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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

How my step s****r seduced me and took my virgin

first-time sexysonofsam 2018-03-11

She went and lay on the bed again and instructed me to look as she continued where she left off, this time she put four of her fingers in her mouth and licked them wet, then she slowly started inserting all four fingers into her wet pussy, when they were nicley lubricated she started fingering herself furiously and told me to come kneel over her and suck her nipples.

wife wrote letterto hubby "i fucked a black m

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-03-11

Eventually our schedules were open and I asked my husband and he said “go for it and have fun” I told him that I was only going to meet up with him and that I was not going to do anything that night. John is African-American and 12 years younger than me, it all started very innocently… just talking, but slowly the conversations started to get more personal; my husband knew about my conversations with him and was very excited because he wants to see me with a black guy. Then he started texting me and last Friday we met in the evening at the office and after a while of talking and flirting we kissed passionately.

Jessica's Dream Ch. 05

first-time sexy_roland 2018-03-11

Jessica decided that she would limit the number of fuck guys to 80 men, with a couple of men in reserved, just in case some could not appear on the weekend or developed cold feet at the last minute. They would watch him, as the lucky guy screwed Jessica, in a frenzied way, for her first time; thus, blowing her mind, sending her into a crazed sexual bliss with eyes glazed over, until he pops her cherry. After all, stories of lying on a food table, all tied up and glistening like a stuffed pig; stories of the Big Bang weekend; snagging a man as a result of a fuck competition for purposes of reproducing; and having her ovaries and tubes surgically removed after her 2 children arrive would certainly heighten their interests.

Nose job

first-time 2018-03-11

I lost my virginity two days after I turned eighteen late birthday gift maybe, it was more of pain then pleasure. My best friend and I talked about it the jerk fucked me and left me with pain, I've had my share of sex but I never experianced an orgasm until I was twenty one. PS he gave me his number but I never called him.

A Beautiful Night

first-time beccajane 2018-03-11

We shared some more kisses and I lick the side of his lips. We started to kiss a little more intensely and of course things got heated and more intense. I moved over and sat of the edge of the bed and he slowly crawled to where I was and started kissing my stomach and my breast. He got on the floor on his knees and of course started licking my lips. He then just got up and pull me back unto the bed. He just loved it and became rock hard and I tasted his sweet pre-cum I knew I wanted him inside me! We were kissing so passionately as he started pounding me to a bitter sweet orgasm.

Real story

first-time pks_saxena 2018-03-11

after some time I also start to rub his cock and suck arround 30-40 minitus continusly now his cock was fully loaded, I want to sit on his cock, I tried also to sit but immidatly I go unimmaginalbe pain. after 15 minitus he was uncontrolled man he f***ed me I have to sit on his cock I told him it will not possible because that day I got pain which not forget till date. I want to give you total pleause which was not happen that day, do't worry I will try this in a cool manner, he bring veslen and massage my ramp slowly and start to put his small finger into my back.

My First Threesome... Part 1

first-time LovingLuke 2018-03-11

I lean back and grab the back of her head, I can feel my cock pulsate inside her mouth, being messaged by the back of her throat and tongue gently teasing my tip. The feeling was unbelievable, unlike any sexual sensation I had ever felt before, I couldn't contain my soft moans as Yu's stroking and licking the tip of my cock matched pace with the new girls tongue motions... I could feel my cock pulsate each time I shot a load into Yu's mouth and sank into bliss with every shot, I lost count after 7 shots and it seemed like my cum was never going to stop flowing but Yu was able to keep up and drink every drop of it as I shuddered to the ground where now they both stood above me giggling down on my recovering erection.

Home On Leave

first-time LittleMissJersey 2018-03-11

She began to panic for a moment until she saw the look on Sal's face: a look that said "I want you," "I need you," and asked "Where to?" all at the same time. She felt the fingers on Sal's right hand begin to walk down her ribs, across her navel, and come to a rest just at her panty line. Still with hand and mouth, she traced the outline of these shorts, drew little circles on the inside of his pale white thighs, and rolled the shorts down one length of the band. Brianna put her fingers to her clit and was able to feel his bone through the outside of her body.

