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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Sex Teacher

first-time dkmr 2018-03-15

Malathi told me that he is not bothered to look at my face and what he is going to ask? She told me she liked wearing salwars and also midi skirts, but she said and kept quite. She hesitated in the beginning and she came out wearing a cream color nighty, which transparent and I couldn’t see her bra and panty clearly. I removed her nighty and she was wearing a light pink lacy bra through which her nipples clearly seen and white lacy panties, which showed a bush of hair around the crotch area. She knew I had not come, so she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking hard that I came immediately and she drank all my semen.

Didi Ne Pregnant Banaya

first-time maverick225 2018-03-15

Di ane jiju bane bauu upset rehva lagya and jhagda pan thava lagya pachi ek divas emne mane emna flat par bolayo and vaat kari……Jiju e k**hu Di niche namya and mara shorts sathe maro underwear pan utari didho and maro 6.8 inches no moto lodo emna modha agad avi gayo…Di toh maro lund joi ne khush thaii gaya and lund par kiss pan kari……Guys suu feeling hati di jyare mara lund sathe ramta hata…Mein di ne pakdi ne ubha karya Pachi thodi vaar kary apchi lohi nikdyu di ni gand mathi and kanu pan pohru thaii gayu tuu….Pachi mein di ne k**hu di maru nikadvanu che toh emne lodo modha ma lidho and maru badhu cum pii gaya


Indian Girl’s Sex Dilemma

first-time 2018-03-15

We talked till five in the morning and in the end I did convince Aashish to witness me with another man making everything look like as if it all started because he chatted with ‘Megha’ and because he did that, I too shall have some liberties. When Aashish asked me what if Shoeib saw that the laptop was switched on and realized what was going on I made him believe that I had covered it with a heap of clothes and that he won’t be able to see anything while the tiny camera on the top of machine would make the night for him interesting. What Aashish didn’t know that Shoeib knew he would watch us fuck.

My First Time

first-time kbking70 2018-03-15

Tubesteaknpotatoes: I am just west of the truck stop on route 69, and no worries, ill prime that sweet ass real good and get you nice and ready for this big dick boy, if you’re serious, just get your ass over here soon. Suddenly a rush of ecstasy ran through my body and I felt relaxed, my hole opened right up and he began sliding his fat dick deeper inside. Here it cums boy……..”Ohhh Fuck……dammmnnnn……take daddy’s hot nut!” I felt 3 or 4 big jets of cum hit the inside walls of my ass before he pulled out and squirted another 3 or 4 jets on my chest and face.

My Second Sex Teacher

first-time 8inchesofsalaami 2018-03-15

She let it hang in the air for a while, "But for all the guys here who think they are grown up enough to be men... "Feel who?" one of the women jeered, "the gay man?" Everyone laughed. When fondled by a hot woman, it knows how to respond. "I don't know why you should think he is gay" she continued, "I guess I will have to find out." All I had to do now was get back to class with a smug on my face and everyone would think I had fucked her brains out. Teachers fucking the principal? Damn, that ass felt good when you smacked it. I think she was close, for she started moving faster now.

The first time 3

first-time 2018-03-15

So I plowed her pussy with my fingers, said the bulging lips and touched her clitoris, with her abdomen entgegenhob me. Just before I lowered my lips to hers, I opened her labia wide to have seen at least once a hymen, which I actually discovered with my fingers. Then I took off my fingers, instead, began to stroke her thigh and began to lick her as best I could. When she noticed my look of surprise, she said simply: ". Just to initiate him," Then she noticed the condom in my hand and gave me a look anerkennden.

First Massage

first-time Stonedragon 2018-03-15

Moving above her head, looking into her eyes, he asked if she would like him to massage her breasts. Oiled hands moved across her breasts, touched her nipples, rubbed her "mother's battle scars" he called them. He took his time, she became warm and wet as she felt her lust rising. As he continued, his hands worked all over her body, came back to her eager breasts, then moved again,but she trembled when he touched her thighs or rubbed across her stomach. Thoughts came and went, fleeting across her awareness like a movie of her life. She thought she was in some kind of control with him, that she could tell him to stop at any time if it began to feel awkward.

First-time part 2 - a walk on the bi side

first-time dlcalguy 2018-03-15

And then I told her I was going to cum and she pressed herself down harder between my spread legs and drove my cock deeper into her pussy and I shot cum for ever, it seemed like. Her hands reached between my spread thighs and she started to withdraw the butt-plug from my ass as she sucked me off. I kissed harder and spread my legs wider still and Mick pushed his finger deep into my ass. Mick was finger-fucking my ass and I was holding onto him and kissing him and loving how it all felt. As his mouth reached mine his hips moved forward and I felt his hard cock going into my ass.

