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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ted Fucks Her

first-time 21vrgn 2018-03-16

Eventually she let her tongue circle around the tip teasing him and with big innocent eyes she looked up to see Ted with his eyes squeezed shut and one of his hands clutched at his side while the other one grabbed her hair and forced her head down onto his cock. With a lazy hand she lowered it between her legs to tease her clit, but Ted had other ideas he snatched her hand and pinned it above her head and with a wicked grin said, "I don't think so." It was hard for Ted he wanted to take her deep and hard with no sense of caring he just wanted release in her tight hole and watching her play with her nipples, biting her lips and moaning was not helping him take it slow.

The Virgin Valentine

first-time Vaginalpuppetry 2018-03-16

Still full of surprises, Gwen took my hands in her own and placed them back on her waist, guiding them slowly down to the lace and stepping forward so that I could feel her ass. My eyes were closed as we came simultaneously, her moans and gasps giving way to a new sound altogether as the tingle in my cock became true release. When I finally opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the small pool of pearly semen gathering around Gwen's pussy, flowing around her lips as I finished ejaculating between her thighs. She rolled her eyes, knowing that I would happily welcome another orgasm, but then she bit her lip, a look of nervousness returning to her face for the first time since she arrived.


my lactating aunt

first-time phys 2018-03-16

Finally, auntie stopped her movements altogether as she regained control of her orgasm-wracked body, her cunt still blazing with the sensitive walls of her vagina pulsing slightly to f***e the final drops of her cum out through the quivering pussy lips still holding tightly onto my now slowly shrinking penis slowed my thrusting, the final remnants of my sperm collecting at the tip of my Cock, my penis glistening with the thin film of her juices. I think I lost consciousness, anyway, I was out of it for quite some time, floating somewhere in a warm golden afterglow, finally coming down to earth to realize my auntie and I were still locked in our erotic embrace, my cock was still inside her, although soft now, her legs were still over my back, and I knew that I had just experienced the ultimate sexual ecstasy in my mothers arms.

Sex Cam Live Ch. 01

first-time buddhainwi 2018-03-16

Maria then walked up to me and got in close and whispered in my ear, "Let's make dinner quick." After the joint I said, "You surprised me with that kiss but I liked it." She seemed to like it so I became bold and pulled off her sweater to reveal her tit and that she wasn't wearing a bra. I didn't let it bother me for a second and started to lick her right tit. Maria just responded, "All over my tits, Paul." That put me sent me into true ecstasy and a huge stream squirted up into her face. I got hard an hour after cumming and told her lets make it worth it.

My friends mom

first-time Jelly1111 2018-03-16

Lying there in front of me with her tits poking right out at me and cute yellow panties on..I know this was stupid but now my cock is hard again! I was going crazy as I slid her panties off and stuck my face right between those amazing legs.i did the best I could and I thought , I have to fuck her and that's just what I did. I didn't wake up til noon and when I did I went up to the kitchen who do you think walks in,I'm thinking I'm dead ,I'm dead.she looks at me and says what's wrong and I just said long night I didn't sl**p that well.

The Rendezvous P2

first-time nicenhard50 2018-03-16

As you bend over to turn on the water my I get behind you and rub my still hard cock up over your wet pussy. I slip just the tip in and grab my shaft and stir it into your pussy you brace on the edge of the tub and ask me for more now. I feel you cum again and we stop… breathing hard and deep we look each other in the eye and I say. I feel your pussy try to grab my cock so I go a little deeper each time. I reach forward and grab your shoulders and pound even harder as I pull you down on my cock.

for lynn

first-time bobafettshelmet 2018-03-16

She reached down and quickly pulled the remains of my trunks off before grabbing my rock hard shaft and rubbing gently over the entire length, at the same time kneading my balls. At this distance I could see the entrance to her vagina, which looked so warm and welcoming all I wanted to do was sink my cock deep inside, but I knew that probably wasn't going to happen, so settled for sucking the clit directly into my mouth. My swollen, sperm filled balls tightened and with an almighty contraction f***ed a huge wad of cum up my cock and out of my swollen head, to be spurted deep inside her warm, fertile unprotected pussy.

The Metropolitan Affair Ch. 02

first-time kritisahay 2018-03-16

After these couple of thoughts, my tiredness took over and I fell asleep, both of us naked in each other's arms under one thin sheet which could cover only parts of our bodies. I felt awkward with his eyes scanning me, but at the same time was conscious of my nakedness and whether I looked perfect. As his fingers tried to find a way inside me through my bushes, I paused and looked directly into his eyes. "Now you are ready" he said and smiled and immediately started sucking them hard. I closed my eyes as I felt the pain which grew in intensity the deeper he came inside me.

