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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

In Spring We Loved

first-time Mystique Woods 2018-03-19

The next day he saw Jann walking home with her friends Monica and Denise, and on impulse, ran up to her and offered to carry her books for her. Jann's kisses were oh-so-sweet, which sent his mind spinning, and as he sucked and moulded her soft, yet firm breasts, he slowly, but carefully, entered her juicy love canal - piercing the thin piece of telltale virgin skin. Wo-hoo!" It was Denise, Richard and Dean – now fully clothed, looking on and cheering, Squatting on the rise above, Denise's skirt was up around her waist and the boy's fingers were having a field day as they poked and prodded in between her legs, leaving her squirming and wriggling as they watched the x-rated scene from their vantage point.

Oooh lala LOVERS voyager

first-time LadyWild 2018-03-19

ur nipples as hard as my dick which was now being rubbed by ur hand Oooooooooh’s... ur pussy is making me feel so good... i jst love to play theme babe :* i love to feel ur excited delecious nipples getting hard between my fingers ;) good u still leting me to have some kisses and hot touches while u fucking me oooooh its irresisteble my love :* it gave me an amazing feeling ♥ that pussy of urs was like squeezing my dick when he is going inside u arrrrrghhh... im milking u babe :P i wish to laught bt wow the feeling was so strong and so good in the same time :)

Cherry-Picking at Summer Camp

first-time Baxter72 2018-03-19

So how about you tell everyone that you and Becca are going for a hike up to the Ridge." The Ridge, with a beautiful view of the mountains, was at the end of a two-mile hiking trail, and there also was a wilderness cabin at the top which belonged to the camp. I met Cathy and Becca about a quarter of a mile outside of the camp on the trail. "Come with me, my dear," I said, picking up the wrapped sheet and the tube of K-Yand taking Becca's hand. "Like a real woman," Becca said with a smile. "I'm going to take a shower and clean up," I said, climbing out of the bed, "But you're next, Cathy."

i love woman that make me suck bbc

first-time freakyfucker10 2018-03-19

Do you wanna dress like a girl and get fucked?" Natalie said with a sly grin. After a couple of minutes of smoking I saw Natalie's hand on Marcus, the d**g dealer's, dick. My cock goes in your mouth and you suck til I cum." Marcus said as he put his strong hand on my head. I didn't answer so he started again, "Now, if you want to play with my fat black cock tonight just tell me your room number. "Get ready, cocksucker," Marcus said as the first rope launched out of his flaring cock head. Besides, she's already got a two minute video of you sucking my big black cock," he laughed.

Cruising in Pueblo-First time

first-time jrusso404 2018-03-19

When my cousin and his girlfriend took me home, I borrowed my mom's car and went back to the park. He sucked by cock and I remember thinking how good it felt and soon I was coming in his mouth. After a bit, I got off of him and he said "Let's go outside." So we went out on the passenger side and I leaned onto the hood of the car and he started fucking me from behind. I think the guy fucking me may have came once because he started bucking hard for a bit and spasmed. My ass got tire so we sat back in the car and he jacked off while i licked his balls until he came.


first-time palitro1 2018-03-18

If you simply wanted to get a guy off as quickly as possible, all you need to do is lock your lips at the base of his cock and suction them up and down the bottom ¾ of his shaft at a quick, steady pace while pressing your flattened tongue against the underside of his dick. I mentioned this in my tips to get him to cum faster, but at least once during the beej, I usually pop his dick out of my mouth and slap it against my tongue or face, then look at him while I rub his cock against my cheeks and lips.

Sharing Friends Cocks with my Girlfriend

first-time bmckzi 2018-03-18

Then he started to talk about some of the older teenage girls in our neighborhood and how he would let them suck him and who he wanted to fuck and his dick got even harder and he kind of pushed it more inmy mouth and I tasted a salty fluid, then a little more, then I felt his cum shoot into the roof of my mouth, then a huge gusher of his cum shot into my mouth and I kept sucking until his dick finished throbbing. Then Barbara said its my turn and I sat down on the couch while she took her little fingers and stroked my cock while sucking me off- She rubbed her pussy and Rich said"let me do that for you" and he rubbed her pussy while she sucked me- he told her to take her time and he tried to pull her pants down but she got nervous.

Working Overtime Ch. 02

first-time JayTinMan 2018-03-18

It was a place to be moved through, tolerated until one could reach an individual apartment or car outside, but Robert stood, just as hot and just as uncomfortably and just as still as he had for the last thirty minutes. The time came of course, and so did Rob. He made the drive to her apartment complex, climbed her stairs, and found her door, but then he stopped. Of course, you can't wear your sweaty clothes and sit on my couch." She stood a foot away and looked up at him, smiling. Precum leaked out of his dick like water from a broken faucet as her hand stopped its rubbing just in time.

