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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Black and White

first-time PrinceAlberty 2018-03-13

He sat in his car thinking what the hell to say, to do, this was also his first encounter with another guy face to face and as nervous about the meeting as his friend. As he entered the bar, he had no idea his meeting was about to take a twist, he ordered a drink and went straight to the bathroom needing to piss so bad due to being in traffic for an hour and a half. he almost turned and pissed on the other guy, what are the chances he thought to himself, the guy glanced to his right and looked down at this strangers cock to see a lovely black cock starting to rise slowly.

Always a Bridesmaid Ch. 02

first-time PrincessErin 2018-03-13

Jackie had announced that Jack had asked one of his friends to be a groomsman at the last minute and so because she wanted equal numbers of bridesmaids and groomsmen, Sophia needed to be a bridesmaid. "I'm Jackie's official wedding planner and am here to make sure that you get your tuxedo fit right." Sophia wasn't the timid shy girl she was in high school. Fuck I only bugged you because I liked you." Ryan was responding to Sophia's actions and had pushed her up against the car. "What are you some fucking school boy?" Sophia had felt the burning hot metal against her legs and had pulled herself up so she was sitting on the hood of her car.

The Slow Burn

first-time cityoflights 2018-03-13

I was of a mind to believe him, just his eyes touching me - on the pulse of my neck, my breasts, the area between my thighs where I was sure he could see the wetness that made my panties damp - electrified me. I suddenly pushed myself off of him to face his side; my eyes only inches away as I watched my hand squeeze his turgid flesh and the other play with his ball sac. I sucked for all I was worth, groaning and moaning around his cock as his tongue thrust it's self into my vagina, his fingers clenching my ass cheeks. I felt his ball sac tighten against my hand when he gently inserted a finger into my mouth and pulled it off his cock.

Intimate massage at a conference

first-time anderul 2018-03-13

The girl I had just met was now standing in front of me as the speaker told us to perform a standard shoulder massage As I was slowly massaging her shoulders my cock quickly grew to its erect state, if anyone were to look they would definitely see a big bulge in my pants; luckily I was in the back row. Amanda's shoulders were relaxed as I went over them with my hands, what was maybe 30 seconds felt like several minutes. After the conference wrapped up we went straight for the bathroom where we had sweat-inducing sex which ended with me, after Amanda climaxing twice, cumming in her mouth.

My first fuckfriend

first-time pussyhealer 2018-03-12

She turned her back on me, I laid there, in her bed, watching her shaved shining legs, her long, dark hair, her oncovered back...I got up, hugged her from behind, kissed her neck, with one arm grabbed a boob while with the other went her pants. She asked me if I feel like cumming, I said:"no" and she replied"good, fuck my pussy now with me on top" after a while she leaned over and told me to stick a finger up her ass while I keep on fucking her and if I feel like cuming to put on a condom and come into it. I was feeling brave, and started to like it a little and asked her to leave the dildo in my ass, to lube her ass and to let me fuck it.

Black Angel and Golden Butterfly

first-time senbonzakurah 2018-03-12

Giselle went right over to her painting and closed her eyes. Akira decided to give it his best shot after all Giselle seemed like a nice girl who was probably wishing she were elsewhere at the moment. Giselle ordered a double espresso; Akira ordered a green tea with a shot of espresso and whipped cream. "We were in this club and we were dancing and it got hot and I asked him to get me a drink and the next I know I'm waking up in his dorm room and there's blood and oh and he slipped me a roofie and he..." Giselle started to cry. Akira got up and took her hand. Giselle looked at Akira. Akira felt Giselle shivering beneath him.

My first time letting a guy suck my dick

first-time 2018-03-12

So we started talking back and forth about fucking various girls and all that talk got my 9inch cock rock hard and it was very noticeable since all i was wearing was some basketball shorts. I told him i've never let another guy see my dick let alone touch it but I'm so fucking horny yes you can. it felt so good i let out a slight moan and watched him as he started to slowly stroke me up and down. I said i was about to cum and he just sucked hard on my dick head and started to stroke my shaft really fast. I never thought a guy could suck dick so fucking well.

Maid in England

first-time zopri 2018-03-12

" are who now?" it was all I could muster and I did not want to look like a total weirdo caught gawking at this heavenly creature. I sat on my bed and once again began to pleasure myself thinking about her lovely legs. "Ummm...yeah...hmmmm...this isn' know...what it looks like." I said that with not a shred of credibility but what else was I going to say. Her body sure did not look like any woman that age that I had seen! My hands went to reach up to her breasts and began to caress and squeeze her ripe melons. I don't think my cock ever got this hard but I wanted to find out if I could do this again!