Matt and Kelly - The Wedding Night

first-time were11127 2018-03-16

Kelly giggled slightly, and leaned back as he slipped his head beneath her dress, kissing higher and higher. Kelly reached out her hands, and Matt helped her to her feet, clutching the now-loosened dress to her. With a smile that lit up her sky-blue eyes, she replied, "I don't think there's any way I could possibly be better." She reached up and slid off her bra, revealing her pert breasts to him. Her breath caught and her hand came up to his head as his kisses found her nipples, tongue circling first one, then the other. A smile touched her lips as she remembered the previous evening, and she ran a hand across her husband's chest.

My First Mature in DC!

first-time triplxplosive 2018-03-16

I played with her wet soft pussy and found her already throbbing and big clit. I alternated between her clit and rubbing her incredibly big soft ass which was the color of hot flowing caramel. I began y sucking her clit till she begged me to fuck her hard. I continued to make her wait I held her legs up to her chest as I continued to bury my face in her sweet soft chocolate pussy and then I took my long tongue and plunge it deep in her ass and she moan ferociously! she begs my to fuck her harder so i let her have it all pounding her pussy watching her big soft ass ripple as I crashed down upon her.

The Interview

first-time lovelong 2018-03-16

The girls had a bit of banter and then off her friend went back to bed...we sat and returned to our drinks but it was too much, I couldn't hold back...I slid the straps of her dress down and her bra at the same time...kissing her lips and neck I slowly moved down and took her tits out which were definitely a handful...I began sucking and lick her nipples as she began to moan, she slid her hand between her legs and rubbed her clit, pulling her hands away and asking me to feel how wet she I slid my hands down she slid hers into my mouth so I could taste her juices...I lay her down and spread her legs wide as she caressed her tits I licked her clit and felt her pussy soaking my mouth and chin...I was down fro about 10 minutes until she exploded and wriggled all over as she orgasmed.

Jeanne and I Grow Up in Hawaii

first-time barnabus 2018-03-16

At home, Jeanne's dad decided it was time we learned to play poker with poker chips. Toward the end of the evening, Jeanne shared with us that a boy at school was often taking hold of her arm or hand and she didn't like it. I turned to Jim Bruser who was still holding Jeanne's arm, but stood with his mouth gaping at the way I had handled his brother. As my eyes met his, Jeanne pulled him around facing her and brought her knee up into his groin with a force I could hear across the room. A couple of days later, Fedor himself called and made an appointment to meet with Jeanne and me and our parents.

Breaking Michelle Ch. 01

first-time Daddy_Jack 2018-03-16

She remembers hoping this would get a reaction, but he looked at her coolly and simply said, "Sure, hop on." She did so, as he held out his hand and helped her up on the tractor where she could sit on the fender. "Crash isn't too happy about this," she thought to herself, "but Jack appears in charge." She smiles at the memory of the excitement that brought and how she could feel her nipples harden and her moistness growing Laying like this makes her feel very sexy, and she imagines a strange man standing next to the bed, admiring her elegant figure, with long legs, petite breasts and enchanting eyes.

Beth's First Black Man

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-16

It was time to get started; Beth needed to work for her Evroy turn on some music and I asked Beth if she would dance for us. could see his tongue going, working her pussy lips, exploring deep inside. I got my camera around and was recording Evroy as he worked his magic. cock was wide, I wasn't sure if her throat would be able to take it all in. As I watched Beth sucking cock, I noticed her eyes were squeezing tighter She was coming down, from her orgasmic high and Evroy moved his hands We got inside and Beth went to lie down on the couch. I worked my cock with my free hand and shot my load into her open

summer at home!

first-time 2018-03-16

She swam over to me and started to talk to me saying look at Dallas all grown up and sexy smiling at me which made me smile as well which I responded you know you want this you little slut! To which she responded I know you would love me and my tight little pussy to which she started screaming I'm cumming oh my my she couldn't talk I felt her warm juices run down my shaft to which she got off trying to catch her breath.

