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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

University Life Ch. 09

first-time blindjack 2018-03-13

When she see's how fucking great you make me orgasm, she's not going to be able to keep from spreading her legs for you." Mandy excitedly squealed, pulling the wet red lace insert from her black satin thong; revealing her cleanly shaved pussy. What you and John did looked like a lot of fun, but I would feel funny doing it." Biting her lip; Dedee stammered, "Maybe I could take my track pants off, but I don't know about taking more off." Dedee, come over here so you can get a good view." Wrapping her hand around my stiff manhood, Mandy began to slowly slide her fist up and down the hard shaft, saying, "There is nothing better than a rock hard cock.

Aces Up

first-time squirtdrinkr 2018-03-13

It started fairly early, when Randy knelt in front of Matt without saying a word and fished his thick dick out of his sweats and began to tongue it until it had swollen to the size of one of the souvenir baseball bats they hand out at those minor league promos. Without saying a word, while Randy was sucking me off, Matt decided to call an audible and began to prepare Randy for the backdoor assault. With minimal effort, Matt began to slowly fuck Randy while he bobbed on my modestly thick cock. Matt motioned for Randy to kneel down beside him and the two men began to lick and suck me off until I too spurted a hot load onto Randy's belly.

My New Friend

first-time kbking70 2018-03-13

As we sat I realized we where still holding hands, oops sorry I said and went to release his hand, its ok he responded and held on to my hand, I like you and this feels nice. He kissed me gently and said he was hoping I would feel that way as he was attracted to me when I arrived at the party and had tried to get my attention from the beginning. I kissed him pushing my tongue into his mouth, and then my cum spurted into him, his pussy tight around my cock and it felt like I would never stop. He started to thrust gently then his body stiffened and I could feel his throbbing cock filling my mouth with his warm cum.


first-time Bones Malone 2018-03-13

"Alright Andy, to start out with, I'm going to get fully naked and I just want you to take a good look, okay?" Andy nodded. Without realizing it, Andy's hands began moving in the direction of Janelle's hips, but she stopped him. "Now Andy," Janelle continued, "I'd like to touch you first to see what I've got to work with here, then I'll let you loose on me. "Let's see, above-average length, nice girth, slight bend to the right..." After checking his shaft, she cupped his balls with a lovely, nail-polished hand. This all must be going pretty fast for you already." Andy looked down and noticed her hand still wrapped around his cock.

Janie Shaves Her Pussy

first-time LeCoach 2018-03-13

"And she's all pulling down her panties and smiling back like 'Which hole do you want to fuck...Big Boy?' Yeah, I think they're pretty sexy!" I couldn't believe I'd spoken so rudely to my childhood friend. Janie heard my breath quicken and felt my turgid cock begin to jerk and she reluctantly pulled my prick out of her steaming hot pussy and quickly moved it to the puckered little pink opening just above., it was High School and you do dumb things like not call a hot girl who showed you lurid sex magazines and then showed you her hot little shaved pussy and then panty teased you before posing on her knees and letting you fuck her!

Nature's Call - First Time

first-time lordroxbury 2018-03-13

It was the most erotic thing Erica had ever seen in her life, but she found she could not look away as Heather sank further, nestling the swollen head of that monster against herself, and then taking the final plunge! She was so fucking turned on by watching Heather and Travis fucking, that her heat was pouring from between her slightly parted legs and she felt wetter than she ever had before - even the one time that she was rubbed one off while watching her sister and her boyfriend having a go in the backyard! Her muscles were locked up and the last thing that Erica was aware of was just how deep John was buried inside of her!

A Tall Chicken Story, and Three Orgasms

first-time 2018-03-13

His warmth and that feeling, made me comfortable with a new feeling of being desirous, and his hand slid between our bodies, his fingers probing me as the back of his hand brushed his daughters buttocks, he had no shame, nor I, as he pushed his hand between my thighs and lifted my leg, an easy task as I moved with him, and his huge penis, glided down my buttocks and slid in between my thighs, he relaxed my upturned leg back into position, letting the softness and warmth of my inner thighs, excite his organ, its bulbous head disappearing into the fluffy pillows of Emily's ass.

More than Friends

first-time littledirtygirl24 2018-03-13

This fleeting licks soon turned into full on sucking, feeling his soft flesh against my cheeks and tongue as I gave him as much pleasure as I was capable of. Patrick- I let out a quick gasp as her mouth enveloped my waiting cock, the cold air on my skin paired with her warm, wet mouth sent shivers of pleasure throughout my body. I could barely keep quiet as her tongue licked and swirled around my member, I ran my hand through her hair, then I began slowly moving my hips and guiding her head, down onto my cock. He was so hard, his cock absolutely pulsing with desire, much like I was as I began to move my hips against his, inching his member deeper into me.

