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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Life-changing Experience, Part One

first-time cdwantsit 2018-03-19

After a while, Kerry said, “Well, I suppose we should get down to business.” I started for a second, having forgotten that I was there to look at a desk. As I began to take the unit apart, Kerry insisted on helping, us chatting the entire time. The drawer contained every style of bra I could imagine, full cup, demi cup, and plunges; lacy and satiny; padded and barely-there; red, black, pink, leopard print; and on and on. I instinctively opened the first drawer again and pulled out a pair of red satin panties. I began caressing my cock with the satin panties in my left hand as I continued running the dildo around my balls and up into my crack with my right hand.

Mountain Vacation Ch. 01

first-time Satyr81 2018-03-19

"Oh," she replied, trying to sound more surprised than she really was, "so..." she dragged out the start of her next question, her eyes looking away and then slowly returning to Roberts as if she was feeling too shy to ask, "so, when was the last time... Her hand slid up the leg of his shorts, slipped under his boxers till her fingers found the flared head of Robert's swollen dick. At first the shorts wouldn't move, but Robert quickly lifted his leg, allowing Lucia to push it up, the air in the cabin feeling cool on his hot manhood. With his cock now sticking out the leg of his pants, Robert watched with a mix of fascination and lust as Lucia's small hand wrapped around his shaft, stroking him again.

My Angel

first-time Cryanger 2018-03-19

I want you to know how you make me feel, how my soul boils at your slightest touch, how my spirit aches at the sight of your body.... "Yes, I feel happy and proud to know that you're aroused just by looking at me..." A coy smile crossed her lips, and I could see the sensual woman inside my angel replacing the shy girl outside. I want us to climax together..." I kissed her face, squeezed her body, thrusted uncontrollably into her as I my mind was dominated by the need to shoot my seed deep into her womb.

A Girl Named Walter

first-time JerseyCop 2018-03-19

I didn’t know it at the moment I began the drive to the diner, but my day would be taking a turn for the better in just a few minutes. I only got a thirty minute lunch break, so I usually stopped in and asked the owner, Freddy, to save me a two-person booth and to order my lunch for a pre-determined time. It was good to finally be home, talking to Ally from the comfort of my bed. Now that you have told it, I’m not so sure how moving you into the bedroom is going to seem like it is flowing naturally, but that is where we need to go.”

Jackie interview

first-time joemama10101 2018-03-19

hotwifeblog: Hey Jackie, it’s great to be able to catch up with you after all this time. hotwifeblog: Do you find yourself more immersed in the hotwife lifestyle now, have you stepped up your play, are you trying new things? hotwifeblog: Do you like to flirt with men you come across during your everyday life, catch their eye in the street, chat up the guy in the supermarket etc? Jackie: We’ve experimented using just an IPhone to shoot video for a more reality based in-the-moment feel which our members really like. Jackie: Well, I’m flirting with a few hot guys online right now and Jason is always lining up new guys for me.

If Alex and I Meet In Person

first-time r0dney 2018-03-19

You pulled off your sweatshirt, and your head snuggled against my bosom...My nipple felt the touch of your ear through my grew erect, and my legs tensed up slightly. I spread my palms clasped your buttocks, your chest against mine...your penis, erect, brushed quickly against my warm pussy lips as it penetrated thrust a few times, faster and faster, panting with the heat of pressed your lips to mine, plunged your tongue into my grasped my hair and gave a guttural moan as your balls tensed up, and warm white liquid shot into my vagina...

The Scholar

first-time CamillaHumby 2018-03-19

His hand comes up to the back of my head, controlling the kiss, our time together. He looks into my eyes, then reaches up and brushes back my hair, strokes my ear, and rests his hand on my shoulder. He pulls away, looks into my eyes, then his hands move to my shoulders, and gently, oh so gently, slowly, oh so slowly, slips first one strap down, then the other. He takes me close to him once more (Yes!) and kisses my face, so gently and carefully, all over. We naturally feel affectionate and close to one another and it's fun to snuggle and cuddle and kiss. Even a single deep, passionate kiss can communicate your special feeling for your lover."

Mandie Becomes a Woman

first-time baby_cakes 2018-03-19

He catches her eye as he lowers his head to her waiting cunt, already glistening with juices, and as she watches, he begins to lap at it, sighing and moaning with pleasure at her sweet taste, his hands gently massaging her breasts, rolling and pinching the nipples between his fingers and thumbs, watching her arch against him, her hips thrusting forward as he sucks on her swollen clit, then licks slowly up and down her pussy lips, until finally he thrusts his tongue deep inside her, drawing a small scream of pleasure from her as he begins to move his tongue in and out and around inside her.