Playing with my clone

first-time vantix 2018-03-15

face right there, but he let go of my cock head just in time. body felt like my cock. face, but I could feel his ass hole twitch, his inability to keep his hot load shooting out his cock which he held in his right hand. the head of my cock in his ass crack and let his slowly slide up and I now slowly began the fucking motion, slowing retreating my cock and I could feel my cock grow in his hand again, while pressing against his Finally he let my dick in his ass on his upright movements and began to his left hand and feeling my hard cock burried entirely in his ass.

Genuine Ch. 01

first-time shawnsgrl22 2018-03-15

I had just created the most hideous sculpture ever, and I was wondering why the hell I even took art as an elective because obviously I suck at it, and Cam just looked at and laughed. I hated the way girls would pretend to be my friend just to get to Cameron. I wasn't an outcast or anything like that, but I had a few friends who were good and honest, and that was about it Cam called me, late at night, a couple months after the "incident" in art class. Cam came to class the next day, but he wouldn't look at me. Cameron knew this, and a few days before I was supposed to leave, he called me.

It's Good To Be Me Pt. 01

first-time fatdaddio 2018-03-15

When I'm getting ready to fuck a new girl for the 1st time, I jokingly ask them if they want an Italian sausage or a kielbasa. My mom had noticed that Jessie was spending more time than normal at our house and she stayed for dinner multiple nights that week. Jessie has spent the night at our house many times over the years, so this is nothing new that she stayed over tonight. Come to find out, he loves having his guy time with his buddies, sometimes even on a Friday or Saturday night. Things got a bit more fun, when Jessie would be with Deano. Jessie and I already have great chemistry in kissing and the stainless balls on the piercing made things exponentially more intense.


The Cherry Poppers Ch. 28

first-time BlewWater69 2018-03-15

When they came out of the room and they all started walking out the back of the frat to Jason's car, Haden and Brad whispered to Beth. Jason wasn't sure what Beth had in mind but he hoped Haden wanted to sit on his cock. 'God, if Beth keeps talking like this while Haden blows me, I'm going to cum for sure,' Jason reasoned, as he fought off his quickly rising need. Beth and Jason watched in amazement as cum dripped from Haden's nose and escaped around his cock in her mouth. Beth's expressions and questioning intrigued Jason and made him smile too as she looked like a teacher or chef getting someone to try something new for the first time.

Two Disabled Workers Ch. 02

first-time rmlooker 2018-03-15

She finally lifted her head and grinning at me said it was a good thing no one could see us right now as she thought it probably looked like someone had been murdered with all the blood on us. Ginger got a happy look on her face and asked if she could use it again and I said sure hop on. I finally asked her if she wanted to make me cum that way and she said later but not right now. When she thought I was getting close, she could see my balls pull up, she would stop and use her feet to rub my atrophied left leg all over.

Twin Peaks Part 1

first-time goththing 2018-03-15

My wife replied hes not but I am, while you 2 have fun I'm going to watch you and fuck myself with this Big Boy.I took off my dressing gown and climbed into bed next to charlotte who's hairy little pussy was glistening after all that playing with her Clit I had just done.As I lay down she pressed her naked body against me and her massive tits squashed up against me and as they did I could feel a big load of pre-cum oozing out of my throbbing dick and as she pressed against me it dribbled down her thigh, she whispered you must be excited I hope you're not going to cum just yet?

The Therapist Ch. 02

first-time petitmort 2018-03-15

"Yes." Anthony could feel his cock getting hard now, pressing against his jeans. "And did you keep stroking it...until you couldn't stand it any more?...Did you feel the surge of cum building in your big, hard cock?" Did you think about us having sex, stroking your big, hard cock, until you exploded cum all over yourself?" "When I said things like 'I want your big fucking cock'?" Anthony's hands cupped her breasts, his fingers sliding gently over her nipples. Feeling your your big, hard cock shooting cum deep inside me. You know, when you suck my breasts, it makes me want to come. Come on and fuck me!...That's it...Fuck me and suck me!...Give me your great big beautiful cock...That's it...Oh God, you feel so good!"

First time out dressed as a woman

first-time Shariwells11 2018-03-15

So i had gone out with a black satin thong on and my tiger print bra on underneath my regular guy clothes and went to a local store, walked around for a bit, nobody noticed anything about me. Was just looking around, when a guy came up and said, hi dear, don't mean to scare you but i saw you remove your shirt and hoped to see more clearly what i was wearing underneath. So i figured that was it, he then told me, anytime you want to come over and suck me, you can, but you have to be dressed like a woman and said i could wear some of his wifes clothes if i wanted.