A Night With My Younger Step s****r

first-time 2018-03-12

I had other ideas, however; I wasn't about to cum again without holding those fantastic breasts of hers, so I lay down next to her and lifted up her side, spooning her into me as I slipped one arm under her waist and d****d the other over her leg, guiding my cock back inside her before running my hand back up her body. Reluctantly leaving one of her breasts behind, I moved a hand down to her crotch and spread my first two fingers one each side of my cock as it pushed into her, stroking her pussy lips as I thrust.

Black Delivery

first-time lanre2000 2018-03-12

As best I can tell, Sharon's being fucked every day while I'm at work and at least two times a week at night. He fucked her like this for 20 minutes, causing Sharon to scream in orgasm every few minutes, and then we both came, me against the side of the house, him deep inside my wife. I watched him move between her wide open thighs and aim his massive black cock at her waiting eager cunt. I could see his huge black balls slapping her upturned ass each time he plunged deep into her pussy causing her whole body to jerk and spasm in rhythm. I've managed to watch this young black stud pound my wife dozens of times.

My Young Ladies

first-time Trustnoone 2018-03-12

Sam swallowed and went on to say, Can we do it again, please." So this time I wrapped my nearest arm around her shoulders, leaned in and started to lightly kiss her. Every so often Sam would shift her head and I looked to her again and kissed her on the lips, opening our mouths and both of us would dart their tongue into the others mouth and play with it. We woke some time around 7am and laying holding each other and kissing, when I heard, 'What the fuck.' We both looked to the door, which we left open, and there stood Halley.

Kinky Halloween Party

first-time Italiangothic6219 2018-03-12

Plus she had the most luscious pair of sheer black lace thigh highs I think I've ever seen. Lilly licked from the bottom of my ass, all the way to the tip of my throbbing button. Magnus then began to get my tight little ass all wet. I felt Magnus start to lube my ass again. But to my utter surprise he started to slowly put the tip of his enormous cock in my tight little hole. Lilly then started to rub my clit. I felt her start to fuck my face. The combination of Magnus jamming my tight opening and Lilly lapping at my drenched pussy was too much. I then felt this intense spasming and I started to squirt all over her face.

saturday at the Park

first-time Sigrid-DWT 2018-03-12

Lou pulls my hose and panties down enough so that he gets his hands on my naked bottom and his fingers explore the crack of my ass. Lou is laying flat on me and he seems to only lift is hips and his cock slips out of me a few inches then he pushes deep in me again. I get my concentration back and close my mouth around the head of Jim's cock and suck it as he watches his suck buddy fuck my ass. Jim's hard cock leaks the clear liquid more as he watches me get fucked. Jim crawled on top of me just like his friend did and he quickly jammed the head of his cock in my wet semen and KY lubricated bottom.


The Mediterranean Guesthouse Chapter 6 - the end

first-time arsch_chiis 2018-03-12

My hands are on the sides of the Ducati, and I am watching as she starts to suck my cock, moving it in and out her mouth, sometimes looking up to me, sometimes closing her eyes and focusing on the sensation of my pulsing dick entering deep into her mouth. She returns my kiss, raising her hand to grab my head and pulling me to her mouth, her kiss is strong, like my words have been exactly what she needed, but at the same time I sense in her kiss the coming moment of our separation, the moment when I have to leave her and go back home.

My first car

first-time canev8 2018-03-12

And all excited once back at school the first Friday my girlfriend Cassi and I made plans to meet at the local mall, "to watch a movie". Greeting Cassi's mom before we headed into the mall and almost instantly made our way to my new car. As she fucked me harder my cock exploded shooting my cum into the condom while her lips met mine and we kissed as I came. I asked why and she said that she got to fuck my stepb*****r in his new car. I then continue stroking my hard cock and it wasn't at all long till I exploded and shot my cum into the condom relieving tension from my balls and body.

Loving my ass for the first time.

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-12

You pull your finger out and push in again a little deeper this time. I feel my ass trying to grasp You continue to finger fuck my ass, obviously becoming more and more You pull your fingers out and I know what will be going in my ass next. You open my ass cheeks again and now I feel your cock pressing against push harder and suddenly I feel real pain as the head of your hard cock I can feel tears in my eyes caused by your cock tearing into my ass. I feel the thickness of your cock buried in my ass. fingers as my body tenses and I can feel your cum shooting deep inside me.

