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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Couple I met from Xhamster

first-time Slutfinder4u 2018-03-12

By this time her husband was already naked laying behind her and she had ahold of his cock stroking it. I start slowly pumping my cock in and out of her using my hands to rub all over her hot little body. After ten minutes or so, she pushes me off and gets on all fours and begins sucking my cock again. This time her husband gets behind her and begins fucking her. He pulls her up to him and leans her back and starts kissing her. She rode me for a pretty long time while her husband stood on the bed so she could suck on his cock. I start fucking her (Snapshot), the cum had her pussy all wet.

My First Girlfriend

first-time tonerboner91 2018-03-11

well Erick...I'm kinda drunk right now so this may be the alcohol talking, but why don't we skip the formalities and head straight for the bedroom?" She asked biting her lip and looking up and down my 6'2 frame. "When you called earlier, I was fucking myself thinking of you." She says blushing "now let me see your cock." She says pulling up her dress, exposing her pink panties. She pulled off her dress and turned on her stomach so that her face was right by my cock "are you ready baby?" She asked looking at me. "Fuck Emily your pussy is so good." I moan out ass I start to gain speed, my hips move in a circular motion.

Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 02

first-time Browniepoints 2018-03-11

Bye." Brody Anderson hung up the phone and looked at Nina, his ten year old daughter and then at Nolan, his eight year old son. Brody almost lost control of the car when he looked over and saw her small frame in his coat and how her necklace hung around her neck. Claudia smiled and quickly said, "Thank you and goodnight, Mr. Anderson," as he walked away. Brody gritted his teeth to keep quiet and felt his warm juices flowing across his hand and sighed in relief. After washing his hands, Brody looked into the mirror and said, "Goddamn, Brody, you've got to control yourself or this is going to be one bad summer." He sighed and went to bed.

chating spanish wife

first-time zopri 2018-03-11

I rub the length of my cock as I imagine her somewhere out there, pinching her hard pink nipples, her fingers sliding under the confines of her panties to touch her wanting wetness. "please baby finger my cunt" i moan but u concentrate on my clit as ur hard cock slides back and forth between my warm thighs} lick ur juices from my fingers." my mouth opens and ur fingers slide between my lips and i start to suck on them like they were ur big hard cock} I imagine her fucking me, my cock just on the edge of filling her tight cunt, wanting so badly to feel her pussy surround my dick.

Spin the Bottle

first-time Poker1 2018-03-11

"Andrew has the best body, but I wouldn't say no to David or John." Claire made her feelings known to the girls and they took turns to take sly glances at the boys and sum them up. She spun the bottle and it landed on Amy. Just like Sarah and Claire she chose to reveal her tits and leave her pussy hidden. The boys all stared at Claire's completely shaven pussy and Amy noticed Andrew's erection throbbing against his stomach. John walked over, his erection moving to and thro, and sat in front of Amy. He urged her to open her legs and took a little lick at her pussy.

The Fucking of Amy Pt. 01

first-time jaF0 2018-03-11

With that Victoria and Amy headed into the crowded room to a throng of admirers, both male and female, who freely fondled her breasts, legs, ass and cunt. She stood up, still holding it in her hand and said "Now you be good to my daughter with that, I think she's going to like feeling it inside her." Carol then began to undress Ken and when he was nude she led him over to the bed that had been waiting for them. And when this round is done, well I have something very special planned." Victoria quickly dropped her dress and joined Amy on her knees in front of a man new to the community.

The Babysitter Ch. 03

first-time snaillover69 2018-03-11

Sue started telling Becky about sucking Jeff's cock, she watched Becky closely as she went into all the details about how he had than fucked her until she came. Sue told her to just watch, and she stuck out her tongue and started licking the shaft of the cock, using her saliva to get the cock wet, making slurping noises as she licked. Becky's tongue started licking the 6 inch cock, she wondered if a real one really felt this way. Becky wet her own lips as she watched Sue sucking the 10 inch cock into her mouth, she could feel her pussy getting wet from the show that Sue was putting on for her.

How I made my hubby a cuckold

first-time asiaNaughty 2018-03-11

I share all with others: I kiss them on the lips, deep with tongue, I let them touch me everywhere, even the finger inside my pussy, I let them touch me the way they want, I suck them dick, I fuck all the way, the same I do with my husband. I thought, I am a girl , alone, going to a stranger place for fuck with him, it could be dangerous… But I felt good about John. I can feel his dick getting hard again, but I can feel he do not have enough stamina for fuck me again… I thought: it’s ok, I will blow him a little, just as a desert and I will go, just one minute.

