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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Self Service

first-time 2018-03-16

Just then Dawn looked up at me and said "So, think you can get that in your mouth?" I almost came right then, but I held back and said " Maybe with a little help! I began to gag on the thick stuff and my dick popped out of my mouth and shot yet more cum onto my face. Dawn kept up the suction on my balls and stroked my cock more, milking the last of my hot cum onto my face. Dawn was busy running my cock around my face, pushing the thick sperm around, and shoved my head back into my mouth. By now my back was getting pretty sore, so I dropped my legs down and gave my wife a sloppy cum filled kiss.

Roni and Monse come at uncle #!

first-time petdyke 2018-03-16

Roni sees at a sparkle in my eyes that I like the looks of lovely Monse, only 18 years young. Roni looks like getting wet already from the sexy situation. Monse seems a bit shocked when I tell how wet Roni gets in her pink heaven from the sexy show. Roni smiles as I taste her hot juice again, curious if Monse gets as wet as her from posing for me. Monse parts them at my wish, to show her sweet sexy sphinxter and shining skinny cute love lips. Roni licks her lips in expectation of Monse to be ordered to come right in front of me as well. Monse keeps looking at my face as my eyes gaze at her hot hand helping her to a sexy explosion.

Life's Eternal Struggle Ch. 01

first-time smj54ap 2018-03-16

At her in-laws urging she adopted their family tradition of opening gifts on Christmas Eve and with a disgruntled look, I sat in Kit's living room and exchanged presents. Fall in Southeastern Pennsylvania was my favorite time of the year and watching Megan play field hockey on a warm afternoon was heaven on earth. You fantasized about performing oral sex on me." Megan bragged mockingly but she gasped when the expression on my face gave away the truth. As we walked to her house, visions of Megan in her skimpy bikini that looked molded to her taut body popped in my head. I didn't know what to expect until Megan pulled her tight top over her head and her sheer white bra came into view.

In Step Ch. 03

first-time RonCabo 2018-03-16

When she pulled back, smiled her enjoyment, then reconnected, he let his hands slide slowly down her upper chest to the top of her breasts, but only for an instant before moving them back up—all to gauge her reaction. Not wanting to be the only one topless, Kendall quickly removed Mark's shirt, then pulled him to her to feel skin against skin. Mark couldn't believe what an incredible feeling Kendall's mouth and tongue on his nipples was. Kendall's eyes widened at the tease, but instead of being annoyed as he expected, it seemed to recharge her, prompting her to pull him to her, wrap her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, and devour his lips.

Sister Mary Ch. 02

first-time StoryTeller07 2018-03-16

Sister Mary stopped one of her students, and said, 'James, I wonder if you could help me. 'Of course, Sister Mary,' James smiled, at his favourite nun. Thinking of sister Mary shaving her sex, was a reminder of cousin June. 'Here you are, Sister Mary,' he said, sounding out of breath. Sister Mary sat on a pillow, with legs spread as wide as she could, while one of her students brushed her naughty bits. Sister Mary felt her student rubbing her naughty bits, and needed to tell him to desist. She put a hand on the lump in his trousers, and he remembered what Billy had done in class last week, and felt embarrassed. Sister Mary had to suppress a sharp intake of breath, when his fingers found an especially sensitive spot.

Cousin, with benefits

first-time 2018-03-16

She moved the shorts past me feet, then picked them up and said, "they are too wet, look at all this pre-cum inside of them" "I told my s****r I wanted to suck your cock", she said as she started the rub while staring the entire time. She told me she got so good at sucking cock because she never wanted a serious boyfriend and was afraid of getting pregnant, so she sucked instead of fucked. I was getting close in a matter of minutes when she stood up grabbing my cock and said, "I need this inside of me" She muttered things like 'cock', 'fuck' and 'pussy' along with 'cunt' and 'cumming'. Working my finger into her, she said, 'don't forget my ass" The cum had dripped down and my tongue followed.

Nina's Dad Took My Cherry

first-time deepemerald 2018-03-16

Mr Peterson seemed to appreciate looking at me and since his glances made me feel really good I made sure I walked past him a lot and sat up close to him when he talked with me. My pussy juices were slowly starting to run down the insides of my thighs and I think Chuck must have noticed because he pulled my head off his cock and pulled me up and kissed me hungrily. "Oh Annette, this is so good," Chuck moaned and started sucking on my tits and biting my nipples. As things turned out, we had three divine weeks of fucking before Mrs Peterson and Nina were released from hospital.

