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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time 4ofSwords 2018-03-12

She always looked great - she wore shirts and jeans that hugged her curves, darkened her lashes to make her speckled brown eyes pop from her toffee-colored face, brushed something over her lips that made them plump and glisteny - even while most of the other girls in the warehouse didn't bother with more than a hair-clip and pull-over sweater. This time I had a better idea what she wanted me to do with my tongue and lips, so while her mouth plunged over the head of my cock, I flicked the hardened tip of my tongue against the bead of her clit until she was practically bouncing on my face, grinding in quick, jerky circles and muttering naughty-sounding Spanish I couldn't even begin to remember.

Asian Innocence Manipulated

first-time BeamMeUp 2018-03-12

Selina is not quite sure what an au pair girl is supposed to do as it sounds awfully French but the inference sounds like a domestic of some kind so she nods with a big smile without saying a word in case she makes a mistake and ruins her chances. "What is the last time you had sex with a man?" Josette asks, looking directly into Selina's eyes to see if she is slightly evasive. Her complete innocence is what Josette is looking for and raises the secretary's hopes of finding the perfect attractive young woman somewhat pure as the driven snow so Jacques Pardie, an expert in erotica, can influence her and teach her.


first-time Jennyeou 2018-03-12

Up again for air I noticed how much drool came out of my mouth and I used my hands up the shaft and over the head of his cock to spread it around. Swallowing as I felt the head of his cock hit the back of my throat I was able to take in another 2 inches, but I just couldn't stay down there for very long. I must have relaxed my muscles somewhat though, because John moved his hands to my head and stroked my hair. I start to feel his body tense right before he slams his mouth on mine and slams me down on his hips which are rising off the bed.


first-time romangladiator03 2018-03-12

Like I have said I don’t like her at all but I’m not going to let her stand in the way of him having fun or coming down for the weekend. So as I am getting ready for Dan’s arrival I get a text from him, he said his girl can’t come out tonight because she had gotten into trouble at home with her parents over a Facebook post. Still cradling his big balls sucking on his dick like there is no tomorrow he lets out one last grunt and with out any kind of warning BLASTS a HUGE load in my mouth and down my throat.

Together For The First Time

first-time ulsterguy45 2018-03-12

And I am going to be very bold and say that between us right now, I don't sense any need for boundaries." With those words, she lifted his hand to her mouth, look into his eyes and gently kissed each fingertip. When she had finished, he took both her hands in his, and lifting them to his lips, caressed each one softly with the tip of his tongue, and then looking straight into her eyes , he said: "Well I guess I'm not leaving you in any doubt that I have come to look on you as more than just someone I know."

Blackmailing a teacher

first-time 2018-03-12

Her smell would drive me crazy and when she would lean over to help me with my paper, I could feel the warmth of her body so close to me. My cock would began growing in my pants and I think she would watch it grow as she leaned over me. My cock wasted no time, it was pressing aqainst my pants and I could tell she was dying to see it. With her hands wrapped around it she moaned and said I have been wanting to see this for a long time. I slowly started sliding my cock into her wet pussy. Her pussy felt so good around my cock and I wanted this to last for ever.


first-time BriarRose 2018-03-12

I was local enough to recognize that much, his leather vest over a plaid flannel shirt, worn blue jeans and cowboy boots. I did so, rubbing my hands on my blue jeans and looking around. As he thrust I found myself moaning into that shirt and when he removed the flannel to kiss me I licked my lips and had at him, my arms reaching around to hold him, my legs spread eagle, feet in the air. The kiss was long and slow, so deep I had to grab his shirt with my free hand. He got inside, started up the engine, and I had to step away to let him pull out.

Leaving present 1

first-time valandjayne 2018-03-12

All the while I was thinking how would I feel if, or when Dave starts pumping his cock into my wife. My wife pointed his cock up towards her face as she jerked him fast and hard he started to cum while yelling out “ohhh yeah” as she swallowed all he had (another first) and another big load. “Yes” as she bit down on her lip she looked at me and smiled and mouthed “thank you” Dave would pull back and slowly thrust back into her he said, “This is one awesome pussy”. Dave sat up and took his cock out of her pussy, this let loose trapped air and her fanny farted whilst he body trembled.