A Helping Hand

first-time jamesmarlowe 2018-03-12

If you come this way," she offered, heading for the door, his feet following quickly on her heels, his eyes glued to her shapely curves, her endless legs disappearing inside a pair of snug fitting white shorts, her pouting bottom lifting and lowering as she shifted her weight, waving invitingly from beneath the tight fabric, revealing shrouded hints of the alluring nakedness that lay beneath. The embrace was warm and affectionate, lips touched and mouths crashed together in a smouldering kiss, two bodies energised by an exchange of powerful electric charges, eager tongues joining together in a ballet of heightening endearment, impatient hands sweeping over fabric, over curves, over bulges, over flesh, searching and probing, fondling and squeezing, feeling the firmness, the length, the thickness, the pulse beneath the cotton fabric responding to the persuasion of touch.


first-time albertfisher 2018-03-12

It grew out of four from different parts of Ireland who began making new friends, it was a coincidence that all shared they had received their Father's belt on their bare arse as they put it to each other until and still does when they go home at the week-ends. They decided to have a week-end away where they would be initiated into the club electing a Head Master and Head Mistress. One of the group new an ideal place for the week-end as she knew of a couple who had a rambling country house which they let out t groups into alternative stuff.

my wife her friend and myself

first-time MakyRuthy 2018-03-12

I didn’t want Belinda to stop, but she was so frenzied that I began to wonder what might happen if she started talking to Marcela while she jerked me off. From behind her I heard Marcela say “Wow.” Belinda leaned forward and kissed me hard on the mouth and secretly reached down and gave my cock a little squeeze through the towel. She pushed into her causing Belinda to lean back now and Marcela started to kiss her neck and found a tit with her hand. Belinda started moaning as Marcela massaged her tit and sucked her neck, before dragging her tongue down Belinda’s chest and making circles around her nipple.

A Mere Figment Ch. 03

first-time attics 2018-03-12

He felt like the room around him was shattering into thousand pieces, leaving only him and Amy on the bed, joined. But the physical awareness, the way her body protested when his cock slipped out of her – like she felt empty, that had to count for something, right? She gripped the head of his cock with two fingers, like he had demonstrated this morning, wriggling it a bit to see how it felt in her hands, at her command. Before, it had been his sure, long strokes inside her, filling her, every ridge of his cock touching her, making her feel. His nestled cock was soft inside her, but as soon as she started up her delicious grinding, he could feel his need return.


first-time lickursquirt 2018-03-12

I was overheard a room when the smell of sex hit me like a panther tank. I was overhead a room when the smell of sex hit me like a panther tank. My neighbour Tamara with a foot long dildo in her cunt watching porn and laying on her couch. After 5 minutes of sucking and licking I felt the sperm rising from the depths of my balls. I couldn't cum in her, for I didn't want to be bestowed the title "dada." As she fucked me and I fucked her we looked at each other and said through our eyes: This will happen Every day. "Lick my pussy Nigel I want your mouth and fingers in my pussy."

Domaine of Infern'O (2)

first-time 2018-03-12

He then addresses his assistant who had just entered the room, dressed in a black leather corset which hung a whip and handcuffs: Along the way, the Lord told me that I am not allowed to move freely in the area, but only well led by a Master or an assistant. After waxing my sex and my pubes affixing of heading 7250, I was taken to another room, they ordered me to take off my dress and tie me up. I understand that it must be so well endowed by nature and despite the pain, I wet at the thought that penetrate me with his big cock. After the 30th hits, The Assistant leans me forward and I feel a huge sex their way into me.

Cindy Lou Seduces the New Stockboy

first-time Boxlicker101 2018-03-12

Cindy Lou felt the familiar, pleasant feeling in her pussy that she always gets when she meets a good-looking man, especially when he is young and tall. While he lay on the bed, Cindy Lou removed his shoes and socks and pulled his pants and underwear off, all the time gazing lustfully at his cock, big and hard and pointing straight up into the air. The best part was the way his cock felt in Cindy Lou's wet pussy, of course, but even the feel of the soft skin of her thighs under his hands was a source of bliss.

A Time to Dream About

first-time qknd 2018-03-12

We held hands and I rubbed my hands over turned your hand so that the palms were pressing into mine...The couch is an 8 foot leather one with plenty of room..We started to kiss in earnest now...your lips are so soft and pliant...I knew we only had a couple of hours but I didn't want to rush our first time..I lay you back and lay next to you...All the while my lips and tongue were glued to yours...I licked your lips with the tip of my tongue..then thrust it deep into your mouth were your tongue met it...I loved the feel of your tongue wrestling with mine...soft and lively it was...My hands were caressing your entire body, careful to only touch the sides to your thighs and arms..You had a light cotton dress on...When my hands rubbed your thighs the dress was slowly pulled up...The dress was pulled up as high as your waist now...By the movement of your pelvis I knew it was getting to you..By the rock hard cock that was now dwelling in my pants it was getting to me lips moved to your neck as my hands caressed your thighs, now at the inner thighs...stroking with my fingertips..lightly trailing over the silken flesh...Then I lay my palm flat over your mound...covering it with my warm hand.