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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Time Sex Party

first-time 2018-03-17

I made my way to one room from the main hall to the left and saw two guys plunged deep inside a woman while she sucked another one off. As soon as I walked over she reached over and grabbed my cock positioning herself on the end of the couch and placing me in her mouth. With the moaning of a woman to my far right and the sound of bodies smacking with a girl on my cock, naked people walking around and another girl coming up from my left side kissing my her with her plump lips and caressing my balls, I soon found myself enjoying this. I was tranced and came inside of her, she kissed my neck and sucked the remaining cum out of my throbbing cock.

Ally's first hand job

first-time slapnuts69 2018-03-17

My cock is a good size, just a little bit under 8 inches and about as thick as a Red Bull can. She continued to stroke, but looked up at me and asked, "Did you cum?" I circled my fingers around just below the base of the head and started short strokes. Her fingers took my place, but of course her hand was from a different angle. She went back to worked on my cock, but she also added a second hand. As she worked on my cock her boobs bounced just a little, God the were amazing, and soon she had me on the edge. She got cum on her chest, her face and of course all over her arms and hands.

First Experience with Mai Waifu

first-time Celstia 2018-03-17

After talking for some time, Faith took a deep sigh and turned her head towards me. "I love Cel, not Cloud." Before I knew it, she had pierced my lips with hers, leaving behind a desperate lust for her. They reached those beautiful fat mons and I began rubbing back and forth, spreading her pussy lips apart. I let my tongue sit there for a while, noticing her moaning turned into screaming when I twirled it around there. I closed my lips on it and began suckling her tasty clit and pussy lips, then I went back to licking again. "We should, I love the way you taste." I bent back down and spread her pussy lips, softly sticking my tongue in her pussy.

Anal At Last Ch. 14

first-time scottishmeat 2018-03-17

"I can't believe you felt her ass baby," said Angela as she fucked me more, her juices running down her thighs and onto mine. "Oh god, tell me what happened baby, tell me, make me come while you’re talking about another woman..." Her breath was coming hard and fast now, and I could feel her ass and cunt spasm as her orgasm approached. She came then, thinking about me wanking while Sam watched, her ass clenching round my cock, and her cunt flooding my hand with her juices.

Step-Mother, Strip-Mother

first-time adel5000 2018-03-17

That included the helpless poor old fathers or even some young husbands who offered their daughters, s****rs, wives to sl**p with the men of royal f****y for a handful reward. My secret agents had also brought for me photos of Malika fucking with Niraj. Without wasting any more time I grabbed her in my arms and took her to the bed laying her body still wet. I brought a towel and gracefully wiped her body dry, gradually opening the bra and panty till she lay totally nude in bed. She simply grieved that she was doing it because she was frustrated living married to an old man and that now she had no reason to look towards any commoner like Niraj.

Chronicles of Crusty Sailor Ch. 01

first-time CrustySailor 2018-03-17

As they gathered the stuff and got into her car, Nancy said, "I really forgot it was your birthday so I don't have a gift for you, so I thought we'd just go for a drive somewhere." Nancy said, "Crusty, try to be gentle with me, I know that this is going to hurt some so please go slow but don't stop, I want to do this with you." Nancy said, "Alright, try and push a little more in, it isn't hurting me yet but I feel your cock stretching me." Nancy said, "It's alright, the pain is going away, I knew it would hurt but I'll be O.K. Just give me a second to get over this and then give me the rest of your cock."


Growing Pains

first-time 05911010 2018-03-17

I suppose that I had seen her burgeoning breasts under her shirts but I hadn’t paid any attention; and, although, for the last few years, girls with virtually flat chests had started to wear ‘training bras’, I guess Mom was still too old-fashioned. s*s and I didn’t get an opportunity to talk about our new game again that day, but, as I lay in my bed trying to sl**p that night, my mind was flashing on all kinds of new and strange thoughts. It was the sixties, and it’s what you did, but I was no rebel; I still did my schoolwork, I planned on going to college after my senior year, although I had no idea what I wanted to do, and I was usually home by whatever time my Mom told me I had to be.

