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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wife's Idea (bi-male first time)

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2018-03-15

We went to a dance club for some drinks and it wasn't long before many of the men inside were eyeing Pam. She gave them her famous 'fuck me' look and a few came by the table and asked graciously if they might dance with my wife. Jordan knelt by Pam's head and seconds later it disappeared between my wife's lips as Mike positioned himself between her spread legs, feasting on her lovely, sweet pussy. I could feel Pam's eyes watching as I sucked Jordan's hard cock right up to his balls. As I continued to suck Jordan's cock, Pam removed herself from Mike's and gently put her hands on my waist and turned me around.

Stephons first run in with Sora

first-time cooler34 2018-03-15

Fuck, its time to calm down because if i want to sl**p with this female anytime this century I'm going to have to show that I'm a catch, and not the giant jokester that everyone else thinks I am. So mask my excitement and just smugly say, oh really, thanks, and i just want to say that you look like something out of a dream. she sent a wink emoticon and sent me a picture of tits,and she said that she liked my cock, especially the dark band near the middle. She smiled and in that instant something changed, she went from sexy timid girl, to a like fucking predator.

My wife’s teenage cousin (Part 1)

first-time kutwijf 2018-03-15

You want me to fuck the nanny, your cousin, so that she can get married to a foreigner?” “Not fuck her; you need to make love to her; teach her how and what pleases a man. Unlike the rest of our house, the maids room did not have air conditioning or windows; just slats covered by mosquito nets. I am not sure what made me do it, but I wandered around the kitchen for a few moments banging doors, huffing and puffing and generally showing disapproval that I needed to get my own beer (why pay for help when they do not help). Now, a few months later, I stood with my wife asking me to fuck, no ‘Teach’ her cousin all I know about sex.

Cat The Businessman #3

first-time FelicityWaters73 2018-03-15

Her thoughts were temporarily shut down as she felt more of Trina's bare skin come in contact with hers, Trina's rather generous assets pressing into Cat's back. Cat was surprised, her back was more like hands than she thought, and, for all she knew, she could have hands there, because she couldn't see her own back, but it sure felt like hands the way she could feel Trina's breasts so... Trina's skin was hot, much hotter than Cat's, which Cat thought was odd, because Trina was the one who was naked, and since Cat was in clothes she should be warmer, but it wasn't so and- Cat felt her bra loosen suddenly around her, and brought her hands up to cup it, not realising.

The party

first-time migman16 2018-03-15

We started to kiss on the grass by the summer house and I could feel her tongue, so eager for excitement pushing into my mouth.her lips were gently biting mine and starting to explore my body with her hands. now our bodies were moving together in perfect harmony, tongue kissing and licking breasts, cock rhythmically pumping inside her and hands massaging and squeezing her arse. She put her head against mine, "I fucking needed that so bad" she yelled into my ear as the pulsating sound of the party music which had been the soundtrack to our beautiful sex pumped out its dirty beats.

One & Two Make Three Ch. 2

first-time KimberToo 2018-03-15

As I said I kept asking girl friends about guys to find one that would make losing my cherry to him a loving experience. A guy or girl in the choir wiping their lips with their finger in any manor and looking at some one of the opposite sex in the congregation was saying “Hi sexy” to that person. I didn’t ask Sindy how she knew so many exact details of her brothers love life. I knew from the wetness in my panties when Sindy talked about Jake that I would be lubricated enough when the insertion time came so the entry pain would be minimal. (Did I mention big tits run in our family.) I was wearing a low cut short dress that showed off jy legs like I usually did if Jake was around.

My Cousin

first-time moneysex23 2018-03-15

So I got out and started to dry myself at the side of the pool, I was rubbing my legs when I noticed Mark was still in the water clearly I want helping his...situation. "I heard you moan my name, I thought you might like the real thing" as I said this I pulled his hands away from his cock and started to stroke it and I went in to kiss him. I wrapped myself around him as I felt my orgasm build inside me like a wave of pressure spreading out from my pussy enveloping me then he grunted and I felt him ram his cock deep into me very hard and he stayed there I felt his cock pulse and then felt the pressure and the warm wetness as his cum pumped into me again and again he shot wave after wave of cum into me.

Bedsit in London, 1992

first-time nigeltallguy 2018-03-15

As we were all on short contracts of only 3 months and none of us lived in London (most coming from Oxford, and I from Birmingham) our employers put us up in a low quality hotel in east London for Monday-Thursday nights, with the team being driven back to oxford on Friday evening after work. I went down on her pussy and licked it for a good 20 minutes or so bringing her to the edge of orgasm many times, and then she came, very loudly and very wetly. At the pace she was going it wasn’t going to take long before I shot so I asked her to slow down, but with a wry grin she speeded up and I emptied my balls deep into her pussy.