Spanking for Miss

first-time petecumbria 2018-03-16

Mr Davill pulled her pleated skirt up over her back and Tanya gasped and lifted her hips as she felt his hands on the waistband of her panties. She felt like a very naughty little girl indeed bent over that desk, feeling the cool air on her bare behind. "You better move those hands young lady, or they will feel the sting of my belt too," Mr Davill lay one hand firmly on the small of Tanya's back as his other hand continued to wield that gosh darn strap. "That's it!" Mr Davill moved the chair out from his desk, sat down and pulled naughty Tanya over his knee. Mr Davill continued to paddle and lecture and his words made Tanya feel like she was going to explode!

"Friends" Ch. 01: Rings

first-time SylentWriter 2018-03-16

But her allure went beyond that; her sensuality beguiled me: a hand on my thigh when she laughed, a well timed arch of her back, unpadded bras with thin sweaters, a vocabulary that thrived on wet, hard, long, and come. Kris sat with legs crossed, but after a minute shifted and lifted the blanket up a bit. I rested my hand on her bare lower stomach and my little finger met the smooth part of skin between her stomach and pubic bone. Kris moved her hand to my inner thigh, her palm pressed down on the top of my cock through my jeans. My hands explored her breasts, her warm body slid against me, and her fingers squeezed my cock.

Scott's Granddaddy part 5-6

first-time 2018-03-16

I can feel his hand brush the lower part of my cheeks because at this time, my towel had raised slightly. I said, "everything is perfect, don't stop." He started working my inner thigh and at this point I wanted him to go further. At this time he worked his hands between my thighs and I spread my legs even more. I knew he was into it because as he caressed my ass, I could feel his finger slightly graze my tight hole. I came harder than I ever had and I heard him let out a big moan then watched the most beautiful flow of cum come out of cock.

My fantasy. You decide the ending.

first-time 40kinky 2018-03-15

While she is sucking me and rubbing around my ass I moan and groan incoherently I thrust my cock into her mouth this gives her access to my ass and she thrusts a lubed finger deep into my ass. While sucking and fingering me she starts to lower her pussy to my mouth. It starts to slide into my mouth making me gag he is face f**cking me while sucking my cock. I don't think about my pleasure now I want to make this cock come in my throat to feel him pulse and buck against my mouth. He pulls his cock out of my mouth so just the head is in I lick and suck him dry saving some of his come within my mouth.

bbc loves to uses white mens wife's!

first-time blackiecs 2018-03-15

Without undressing, Larry took out his cock and got between Helen's legs and my heart stopped and I froze as I watched a strange cock enter my lovely Helen. He started to shove his cock in and out of Helen's pussy and at the same time sucked on her lovely small pink nipples. I was pulled out of the way as one of the strangers, who had stripped naked, mounted my lovely wife and proceeded to fuck her, hard and roughly, and it seemed the harder he went, the more she responded. 'It's time to be going!' said Larry just as I finished shooting my sponk into Helen.

She offered to trade her pussy for a brand new lap

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-03-15

“Mmm baby, you’re going to make me cum if you keep that up, I don’t want to cum yet!” He pulled me on top of him and kissed me hard once again as I rubbed my trimmed pussy against his cock. “I’m going to make you cum until you can’t cum anymore this evening young lady,” Aaron said as he rolled me off him and spread my soaked thighs apart and ran his finger up and down my pussy lips making me shudder all over with anticipation of what he may do next. The moment I felt that hot liquid shoot into my pussy, my orgasm took over as I clamped down onto his cock like a vise grip until Aaron collapsed over my back as we lay there gasping for air.

M and what she meant to me

first-time free2speakmymind 2018-03-15

Inside was a very long passage way the first room was the lounge, next the parents large bedroom, then the dining room leading to a small kitchen to the left and to the bathroom on the right. Once again I called out > finally got an answer from "M" and the voice came from the bathroom. Having done this and having a kiss, fondle and cuddle she took my hand and led me into her parents bedroom. After a while she stopped got out of bed went out of the room and came back with some bandage like pieces of material. She came around to the end of the bed bent over hands on a chair and asked me to 'f.....k' her again .

Seduced for the very first time

first-time vallez 2018-03-15

I know now that I had been wronged when the university body expelled me just because I was in a girlfriend's bedroom at night, but at the time no matter what or who caused it all, my life wasn't going to plan any more. Luckily at my old boarding school I had been taught bookkeeping and when the new local golf club needed a bookkeeper I applied immediately for the job. When the barman came to our table she asked me what I would drink and I asked for a coffee. When I did two things at once struck me: there was brandy in my coffee and I felt her hand moving over mine on the table.

Lover Come Home Ch. 11

first-time RoseMontana 2018-03-15

Talk seemed imperative though my body knew what it wanted. I was leaning up against your legs, they felt like my own. Then a kiss, hard, while at the same time I pressed down hard on the mountain between your legs. Then our clothes should come off, but I will want to look at you for days. Then I had to know what your hair felt like, so I ran my hand around the back of your head. Immediately I wanted to kiss you again, but this time your hands came up to hold mine, and finally forced them downward. When I found them you said what every woman wants to hear.

