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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lena Ch. 01

first-time Buzzboy 2018-03-14

Lena focuses her complete attention on sucking Chad's cock, stopping to gently stroke the member and roll her tongue on the head while she catches her breath. Lena felt too nervous for small talk, she reasons with herself that the sex with Eddie well probably last an hour then she can go home and Chad well be so grateful to her for her sacrifice. Lena feels her stomach sink at the thought of Chad inviting his friends to spy on her sucking her boyfriend's cock naked in the boys' locker room. Lena is hopeful that after this night with Eddie, she and Chad well be closer together, especially since he promised to stop gambling. She closes her eyes, takes Eddie's hard cock in her mouth and begins the sucking motions.

The Good Little Muslim Girl

first-time Noralucy 2018-03-14

I knew most of the guys in my class were A-grade horny all the fucking time, so I figured it wouldn't take much for me to wrap one around my little finger. Adam was still fucking me, faster and faster until I felt him pull out, quickly drop me to the floor and exclaimed, "I'm gonna cum baby, I'm gonna cum." I snapped out of my cum-filled daze and quickly dropped down to my knees, taking his cock into my mouth and sucking him for all I was worth. I licked and sucked and swallowed his cock, until he grabbed my head for the second time that afternoon and began to fuck my mouth over and over until I felt it.

moms and sons

first-time binympho 2018-03-14

Eric was away from home much of the time that summer he and Bobby graduated high school. Bobby had grown up to be a big boy indeed, as I could clearly tell from looking out my kitchen window and spying on him working out on the patio or swimming in the pool at Callie's. "Like Bobby said, we're all friends here." Eric and Callie lay down beside us, girls in the middle. Feeling the eyes of both our sons upon me, I crept to the foot of the bed, gently spread Callie's legs and rested my face against her cunt, nuzzling away at her.

Memory of a friend with a dog aunt true story-2

first-time stif266 2018-03-14

The brief tonguing I'd had from Kim that day had been far better than David, Kim had obviously loved licking human pussies and now it felt exactly the same my aunt's dog. Far from doing it under sufferance like David did he was obviously getting himself into a sexual frenzy as he licked away feverishly at my cunt, bucking his hips and thrusting his hardening cock away fucking nothing except "fresh air". I then coaxed Ben into licking me, which he did very gently and it was exciting, I was half hoping he would try to fuck me as Bill had but he didn't seen to want to try, even when I gave him the up command he just jumped up but didn't really seem to know why he was there even when I rubbed his dick to see if he would get sexy too, but he didn't, except to thrust a bit.

Train station affair -

first-time Sexi-kitten96 2018-03-14

The syrup was cold on his member, but it quickly warmed, her tongue licking causes it to throb, and to distract him self, he checks the toasts that are cooking and finds they are done flips them, his knees quiver slightly flipping the last one and almost misses put it back on the griddle. A deep moan fills the room, when she puts her tongue into the opening on his member, his head falls back, the stickyness of the syrup, her teeth grazing downwards send a shiver up his spine, and he locks his knees. "I love it when you’re sticky, besides you were kind enough to syrup my hair, and after breakfast is shower time." As he places a hand on the toast stuck to her and runs it down between her breasts, down her belly to the top of her sex.

Shemale Surprise

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2018-03-14

"It's a good theory," I said, my cock already hard...Mia was a beautiful woman and knew exactly how to flaunt her very sexy assets. "Oh my," Mary said, "he looks fucking hot with your cock in his mouth." "Only real faggots come from getting anally reamed," Mia said, before ordering, "bounce that ass of yours on my cock, faggot. My wife was on a bed with her hands handcuffed, her legs spread open with a young girl I didn't know fucking her face with a strap-on, another young girl with another strap on was on the other side waiting her turn, while written on her tits in what looked like lipstick were the words 'Teen cunt slave'.

Teen Spirit

first-time bradley_stoke 2018-03-14

And as Chris sipped on the wine, its sharp taste such a contrast to the frothy lager he normally drank when he went down the pub with Stu and Pete at the weekends, he watched his mother's eyes and Pam's meet across the table with a strange intense warmth. Chris couldn't help but notice an increase in the changeability of the relationship between his mum and Pam. There were moods that were pronounced in not only the intensity of their apparent mutual liking for each other, but also of something else that reminded him somewhat of the time just before his dad ran off with his secretary.