Gym Buddy

first-time mrstixx 2018-03-13

I was too hot and needed to get some water so i got up and left, as i did i noticed the guy looking at the front of my boxers and then follwed my bottom with his eyes. I walked back in to have my second go and as i did his eyes followed me again fixated on my cock & bum, as i sat down he asked me the time, i didnt know so he stood up to have a look at the clock outside. He noticed i was looking and sat down but this time never covered himself up, his cock was on show and i couldnt stop looking i got a huge erection in my boxers.

Bar anal pick up

first-time gregger123 2018-03-13

On the way to my flat she told me that she is still an anal virgin and that she wants to get fucked in her ass more than anything else. I read a lot about anal sex, but never got a chance to test my knowledge as my girlfriend was not ready for it yet. So we got undressed I put her on her back and started licked her sweet pussy, at the same time I licked a finger and inserted it into her tight, but horny ass. When I took my 8 inches cock out she got pretty scared, but I told her it would not hurt. She started to lower her self onto my craving an ass cock.

Secuction Ch. 01

first-time BigZeke13 2018-03-13

You can use your hands at the same time to masturbate him." Joanne could see from the glassy-eyed look on Nicki's face that she was totally lost. When he is completely aroused," she giggled, "and it won't be very long, he will ejaculate or cum." Nicki had the confused look back on her face. Nicki reached up and unbuckled my pants and as she looked me right in my face she pulled my zipper down very slowly with one hand as her other hand pushed down on my still rigid cock. Zach saw at the look on Nicki's face as he continued to stroke his cock with his own hand.

Her first taste

first-time hornyguyxxx12 2018-03-13

A great pulse flared the angry cock head again causing a huge flow of of pre-cum onto Sarah's tongue. Sarah looked down and watched as he rubbed his massive cock head over her pussy lips. Sarah gasped deeply for air as her pussy suddenly fill with Pete's thumping cock head. Pete started to build a rythem of slow, but stern, thrusting stabs deep into Sarah's pussy Her moans were a****l like now in deep husky growls. Her pussy clamped hard around Pete's cock gripping him like a vice, trapping his huge knob once again with spasm after spasm. Jet after jet of hot jizz pumped into her pussy when all of a sudden Pete pulled his giant cock out of Sarah's pussy with a pop.

My Friends Girlfriend.

first-time 2018-03-13

My friend stood up and signalled to his girlfriend that he was heading to bed, he slowly walked out and stumbled up the stairs. I knew it was wrong but had wanted to for years..I leaned down and slowly kissed her beautiful soft lips passionately. She pushed me back down on to the large sofa and slowly slid down her dress revealing a black bra and pink thong. She took them off ever so teasingly and unzipped my pants slowly letting my long cock pop out of them. She slowly slid her wet cunt down on to my cock and let it enter her. I took a firm hold off her tight little ass and start thrusting my hard cock up in to her...

Friends Get Physical

first-time jessabelkitty 2018-03-13

His hand touching my waist began to slip to the edge of my sweater, slowly, and then started to move under my sweater. He moaned and pulled me closer to him, burying his face in my neck and beginning to draw his teeth over the sensitive skin, stopping occasionally to suck passionately on my neck, leaving what must be some pretty big marks. He trailed kisses across my smooth waist, rubbing his hands up and down my legs, then slowly inching up my thighs towards my cunt. I slowly wrapped my hand around it; the skin felt soft and delicate, but I could feel the hard passion coursing through underneath the skin.

THreesome gone cuckold

first-time witdacandy09 2018-03-13

I finally gave in last night, she wanted to suck another cock while i fucked her. He wasnt the same man i saw on the webcam, when i asked her about it she replied "The other guy couldnt make it, so i found Dante." I was only prepared for another average white guy to share her with instead now we have this thugged out black guy undressing my girlfriend with his eyes. SHe wanted him to fuck her while she sucked my dick, i saw no problem as he was about the same size as me and we had condoms just in case. When the head squeezed in she let out a moan, " he's bigger than our big black dildo at home!" she cried.