Mother’s s****r

first-time nana414 2018-03-15

she told me ofter two years some one male tuching her.again the light off she open ber blouse and cover with sarry,I press and squese them ,the other hand lift her sarry up and in sert my finger in to her pussy she sat forward on the edge of the chair and allow me to do freely. Then we reach home , she and baby gone in side ,I told her going to by eatables for us and baby, one I came from the shop ,the baby on the floor,and she lid on cot and her sarry up to her knee,and her sarry pallu not on her breast.I sat near her and put my hand on her thigh and massage slooly towards her pussy ,she closed her eyes and bend her knees ,her sarry on her updomes I can see her pussy ,I sat close to her and squese ,her pussy and press her boobs.

Sam's Secret

first-time Wolfshed66 2018-03-15

Plus, I think Blaine didn’t mind so much simply because I looked a hell of a lot like her. I could feel the light silk material of my robe ride right up past my lower asscheeks and didn’t even realize I was holding my breath till I’d found the apples I’d been looking for and had stood back up. I glanced back over my shoulder without thinking and saw that even though he was in fact standing over by the patio door, he was looking right at my upturned girly butt instead of at the pretty day he’d commented on. Looking back over my shoulder and seeing that he was standing REAL close to me back there, I let myself ease back a bit more and added, “I hope that didn’t bother you pulling my panties out for me.”

Back Rub

first-time cowboy63 2018-03-15

By this time she had raise her hips up, leaving her shoulders down causing her panties to be pulled tight across her ass. Tina surprises me saying do me in my panties and make me feel like a naughty girl. She reached between her legs and guides my cock in her wanting pussy, telling me repeatedly make her feel naughty. She took control of the pace and continues to tell me to make her feel naughty, fuck this naughty girl, make her cum in her panties. Now I always had gotten off on hearing women talk or tell me what they wanted or like while fucking… so the quicken pace that Tina was enjoying and her naughty talk had me going.

Nynke Ch. 05

first-time dutchpantyraider 2018-03-15

"OK, I appreciate that a man probably gets really hot and nicely hard just watching you and me clothed like that, but I'd like to go back now to where we were, to the 18th birthday of Lenn," Mary said with a grin. Pui-Yuk took an electric trimmer from her table and started to shave away most of the pubic hair around Lenn's cock and balls. Once there, Pui-Yuk took yet another amount from the oil-bottle, and took her time applying the greasy stuff all over Lenn's rod and massaging it thoroughly into his balls. Pui-Yuk took away the leg rests and let Lenny scoot up a bit so he was stretched out completely on the table.

New at School Ch. 01

first-time indian_slut 2018-03-15

Ramesh - you surely have nice legs, I can keep looking at them forever. Ramesh - Priyanka, believe me you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met and had a coffee with, I am quite enjoying time with you and put his left hand on my legs. In India, we don't consider blowjob very normal and I also didn't want to look like a slut so ignored the blowjob and started rubbing his cock. I had decided to show more of my legs to Ramesh at school so ignored teacher's warning. Folded my skirt one inch more and oh my god, I was looking like a slut going to fuck.

Home Late Punishment

first-time StarScreamUSA 2018-03-15

“Take it all you little fucking whore” I yelled as I slammed my long fat cock into Nora’s teenage pussy. Her tight little pussy was grabbing at my cock as it slid back and forth inside her. Her mum (my current girlfriend) had always saved her in the past by being awake when she arrived home, but she was sound asl**p in bed, with no chance of saving her 18 year old daughter from my rampant cock. I pushed my cock between her lips, feeling her tongue on the underside of my shaft as I slid deeper into her mouth.

The Leatheress 102 - "The Full Monty"

first-time SexyLeatheress 2018-03-15

I took a moment to reach into the pocket of my jacket and grab the pack of Virginia Slims 120's that I'd bought just for this experience, and after sliding one of the long, white cigarettes out, stuck it between lips so slick from lipstick that I almost thought that it was about to slip out and lit it as sexily as I could imagine before dropping down to my knees in front of him on the sofa. While I slipped a fresh cigarette into my lips and lit it, he slid his hands over my skirt and pushed it up over my ass...the feeling of the soft miniskirt sliding over my smooth skin and having my ass open and exposed to him was filling me with electricity I'd never felt before.

Wet and Wild in the '5th Dimension'

first-time mindovermania 2018-03-15

This is how I learned what my own cum tasted like, by accident and from the intensity of the orgasms I was having while we "role-played." Now, I never asked Ruth if she was fingering her hot, wet little twat while we talked, but either she was the best actress the known universe has ever known, or she was coming for real. Ruth looks at me, and in her face I can see that three predominant emotions are fighting a pitched battle inside of her - hatred toward me for her embarrassment, ecstasy from the feelings in her pussy, and terror that she will cum right then and there, falling to the floor in writhing spasms of pleasure.

