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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Emma's Crush

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-20

He probably thinks I'm too young." She still couldn't get over the fact that Jana was okay with the idea of her dad and her best friend getting together. Bryan's fingers deftly opened her jeans then pulled them off, his eyes feasting on the light pink thong that barely covered her treasure. He didn't give her much time to recover before he made his way up her body, pausing to nip at her breasts, then taking her mouth with his, letting her taste herself on his tongue. Sitting on the side of the bed, Bryan took and placed Emma across his lap, her bottom in the air. Bryan's eyes met Emma's "Are you ready to go to bed, Emily?"

indian girl become bbc slut

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-03-20

mumtaj took a seat in the easy chair facing them, and after giving everyone a chance to get settled in she shocked the poor unsuspecting young girl when she asked casually, "So, dear, do you like fucking my son?" anita's mouth dropped open in total shock as she stammered, "I-I certainly don't know what you're talking about!" "You know, c***d," mumtaj said evenly, "the thing that really makes me mad is when people lie to me." "kasem has given me a thorough run down on all of your activities, so let's cut the crap and get down to cases!" Looking desperately to kasem for help, anita nearly blanched when she realized what mumtaj khan had said was true!" kasem really had told her everything!

Silk and Angels Ch. 01

first-time Jellybabygirl 2018-03-20

Cathy knew that this birthday card will have been waiting to be sent out on the right day. He was Sarah's son, not mine sweetie, so I can't really help except tell you that God makes these things happen for a reason." Cathy looked at her mum with hard eyes and exploded with rage. "Thanks Kenny, you're a real friend." Cathy said before putting the phone down. "So, you're Kenny's friend?" The taxi driver asked. Kenny and I have been best friends since we were about two." Cathy explained to the driver. Kenny was taken aback by all of this but because Cathy was going through such a hard time, he just pretended that he hadn't heard.

Preachers Daughter Chapter 7 Finally took that vir

first-time harleyrider6969 2018-03-20

She took my breath away, when she opened the door I saw her look for my k_ _s and wife, I just walked past her pressing against he chest and said, "No, I am alone." She looked very nervous and started to stammer when I said, "I know your parents are gone all day and I have something very serious to discuss with you, I need to show you a video." Jaimie began to protest and I told her, "wait, did you leave these at my house on purpose to tease me...her eyes went to my crotch as I began to unbutton my fly.

Army Brat Ch. 04

first-time Slickman 2018-03-20

She too was thinking about the boat and since she knew where the key was kept she knew Ellen wouldn't mind if she used the privacy of the boat to get to know Jimmy better. Buttons looked across the way and saw Ellen's dad and Danny's mom getting into his car. "Hurry," Ellen said to Danny after they parked the car. "Well, we don't have much time," Danny said impatiently not wanting to lose the opportunity for oral sex. "Yes," she said leaning back to allow his big hands to roam under her arms until they pushed the small cups out of the way and covered her tiny titties. "Quick get dressed," Ellen said to Danny after she climbed off of him.

Isabel Part 1

first-time esclaro 2018-03-20

I wanted to finish what I started and feel my girlfriend use my mouth and lips as her personal fuck toy. She kept moaning, oh baby, oh baby as her stiff cock pulsed in my mouth and I sucked the cum from her cock head. I gently sucked what was left of her cum on the head of her cock and as I swallowed the last of it I was finally able to taste the saltiness of it. I had used my hands, my lips and my mouth to make my lover's big cock cum hard and pump a steaming hot load of cum into my mouth for me to drink. I had sucked her cock and she had face fucked me like the cum hungry bitch that I was.

My s****r's friend

first-time WALID03 2018-03-20

The very next day I woke up late it was noon, she had left I didn't realize when, my s****r was at work and I was alone at home, couldn't get over about what had happened the previous night, kept thinking about it all the time, the next minute there was sudden knock on the door and she showed up again at my place, I invited her inside she came inside and fixed her chunky ass on the couch beside me, she was looking so fucking sexy that my cock went fucking stif, her juicy thais showed a sexy view out of her slutty short skirt, her large squeezy boobs jumpèd out of her lower neck top screaming at me to suck them, ah aww damn so sexy, we talk about it, she told me how badly she wanted me and used to fantasize about me, I was hesistating but straightforwardly told her that I wanted to lick her cunt and drìnk all the juice.she came close to me and pleased my stif cock inside my pants and I ran my hands first on her thais and then leading the finger army through her skirt to her

I got caught masturbating today...

first-time 2018-03-20

I start to get blue balls if I go more than two days without a good cum. So i'm going all the way and I can feel my dick making its final stiffening when all of the sudden the pool door whips open. At first I was scared to death, I didn't bother hiding or anything, I just sat there with my cock in my hand with a blank stare on my face, when she looks at me, a little d***k I can tell and says, "Why'd you stop? I then began to beat harder and harder until the final stiffening came back, I was gonna cum this time, I had gotten to the point of no return.