Infinite Sensuality

first-time lilbadgirl55 2018-03-17

Feeling immersed in the moment, Sexual images fill her mind, Feeling desire simmer and stir.... His mind and soul ablaze. Then kisses, deep and passionate, Revealing the depth of his feelings, How breathless he makes her feel, Revealing nipples, hard and erect, Caressing, then feeling the affect Feeling completely turned on, Feeling the wetness that's forming, Exploring, so deep inside.... With his fingers still deep inside, Feeling the way she's responding deep inside of me," Sensuality intensifying, Wildly riding his hard, stiff cock, Feeling increasing sensations Then feeling her squeeze her cunt Tightly around his hard cock, "Oh baby, I'm going to cum, "Oh baby, I'm going to cum, And she yells, "I'm cumming, too." Cumming together, intensely, Feeling spent entirely, lusciously,

Jamie and Lily's First Time

first-time 2018-03-17

Lily had golden hair with black highlights, nicely tanned body and was very fit. Lily seemed to be perfect, perfect body, face,grades, and her voice was one of an angel. Lily went to an all girls school so she didn't meet many guys and chose this dance as a good way to meet guys (not for sexual reasons). He came up to Lily and asked for a dance in his sexy voice. As they danced together at one point they looked each other in the eyes and Jamie went in for a kiss Lily went along feeling like they were the only two people in the world. Jamie then started to lick Lilys pussy as she moaned with pleasure.

Sex on the Beach at Church Camp

first-time Waytoomuchfun 2018-03-17

Pretty soon, I felt that familiar feeling in my balls starting to rise, and I let her know that I wasn't going to last much longer. I said, "Let's try it with you on top this time." I wanted to watch her tits bounce and see how she would handle the sex. When she started to uncouple from me, when my cock's head was almost out, I pushed back in and out a few times before finally releasing, not wanting to, but knowing there would be more to come. She stopped a few feet away (because that was the proper thing to do...socially close, but not "lover-close"), and said, "Before you came in last night, I couldn't get to sleep.

Sister Mary Ch. 03

first-time StoryTeller07 2018-03-17

She enjoys teaching, and the boys love her like a mother,' Sister Teresa pointed out. 'It's the very starting point of the reproduction process, and you said we must reproduce for the church, Sister Mary,' he explained. James took hold of her face in both hands, and kissed her tightly puckered lips. Relax, Sister Mary, it's just a kiss,' he said. 'I was going to kiss your breasts, Sister Mary,' he said. 'Do you still feel you need playing with, Sister Mary?' he innocently asked. So, I guess you were very good at kissing,' she smiled, with it looking almost like a grimace. Sister Mary pushed him away, to see his bright smiling face.

The day i got fucked on a park

first-time fuckmehardbaby 2018-03-16

I took a seat on this wall in the corner of this small park and he stood up in front of me and took his huge throbbing cock out of his pants. at that moment i pulled his hand out of my pants, sat back down and took his big cock into my mouth. and the next thing i knew, his huge cock was pumping inside my pussy. he was fucking me nice and hard untill his cock slipped out of my pussy and into my ass.. After my orgasm i thought it was only fair to give him what he wanted, so i took his hard cock back into my mouth and sucked it.

Ebony Craigs List Find

first-time regional 2018-03-16

She pulled her blue cotton panties down and sat on the edge of the bed completely naked and proceeded to consume my dick with such enthusiasm and I really just stood there enjoying and watching and was truly amazed ho into it she was.She was looking up at me making whimpering sounds sucking and tugging and spitting on it saying how much she loved sucking my dick.It was incredible for the firs time I met someone who was really addicted to getting cock in her mouth .

Chris and Kim pt 04

first-time silklust 2018-03-16

The look on his face was all the words she needed though, his eyes were plastered on her ass as she swayed side to side slowly. Chris didn't need to be told twice, and had his clothes in a pile on the floor in a second and he was running his hands along the back of her thighs and cupping her ass. Kim pressed really hard against Chris, pushing him back a step before crouching down, sliding her tiny panties off in the process. As Chris set Kim down on the bed, her hand reached out and began stroking his hardness, her fingertips gliding over his swollen head as she pulled him closer. "God i'm going to cum Kim" he moaned as he kept ramming his hard shaft deep into her.


Finally Happy

first-time SweetShyNSexy 2018-03-16

He moved his head to look at me, so suddenly, I froze in my place. We walked for about 30 minutes, till I finally saw the backyard of my friend, Tasha's house. Shane and I climbed in her room and looked around, as Tasha closed the window. Is that his name?" Tasha asked as she moved her straight chocolate brown hair away from her sapphire eyes. "Shane, do you wanna go to sleep?" Tasha asked. We both looked around the room at random things and places, thinking about where we could sleep. My eyes got wide and I looked at Tasha. Shane's hand moved slowly up to my breast. I moved his hand away slowly, still looking into his eyes.

Julie in College Ch. 01

first-time Julietravels 2018-03-16

In early November of my senior year I began dating Jason. Jason again tried to put his hand inside my panties and a little later to remove them. Things were a little better by graduation, but I hated seeing Jason hanging around with Cindy who all the girls knew had not been a virgin for a very long time. Three weeks into the school year Sarah did not return from her date until 11:00 the next morning. I met Robert pretty early in the school year. I still often wore skirts and dresses and loved to feel Robert stroke me through my panties as we kissed. It was in early October that he began to stroke my inside my panties and making me climax with his fingers.