You're My Bitch Now Chapter 5

first-time nikkiesilk 2018-03-14

Steve was hopeless and Rick had to spend half his time sorting out what Eventually Rhona and Rick managed to grab a break ‘But I'm not wearing panties,’ he said, looking anxiously over his Rhona had always thought Rick quite a pretty boy when he was recruited, ‘I mean, Rick, what other reason would you have for wearing panties. ‘Well, well…’ A big knowing smile spread across Rhona’s face and Rick Steve had completely screwed up, and it took Rick a couple of hours to ‘I told you Rick, I don't care what you wear as long as it doesn't so long as you turn up wearing panties to work, at least until I tell

The Medical Student

first-time lickingfiend 2018-03-14

I'm standing there stark naked from the waist down, trousers and underpants round my ankles, standing three feet from the urinal peeing into the air like a fire hose with a look of total bliss on my face. Sheila was about 28 years old quite slim with what looked like a firm 34C tits and light naturally coloured blonde shoulder length hair. I thought they were having a bit of a kiss and a cuddle or arranging an assignation but Sheila had passed on the information to the other ladies that that nice boy Paul had a monster cock. Sheila said "Once we grab him, we will tell him we mean him no harm and won't hurt him" But Mary and Alice were adamant they wouldn't take part.

My 18th Birthday

first-time cw300097 2018-03-14

So, one day I went out for a jog and saw the sexiest middle aged woman ever, she had beautiful breasts, an ass so nice you could sl**p on, she was just all around beautiful. I wanted to fuck her so bad, and the only thing standing in my way was her husband. I had so many things going through my mind, the thought of me tying her up and playing with her pretty pussy until i had the taste of her warm sweet cum in my mouth. I started thinking, should I grab her ass, or should I just stand here. "Carrie, listen, I've been feeling like this from the first time I ever saw you, you make me the horniest I've ever been!"

Friends Ch. 01

first-time FantasyMan021 2018-03-14

Nudist code Jane no clothes on inside the house." As he said this she pulled her dress up over her head tossing it on the floor by the door. Marcus looked her body up and down knowing what he did at this moment would determine how the rest of the summer went. "Oh, Marcus I got all summer to finish this." Laughing she gave his cock a few strokes then let it go. A few girls in school were interested as well, but I think they were only interested in this." He said pointing at his cock sandwiched between Janes feet. Though if I wanted to tease you I would do this..." With that Jane sat up then stood in front of him turning around to bend over giving Marcus a great view of her pussy from behind.

A Night Coach Trip

first-time searching1967 2018-03-14

Our knees gently touched once, but I didn’t move …just looked out the window and tried to sl**p.,,, I was aware of his knee from time to time, but I did not move. My dress just covered my knees but with the swaying of the coach each time his hand was more present….I felt the tips of his fingers on my skin .... He slid his hand over my upper leg and then gently stroked the soft skin on the inner side between my thighs. I moved my thighs apart further but then found that I had to shift in the coach-seat so that I could spread my legs as far apart as the seat would allow in order to cooperated with his touch ....


first-time babesTV 2018-03-14

I heard stories about this new "Lady's Doctor" in our locality from many of my friends and decided to experince his treatment myself. He slowly inserted his fingers into my pussy and started moving up and down like a big cock fucking a cunt. The nurse started patting his cock, kissed it and guided it to my mouth. later he removed his cock from my mouth and took me to a nearby sofa where the nurse was already lying down with her legs apart. He fucked me about a while in this position and removed his cock and started fucking the hot nurse lying beneath me. Good-bye doctor...bye honey...thanks for the treatment, I cried out with a sigh and took off relived and satisfied ....

Abit of dogging fun

first-time andrew1902 2018-03-14

Any way, karen was busy fussing Bruno while we chatted and it wasn't until I looked down that I noticed him with his nose under the edge of karen's skirt and he was having a good sniff. karen was laughing 'no way am I going to let Bruno lick my pussy!' karen retorted He stuck his nose between her legs and then sniffed away like mad, and then by the way karen stopped laughing Bruno was licking her pussy. 'well it did feel nice when he was licking me, but that's as far as I will ever go as its just not right letting a dog do that to a woman' karen said.


first-time Rose P 2018-03-14

He slipped it off and he rolled it down my legs she rubbed her breast against my cheek as her fingers rolled my nipple through the bra's fabric. My hips raised themselves and my legs opened wider he suddenly pulled away and Helen got up in front of me. My arms were spread out above me, my legs over the edge of the bed, my pussy wide open and exposed. My eyes had closed and the next thing I knew there were a pair of hands around my wrists pulling my arms apart and away from my nipples. I heard her moaning and when I opened my eyes found her standing head down over my pussy, legs spread and him plunging into her from behind.

Crazy Lady Part 1

first-time jaimie49 2018-03-14

She then untied me and told me that I was now allowed to cum inside her.She was naked now laying on the bed spread eagle.I got between her legs slipping my rock hard swollen cock easily into her soaking wet cunt.I stroked in and out my cum rising up in my cock.Then I got an idea she probably won't like.I slowly reached around her back pulling her up to me then slamming her body down on the bed with me trapping her and started to fuck her as hard and deep as I could.She screamed out to let her go.I ignored her pounding her hard.She tried to say I was hurting her but I just kept it up.She was beating my back she even bit me on the shoulder drawing bl**d but I was determined to keep going.It was a real fight to keep pounding her but finally I must have been hitting the right spot and she cried out "you motherfucker oh fuck IIIII'M CUMMING FUCK SHIT YOU OLD FUCKER STOP IT FUCKER YOU." I would not and she continued to cum the harder I fucked her.