Jeremiah's Surprise

first-time Just Plain Bill 2018-03-11

Particularly over the last several years, Jeremiah couldn't remember exactly when, especially interesting magazines began appearing in his father's apartment - magazines like Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler. Sometimes, when his father was out of the apartment, perhaps still at work, Jeremiah would take one of these magazines into the bathroom, prop it up against the wall on top of the toilet and masturbate, eyes fixed on the place between a pair of open female legs. Jeremiah couldn't wait to leave for his father's apartment and see what the surprise was, but, nevertheless, he talked patiently with his mother for next forty-five minutes, before kissing her goodnight and going down to the street to hail a taxi.

Nicole- my first girl

first-time cigardad4dad 2018-03-11

No matter what subject she would bring up- including her work over at CNET near where I used to work before I got laid off from my regular job before I took the job at the sex club- I kept bringing it back to how much I wanted to experience a hot woman like her in bed. We would be in the café at the gym, and I would stare her in the face and whatever question she asked, I would say, “As long as you let me fuck you, I’ll answer” I’ll never forget the look on this bitch’s face when we were at Peet’s near her office at Second and Mission, and when I said that, the old bag got her purse and coffee and moved to another table!

Chad and Michelle

first-time 9inchesoffunxxx 2018-03-11

"Ohhhhhhh God yesssssssss," Michelle crowed as she pushed the top of Chad's head further into her body, "mmmmmmmmmmmm yeah eat that fucking little pussy....." A couple of minutes later, Chad put his big, hard cock in latex into Michelle's tight, wet, juicy young pussy and began to fuck her harder harder harder harder faster faster faster faster deeper deeper deeper deeper with Michelle screaming and starting to ride his cock more and more grinding into him. After a little more pussy fucking, Michelle looked at Chad and wanted to ask him something but looked horrified. Chad then poured a bunch of lube on his cock and then slowly slid it into Michelle's tight virgin ass and began to fuck it slowly and getting harder and faster as time progressed.

Christmas Eve

first-time Longstretch 2018-03-11

"I don't want to be alone on Christmas Eve, Peter." I was infatuated with Joy, a third-generation Italian girl from the California wine country who had the deepest olive complexion, black hair down to her ass, and a wonderful full mouth. "Fuck me, Peter, I want to be fucked by you." She ostentatiously opened her legs for me, an invitation I could not resist. She bucked against me, said "Fuck me, Fuck me Peter" a couple of times, and was lying there exhausted when I came. At first I was angry and afraid that he was breaking up with me, but he said he loved me and wants us to get married after we graduate, in June of next year."

becoming a slut

first-time RenoBoi 2018-03-11

I got all dressed up slutty in my new clothes and was feeling extra naughty when I realized I no longer had a dildo. I grab my purchase and start heading for the exit when I notice a dark hallway labed video booths. I turn my attention back to the dildo inside of me fucking myself hard rubbing the cum from off my chin and put it into my mouth when I hear footsteps coming into the booth next to me and the door shut. He doesnt hesitate and pulls out his huge cock and shoves it thur the hole I quickly take him into my mouth and in no time hes fucking my throat all while still riding my dildo.

Wale of a Tail

first-time BasilBasset 2018-03-11

Leaning back to look into my eyes, Dylan quietly said, 'Come here, Jenny,' and gently pulled me over so I could sit between his legs while facing the fire. Dylan stood as if on cue and taking my hand in his said with a grin, 'Jennifer would you like to see the 'sin bin'?' Weaving our way unsteadily around his carousing teammates as they carried on with next verse, he led me to his hidden den, a secluded, very pretty spot well away from the others and laid me down on the deep, soft moss. Dylan came forward, quickly undoing the buttons of my blouse, then pulling my bra up and over my breasts to gently suckle my nipple in his wet, warm mouth while his hard cock rested against my aching mound.

A visit to my anal slut Ex-Girlfriend with friend

first-time cumcraverbottom 2018-03-11

She looked at Mark and says, "I wanted to fuck and suck you since the first time I seen you, when I got the call to have a threesome with you I didn't even hesitate, but I'll warn you, I'm horny and I'm going to work both your cocks until i'm satisfied." I reached around and pulled down her straps so her big saggy tits popped out. She serviced his cock like this for 5 minutes and then turned and faced him with her ass exposed to him, she grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them apart and looking back him saying, "Mark please fill my ass with your cock I need more cum, I still thirsty!!!" He stepped up and thrusted his cock deep into her ass, she smacked her own ass cheeks as he pounded her swollen asshole.

My First Black Cock BJ and a Bit More! Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-03-11

He said he was 7 inches long and loved the feeling of someone sucking his cock and balls and loved to blast off in a woman's mouth but he had never tried a man before. Now, lick my ass very slowly and I want to feel your tongue all the way up inside of it boy." After a few minutes I felt the black head of his cock enter my ass and from there it was two more pushes and he was half way in and I was biting my tongue, screaming inside and moaning outside.