Hot for Teacher: Part 2

first-time Monodopo 2018-03-11

Her tongue then got to work as she began rubbing my helmet with the tip, teasing it, making me shiver with pleasure. I heard her muffled voice say with my cock stuffed in her mouth: ‘Relax – don’t be so tense.’ I only then noticed that my hands were clenched and my knuckles white. I took one of my hands from my side and put it down her shirt and began to fondle her breasts, while the other I placed at the back of her head and sped up the tempo. I slowly began to pull my cock out of her mouth, and as I did so she sucked as hard as she could and lapped her tongue around my shaft.

Last Part of the Beach Story....?

first-time 2018-03-11

I walk upstairs and find that the second door on the right that she told me to use is slightly open, and as I walk in I see that it's most likely the master bedroom because of its size and the fact that it even has a Walk-In Bathroom / Toilet attached to it (not normal for many houses back in that time era I can tell you) I lay the towels down and sit on the edge of the big bed with it's large bed spread covering it, LOL she even has a TV set in the room too ?

A First Time for Everything Ch. 02

first-time curious_cait 2018-03-11

When he started pinching and rolling the little nub between his thumb and finger, I arched my back, thrusting my breast into his hand. As he started pinching the right nipple with his fingers again, my hands flew to his head, buried by the blanket. He continued kissing me slowly like that as his hand once more moved down to the hem of my shorts. When I started moving my hips against his hand, trying to build that pressure again, he chuckled and caught my lips between his again. His fingers continued moving, drawing out every last second of my orgasm, until they finally slowed down and I started coming down from my high.

A dancer sucks my cock in the vip room

first-time 2018-03-11

She would take her hand and rub it across my cock and at one time she grabbed it and squeezed it and gave it a little stroke up and down. She followed me and sat next to me and I asked her if she wanted a drink so we sat there for about an half hour watching the other girls dancing and talking. I told her no and she said fuck, I want to feel your cock in me so bad. I told her I didnt know and she said I am not asking for any money just some of your cock.

two old men

first-time tunemaker 2018-03-11

i pulled the elastic rim of my sweats, sliding my pants to my knees, i shivered in spite of the well heated car blowing hot air into my old aching balls. he dropped his head to my cock, i was shriveled, i don't know if it was the cold or the nervous area but i was so small, i did think john could find it. his tongue darted out and into my pee hole, his mouth engulfed my shrunken manhood, he gently suckled and licked, coaxing my little man out. glancing around once more, my head dropped between john's legs and i sucked his dick into my mouth. my jerk off buddy relaxed his grip on my head and began to fuck my face slowly and gently, pausing to let me gulp air.

shag on the green under the pale moonlight...

first-time mrclitoralman 2018-03-10

Hearing Alia moan with the rhythm of my fingers, I teased against the rim of her ass with my other hand and she pressed her pussy down harder over my lips, gyrating her hips against the flicking motion of my tongue over her clit. Exploring with my lips and kissing her neck and shoulder, I teased her nipple between my fingertips and caressed my other hand over her hip and thigh as my resurgent cock started to swell and grow hard against her ass. Alia pushed her ass back against my pulsing cock and purred, "Mmmm, I love how you feel against me." With a mischievious grin I slid my hand between her thighs and she spread herself open for me to slowly massage my fingers over her wet slit and draw circles around her clit.

First Time Suckin Cock

first-time dickslapme19 2018-03-10

Thank god it was summer vaction cuz at 3 in the morning I was still up stroking my huge hard cock and reading and about that time my phone goes off I started beatin him off his rock hard cock felt amazing in my hand being rubbed through his boxer briefs and gym shorts after a few mins of that I pulled off his gym shorts and was rubbing this man meat through his boxer briefs after that I pull his junk balls and dick out of his boxer briefs I lit up my phone and it looked GLORIOUS in the dim light of my cell (later on of suckin his cock -I swear no lie I sucked his guys cock OVER 300 times- I found out that

Sex With My Best Friend.

first-time agunna 2018-03-10

She whimpered in that way women do when they want to get fucked really bad and buried her head in my lap. We exchanged deep passionate kisses, with me exploring her mouth with my tongue and sucking on her delicious lips. I pulled the panties to one side and kissed her gently, tentatively on her pussy. I pulled her panties off and buried my head in her hot wet pussy, licking and sucking every inch of her. I began to fuck her, bending down to kiss her mouth, moving down to her breasts. I felt myself getting close, so I warned her, “I think I’m going to come”,wanting to pull out just before I came, not wanting to come in her. I’m going to come deep inside your pussy.

