . After bringing you to the edge 4 or 5 times I sense you are going to cum a put some pressure on your g-spot and rapidly lick your clit, your whole body tightens up, you have an earth shattering orgasm.

My first time with a guy.

first-time Asslavic 2018-03-20

He was sitting on the side of the bed, I got on my knees and I held it in my hands, even though it felt a bit awkward at first to hold a cock that wasn't mine, but right after I put it in my mouth I knew then that this is what I meant to be, a sissy cocksucker. But I just wanted him to fuck me like an a****l, so I got into doggy position and lubed up my ass. because he came once, the second time was taking longer, but I wasn't complaining, I just loved his juicy cock in my mouth, I licked and sucked his balls as I was jacking his cock and I could just suck him all day.

Internet Dating

first-time sheridan56 2018-03-20

I had seen his profile weeks ago but dismissed it because he looked more experienced than me in the kinky department and I wasn't sure I was kinky enough for him. At some point he replaced his finger with his mouth and I'm not sure how many times I came - they were all too fast. When he slid his cock into my tight pussy I thought I would cry - it felt absolutely incredible, wonderful, fantastic! That fantastic cock slid in and out, pounding me so hard at times I couldn't think of anything else. I'm fairly certain that I remember moaning loudly at one point but I can't be sure - I'll have to ask him the next time we meet, I have a feeling that next time will be even better!!

A Friend in Need

first-time Optimus9812 2018-03-20

He pulled my shorts the rest of the way off, leaving me sitting nude on the couch playing Xbox as he reached forward and grabbed the base of my dick, squeezing it causing the head to swell and turn purple. This time as my head swelled Rich leaned forward and took it into his mouth, pressing his tongue up against my sensitive frenulum. Knowing how I liked my dick sucked when I'm cumming I pulled back until just the head remained in my mouth and ran my tongue across the sensitive underside, giving his balls a good squeeze at the same time.

The Incentive List

first-time wabbit_season 2018-03-20

All the other teachers at his school -- predominantly male -- favoured the old-fashioned use of the surname to address their pupils, but Mrs Parsons preferred the personal touch, and combined with her soft vocal tones and sweet candy perfume it inexplicably made James feel gooey inside whenever she spoke directly to him. James, of course, wasn't alone in how he felt about Mrs Parsons -- most pupils at some point would state their dishonourable intentions with regard to her in the privacy of the common room, but they kept it to themselves in her presence -- especially after hearing how she dealt with inappropriate behaviour.