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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

tickling fights always end in fucking

first-time mightymouse79 2018-03-17

As she said this she started rubbing my cock through the duvet not wanting to blow it i slowly run my fingers up her chest in small circles, running up her chest to the swell of her breasts as my finger brushed her taught nipple she let out a little groan. But after all this build up i didnt want to take no for an answer, so i slowly started rubbing her pussy again, her will soon dissolved and she kissed me hard on the lips. My speed increased, i could hear her pussy squelch as i pounded, i ran my hand back over her firm arse cheeks and felt my rock hard cock moving in and out of her, her wetness had leaked over her virgin arsehole and started soaking the sheets.

the taking of wife finally he agreed

first-time Drflirt 2018-03-17

She turned around looked me into my eyes and said u know I'm married and so r u and she thinks the flirting is gone too far as she spoke those words I just planted a kiss on her lips and as she tried to protest we started to kiss passionately and dats when I realised if I didn't make like I left her hubby would have sure found out I'd made love to his gorgeous wife so I stopped her and told her dat I need to park my car across the road as I don't want her neighbours to tell hubby I was here for aslong as it takes lol she blatently agrees at that point I knew she was mine to take.

A Wonderful Summer

first-time GoddessInSC 2018-03-17

I can't believe it all started at a BBQ at Mrs. Jackson's house… On Thursday, Joe came up to me and asked me to go to a BBQ at Mrs. Jackson's house. Suddenly, Mrs. Jackson walked through the kitchen door and said, "Why Ellie, are you enjoying your summer?" I couldn't believe it! As Joe started to pull my panties down, I whispered in his ear, "This is my first time." He nodded, smiled, and pulled my thong down. Then Joe sat up and started to tease me by sliding the head of his dick up and down my slit. When I started begging for it I could feel him slowly enter me.

White man's wife, black man's toy. My fi

first-time bbctoy1 2018-03-17

I kept my hand over Mike's mouth "ssssshhh baby, he gets whatever he wants remember" I told him as I felt Marlons head now pushing on my tight little hole. "Oh yes it's so fucking deep, you could never do this Mike, fuck me, iv needed this" I moaned out as Marlon pushed the last of his huge cock into me. I didn't need to lie as I was in heaven "Oh Mike it's so fucking good" I moaned out "it feels so much better than your little white cock ever has" I screamed. This is what she wants, a black man breeding her tight little pussy" marlon told my husband as he rubbed his hands over my clit causing more and more of his cum to leak out.

Massage club

first-time ruggerboy 2018-03-17

He started at my head and after washing the oil off his hands gave me a very relaxing head massage. As his hands started to massage my hips and side of my buttocks I realized my vagina was totally exposed to him. He worked from my hips this time and when he reached my breasts he took one in each hand and squeezed gently rolling my nipples between his finger and thumb. I couldn't move my head up the shaft so I started pulling him towards me which made him slowly thrust his penis in and out of my mouth.his hands were back in my breasts by this time and my nipples were aching.

Old Friend

first-time Gehld 2018-03-17

He reached up and grabbed hold of my cock sling and said "I'm going to enjoy this". Jeff tied raw hide straps around my balls and bottom of my shaft. Each knot was cut as it own, makes for a longer shaft :) My cock was socking wet from sweet pre-cum. He spread my ass check wide apart and spank my hole. Flickered my knotted up balls sack and back up driving an even longer as wide tongue DEEP IN MY ASS. All I can do is flick my knotted ball sack with my fingers. I backed my ass right up against that fucking monster. Jacked my cock and balls, spanked my ass and loved every bit of it.

A greek passion, shared

first-time smoothound56 2018-03-17

i luv lisa to bits but i just kept thinking about marys body and her perfect looking tits, i was horny as fuck now, it didn't take her long to come round and was soon giving me head but i had to move her away as i was almost ready to pop. she went down on me and gently licked the length of my shaft up and down making my cock jump every time she got to the head...i needed more so moving her away i ran my hand up the inside of her soft thigh to a very wet smooth pussy.

Ashton's First Time

first-time spaldan 2018-03-17

I could have cum just from looking at her with my dick in her hands, but she drew my cock towards her face and softly kissed the engorged head. Ashton cringed slightly, but moaned in pleasure as I worked just the head of my cock in and out of her pussy. Ashton whimpered slightly at first, worrying me, but after several minutes of slow, deep fucking I had managed to work most of my cock into her and she started to moan again. I couldn't take my eyes of Ashton's incredible body, and staring at her beautiful face while she gave me a tender hand job was almost enough to set me off again.

