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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Making babysitting pay

first-time Baby_sitter 2018-03-14

Shelley was a single mum, when she moved into our road, and although she didn't appear to have a job, she seemed to have plenty of money. She had seen me arrive home from school, and the next day she asked my mum if she would allow me to babysit for her at weekends. Mum said fine if I wasn't going to school the following day. We quickly became friends and I would rush home from school, do my homework, wolf down my tea and then Mum would let me go to Shelleys. I asked Shelley where she got her money from one day, and Shelley said "you mustn't tell another soul what I am about to tell you..............

It is always the quiet ones

first-time dand909 2018-03-14

Tall, angelic face with long blonde hair,well spoken, elegantly dressed, but quiet and timid.I would never have asked her for her telephone number, but we needed to pair up for group work and as fate had it, I was paired up with her. My hands wandered down between her legs and i cupped her pussy on the outside of her jeans. My head between her legs, i cupped her pussy,(knickers and all)with my mouth, and pulled them aside. I had my tongue deep inside her, she tasted great and she writhed around on the bed holding my head between her legs. I slid my stiff cock deep inside her dripping pussy and she gasped in an almost painful pleasure type way.

He Encouraged Me

first-time 2018-03-14

Mat stood up, his hard cock sticking straight out, he took me in his arms, "Don't be sorry Debs." "MMMM slut," He said pulling my thong down my thighs, "Tell me how he fucked you Debbie." That felt so good Mat. His hands were on my hips, pulling me back onto his throbbing cock, His balls were slapping my pussy lips. He kissed his way up my my big heaving breasts, licking around each nipple before taking it into his mouth. "I do Deb...I do," with that he gently licked my puffy pouty lips then he put his mouth over my hole pushing his tongue inside and sucked his cum from me.

wife and b*****r

first-time sammy111 2018-03-14

My wife and i were lying in bed one night after a nice session talking about previous sex partners when she surprised me by telling me about her b*****r having sex with her years before we got married.It all started with him playing with her tits and cumming on them and then going further over time to full sex.She said she only went along with it as she was afraid he would try it with one off her younger s****rs,and i think that is why she is not really into sex much in her later years.

The Businessman Ch. 02

first-time b2312 2018-03-14

'Maybe if you want a girl to call you, you shouldn't insult her when you tip her.' Cara tried to barge past him and again he stopped her. 'When a random businessman at my table at work flirted with me and made me feel desirable for the first time.' Cara's words cut Alice like a knife. Although I doubt I could afford somewhere to live on my own, I'm considering moving back with my parents.' Cara's face was sad; her confrontation with Alice had stirred feelings she had buried for so long. Ryan's lust took over, as did Cara's but he knew that she was hiding something that left her shrewd about intimacy so he let her initiate every slight change in their kissing.

Things Can Change Quickly

first-time mrnoname93 2018-03-14

"Damian" (By the way, my name is Damian) Rose said, stretching out her body into an arch and pushing her chest into the air as I took a quick look, "first," she continued, "stop looking at my boobs." I blushed and meekly tried to speak but was quickly spoke over, "Second, you're skipping your next lesson and meeting one of my friends with Sara and I, got it?" Sam cut across me and reach across out little circle and put a hand on my thigh to which my face went bright red, "he had a lot of fun from where I was..." she paused, looked at the two girls, gave a small giggle and finished her sentence, "knelt."

The Ground Keeper

first-time starova 2018-03-13

After training, when the girls were gathering up their things, Michele spoke in a quiet voice to Julie and shocked her when she said, 'Robert's driving us Jules. Julie put her hand on the gardener's leg and started a light beckoning motion on his thigh with her fingers, and asked him, 'Do you know somewhere to stop on the way home where we can be private. While Robert and Michelle continued fucking, Julie bent down on her hands and knees beside them and started kissing her on the cheek. Julie positioned herself lying next to Michele and held her hand and began kissing her mouth, which triggered her shattering climax.

Camp Mates

first-time Bob_6 2018-03-13

When I last saw Liam he was a plump little boy, with short curly blond hair, and talking about hair, he would always pull my hair, I hated him, every time he saw me he would pull my hair, pull, pull, pull, fucking cunt I wanted to kick him in the nuts. When I found our tents and saw dad with uncle, I went and said hello and got hugs and kisses from both uncle and then aunt, who came out when she heard us from inside the tent. His hands pulled harder on my hips, he drew me closer, tighter into his mouth, 'Fuck,' and it wasn't long before another gratifying wave shook my body.