My First 3sum With 2 BBC

first-time jessica59 2018-03-15

So I already knew what was about to go down, so I just looked at them both and decided I would go ahead an join in with them since they were making my pussy wet, so I took my hands an starting rubbing both of these dicks to get them hard while they were kissing all over my body, then we stopped so they could take my shirt off , then they went back to playing with my but one dude got on his knees and pulled my pants down and spread my legs apart so he could eat and finger my pussy while the other dude put one foot on the ground and one leg on the couch so I could reach his dick and suck it, while he was playing with my tits and making his fuck my mouth.

The Menu Ch. 03

first-time Bad2Bone 2018-03-15

Kim wanted to help Jeremy realize his full potential as a person with deep sexual passions, who unfortunately had had these passions repressed, not by his own choice, but from some pretty cruel maltreatment by his peers in his youth and young adult years. No way was he going to miss out on that cock workout each and every day before their next encounter, especially while having the enjoyment of viewing that smoking hot DVD of those delectable sensual young ladies sucking and fucking him again, and again, and again! Kim was in fact partially correct; over the past few weeks he was amazed that his DVD player and remote control hadn't been worn out from all the playing, pausing and reversing commands he had made while watching the scorching sucking and fucking exploits directed to his cock.

Building A Table With Aunt Linda

first-time sexysmurf98119 2018-03-15

The summer before I entered 12th grade my mother sent me to stay with my Aunt Linda. "It's been a long time, Linda," my mother commented taking one last drink of her lemonade then setting it on the table. "How did you sleep last night?" Aunt Linda asked, coming over and pouring me some orange juice. So after I had had breakfast and taken a shower I went out to the back porch where Aunt Linda had already begun to unpack the parts of the table. Linda had lived at the cottage by the lake for the past five years and hadn't been with a man in all of that time.

My Best Friend's Brother

first-time gabbee_adams 2018-03-15

As I get used to the repeated gentle kisses you bring your hand behind my head slipping your fingers under my hair. Your hands move over my jean shorts and I can feel you trying to slide your hand underneath to touch my sopping wet pussy. "Do you want to feel how excited you've made me?" You ask as you guide my hands to the front of your pants. The feel of your cock in my hand makes me dizzy. I don't say anything, I stare into your eyes as I bring my hand up to my mouth and lick your cum off of it. Watching me lick your cum off my hand makes you think I'm not as innocent as I appear.

Taste Your Treat Creampie

first-time 425olds 2018-03-15

When she asked me what turned me on, before I even thought about it, I blurted out "I want to watch you fuck another guy." Her eyes widened at my words and she plunged her fingers into her pussy as she came. As soon as this thought began to fester, this guy started his car again and slowly crept around the corner of the parking lot where its a bit dark. Now suck my cock you fucking cunt!" He pushed again and Cindy's head disappeared into the car, and I began to hear the sound of her slurping on this angry stranger's cock. You're still hard." Cindy said as I turned back to see her still stroking his cock, now with a smug look on his face.

Jamie Pays for Her Privileges

first-time annabelle17 2018-03-15

"That's because you're so sexy, Jamie, and I've wanted you for a long time, with your big tits and tiny little skirts on display. She was rubbing the saliva on her breasts, twisting her nipples, and still licking my cock up and down like she couldn't get enough. "I want to feel you inside me with your big daddy cock and I want your cum so bad, I wish you could cum inside me and on my tits and in my mouth all at the same time," she said. I could feel her vaginal muscles clenching even tighter around my dick, until I couldn't even pull it out, it grabbed me like a vice and I could feel her cum around my hard cock.

Prison Bitch 2

first-time 425olds 2018-03-15

Kyle wasted little time with teasing James - he just pressed one thick finger against the boy's tight, twitching hole before forcing it inside, twisting it back and forth, screwing it into James' ass. As much as Kyle wanted to fuck the boy, he knew that fucking a virgin open on his huge cock without stretching him out a little on his fingers first would hurt him, too. "Gonna come in your tight little cunt, fuck." With one last, brutal shove, he pushed his dick as far inside James as he could, shuddering and gasping as he came up his new bitch's ass.

Young Wife’s Ass Too Small For Anal

first-time captjim51 2018-03-15

We all nodded and then Carol who had a great sense of humor said “why not let Tony fuck you in the ass, I don’t mind, we all can see his cock would fit in you pretty good”. Cindy grunted each time he moved his cock, but soon he was slowly fucking Cindy’s small ass. Her grunts turned to loud moans as Tony kept up his slow even strokes as he fucked my wife’s virgin ass. After a few minutes things changed, Tony started to rapidly fuck Cindy and she moaned each time his cock went in and out of her. Tony let out a loud moan as he thrust his cock all the way in her, held her in place and exploded inside my wife’s ass.