Virginity lost, dominance lost...

first-time Carlerik28 2018-03-17

I grab a pair of scissors, gently cut off her panties, revealing her beautiful pussy, I say "open your mouth !", she says "please don't gag me, I will be quiet !", "I don't believe that a second !" I say and I'm pinching her nose a few seconds just for her to open her mouth to be able to breathe, that's when I shove the panties in her mouth, I take some bondage tape and I wrap it around her head. I start to be scared as I feel her hand holding my neck and pulls my head back, shoves her panties in my mouth, wraps tape all around my head and says with an aggressive voice "SHUT YOUR MOUTH !".

Really gets me going

first-time brck220 2018-03-17

We started talking and one thing let to another. We went back to her house and fucked each other hard. I then took off her shirt exposing some of the biggest tits I have ever seen. The she took out my cock and started giving me head. I then removed her pants and saw her thong that exposed her shaven pussy. I removed her black thong and started rubbing her pussy then I moved to finger fucking her. I said "let go even further, but I don't have a condom" she said "fuck a condom just fuck me hard". Just writing about it is getting me horny and ready for her to come over so we can fuck each other before college tomorrow.

Eighteen Goes into Thirty Six Twice

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-17

He saw her looking at him, felt his face heat up at getting caught and immediately turned his head. Lorna saw the bulge, "We're doing just fine." She hadn't enjoyed teasing like this for a long time. Lorna smiled, "Just getting something to give my lawyer." She simply turned and left and was thankful to find that Dan hadn't left. Watching his aunt suck him was such a turn on, he couldn't help but push a little as she kept going down on him. She had meant to tease him as she took her clothes off, but from the look on his face he was getting turned on again, which sent a charge right between her legs.

Cousin Jeri : Chapter 1

first-time jrinbendor 2018-03-17

As I got a little older, I noticed my body changing....developing.......My cock would get hard, for no apparent reason, and I found that it felt good to stroke with it a little. By the time Jeri arrived, I was clean, soft, and splashing around as though everything was normal. For the next few days, I hurried through my chores, in order to get to the creek, and have that time to myself, before Jeri arrived after finishing her chores. I suppose after a while, I got a little careless and spent more and more time enjoying the pleasures of stroking and building up. As my tongue began to lick, I got my first taster of her warm sweet pussy.

Finally losing my Virginity at 25 years of age.

first-time OralGiver47 2018-03-17

Anyhow, fortunately in those days, at the age I was, my eyes only had to see titties and old willy was up and at attention (oh god, those were the days lol). Over the next X weeks she popped round regularly, usually on the grounds to pick up any shopping I needed, but as soon as I went from a full plaster on my leg to a half plaster, she started inviting me round to join her and the f****y for Sunday dinners. She was a mature, experienced and one fucking hot woman that I was really lucky to have lost my virginity to and I feel I have kept a lot of her ways and especially when it comes to hopefully ensuring that when making love or having sex, it’s ALWAYS a lot more than just penetration!

My First Time

first-time Aussie_Ton 2018-03-17

Of course I was disappointed; for the rest of the day through lunch and dinner I hoped to meet Lyndall and hold her hand, but of course (my rational part told me) my purpose at Uni was to study. Allowing my hands to work their way up her tight little skirt, I found her pubic hair wet, though then I had no idea why. I asked her "Why me?" at some point during our lovemaking, and she laughed, saying "Your cute, and I liked the way you tried to cover your shyness on the bus." After our lovemaking I held her in my arms and ran my fingers down her back.

Advice about cock selection for young girls

first-time andrea0817 2018-03-17

You want to find the right man. The sexy and exciting bad boy with a marginal job and education is not the flavor of guy you really want. Stay slender as gym equality means they see you in skimpy gym clothes and you get the same benefit. With luck, they really are interested in us and they want to know us better with the eventual goal of screwing us. Once you know enough, some of these guys will have all the material assets indicating future success. Only after knowing that do you become the bitch on the prowl. Since it's gym clothes, you'll also have a good idea on how heavily endowed they are. And if you want to set the hook real deep....

Zulu Falls Lodge

first-time thefrozenrogue 2018-03-17

I groan out your name as I cum, your eyes opening as I do so and the sight adding to your pleasure and pushing you over the edge and I reach over and pull you head to me for a kiss, my hand grabbing a handful of your hair as I slide my hand over yours and slip a finger into you, feeling your muscles grip me as you ride the waves of pleasure. My hand reaches down under your skirt, the time for teasing gone, the urgency and anticipation taking over and I slip a finger into your tight wetness, my palm rubbing your clit as my fingers move in and out, feeling and exploring, touching places I know I want to come back and explore more when we have time to spare.