My first Cock

first-time shawn4u 2018-03-13

The joy at being able to express it openly with Dawn and talk about how it feels to taste cock, have her show me how to give a good blow job was great. I started making drinks while Dawn explained that Angela and she started talking one day about things that turn women on and they both discovered that watching guys with each other was at the top of their lists. I looked down at Steve he smiled up at me and then leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth. My you look like your enjoying that said Dawn, I know Steve is. Good said Dawn as it’s your turn to let Angela taste your cock and share your load with her while Steve and I watch.

State Rally Ch. 03

first-time Ollegio 2018-03-13

"What time do you plan to leave your place?" Cole and Karen lived quite a ways outside of town and all the club rides started off much closer to Tony's place. The ride went uneventfully and by the time Cole, Karen, Tony, and Wendy pulled into Mt. Dora and searched for open parking spaces most of the riders had already dismounted and were heading to a raucous Mexican place for lunch. "And by the way, the reasons for this are what we said at the restaurant but an added bonus is that we get to return the favor you did us at the rally in a way." The men released their hug and Cole pulled out with Karen following him.

The Walking Orgasm Ch. 02

first-time Amyfriend 2018-03-13

"Oh its okay Debbie, just give me a big towel." He said so I handed him one and he discretely removed his shorts. "You don't have to worry with me Debbie, I'll do whatever you want but I would like to please you again before I go home." He said as his hand rested on my leg just above my knee. "Thank you, Ron." I said as I stood and removed the towel from his knee and glanced at his semi hard cock before I sat back down on his knee. "Mmmm, that's good, but maybe I really should slip off my skirt, Ron." I said, as I backed away and unfastened it then let it fall to the floor before I kicked it away.

A Fantasy

first-time 2018-03-13

toys in my ass was such a turn on, she could see that when she sucked my sucking her long hard cock had me oozing. wife feeding me a hard cock then fucking my ass while I sucked it. to feel the smooth hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth and the biggest a guy sucking cock while he get?s his ass fucked. be sucking a guys cock while my wife fucked me in the ass!!! She walked over to me and felt my cock then pushed the plug a watch two hot guys suck each other?s cocks. I wanted to suck her long hard cock. the bed and she told me to suck his cock.

How I lost my virginity for Lisa

first-time 2018-03-13

When I got to the door and Jean (Becky's mom) was in her white pool cover, she had a great tan and body. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my hard dick then climbed up on me putting here tits in my face I was sucking her nipples when I realized that she was rubbing her pussy on my dick. She got on her hands and knees in front of me and told me to fuck her like I wanted to fuck her daughter. That was it i came for the third time that day, forgot about Becky, started "mowing her lawn" every week and we fucked until my 20th birthday when she told me I was to heart is pounding now...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I still remeber how she smelled that first time

Auntie n me

first-time Sammysweets 2018-03-13

I stood there in a trance as she took my pants and boxers off then layed on the bed. I played with them and sucked them then she took my cock and slowly began licking the tip it felt so good. Her Trimmed pussy hair almost covering her lips, she then layed on the bed she guided my head towards her hairy clit then told me to lick it. I began to softly nibble on it, she let out a moan and next she had juices running out of her she said kiss me baby but before I did I kicked her pussy clean. She kissed my head the said we better clean up so we both went our ways. 

like mother like daughter

first-time 2018-03-13

So yesterday goes by.I shoot her text earlier she responded later.and asked if id come over her mom knew she got my nber so she was cool with me seeing her mom comes out her toom gives me a hug and kiss and says she had so much fun the other we go into the room.I lay on the bed daughter says she said you where fun ..and I seen that big dick when mom was sucking it..she gets up takes her shorts off and has a nice perfect ass beautiful shaved pussy looked almostblike a cats mouth ..I pulled my dick out she went down twice and said ..this pussy has not been fucked.

Be Prepared

first-time DimensionOfDesire 2018-03-13

Most of the boys were focused on the hot blonde Girl Scout leader who wore rather tiny, tight green shorts. Behind a large tent I gave Becky a final farewell kiss, told her that she was the most beautiful and amazing girl I had ever met, and then bolted in an effort to catch up with the other boys. One boy that acted as our lookout said that the Girl Scout leader appeared quite disheveled when she emerged from his tent, and he had been tucking his shirt and zipping up his pants. He insisted that they had only talked and discussed scout leader things, but we had fun insinuating more, after which he abruptly shut down our conversation and barked orders to prepare for the long hike to the mess hall for dinner.