Birth of a Speedster Ch. 01

first-time Barry_Allen 2018-03-12

On our way back to her house she was silent, I got out of the car and walked her to her door, which prompted her to drag me in and pull me into her bedroom, which was oddly pink. Her beautiful thin lips run over the underside of my cock and then she begins to kiss all over it, which prompts a low moan from me. Reaching out I turn Grace until her pretty perky bottom is in my face, I move her dress out of the way and pull aside her pink panties, which gives me access to her pussy. Not a submissive shy kid like yourself." As her words leave her mouth pain fills my body and tears begin to drench my eyes.

Holidays in Italy - how i started my pee fetish ..

first-time 2018-03-12

the GF of my father and her daughter (she's a hottie, eh!) decided to travel to Italy again because it's not far away where we live and it's very beautiful there. So a few days later we took all the stuff for traveling in our car and jumped into it to get away from our rainy hood. On the way to the borders of Austria we d***k a lot of water, Cola and that stuff because of the time we could save thereby if we don't have to stop every 2 kilometers because somebody got to pee we saved all the water and the other drinks in our bladders and let it in a few breaks out. The daughter of the GF from my father pressed like she would bear a c***d, according to this you could imagine how far she spurted her peestream.

Slave to My Virginity

first-time Bakeboss 2018-03-12

"OK, I going to give you a big treat, I'm going to let you hand wash my dirty panties and then you can sniff them all you want to." She reached under her shirt and pulled her panties down, I watched as she turned them around in her hand until she had the crotch exposed. I wanted to tell her that I was thankful for all she had taught me about girls, for giving me confidence and of course, for taking my virginity but I said nothing. I left her place walking on air knowing I had learned some of life's big secrets and I knew I would use them on the next girl I met.

The Holy Trinity

first-time IrishDude3881 2018-03-12

Of course Kendra knew she would be getting my cock next and even the mother was going to feel my 8 inch shaft stretch her more experienced love tunnel. I knew I was going to love feeling my hard dick stretch her tight pussy. I went back to rubbing my shaft across her opening and stimulating her clit while her mother and twin sister vigorously stimulated her rock hard nipples and sensitive breasts. Katie used her skilled mouth to nibble the head of my penis while Kendra moved her lips up and down the shaft. Eventually I told her that I would need to come soon and she grinned and looked her mom and twin sister in the eyes before speeding up.

My Dream of What Could Have Been Ch. 02

first-time NeedYou 2018-03-12

I lay my head on her pelvis my mouth right at the top of her pussy watching my finger enter her hole and come out wet. Many times she would sort of squat and use her fingers to open her pussy lips and let me look deep into her hole. So when I felt her hands on my head pushing it towards her wetness I obey and moved my mouth lower towards her hot wet and soft open cunt slit. She moaned loudly and finally I felt her lift her ass up off the bed and cried out as she started thrusting and pumping and fucking my face like she and I had both dreamed it would happen.

My Twin Sister is a Cheerleader Ch. 03

first-time Callicious 2018-03-12

Once I had my feet free of my boxers and was standing there starkers, just as were the girls, Marissa looked back into my eyes again and mouthed "Thank you." It was not until then she looked back down to take in the sight of my rampant cock as it bobbed and dripped before her face. Marissa reached out with an almost tentative hand and gently grasped my cock right behind the head, feeling the ribbing of the shaft, tracing the urethra all the way from the base of my cock, at the ball sack, and up to the glans. "I think he likes the idea." Lifting my cock up against my belly Marissa leaned in and gave my left nut a gentle kiss before looking up at me with a cheeky smile.

The Hook Up

first-time undersireable1 2018-03-12

One day in early April, the last of the melted snow had dried away and the sun was getting hotter by the day, Josh began a conversation with a girl names Alicia. They continued kissing for minutes until Josh brought his hand to her side. Josh could feel himself get hard in an instant and knew the Alicia could feel his bulge, because she was sitting directly on top of it. Still kissing Alicia, his hand slipped into her pants and he gently massaged her ass. Josh grabbed it with his right hand and she increased the violence in her kissing. "Oh my fucking god Josh, your dick is so big!" she shouted, "ahh, yes!" "Oh shit, Josh, I got your whole dick inside me," Alicia shouted.

s*s and I -2

first-time stif266 2018-03-12

especially not without explaining what was really on the tape. I blushed and looked down to see the cream covering my chest and stomach. I hadn't kissed many girls, but I am a quick learner. "Sorry sweetie, but Dexter doesn't have many weekends free and he said he wanted to spend this one with me." I figured a quick exit was called for. I debated calling her to apologize. When we exited the expressway and the traffic thinned, I backed off to make sure he didn't see me. They climbed into an SUV as I snapped photos. It explained why he didn't have many weekends free. no panties! I recognized it from her panties.