Kim's Rough Life

first-time shotguner 2018-03-13

The next morning and every one till today she calls me to talk about three times a week she comes during the day and fucks me silly her strap-on is ten inches long and as big around as my wrist and OMG does she know how to use it, I've done things with her I would never do with Tom. She takes me out about twice a month I wear short dress no bra or panties and twice now she has bent me naked cover her car and fucked me hard in the bar parking lot and once in the dressing room at the mall dress shop.

Virgin on the Orient Express

first-time TheCompanion 2018-03-13

His tongue moved around the hardness and sent a wave of heat through her body, heading downwards. She moaned loudly, as she understood it was his tongue flicking in and out of her, finding places inside that she didn't know existed. His hand was entwined in her hair, guiding her pace, and he thrust his cock in her mouth harder each time. We don't want this to end just yet." He gently pushed her back on to the bed and placed his head between her legs again. He licked and sucked like he had before and she loved it, she could feel wetness where he was now, and knew it was because she was in ecstacy. Elena braced herself slightly, and felt him push his erection inside of her.


first-time 2018-03-13

Then we gradually moved up to the bedroom, there is already Inna took for me, tongue she licked my pussy, timidly, but so eagerly and so hard that I felt that I was about to orgasm will be covered, and then she pulled away from me, and I have not had time to look around, I have slipped into huge rubber cock, it brought it Slavik, excitement has covered me completely and I was beside myself, but moved towards him.

me and my friends hot and sexy mother Rasika

first-time bps02222 2018-03-13

and after dat wen i went to his home der was no one i thought sonu might b in bed room and bedrooms door was slightly open as i opened d door i saw rasika totally nude wiping her body at dat time my mouth went open she aslo saw me she coverd her body and i closed d door and ran of .i started thinking abt her


Stella by Moonlight

first-time boz 2018-03-13

When it happened a third time, I sat up and slapped my arm again, only to see Stella with a huge mischievous smile on her face holding a long flower leaf in her hand. I started stroking again slowly and discovered that more remnants were forced out of the tip, so I grabbed at the very base, pressed down, and worked my way up, like squeezing the last out of a toothpaste tube, and I was rewarded with another little spurt that dropped onto the middle of my tongue. Daniel increased his pace further, and moments later let out a shuddering groan and pushed into me one last time, straining to reach to the center of my soul with his cock.

My Girlfriend's Roommate

first-time emoguise 2018-03-13

I was imagining what position she was laying in and what Alexis could be wearing up there in the dark, when Lori put her hand on my dick. I kissed my way down her throat and took extra care to fondle the small of her back before I cupped her firm little ass in my two hands. I heard Alexis come in only moments before and I crept up to her doorway, which was open a little and light streaming into the hallway. A glistening of moisture from the shower still glazed her entire body, and as my eyes traveled down I noticed the pucker of her pussy lips and a tiny tattoo on her left hip tapering down to two amazingly fit legs.

Tracy & Me - Pt. 2

first-time chocolatepapi 2018-03-13

Lately she had been depressed because she was still single and spending so much time with Stacy and I was making her jealous. When she would get depressed she would call or text me and ask me what was wrong with her, why wouldn’t guys talk to her? One day she texted me and asked if I could come and fix her laptop. We sat there and chatted while I worked on her laptop, taking quick breaks to look up her shorts. I was able to improve the performance of her laptop but I wanted to take it to work with me to run some diagnostics and maybe make some more improvements. Dnt know wat that means..but thnx!

The Farmer's Daughter

first-time Dj_Maximus 2018-03-13

She adjusted her bathing suit, and gave herself a quick look, making sure everything was carefully covered. Looking around, she saw no one, so she made her way to the edge of the water, eyeing the trees behind her. He was a plain looking man, no overly attractive features, but she felt a shudder inside her as she watched nonetheless. The little butterfly kisses he provided her warmed her body and for the first time, she felt wanted, needed, loved. Her nipples pressed tightly against his bare chest made her head spin, but not as much as the sensation she received when his mouth covered her neck in wet kisses.

The Incentive List Ch. 06

first-time wabbit_season 2018-03-13

Liz followed the bubbly blonde into the room - another sparsely furnished and decorated affair - and noticed two things: a video camera pointing at a chair in the centre of the room, and an awkward looking young man sat behind a desk next to it. "Right then, thanks for coming today Liz. Sarah's probably told you everything you need to know, but I'd just like to confirm everything. It's a bit if a cheat really - if they look hard enough at the small print they'll see that it's all pre-recorded clips, but the illusion will be that they're playing live with regular girls - that's why we're auditioning amateurs, not professionals. "I think it sounds like a great idea," said Liz as she signed the contract.