Anonymous Sex

first-time bilover67 2018-03-15

A moments silence and then the covers are slowly pulled back leaving me naked and bound and I can feel two pairs of eyes on my body. I long to lift my head as Lucy begins to slide her ass towards my face but I will wait. My body relaxes but my hands are clutching and my cock is rigid like a flagpole, I can feel it is bigger than ever before. Lucy can tell I am in need of her and she bends to me and licks the head of my dick, pushing her tongue slowly into the eye and making my squeal. And I come, Lucy does not like to swallow and she senses and takes me from her mouth and uses her hand to shoot my cum where it will.

Me and my s****r (Part 2)

first-time cainne 2018-03-15

Her juice was all over my dick her amazing smell reached my nose, making me fuck her faster. My s****r smiled and said, "Fuck me faster little b*o." I started to fuck her faster and faster that my s****r's moans turned into screams. Then my s****r screamed/moaned louder, and i felt her cumming. Turns out it was my b*****r's friend, and wanted to know if my b*****r was going to sl**pover at his house today. Brian said that he would, and went to take a shower. As we ate, I told my s****r where Brian went and that mom and dad weren't going to be home for a few days. We finished eating, and after we washed the bowls, took off her clothes, and said, "Let's get started.

Learning to love sex

first-time 2018-03-15

Instead, he told me that he'd got a room for us at a dismal "business" hotel down in the port area that we knew (he'd taken me there before) and that he wanted to get me there straight away. But I guess I've learnt to love sex over the last few weeks, and the contemplation of sex in those long, lonely years beforehand, and so - almost in a dream - I removed my bra (but kept my panties on, as he's the one that always used to like to remove those) and got into bed with him, shivering in the expectation of that first touch between my legs.

Male Cherry goes...POP! Pt.3

first-time StrapOnDiva143 2018-03-15

Feeling his hard dick on my nearly bare ass (I decided to be panty-less) It turned me on and without notification he bent me over on the dance floor, throwing his hips in motion to the music. Though I found it quite alright that he wanted to feel me fill his ass with my strap on, I didn’t think a man would want to stroke it. Moaning with his eyes closed tight, wit his hips, Bryan began to chase the head of my strap, eager to have it inside of him. While looking back at me Bryan says, “This is your ass, don’t stop until you nut” he said. Now, sit on this dick!”.Mama, I don’t want to crush you, he said with a little chuckle.


first-time 2018-03-15

A tiny giggling sound coming from under the bedcovers told me that it was my s****r Natalie. Natalie turned a dangerous gave up at me and a smile on her face. Another few moments passed before he exetended a timid hand toward my cock, appraoching it as if were some sort of dangerous a****l that may strike out at her. Natalie's gaze shifted from my finger, to her stroking hand, and then to my face. Come was already starting to seep out onto Natalie's fingers. I shoot a strong stream of come that struck Natalie against her her smooth, freckled chest and rolled down onto her petite tits, each adorned with a pale pink nipple.

I'm One Happy Black Cum Slut Cuckold

first-time 425olds 2018-03-15

The thought of that huge shiny black shaft in my wife's pussy made my dick rock hard. Her pussy looked so hot with the shiny wet black cock sliding in and out of it that I could have cum if I touched my dick. Just then the huge dick in her pussy started pumping its load deep inside her stretched out hole. "I'm so proud of my nasty whore," I said, "satisfying all those big men for so long." "You should see your pussy, all those huge dicks stretched it out so much," I added. I came the hardest I ever had, adding my cum to nasty fuck hole that was my wife's pussy.

Cedar Hill Cheerleaders Ch. 06

first-time Wayne_Richardson 2018-03-15

Andy reached between Junko's legs; found her pussy and proceeded to push two fingers into her warm cunt. Junko sat erect as she rocked her hips back and forth; her arse cheeks sliding on Andy's thighs. He wondered, 'Is she really enjoying it that much, or is she just pretending so as to make me feel good?' Either way he could not believe how fantastic it felt; his cock moved inside her just a little as she massaged her clit against his groin. They played tag with their tongues as Junko lifted her arse up and down; Andy's cock slid in and out almost its entire length, but it never left her cunt completely.

A Fantasy Made Real

first-time Bandgeek1313 2018-03-15

One day I was staying after band class so Mr.Crum could help me play through my solo on Clarinet. I keep playing though and as I do his hand moves a little further up my leg now resting on my thigh. I can feel how wet I am and play right through measures 21 and 24 like they were nothing and soon the songs over. I can't hold back my moans and my legs start to feel like jello. I think you did fine on your solo but if you'd like to play it for me again another time that'd be fantastic," Mr. Crum says with a wide smile on his face.