Waiting for Will

first-time warrysan 2018-03-19

Will liked Johnny because he was always quick with a joke and a smile, but most importantly because he knew when to put his carefree attitude in check and be a true friend, someone who would stand by you during the tough times. Johnny knew Will well enough to know when he was thinking about his dad, and as long as he wasn't in too poor a condition the best thing to do was generally to make him laugh and forget about it. "No, you should know you're real job is to stand in the paint and look intimidating in case the other team decides to kick my skinny ass." In reality, Will wasn't all that skinny, but next to Johnny he looked like it. "I know, I come to watch you guys play like practically every day."

Father in Law

first-time 2018-03-19

"Mmmm, it's almost a pity you had to wear a bikini" he whispered, "I'm sure these beautiful nipples would love to be kissed by the sun, love to be admired, love to be touched" His fingers were like velvet, caressing me lightly, and my body writhed back against him, my head lifting, a low moan coming from my lips. Then there was a slight sound and I turned around, and Daddy was standing just inside the door, he looked at me and smiled softly, then glanced at Kabeer and shook his head, "I thought this might happen when I saw how much he was putting away, leave this to me, I've had experience of it before" he said, and walked over and lifted the u*********s form of Kabeer over his shoulder and carried him from the room.

The Final Straw

first-time 2018-03-19

"Well thats a shame, cuz you sposed to be a good mommy, notta whore" i sounded firmly, reaching over to ball a bundle of her blonde hair in my left hand i drew her up to mouth swiftly, and asked "do you know how to be a good mommy?" adding a shake. Admiring her back half, i said "well then you get treated like a slut" plunging my hand down the back of her undies, reaching until i felt her wet crotch. When i thought she was ready i impacted her insides with my finger tips rapidly, her muscled walls contracted and i pulled my hand back to feel the rush of liquid jet out and splash the floor.


first-time 2018-03-19

He smiled at me and stroked my cheek and kissed me passionately, thrusting his tongue deep inside my mouth. Shannon stroked his erect cock and started sucking him. Shannon and daddy took turns sucking my pussy. I stroked Shannon's face and kissed her, sucking on her tongue briefly. I loved to watch my daddy's cock slip in and out of her cunt, the scent of their combined bodies was intoxicating. I sat up front with daddy, cuddled again him, rubbing his weary cock, while Shannon was curled up in the back seat fast asl**p, only awakened when we pulled up to her house. "I wish we could all live together," said Shannon, who even revealed her barnyard experience to daddy.

Anne Makes Him a Man

first-time bbw4youngercocks1 2018-03-19

By this time, I was getting a little horny and thinking about the best way to get Pauly's shorts off so he could experience being totally fucked by a somewhat experienced and very willing woman instead of some sexually uptight girl his own age. I stopped the deep throating on Pauly's cock and went back to just plain sucking him, speeding it up a little when I sensed he was getting closer to cumming. Somehow I couldn't think as I rode his cock and wondered how many times Pauly had thought about fucking me since the time he first stared at me, that is, when he wasn't thinking about his father's girlfriend while he jerked off. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh Anne...fuck!" he called when I bounced harder on his prick, which felt so good deep inside my cock-hungry snatch.

Thanksgiving - It's About Giving!

first-time o2bsenna 2018-03-19

I let him have a long hot shower, then fed him dinner and sent him to bed for a nap before Cindy arrived. But if you're going to be making love to my daughter you're going to have to do a lot better job than you've been doing, my dear boy." With that I dropped my robe to reveal a freshly showered and shaved woman. "Kevin, you need to know you've got a really nice package, but you could really hurt a woman by not giving her time to accommodate you. I grabbed his ass and tilted my hips up, slowly letting him inside. This time he was able to fuck me long and slow just like I like it for several minutes before he started getting that frantic look in his eyes.

Gaining Confidence

first-time Refreshing 2018-03-19

Great that was the girl I was talking to tonight so I finish my beer and tell my brothers I'm going home. She's still sitting in my room and is kind of surprised when I come out with just a towel, I ask if she wants to stay and she gets up and stands in the hall way. I can't believe it seeing this girl naked, let alone on top of me practically bouncing on my dick; can it get any better than this and then I think of Erin and I get extra hard and Megan can tell my dick has grown.

Long Time Friends

first-time 2018-03-19

So, Tori held my cock to the opening of Denise’s dripping cunt and Denise slowly lowered her tight hot drenched cunt onto my cock. Tori was busy beside us, one hand frigging away at her own sopping wet cunt as her other hand continued to hold onto my slick cock and balls as I fucked her friend. Tori was encouraging me to fuck the hell out of Denise’s cunt while Denise was trying to get as much of my cock in her as she could. Tori moaned and shuddered though her own shattering climax and her hands squeezed hard on my cock and balls, bringing me to a massive explosion of cum in her mouth.