My Second Blowjob

first-time sexmeup469 2018-03-16

On any particular night I could hear the moans and groans from across the hall in Andrea's room, and I knew exactly what she and Mark were getting up to. From time to time I found myself wondering what his "long arm" would feel like up my ass, and his thumb in my pussy, but those strong Irish Catholic thoughts would come to mind: "Wrong, wrong, wrong, and shame on you for thinking that!" We'll see about that, I thought. Then it occurred to me that this might be a very good excuse to meet my anonymous friend in the back row, and ask to borrow his notes for the two days I'd missed class.

Baby Sitter's Curiosity

first-time Ashson 2018-03-16

But a picture is a bit different to actually holding a man's cock in your hand, especially when it was fully erect like this. Mr. Henderson was kissing me and his hands were on my bottom holding me against him and I was oh so aware of the fact that I was naked and that his cock was wedged between us like a flagpole. All I was really aware of was this cock inside me, charging back and forth, raising all sorts of weird and wonderful feelings. I screamed and I could feel myself clamping hard around that cock, trying to hold it and squeeze it, and then my wound up tensions all gave way together, rolling over me in an emotional flood.

Gigolo in Washington DC – part 2

first-time moanw 2018-03-16

She then started to act like a scared teenager. “How it feels to have a man’s cock in your little pussy?” She kept up the act that it hurt a little and that her pussy was so tight. I grabbed her hips and started to grind my cock in her pussy. I found a nice place where her pussy gave my cock the right pressure in the right spot. “That you stuffed it in your little pussy?” She was close to orgasming. “Now you are getting cum in your little pussy.” I walked to the door and said something like, “I’ll get the car ready to drive you home.” That gave me an excuse to leave.

The Bar

first-time angelturner 2018-03-16

It was as she scanned the scope of the amazing room that she noticed those blue eyes once more and she could not help but smile as a flush creeped over her face. She felt a tap on the arm and turned to see her friend Jessica, looking particularly beautiful in the moody lighting, her brown curls falling naturally around her face, framing her emerald green eyes; Jessica had always been a loyal friend to her and should could not help but smile at her beaming grin. She couldn't help but giggle at the state of the people she had previously thought of as chique, falling over their stiletto heels and drenching expensive suits in the champagne, bottles of which were still littered around the room, chilling on ice.

The Potting Shed 2

first-time strapped4cash 2018-03-16

Mrs Jean Cameron was in her late fifties and had been a school teacher in Glasgow before her mother had taken ill. Near the back of the garden a stone potting shed with a glass house attached had been built against the dividing wall between the two houses. Mrs Cameron had told Angus that at one time the two properties had shared a gardener, and the potting shed had been built on their side of the wall because it had a sunnier aspect. I couldn’t wait to show Sally, and that evening as it was starting to get dark I led her over to the doorway and through into Mrs Cameron’s garden.

The Machine

first-time AlspethDelArbol 2018-03-16

Then, it's just a short leap to Sunday morning church service with the parents, and little Miss Havisham from two blocks over creeping over on her arthritic limbs and saying to your mom, loud enough for the deacons to hear, "So, I hear Sean is making promotional films for fucking machines." I didn't even give Marie a second thought, in fact, until the door to the studio flew open and Scott came out, his jaw clenched and hair on end where he'd raked his hand through it. Her hands released my hair and I glanced up just long enough to see her grab her breasts, squeezing the nipples so hard that her fingertips turned white.

Ménage à trois

first-time HardinCharge 2018-03-16

As Moe is exploring Mandy's lower parts, Ralph pulls her top up exposing her large breasts sitting perfectly in it's bra. Mandy is in ecstasy and can't take it anymore, she jumps up, pulls her shirt and bra off and gets on her knees, and takes out Moe's and Ralph's hard throbbing cocks. Moe stops eating Mandy, stands up and slips his large throbbing cock inside her feeling her wet pussy tighten as he enters. Mandy moans hard on Ralph's cock feeling Moe penetrate her deep. Mandy screams in pleasure feeling both her holes filled with real cocks for the first time. Mandy flips over and slides Ralph's cum covered cock into her ass, as Moe slides inside her wet twat

Oddball Ch. 01

first-time JimBob44 2018-03-16

Tank was her man; no little bitch that dressed like a farmer's wife was going to steal him away. Mary was putting her books away when Grace and Amber and Peggy and Mindy came around the corner. "Stay the fuck away from Tank, hear?" Grace snarled, pushed Mary backward again, and to back up her threat, flicked open her switchblade knife. She'd been in the locker room, getting dressed for their Physical Education class when she overheard Peggy and Britney giggling about Amber having trouble walking that day. Grace came to the conclusion that Tank wasn't going to calm down and return for her, so she got to her feet and started walking the three miles to her house.