Becoming A Hero, & A Man

first-time Nigel 2018-03-13

I stood outside the door, not knowing whether I should knock, go on in, or leave them alone and go around the back – until I heard Annie scream, "No, Frank! I choked him harder, saying "Shut the fuck up – can't you see she's on the phone?" I looked over at Annie and smiled. "Yes, he's still in the, I'm okay." She looked up at me again smiling, fresh tears forming in her eyes. I know she'd had an intense sex dream, and probably about me (I thought it was about me…I didn't know how many Pauls she knew) but I felt like an asshole - wanting her so much after what had happened to her today.

Abby Pt. 02

first-time alexbrown1802 2018-03-13

this one." Carl picked up a fuzzy checkered flannel shirt and held it out to Abby. Her slender fingers dipped into the rim of his pajama pants and felt his pubic hair "...and I know that you want me tonight..." She looked up at him. Carl moved his hand up from her hip and under the flannel shirt she was still wearing. Carl was still busy kissing her neck and moving his way down between her breasts smelling, and licking, and kissing "Oh this and that..." he whispered. Abby leaned forward and touched the throbbing bulge in Carl's pants. "So..." he took him in one hand and stroked slowly, her saliva still dripping from him " this the cock that is going to fuck me?" Jesus she was a flirty one.

The Chronicles of a Slut

first-time xtremethegreat1 2018-03-13

Seeing my body unoccupied, as the rest of the boys were watching the first sexual love of their lives being fucked by their friend who had somehow made it possible for them to lose their own virginities today, Saurav pulled my legs on his sides, and lay flat on top of me, still humping me. Then all of a sudden I felt a twitch in my pussy walls, which extended to my womb due to his long thick shaft, and as I realized he is going to cum now, he withdrew his tongue from my mouth and broke the kiss. I got back in my dress and as I reached for the door, Saurav came and said, "Thanks Ria!" and stuck his tongue in my mouth.

Larissa's Salon for First Dates

first-time go_cats 2018-03-13

have a fetish for female domination, and have to rely on prostitutes to tap into this kink." She took a deep breath and looked into my eyes, "and many of these guys get off on calling me Mommy." And I'm gonna give you just that my sweet baby boy..." Melanie gripped my cock and slowly slid her hand up from the base to the top of my head. I'll take good care of you..." Melanie teased my cock by softly kissing her way up my shaft. Are you ready for me to ride that big cock of yours?" She climbed up my body and pulled her shorts off, revealing a red pair of panties that would have matched her bra if she was still wearing it.

New neighbours lust

first-time 2018-03-13

“If you want to taste my cum, then get over here and start sucking on my cock, you little slut.” I love the way you taste and how you watch me as I suck your cock like a dirty, nasty slut.” I watched as Carole, with a big smile on her face, continued to lick and spread my cum with her tongue all over my cock in a big, sticky, gooey mess. Only a slutty whore like you would love to fuck my big cock so much. Only a dirty, nasty, little slut would love to play with sticky cum on her wobbling tits while she watched herself fuck.”

The Sucking Professor Part 1 (True Story)

first-time assluver7 2018-03-13

I started hanging out with a guy from the college, named Joe, Joe was what you call a professional student he loved college so much he decided to stay for 6 years instead of the usual 4,he became a good friend and hang out buddy, during the break, he new about Jamie and what I thought of her. I asked him what he was talking about, and he told me I know the person who just blew me, so I started going down the list a naming all the girls from the college, and he just shook is head and said nope.

fist time I came

first-time 2018-03-13

I could feel my little nipples growing so hard it kinda hurt but felt so good at the same time with every touch of my clit my whole body started to react the twitching turned into a convulsions and started to make me lift up off the pillow. I felt my whole insides contract as my first orgasm hit me the insane quick contractions made me grunt and my whole body tingled I clamped my legs together stopping my hand moving and my whole body went tense as deep inside my pussy contracted and that would make me convulse each time a contraction started......they were fast at first then slowed as I lay back trying to catch my breath....

Long Awaited First Time

first-time horny5150 2018-03-13

After taking her tank top off, I started kissing and sucking on Kay's neck and slowly inching my way down to her tits. After being teased for longer than she could stand, Kay said, "Brad, please just suck my tits." While I'm leaning across Kay sucking on her other tit, she reaches down and starts rubbing on my rock hard cock through my boxers. She picked up the pace of her stroking and in response I started rubbing her clit with my thumb while continuing to shove my fingers deep into her. We do this for a few minutes when Kay looks at me with hungry, wanting eyes and says, "Brad, I want you to fuck me.