Like Mum Like Daughter

first-time largeroger 2018-03-12

"Mmmmm lets see how wet we can get you then," I said extending my tongue and allowing it to stroke along the full length of her slit stopping on reaching her clit before sucking her hard little button into my mouth. As Summer's breathing recovered I turned her on her side and reaching around with my hand I located the hard little bud of her clit and started to work it slowly between finger and thumb. "Turn round and move up here I want to taste you." Summer raised herself off my cock, turned round and placed her legs either side of my head bringing her very wet pussy down on to my mouth.

Slippery Situation

first-time anoni 2018-03-12

She preferred getting ready in the deserted locker room of her high school then dressing at home, where her parents would undoubtably bombard her with questions about the boy, where they were going, what they would do. "It probably won't be that hard to find Ben's locker," she thought, "I'll just look for the one with the most sports and the most posters." "I'm so sorry," Ben said, "I just turned on the shower and you came out of nowhere right into the water! "Let me help you," he said, encircling her in his muscled arms and wrapping the towel tightly around her. "It's ok," Ben said, "I'm turning on the hot water, give it a minute to warm up.

a night out bar hoping

first-time videocoster 2018-03-12

my mind was doing a mile a minute.before i new it i had my lips ****d around it sucking it like a dick was as hard as a rock. i herd a deep voice say thats enough sucking now its time for fucking.he pulled my shorts down to my ankles. my legs started turning to jello i didnt know how much longer i could stand.then i felt him slow down. icould tell by his moans he was about to cum.then i could feel his cock swell up a little then him start to jerk and grunt. it hit me i am in a gay bar.there all smileing cause they new i was strait when i walked in.

Daddy Shoots Deep

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-12

That cockfull feeling inside my pussy opening, just Daddy's big cock tip and only for a moment but it was sooo amazing, like nothing I ever felt before. Daddy's load shot so hard and deep from his big fat daddycock while my wet little girl cum squirted out, Daddy's dick blocking my squirt like a damn, a fat daddycock jamming sex juices deep into my pussy, invading and stuffing my tight hole. Daddy slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy, so slowly, allowing a full release of liquids, thick daddy cream and hot daughter juice flowing from my freshly fucked little hole as my orgasm waned.

Church Tales Ch. 1

first-time Jimilinden 2018-03-12

We had parked, necked and petted till we were both so frustrated that many nights I went home with my insides in actual pain and Leo had told me his testicles ached for days after our sessions. Leo would slip his hands up the back of my blouse and unhook my bra almost as soon as we parked to supposedly watch the movie. Then while Chuck kissed and nursed Dotty's breasts (this much we had ascertained by sneaking an occasional peek over the seatback) I would have my own breasts stroked, squeezed and the nipples gently pinched to rock hardness. Leo loved to feel me up, with his hand hidden by my clothes, while Dotty was looking right at us.

First time with dad - Pt. 3

first-time pinks43 2018-03-12

Luckily, we both started to laugh and that broke the moment, he looked down at me and said that it was going to take him some time to get used to the idea that I wanted him to treat me as a woman but it sure would make him feel easier about the little mistakes he had been having. Whilst I was cumming, I heard him trying to tell me something and pull out of my mouth, but I wouldn’t stop pulling so hard on his shaft, I pulled my mouth off his cock for a moment and strained to say, “Cum for me daddy, fill my mouth with all that lovely cum, I want you to fill my mouth with as much cum as you have” and then I pulled him back to where he belonged.


first-time 2018-03-12

I know that Jeni was just going because Sarah wanted to go. I watched as the guy in the back rammed her ass with his dick of my sweet little Jeni. "fuck your cunt, this is your little bitchy cunt, fuck it good" I took a risk and pulled out of her pussy and slipped in her ass all at once, she gasped and then started moaning "fuck your little asswhore" she said, I kept fucking her and looked up and it was my girlfriend!! Jeni then asked me on the way to the car "did you like watching your slutty girlfriend fuck the frat guys?"


first-time Robin P 2018-03-12

Un-adorned, unsullied and in a completely natural state, she stood with her hands clasped behind her head, eyes downcast, waiting for me to give her an order; a blank page. "Pull these down." Gill took her hands from behind her head and grasped the waist band and eased the jogging bottom down over my hips, exposing my cock, then passed my knees that I had obligingly pulled up and together to help her. I wasn't finished with her though; still sucking gently on her wonderful clit, my index finger slid between her lips, I crooked it to lodge behind her bone, feeling the ribbed inside of her cunt.