Learning by the Pool

first-time Laid71 2018-03-18

"Sit Tim," Kelly let go of my subsiding cock and gently pushed me back onto the lounger, "it's perfectly normal for that to happen, especially as you've never had anyone play down there before." I watched mesmerised as she lazily put her fingers into her mouth, licking the drops of cum off them. "And this little hard nub, that's my clitoris, and when it's teased the feelings are intense." Her finger began to circle her clit, a moan escaping her lips, her hips moving to push against her hand. "Fuck me Tim; I want to feel you cum deep inside my pussy." Her legs moved from my ass and I began to move faster in and out, straining to make the moment last as long as I could, but knowing I was fighting a losing battle as the intense feelings built to bursting point.

My First Time...

first-time dickrogers 2018-03-18

She rubbed my cock through my pants, pre-cum was soaking my underwear. She took her tiny thump and rubbed the pre-cum on my cock. She continued to slide my pre-cum up and down my shaft, my head huge and purple enlarged even more. It was an incredible sight, I could watch my cock and my cum sliding all over her pussy. I started pumping my cock back and forth into her tight pussy, each time I would get a little further into her. It took 10 minutes to slide most of my huge cock into her tiny pussy. Her pussy gripped me harder and she came, yelling, her hands gripping the edge of the table, my cock shot thick streams of cum into her.

A Trip Down Virginity Lane

first-time RealLifeSex 2018-03-18

On Michele's command, Anne hooked her fingers under the elastic and slowly slid her panties to reveal her virginal pussy. Peeking over her little pointed tits, she licked her lips lasciviously and purred "I know you want this..." Anne felt sorry for her younger self, trying to act cool and failing horribly. Again..." Anne remembered being acutely aware of the warm foreign object filling her, but she followed his instructions, and with each deep breathe she felt herself relaxing and slowly opening up. Sitting by the pool in Tuscany, Anne was furiously finger-fucking herself while roughly rubbing her clit, matching Michele's demonic pace. Anne saw something change in her younger self: She grimaced and began thrusting back at Michele, meeting him and angling her hips to allow him to enter even deeper into her flooded centre.

Sometimes Harder is Best

first-time ChloeTzang 2018-03-18

Hearing Terri's wordless moans of pleasure, hearing the rhythmic noises Terri's bed was making, Penny had slowly rubbed one finger along her slit, over her clitoris, touching herself through the thin cotton, imagining a guy's weight on her, imagining him moving on her, imagining his cock sliding into her where she was so wet. Penny slid one finger inside herself, feeling her own tight wetness, moaning softly, listening to Terri moaning on the bed on the other side of the wall, hearing the loud squeaking of the bed, hearing Terri's date's rhythmic groans of pleasure as he took her. "Fuck me hard" Penny's whisper had echoed, her minds-eye picturing what Terri and her boyfriend were doing.

my other new nieghbors

first-time philly789 2018-03-18

A few weeks later on a Sunday morning the Asian couple came down to the pool and we were the only people there and they asked if I minded if they sat next to me ,I was fine with it and watched them sit down she next to me . I was laying on my back and soon rolled over and they relized I had a thong ang giggled so I asked if I was too open for them .they laughed and he said no his wife liked my boldness and I was fine I realy liked her looking at my body and ass it turned me on that her husband didn't care.

LeAnn's Babies

first-time shotguner 2018-03-18

Spending so much time together of course the baby thing comes up and LeAnn finds out that Jacki can't have k**s Tom her hubby always wanted them but loves his wife and if she can't she can't. Jacki sits her down and says about two months before I meet Tom I was still in college and coming home from a party d***k and horny as hell my roommate came out of the shower naked not knowing I was home and well I attacked her it was my first time with a woman and hers too and it was great so great we spend the next two days in bed but, then it was over and I meet Tom and never looked back.

One and two makes three

first-time boom8997 2018-03-18

The conversation was getting more involved and we started to dare each other before long they dared my wife to sock on Kim’s hubby’s cock I did not no if she would as she did not want to but every one was pushing her as he got up and walked over to her she reached out and started to sock on his cock he was getting harder it was hot to see my wife she soon stopped and it was for john to lick Kim’s pussy he jumped right to as time went by every one had done something to some one before long John was setting on the chair and Kim was riding him and every one was playing I was with Amy and then I looked around and seen that my wife was not there .Amy went over to her hubby and Kim and I went inside to see what was up I walked in and went to my room she was not there.