The Surprise

first-time magas911 2018-03-20

"I'd love to have you do that," Lily told me, "but it's not really a great time for that, if you know what I mean." I assumed she meant her period and I nodded. When I returned, Lily took a bit of lotion in her hand and lathered my cock with it. Lily began to moan and I wondered if she could truly feel pleasure from this - was it possible she could orgasm from anal sex alone? I pushed open the door and before Lily could fully react, I kneeled before her and took her cock into my mouth. "You love me so much," Lily told me as she began to rhythmically thrust her hips, driving the full eight inches of her cock into my throat.

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 19

first-time tk5555 2018-03-20

Traci stared at the bulge in Rick's shorts, "Can I see your thingy again, I always wondered what it looked like when it was hard." Rick stood motionless as Traci slowly pulled her shirt over her head, revealing her naked breasts. Traci put the other hand over the head of Rick's cock. "Oh fuck, I'm going to come, get ready, I'..." Rick cried out has a thick stream of pearly liquid shot out of his cock and into Traci's hands. He looked down and shook his head in disbelief at the sight of Traci's lips wrapped around his cock and a thin stream of cum leaking from the corner of her mouth. I mean you let me come in your mouth," Rick said.


first-time dewdrop 2018-03-20

I will never tell besides don't you want to know what your big adut cock would feel like in my tight warm wet adolescent teen pussy?..our secret?" She said as she pulled her shorts all the way off spread her legs open and her cunt. "suck Mr. Weller's man cock my little cunt bitch whore make uncle Paul feel good with your young teen mouth, you wanna taste my dick baby girl and eat my pre-cum?" he said lovingly to her. He teased her with the head of his cock rubbing it on her clit and pussy lips "beg for it cunt beg for grown man cock, youn want me in that young little pussy?" he asked her "yes fuck me violate my teen pussy with your prick , I wanna feel you inside me f***e me to take it Mr. Weller make cum and squirt again please."

My First Sex

first-time kissbigcock 2018-03-20

I suddenly began to feel warm in my body and felt some tightness in my trouser. Suddenly I felt a warm and soft hug from behind and she softly whispered in my years, Ballu, don’t feel sad. After some time, I felt something wet and soft entering my mouth and realized it was her tongue. She with one hand began to open my shirt’s buttons, while continuing to kiss me at the same time. I first felt her nipples with my fingers, pressing them, squeezing them, then with my mouth I began to play with them. Then keeping the cock in her hand while gently rubbing it she came back to me and began to kiss me.

Elusive O

first-time FemmeCreole 2018-03-20

My time in the Army was brief, yet long enough to fall in and out of lust with Welsh. I could feel his heart racing; I knew he wanted me as much. This time Adel took me to the bus station. By the time I reached the train station, my heart had settled in my chest. I got home, took a shower, and went to bed. He was going to be in the state for a week, he wanted to know if I wanted to come to his apartment this time. I wanted to kiss every inch of his lean body. I wanted to come, I felt it coming, too soon he moved up and I felt his penis pushing in and my pussy creamed.

In Pursuit of Jade

first-time White_Beard 2018-03-20

Another time I was in the changing rooms and I got her attention and showed her the prominent vein of my cocktail showing through my tight Calvin Klein's to which she said "you're naughty". Things got slightly heated on a d***k staff night out when we found ourselves on a friend's sofa with everyone in the kitchen. We spoke about when I caressed her nipple, later that night she intended to sneak into the bed I was sl**ping in, but she couldn't do it without everyone else knowing. It's usually difficult for me to come from head, however this time and Jade was the exception. We kept eye contact as she swallowed my large warm deposit and we shared a final kiss before I pulled my trousers up.

My jouney into the city

first-time rodma 2018-03-20

We got round to talking about f****y found out she had just broke with her partner and moved in the next road from where I lived then she asked if I was married I came over all nervoius and thought it's best to be honest then the words no came out of my mouth, she seemed surprised and could see her chest heave with shock she made a joke about a good looking man like myself not being taken and said that if she saw me she would grab me with both hands and laughed reached out and touched my arm.


first-time 2018-03-19

She no longer had the right to tell me that masturbation was wrong, and even if she might’venot realised it before she screamed at me, after seeing me being unresponsive to herthreatening voice, she surely did, and the way she quickly yanked up a sheet she was seatingon to cover herself proved that.As if what I’d done already wasn’t enough to make her feel embarrassed to death, hervibrator got tossed at my feet the moment she yanked up the sheet it was lying on, and as weboth looked at it, I felt her mortification swirling up in the air.