A Secret That Grew Ch. 01

first-time ana2013 2018-03-10

After a lot of late night talks our relationship grew beyond what I had dreamt of and I knew Alex was the man I wanted to give my virginity. My need for him grew every second his lips touched mine and my tongue reflected this frantic feeling by dancing with his every chance it got. He said he was reluctant because he didn't want to hurt me but I think he just liked to see his cock partly filling me as I begged for more. The first time I got to feel his hard cock exactly where it belonged, deep inside of me, we got to find our release together. "Oh yeah, that feels so good baby!" I practically screamed as I took all of him and filled myself with his entire hardness.

A Slow Day in the Library Ch. 02

first-time XxSabirahxX 2018-03-10

I shivered in absolute anticipation and bit my lip once more, closing my eyes as his hands started to roam my body more firmly, one sliding up towards my breast, the other venturing south over my bikini bottoms, leaving goose bumps in their wake. I was hit with a jolt of pure lust as his fingers slid over my pussy lips, stroking and teasing me gently, while his other hand was busy tracing small patterns at the bottom edge of my bikini top, so close, yet so far away from where I wanted him most...I ached to feel more of him, craved it like the sweetest chocolate ever to touch my tongue...

The second time a stranger saw my cock

first-time sneaky_peeky_peep 2018-03-10

I heard about nude beaches, and decided that was a good way to find hot girls for sex, or at least to have a good look at them... There were shrubs and tufts of high grass here are there, and in a distance I could see some people lying on towels, but they didn't look like hot girls. Meanwhile, the other girl came to her from behind, and started kissing her ear and neck, while touching her tits and pussy with her hands. I made a point of turning to the other girl, and put my hand on my cock, stroking it, while looking at her, and only at her, though she was covering her boobs again.

MILF taught bondage

first-time Ankakalle 2018-03-10

I clamped my hand over Hellens full lips and she tried to protest but all I heard was grunts and muffled noises. I pulled away my hand and stuffed in a pair of her panties(clean ones) into her mouth. When the last spurt left my dick I let go of her head and she pulled back coughing and trying to breathe. She went stiff and started struggling against the bonds when she felt my dick push against her asshole. I pulled out my dick and took of her gag. I pulled her away just before cumming and went back again to her pussy and ass. She yelped but then started panting, groaning, moaning as I fucked her pussy really good.

Her First Seduction

first-time nitegazer 2018-03-10

Sometimes he had literally to stop himself from touching that tight young ass; it was so round, looked so good going out the door to get into the car for the long drive back to her home. He stopped her and pulled her up into his arms; his lips finally tasting hers, his tongue exploring her mouth, drinking her in… his hand found her breast firm under the soft cotton of the t-shirt she wore; a firm and sexy, young breast; nipple hard and he pinched it a little. He fucked her slow and sweet and deep playing with her breasts, pinching her nipples playing with her clit; till he saw her eyes close and she moaned little gasping moans from the sensations he was arousing in her young body.

Took Advantage Of My Mom

first-time nckboy 2018-03-10

I clutched my cock that had been hard for ages now and making a bulge in my trousers, it felt good holding it and looking at mom at the same time. This is the most I have seen of mom, in fact, any real woman and it doesn’t half excite me, undoing some more press-studs down to her tummy I push the dress from her tits and get a good view. I am so excited; my breathing is long and heavy as I start to work my hips back and forth ever so gently, trying not to make myself come and wake mom. I sit looking at mom naked when all of a sudden it happens, a white blob of my cum starts to come out from her half open pussy slit.

Naughty Daughter Mala

first-time adel5000 2018-03-10

We got two daughters, both are beautiful, while my wife was busy with younger one I’m more attached to elder one Mala, she too very affectionate with me and it’s a good way to relax by spending time with beautiful k**s. I stop at the entrance of my room hearing the sounds from bathroom, at instant I got bathroom over-there Mala laid on floor due to slipped on soap-solution.she was now totally nude I getup her and laid on bed of my room.She hugged me cried “papa…papa”, she was still naked and I’m rock hard seeing all the live show.

nsa sex

first-time 2018-03-10

The note read that she wanted to hang out sometime at my place and gets to know each other. My young black dick stood at full attention, this would be the first time that I would fuck a white lady. I began to kiss down her belly until I found her hot white pussy; I sucked hard on her clit and pinched her nipples at the same time. She was saying yes fuck me with that good black dick. The cum in my balls started to build up, I gave her white pussy the biggest load that has ever come out of my dick. At week the following day she left another note saying that she wanted me to meet her at her car during our lunch break.