Shaving Rupert

first-time neonlyte 2018-03-19

Only in real life; in my fantasy world I shaved every hair on his body working delicately with my imaginary safety razor around his penis and balls, I'd masturbate like crazy and longed for him to return the favour, to shave my cunt, to rub the shaving foam over my slit until I screamed. I didn't believe it, I know Rupert enjoyed our sessions, I'm sure he got aroused, there were always moments in our sessions when he closed his eyes, lay his head back, breathing short sharp breathes of barely concealed excitement. I shaved him carefully concentrating on not nicking him holding his penis clear from his body to make room for the razor, feeling it pulse, its heat.

Jenny's Gift

first-time ghostwriter22 2018-03-19

A couple days later, I saw Jenny in the hallway, and she asked me if I would walk home from school with her. When I mentioned that I wished that I had been able to give her the same wonderful satisfaction that she had provided, she looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself tonight after I’m home, and I will be thinking about you the entire time.” Then before getting dressed, she slipped the satin panties down just long enough to give me a view of the most beautiful sight this side of heaven. A few days later, Jenny brought me a present when I was getting ready to leave for the state championship swimming meet.

fucking an older man

first-time 2018-03-19

I take him in my mouth, stroking his throbbing head with the tip of my tongue, as he moans with pleasure, i take his balls in my hand, rolling them in my fingers in time to sucking his hard shaft. We move to the sofa, he kneels on the floor so he's face to face with my dripping pussy, he plunges his fingers into my hole as he sucks and nibbles my clit gently, i grasp he head so his tongue goes deeper into my hole. He then shoves 3 fingers into my wet pussy and finger fucks me hard and fast whispering, '' You've been a bad girl Sian and i'm going to punish you like you deserve to be punished''.

Ashley is Babysitting

first-time stllrnng47 2018-03-19

"Morning Ashley!" Charlie's smiling face is next to me on the couch. But Ashley has been baby sitting for over a year since Charlie started attending the daycare she works at. We eat dinner and Charlie does a good job not making a mess and Ashley is on her second glass of wine. Amazingly enough, Charlie listens and when he's all tucked in bed and we've closed his door behind us, Ashley takes my hand and leads me to my bedroom and I follow willingly. I feel a little bad but also really want to be alone with Ashley. I take her face in my large hand and kiss her a little more firmly, pulling her closer, her warm breasts pressing against my chest.

Handling my mates cock!

first-time Loveitall66 2018-03-19

Gary was sprawled on his bed stroking his own monster hard on, I walked to his side unable to take my eyes from his beautiful cock and he immediately pulled my towel away leaving me naked “you got a pretty cute cock yourself” he said reaching out to touch me. I flinched slightly​ at first as he brushed my inner thigh then moved straight on to hold my cock, squeezing firmly he pulled me close to the bedside then expertly stroked up and down my length before leaning in to close his hot mouth over my knob, I felt his tongue swirl and flick around the rim before he sucked hard.

First Time Glory Hole For Wife (PART 2)

first-time littlegeorgie000 2018-03-19

She finally settled back into sucking my cock and letting another stranger play with her ass and pussy. This went on for about 3 minutes until the guy removed his hand and replaced it with his cock. I must have touched Vonna’s ass and felt different, because I saw her use her hand between her legs to feel what it was. It wasn’t long before he dropped them and let my wife play and jack his naked cock. I could see he felt a little uncomfortable and whispered to him that there wasn’t much left but her hanging titties, telling him he would have to settle for them while my wife jacked him off.

Our Babysitter

first-time MikeMike1265 2018-03-19

Susie told Melinda that I gave awesome body massages and they decided to move inside. Susie sat up and rolled Melinda over and began sucking on her boobs and rubbing her clit. When I thought all was lost, Susie grabbed her vibrator and very slowly put it inside Melinda. Susie told her that having a dildo up her pussy was great but that she had never done anal sex before and wondered how it felt. I fucked her ass while Susie slowly inserted her finger inside Melinda. I continued to fuck Susie's ass while Melinda without any hesitation, climbed under and began sucking on Susie's pussy. The night continued with Susie and Melinda exploring each other like never before.

First time with girlfriend

first-time shygoffeesguy 2018-03-19

Near the end of summer Jennifer invited me to the park because she wanted to talk to me. I spent most of the day relaxing on my bed looking at the package of condoms in my hand. Jennifer has seen me shirtless many times and admired my slim body. Jennifer blushed as I stared at her, she sat beside me and placed her hand over mine. I noticed Jennifer rub her hands up my legs. The next thing Jennifer did was wrap her lips around the head and begin sucking. It made me so hard and I jerked my shaft for a moment before leaning near Jennifer. Jennifer kissed my cheek and laid down with her legs spread apart.