Xmas 2006

first-time hamstory16 2018-03-17

I let out a soft moan and its what made him insert a finger all while leaving his thumb on my clit. When I came out of that bliss, I worked my way through his zipper and let loose his fully erected cock. My hands go towards his glorious hair, but his hand stops me he pins it back up above my head and he looks at me and says ' leave them up here' he lets go of my wrists and places his hand on my neck and looks straight in my eyes and says 'do you trust me?' All I could muster was a small yes.

Back Alley

first-time ohsoblackman 2018-03-17

Veronica grinds her hips against him as he gradually thrusts his against hers His dick slips in and out her body going back and forth, as she rocks her hips in a circular motion, his cock begins to move in all different directions inside her pussy. Veronica feel this new found vigor as she meets the sensation of being impaled by his dick even harder than before biting her lip trying to maintain through this onslaught of his cock ripping through her body. Elijah pulls back his hand from her mouth, as soon as his fingers leave her mouth a number of loud screams match his thrusts of his dick slipping inside her.

How I Lost My Virginity

first-time 2018-03-17

I started to pull up her grey top a bit to reveal her chubby belly, this was the furthest that I had ever gotten with a girl. I then climbed onto the bed, and got on top of her and started to lick and suck on her tits (like in some porn I'd seen). I ran my hand over the top of her striped undies and felt the groove between her pussy lips. I felt around a bit and followed my fingers up the inside of her pussy wall, it felt like a series of ridges. After a bit, I asked if she wanted to change positions, so we switched over (barely letting my cock out) and now she was riding me.

Mike's First Time

first-time Odie_1961 2018-03-17

One hot June day, as they were walking home talking about the few days that were left of school before summer holidays would start, Jen asked Mike what his plans were after graduation. Suddenly she felt the urge to tease him, something she had never felt before, so she leaned over to him and lightly brushed her breast against his bare arm and said "Maybe after school you can come over for a swim since it is so hot, and afterwards you can help me study for finals." She had seen plenty online but to see one live right in front of her, hard as steel and with precum dripping from the head of it, well, she could feel her feminine wetness starting to lubricate her pussy and actually drip down her leg.

Schooldays - My First Threesome FFM

first-time daviea9 2018-03-17

Sue said “you don’t need to revise for the English exam, you always come top of the class from what we hear”. They were still fully dressed in their school uniforms but thankfully, as was the case in these pre-tights (panty-hose) years, they were wearing stockings and suspender belts so while they each played with my cock and balls, taking turns at each, I was able to slide my hands between their legs and play with their warm wet pussies. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and coming up for air, and spending a little time to suck Linda’s tits which I’d pulled out of her bra, I said “I’m building for a massive cum”.

Fluffer in Training Ch. 05

first-time rmdexter 2018-03-17

"Hey, new girl." Looking into the sporty car, Rachel watched as Justin Deeper took off his aviator-style sunglasses and set them on the console between the two front seats. "No, like I said, the company will be nice." He turned to face her as he spoke, and she noticed his eyes flick down to her chest, the shoulder strap of her seat belt cutting right down between her substantial breasts, emphasizing their size. "I never thought," Alan said, shaking his head as he gave Rachel an apologetic smile. The director on that first movie liked the look of me, saying I had 'certain attributes' that could make me a star." He paused as Rachel's eyes opened wide and she nodded in agreement.

Teaching her, my s****r learns to give Blow Jobs

first-time ogieoglethorpe 2018-03-17

little too much time washing my dick, only because of the memories of Lori grabbing & telling me "You've got a nice ass". She sucked me back in her mouth, slowly bobbing up n down, and stroking my dick at the same time, taking a third, half, then just "You are doing fucking Grrrrreeat," I told her, running both hands through her hair as her head continued bobbing up n down on my dick. in her mouth, knowing I was close, I held her head tight and started fucking her mouth, my balls were slapping her chin, she put her hands "Here it comes, gonna cum, uhhh, ahhhhh, in your mouth, ahhh, UHHHHH!" and with that, I held her head still, my dick as far as it

My Husband’s Fantasy Makes Me Excited

first-time 2018-03-17

After few minutes someone slept on me started kissing on my lips and pressing my boobs hardly I thought my hubby in my mind I was enjoying the moves and slowly my hands move down and hold cock; then I felt different with regular. Now he came up and slept beside me now it’s my turn I went down hold his cock and it giving very bad smell but I am enjoying the smell I kissed it first now slowly I am taking completely his cock it’s taste was good in the same time I am pressing his balls slowly and pulling his pubic hair.