Teaching Jenn Tie and Tease Bondage

first-time imornery81 2018-03-11

Putting the scissors back, she went down to the other side of the bed and began slapping her tits against my hairy legs and whispering about how wet and hot she was getting thinking about mounting my circumcised cock! Then she straddled my right leg and began rubbing her wet panties on my foot and then my shin as she moved on to biting, kissing and sucking on my the flesh of my belly and hips, all the while rubbing herself on me in every conceivable way. As if sensing my need, or maybe because she had reached her own limits, she suddenly stood up, stepped up onto the bed and facing my feet, squatted down over my hips and grabbed my cock and fed it into her hot wet cunt!

My Neighbor's Daughter

first-time blake9110 2018-03-11

She began by telling me that April had seen us the first summer we began screwing and that she had come home many times from work and snuck up to my backyard to look in the windows and watched us make love. April was reaching for my hard cock when I gently told her, "This is not about me, so just lie back and enjoy what I am going to do and tell me if anything I do hurts or if you want to stop at anytime and I will, ok?" April then said, "I hope you don't mind, just thinking about what happened this morning and all the times I watched you and my mom has gotten me really horny again and I want to feel you inside me again."

First time as Mommie's lover

first-time vaanna18 2018-03-11

Mom leaned closer to me, took my hand and said "you do understand that if you and I open this door and go down this road, things between you and I will be VERY different." Mom added "I am your Mother and I will always be your Mother, yet if you and I go here, sexually, you will do as I say... Mom then rolled me over and we began kissing very passionately again as Mom's hands and fingers continued to explore the front of my naked body. Mom's lips then traveled down my nect and onto my chest where She spent a long time kissing and toying with my little breasts and nipples as She fingered my very wet pussy!

Old times

first-time 2018-03-11

When I got to my room my roommate was already in bed sl**ping – she didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, but she was much more worldly than I was. And started to finger my pussy while thinking about what my boyfriend wanted to do to me. My roommate said that it was my moaning that woke her up and my light talking – “fuck me, fuck me” over and over that got her to come over to my bed to see what I was doing – like she didn’t know. I did let y boyfriend go all the way with me during those months, and my roommate even got to suck his cum out of my pussy once.


first-time lacerezareinita 2018-03-11

His cock was pressed hard up against the desk and he couldn't for the life of him tear his mouth away from her sweet little pussy. By this time, Rosia had forgotten all the things she was going to tell him to do, and just gave into the pleasure of her teacher's expert tongue and fingers as he kissed all around her ass and squeezed it. Just when she thought she couldn't take any more, her entire body tightened and her pussy muscles clenched so hard that her teacher couldn't move his hand – not that he minded having her sweet little pussy and ass gripping his fingers like that. Rosia's big, curvy hips bucked up against his, trying to push his cock deeper inside her tiny pussy, which was by now getting a little sore, but she didn't care.

My First: Misha

first-time halfnakedhistory 2018-03-11

When we got to her place she asked me to pour a couple glasses of wine and meet her on the deck. She jumped in the hot tub and I made my way across the deck naked as a jay bird with a ridiculously rigid teenage hard on and a glass of wine in each hand. Misha asked me to sit on the edge of the hot tub and she reached over and took a long sip from her wine glass as she refilled mine. Misha waited until I was concentrating on trying to take a drink from my wine glass when she used her tongue to make my eyes involuntarily roll back in my head and then she swiftly devoured my length down to the base and I absolutely exploded.

My First Threesome

first-time Horny_Chloe 2018-03-11

I slowed right down and looked at Rick still holding the camera, then said to Dave "i dont give a fuck, I need to cum !:" I then turned to Rick and said "make sure u get this, im gonna let him cum inside me" I started to ride Dave hard talking dirty to him " Come on spunk in me you bastard !, im gonna cum on your dick, oh my god, thats it yessss" I shrieked loudly as I came and Dave pulled my hips onto his cock and moaned" oh yes!, you fucking slut, im cumming!".

First time with a man

first-time yangus99 2018-03-11

A small cock looks like it would be fun to suck while a larger one with a huge head might feel great in my ass. As soon as my eyes met his bulge, I dropped to my knees and began sucking his bulge through the panties. He moved the wonderful head in and out slowly many times as he could tell my pussy loved the sensation. After a little while, I looked at him and said "Fuck me!" In an instant, his entire cock was buried in my tight ass until his ball sack was pressed against me. I moved behind him and placed the head of my cock in his tight ass.