Gina´s Gyno Club - part six

first-time petdyke 2018-03-15

With their academic minds, student Gina and her lover and professor Leslie decided to start inquiries in some scientific sites and WikiTattoo. So, it was a natural turn of events that Leslie and her most talented student got quite horny from their tattoo virgin search. Sad for science, after their long night of sexperiments the young turbo lesbo research didn´t reach any scientific insights, although their understanding of love and sexy instruments grew. Wouldn´t there be any virgin left at campus, Leslie wondered before she fell asl**p in dirty dream with a dozen freshwomen students ... For the girls still here during holiday." Gina was half asl**p, didn´t get the inplications, but loved the idea of a party with only girls.

Talitha Ch. 04

first-time ny_girl14 2018-03-15

Talitha bit her lip at his demands but nodded, keeping her arms stretched out above her head as he returned to her breasts, sucking one nipple back into his mouth as his hand pulled at the other. Coming down from her orgasm, Tali could feel the beginnings of another rising within her, and moved her hands from above her head to grasp Matt's arm, stopping the thrusting of his three fingers inside her. Feeling her shiver, he moved up to her nipples, grasping the erect buds between his fingers and lowering his warm mouth to one, sucking firmly as his cock rubbed against her clit.

Fucking a Reluctant Sitter

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-15

So hot, you have a great ass." I took a few pictures and said, "Honey do me huge favor and pull you shorts down a little, just for the picture." She pulled her shorts off and started to grab the skirt and I said "Melissa, let me take a few picture before you put the skirt on. I spread her legs apart and pulled the thong to the side and took a few picture of her pussy. It feels weird because when a man touches your pussy; your body is getting ready for a cock to go in there." I wondered if I was pushing her to fast. I started to push my cock into her pussy and took another picture and she screamed "MR CCCCCCCCCCC!


first-time ramyasasi 2018-03-14

After few minutes I heard some sound from our bed room and I reached there to find my friend trying to fondle my wife`s boos which was partially visible through her night dress. My friend moved further and removed all her cloths and started to fondle each part of my wife`s body. She sucked for about five minutes and with a slight jerk my friend unloaded a heavy load of his hot cum in to my wife`s mouth. My friend then removed his cock slowly from her mouth and fondled himself with his hands for few minutes and then moved to her pussy. My wife started to moan and scream slightly as she was enjoying a huge dick deep inside her pussy.

Being trapped, a rewarding experience

first-time phillymark1 2018-03-14

Being away from home for suck a long time even chatting with another English speaking girl is heaven., We settled the financial arrangements and she lay on her bed. She did not immediately jump on my cock like most girls of that trade do but actually enjoyed kissing and caressing me. My tongue swirled on the underside and she sighed as her tiny cock pulsed again and I took more of it into my mouth and began sucking it gently. She spun her body around and started sucking on my hard cock dong it gently as a finger toyed with my rosebud. She licked it while gently opening it and her tongue was replaced by her finger moving slowly past the anal ring and for the first time touching my prostate gland.

Teaching Me How To Fuck

first-time rockersex 2018-03-14

"Come for me, Michael." Then she kissed me, her tongue deep in my mouth. I dipped my fingers in her pussy and massaged her clit while tongue fucking her. "Press up, like you're asking me to come here....harder...harder, back a little, yes! "Angel is going to love that." She got on the bed and lay back on a pillow with her legs spread. "Come fuck me you hot stud," she said in a low, sexy voice. "Let me suck you the rest of the way," she said. "Oh fuck..." I said as I finally stopped coming. She then got on her legs and braced her hands on the bed as she thrust her hips over mine as fast as she could.

Emma Watson and Alexa Vega With Uncle Steve's

first-time 2018-03-14

“Hi Mr. Watson,” said Alexa, greeting my Uncle Steve. Without thinking, I rolled my eyes as I said, “Thanks Uncle Steve, As I told him, “Thanks,” his cock felt alive in my hands, “Hummm, that would be nice honey,” Uncle Steve nodded his head, Lowering my head, I began to rubbing his hard cock against my face. cock’s so big Uncle Steve.” I liked saying that word. tongue up and down, circling around his crown, licking his cock like As Uncle Steve shouted, “Here it comes,” he pulled his cock out of A little later I told Uncle Steve, “It’s a good thing that you My uncle smiled, while running his hands over my body, he said, “I

Teenage Encounter with My Teacher

first-time hemant9204 2018-03-14

"So...about that private lesson I promised you" said Aunt Kavita, I could see that she had a sinister smile on her face and she was looking straight at my crotch area but at the same time completely ignored it as if she didn't see anything, "follow me boy!" She finished, turned around and started walking. NOW!!" I just did not care any longer, I quickly sat on my hands and knees and started licking my cum off her bed, Aunt Kavita was holding me by my hair again to make sure I lick each and every drop off while using the crop on my ass this time.