Ravenloft: Midnight Lies

first-time The_Chromatic_One 2018-03-19

Emily von Gravdrung looked very appealing in the darkness, the lone candle making her shine like an angel of some sort, stark contrast to Samael's black clothing and hair. Finally, Samael pulled back, letting Emily gasp and catch her breath, a number of warring emotions on her face, though the rogue didn't let her go, instead holding her in his arms. "I love you." Samael said, ruthlessly melting all opposition as Emily smiled shyly at him, though still flushed both from embarrassment and from the feelings coursing through her body. Let me show you, love." And Samael took her back into his arms, laying her down onto the bed as he positioned himself atop her, resting his weight on his hands as the rogue looked down at Emily.

The New Kid Gets a Warm Welcome

first-time Vergilius 2018-03-19

She looked like a very innocent girl though; long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, light blue eyes, plump and perky 34C breasts that stretched her tight emerald colored sweater, a thin flat stomach, and long toned legs underneath her tight jeans. "Shut up and lift your arms." Jared peeled off her halter without hesitation, dropped to his knees in the tight space between Rebecca and the edge of the bed where he had lay before, and ripped down her shorts and thong, hooking his fingers into her socks at the bottom.

First Time Swinging

first-time rapier69 2018-03-19

Rob Caught Debbie by the pony tail, lifted her to her knees and roughly shoved himself into her mouth, his naked hips rocked as he mouth fucked her hard and fast, grinning whenever she choked, slapping her face if she tried to pull free. I made a move for the camera but Lynn kicked me and gestured for me to sit next to her, she grabbed my hand and firmly jammed it up her skirt between her legs, her panties were soaked and she excuded a powerful musk of sex I recalled from our nights in the back of my car. Lynn watched avidly as Rob pulled free, picked the tiny woman up and stripped her while holding her up, then he laid her face down on the sofa, knelt over her and jammed up her while she shrieked and clawed at the sofa arm.

St. Chester Ch. 01

first-time still_goin 2018-03-19

I was so mad at my parents; I didn't even notice that a lot of the girls filing into the auditorium for freshman orientation were pretty well endowed with good looks and taut bodies. Just as you wouldn't want to live in a house that was filled with foul and odorant garbage, neither would you want to sully your soul's house by engaging is wicked sinful acts the like of which turned Lott's wife to salt." Then she leaned forward to share another secret, "I'm sure this word to the wise will be sufficient." We were so shocked we didn't even applaud as we had for the earlier speakers. She stepped up on the board and sailed around in a small circle, talking all the way, showing me how moving the mast's angle steered the machine.

First time with Dawn

first-time steeeviej 2018-03-19

Dawn had long dark brown hair, she was tall, slender and very good looking, a real catch for a young lad. I kneeled between Dawns legs, her nicely trimmed hairy pussy in full view, my cock swollen and the tip already had pre cum. A few successful fucking times was outweighed by lots of unsuccessful attempts until she decided to discuss the problem with her mom. The remedy was that Dawn’s mom bought her a vibrator and lube, the vibrator being approximately the length and girth of my cock, so that she could use it to help open out her tight pussy. I wanked often back then thinking about Dawn's mom imagining my cock when she bought that dildo.

Courtney's 1st Taste of Pussy

first-time Professor hard lover 2018-03-19

“Cover her inside and out with your cum, soak her, hurry up do it before she comes too” I don’t know why but it seemed like something I wanted to do and I just let go and began to pump cum into Courtney like pumping water from a well, and following the persistent coaching from Lisa I withdrew my still pulsing dick and squirted cum all over the outside of Courtney’s pussy and on her asshole. Lisa said “I have some lube in that cabinet, why don’t you stick that oversized shaft into you wife’s asshole for me” “I can tell from tonguing her that she’s no stranger to a good ass fucking!” “I think that would be just the thing to loosen her up, just what the Doctor ordered.” “I want to see her pretty face as she takes it hard and deep”

Nicky Gets Cream In His Cherry

first-time Cumfusion 2018-03-19

They were all really big guys and just piled out of the works Four By Four looking like they were fit and ready for an energetic day out. "Anyway I think I feel myself getting a period coming on now so I'm going to have to look after things you see" he said waiving his finger at the guys. "Hey I wonder if he really is a boy if he says he's got a period coming on, lets have look" Fergus was a hulking dumper driver and he wasted no time ripping Nicky's pants off. Danny who had already fucked Nicky seemed to take command said we should all go on to the beach as we needed to clean up in the sea.

Hand Job Honeymoon

first-time normadel 2018-03-19

When they were finally alone, truly alone for the first time, Rick took Toni's hand, gently pulled her toward him, hugged her, and whispered softly, "It will be all right. Suddenly, Rick's cock jerked and spurted rope after rope of cum, the first two landing on his chest, the others dribbling down Toni's hand and arm. Toni pushed her hand between Dominique's pussy and Rick's thigh, squeezed his cock and whispered in his ear, "Let it flow for me. Rick's cock was fully erect and oozing pre cum by the time she lay on the bed and pulled him on top of her.