My wife's older girlfriend

first-time jimhen 2018-03-14

When I met my wife I also met one of her long time friends, Karen. She was wearing a rather plain dress that did a good job showing off her ass and very large tits. Karen is bisexual and later admitted to wanting both me and my wife. My wife and Karen both had hip injuries in a car accident and met that way. Karen was waiting in the parking lot after I had just dropped my wife off at the dance. I am not good with sizes but Karen is a large woman. My guess is she wanted my wife to see her red face and hickey but didn’t want her to know… yet. She then said that Karen must have been having some good fun before the dance.

Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Virgin Bride

first-time Batman_112 2018-03-14

It was not two minutes before the door to the adjoining dressing-room opened to admit the sublime figure of Lady Palmerston, clad only in a shift of shimmering white silk that d****d closely over the curve of her hips and completely exposed the terrain, if not the flesh, of the small, flawless swell of her breasts. Unleashing mounting vocal cries and driving me deeper and deeper into her core, Victoria experimented with the new discovery of her clitoris, first brushing it against my thumb, then firmly touching, and within the space of a dozen strokes she was grinding into me and finishing the top of each thrust with an erotic twist of her hips that sent a quiver through her breasts and caused her silken sheath to spasm and lock down on my finger.

Fucking Dawn and her s****r too... part. 1

first-time joecool1962 2018-03-14

after removing her jeans I began kissing her inner thighs,with her fingers running through my long hair I began to remove her panties to find out of her pussy hung two huge lips, I ran my tongue between her lips and got a tongue full of thick warm cum that tasted really good. The whole time I was fucking her on her back she was grabbing my ass and pulling me down on every stroke till I was ready to cum and I did all over her tits and on her face in which she laughed it off but did suck my cock again after fucking her.

First Time at 25

first-time shysex 2018-03-14

During junior high, I started looking at catalog pictures of women in lingerie, bras and panties, and swimsuits. I wanted to know what it would feel like to have a condom on my hard cock. I kept masturbating and fantasizing about sex with women. Mimi made plans for herself to be in San Francisco the same week. As we spent time together that week, Mimi revealed that her marriage wasn't working out. About 2 weeks later, Mimi flew to the West Coast to spend a weekend with me. When I got back to the hotel room, Mimi was asleep. I really enjoyed the fact that Mimi was eager to have sex with me.

4 Inches Pt. 01

first-time StriderJohn 2018-03-14

I remembered Miss Smith's lessons and I made sure that she was enjoying the experience by going down on her, performing cunnilingus, licking her cunt, it was my first taste of girl juice and I decided I liked it. You were saying that you are a virgin and nobody has ever seen your cock before so I thought I'd give you a bit of a challenge, your job is to give every one of these women an orgasm, but the main person I want you to meet is my niece, Julie." Her hand had slipped down and was playing with my balls when she suddenly felt my scrotum tighten and she pulled her mouth away to look at my face just as a jet of my cum sprayed out leaving trails across her face, down her neck and onto her swimsuit.

The New Guy Next Door

first-time spinneroftales 2018-03-14

“I live there,” Cong said with a shrug. Since when?” Elam asked, taking hi soft dick back in his hand. Elam looked down at his dick and back up at Cong. Cong bent forward again and took Elam’s dick back into his mouth, this time purposely moving his head up and down, swirling his tongue around it, sucking on it as he came up, flicking his tongue against it as he went down. “Come here,” Elam said, although Cong was still beside him. It wasn’t the same way that Cong jacked off, but he lay back and spread his legs, watching the blur of Elam’s hand as he jacked it. “Would you suck my dick again?” Elam asked very directly.

Cycle of Selene

first-time ReefBeach 2018-03-14

When you're that close to someone so suddenly, I guess it's hard not to study the details, like her big smile, with those red lips, the strong but gracefully curved eyebrows. Or if your mind is full of girls with long legs and bright red lips, a bit of a handjob is always a possibility... The long legs going into her short shorts, her slim torso, her little patterned bra - misshapen because her small breasts had flattened, her shoulders sticking out from the red frizzy hair. I also noticed my satchel, which had been beside me was now away on the grass somewhere, and a hand was stroking my bare skin. Tomorrow came and my hands were shaking as I put the bike away off the track.

Marked Ch. 01

first-time Marked12 2018-03-14

Sarah was lying on her bed one day scrolling through Facebook when she got a friend request from a former high school crush. He picked her up and they drove to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner on the way he said that he always thought of her to be the one that got away since they never actually dated in high school. The second they enter the room he picks her up and she wraps her legs around his waist as he pushes her up against the wall and begins to kiss her hard pushing his tongue in and out of her mouth.