Matthew, the Awakening - Chapter 2

first-time Matt-in-the-West 2018-03-16

We had plenty of make out sessions when we could and she would let me touch her outside of her clothes and she would give me a hand job while we kissed but always cover my cock head with tissues before I came. I love kissing you and love that you like sucking my tongue but these no-mess hand jobs don't do it for me. I in turn took my hand and pulled up that nothing of a bra, revealing her perfect breasts and those rock hard long nipples. "I love you Mattie," and with two fingers scooped up the load, sucked those fingers into her mouth and swallowed, all while staring into my eyes.

campsite fuck

first-time 2018-03-16

I was just about to leave cause I was getting a bit cold when a girl came walking down the steps to the pool, she was quite nice, brunnete, about my height, she looked older than me and was wearing a swimming costume, she had a nice shape, and good size breasts, even though they were tight under her costume. My cock throbbing agianst her thigh as we snogged, she whispered fuck me to me, i didnt need asking, I slipped my cock nicely into her pussy, the feeling was so sensual, I started thrusting upwards, the warm shower was pouring over us as we fucked slowly.

Just Another Slut on a Saturday Night - Memoir

first-time Kinky_Mushroom 2018-03-16

'There's only one bedroom and one double bed here which I share with my s****r… she won't want to come home and find you in bed with me.' She giggles in a silly and irritating way as though she was seven rather than s*******n; and a year younger than me. I suddenly chuckle, recalling having given Jeremy strict instructions at the beginning of the evening for him to drag me away from Janine if it looked like I was in danger of getting off with her. The door from the bedroom opens and Janine drags out the camp bed along with a duvet and a couple of pillows.

My friend’s mother

first-time 2018-03-16

She was a slim 40-year-old woman and looked perfect, much younger than her real age was. Martha offered me to go to her apartment first, to have a cup of tea and talk about our stay at the country house. I shuddered from the tickling sensation I had all over my body and half-rose from my place. It may sound vulgar but as soon as my lips joined with hers my hands started caressing her shoulders, arms, back… I was pawing her half-dried but very attractive pussy with one hand and my spare hand was squeezing her breast tenderly and massaging her legs. The 40 year-old woman lay on my shoulder, on the shoulder of a young man who had barely turned 20…

Master's Double Subbing Part III

first-time 2018-03-16

It sent Master an email to let Him know what was going on. Master was glad to hear that it had finally garnered some interest and told the slave to reply to the email as soon as possible. The slave assured Master that it would do as it was told and send the email that it wrote to Him first before it was sent. Once the slave had finished the first reply it sent it to Master. A couple of days had went by without a response and the slave began to wonder if it had said something wrong or that the lady just wasn’t interested or if the picture of its self that it sent with the email had totally repulsed her.

Sweet Dreams

first-time FIFOfemale 2018-03-16

The blonde girl on your left as you have now called her 'whore' in your head has now moved her hand to inside your boxers to release your hard cock. She takes you in further as the brunettes hand moves down her back slowly teasing her arse before finding a nice wet spot to rest her fingers... Even thou it's not your tongue and mouth on and in flicking and sucking blondies pussy you can hear how wet it is by the noise the brunette is making and the squirming the blonde is doing. The brunette is squirming as she has fingers in her pussy and a hard cock in her arse omg I'm ready she says...

Moving Away With Mom (1)

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-03-16

As I kissed up mom's neck toward her chin, I slid my right hand over onto her left tit and gave it some gentle squeeses, while feeling the nipple sticking in the palm of my hand, hard as a rock just like my cock was at this time. As I kissed up mom's neck the second time and just as I got to her mouth again, mom moved a hand to my cock and started rubbing it through my pajama pants causing it to come out of the trap door, at which time she started strocking it, causing me to try and hold back from cumming right there on the spot.

Playing with my first Titties (true but with diffe

first-time nobodywashere 2018-03-16

Well I was 17 and had a crush on my best friend's younger s****r (Theresa). She did not drive and she knew I had a crush on her. So yes she talked me into driving her over to her boyfriends house. We had never met, she was a bit younger than me, blonde with small tits. So while Theresa and her boyfriend sucked face, I played with my new friend titties. And yes, massaging her boobs was fine but she still did not want kissed. So I got to grope her for quite awhile and then Theresa wanted to go home. I am the stranger who played with your boobs as you sat on my lap?"

A Son's Guide to Seduction

first-time annakey 2018-03-16

I tried to keep the sense of triumph out of my voice as I told Mum I wanted to take another 36 shots of her wearing just some sexy bra and panties, hold ups and high heels. But she could be forgiven for not knowing those of her doctor, her dentist, her boss at work, the old guy next door who is always peering at her when she sunbathes and finally Uncle Bob, who's always had the eye for her.Mum still hadn't caught on, so I asked her what she thought might happen if all of these people were to somehow be sent the topless photo of her.