The Vicar of St. Dunstan's Ep. 17

first-time Nigel Debonnaire 2018-03-18

Artie took one with relish, as did the female vicars of the Deanery: Edwina Hall of St. Augustine's, a thin, tall brunette in her 40's with sparkling blue eyes; Roberta Okoye of St, Barnabas, a short, skinny Nigerian also around 40's with a few flecks on white in her short black hair; Beatrice Williams of St. Paul's, a medium height, pleasingly plump woman not yet 30, whose dark brown skin, dark brown eyes and dark hair betrayed her Indian ancestry; Miriam Hali of St. William's (St. Will's as she usually called it), another young thin woman in her 30's from Nigeria; and Pamela Andrews of St. Helen's, another 30 something brunette with blue eyes and rounded curves who hailed from Brighton.


first-time butlerguy45 2018-03-18

Over the years I've found a lot of women are turned on by a guy who'll taste his own cum. Sybil started moaning and kissing me more deeply (if that was possible), so I reach up under her blouse and pull one of those huge tits out of her bra. OMG it was huge, using 2 hands I lifted her udder to my mouth and sucked greedily on her ever hardening nipple. I'm sure I didn't last very long, but when I was ready to cum I told her, expecting her to pull away and finish me with her hand......Nope she stayed right down there sucking away until I sprayed a huge load in her mouth.

An ex-girlfriend told me

first-time trevor54a 2018-03-18

One day, on my way back home from school I met my cousin just outside my house. "It is so swollen because there is something inside that needs to come out", my cousin said. "I want to play doctor again", he said bluntly. Soon his cock felt really stiff and I guessed he would shoot his spurts. "Sure", he replied, handed over the money right away. My cousin groaned and twisted as he lay there on my bed with his cock hard as a rock. This time I wanted to count his spurts and without thinking I quit wanking. "Doctor, you have to treat me again", my cousin said and laid down on the bed.


first-time bobcox69 2018-03-18

"Good night, Jessie." I kissed my s!ster's cheek and headed into the bedroom that she had helped me set up earlier in the day. I'm cumming!" Jessie cried and I watched her slam her pussy down on his cock just as I exploded onto the tissue I was holding. "It doesn't look like you have anything to be ashamed of so show your big s!ster the goods!" Jessie said, resorting to ch!ldhood antics of tickling to get me on the writhing on the floor. "Hmmmm," Jessie said, licking her lips as I pulled the elastic out over the head of my cock and let it spring free. Fuck me harder!" Jessie cried, her face buried in her pillow as she rocked her ass back against my cock.

First Time Slut for Black Cock

first-time 425olds 2018-03-18

As they danced I thought about my recurring fantasy about watching my wife make love to a black man. Some couples invite me to their rooms and I have a good time with the wife while the husband watches. I put the drinks down and took a nearby chair to watch Lois suck this big black cock. Lamar reached down and stuck his big hand into the leg opening of my wife's pink panties. Lamar took the role of instructing Lois in the fine art of pleasing black cock. When I returned, I found Lois on her hands and knees, licking Lamar's asshole while she took a long black cock up her ass.

Mom Likes It Young

first-time zimabean 2018-03-18

"I love helping virgins" mom stated as Ben pushed his cock inside her. As both of my friends watched I pushed my virgin cock into mom's cum filled hole. Fred makes the comment "Your mom is pretty hot, I bet she could really fuck back in the day." Bob agrees with him. Fred pulls his cock out of mom's mouth, "I want to cum in your hot little pussy" and he mounts mom doggy and really starts to pound away on her her boobs swinging wildly. Bob pounds mom sloppy cunt for many minutes then pumps his cum deep inside her.


Kat teaches her replacment

first-time shotguner 2018-03-18

married mother of two was working at Kat's accounts office and bent over in front of Kat who grab her ass Joey pulled away in a huff but, Kat liked that ass and pressed on pinning Joey against the wall kissing her mouth and neck while her hand was up Joey's dress needless to say only an hour later she had Kat's 11" strap-on deep in that prefect ass ( never been fucked ass at that ) The last two weeks Kat had been hammering it hard then last night Kat and myself tagged teamed her.

PITrified Ch. 1

first-time belab 2018-03-18

I hung out with Michelle and Mary and somehow they started talking about sucking cock. I was excited by the talk and I was getting all wet as Michelle kept going on about how good it tastes and how happy it makes her boyfriend Terry when she goes down on her knees and sucks his prick. I licked my lips then lowered my head, and I took the tip of his cock in my mouth, trying to keep my teeth off it, Michelle had said cocks are very sensitive to teeth. Terry let out a moan as he caressed the hair in my armpits “God I love your armpits” he said as he pushed his fingers into my sweaty matted underarms.

About last night p 3

first-time bluelatina 2018-03-18

So at this moment he grab my head and I just started sucking his cock, he was at least 4inchs but for how short his dick was it was still fat. Dave: ohhhhh man, could you go faster? i went up and down fast, I could feel that his dick was tightening as if he was ready to cum, Dave: ohhhhh shit!!!!!!!!, ahhhhhh oh fuck. a min and 20 sec, thats how fast he came, i'm not gonna lie i laughed alittle only because i never made a man cum that fast. Dave:hey carmen could i tell you something? Dave: carmen could i come in I sucked virgin cock!.