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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Chinese Takeout Ch. 04

first-time ChloeTzang 2018-03-10

And yeah, he's a nice guy, yes, I like him." Well, I wasn't going to tell my Mom I loved him madly. I was miles away for most of the day, feeling more than a bit nervous about going to the gym, but I was also looking forward to Keith driving me home. On the sidewalk outside my High School, in black jeans, black silk shirt, black Doc Marten combat boots, a black leather jacket and that shaved head with those white-seamed scars crisscrossing his face gleaming in the sun, he looked like Frankenstein's cousin. "Hi Jay-Lin, this one of your friends?" Olaf eyed Ginny speculatively, one of his hands resting on my shoulder for a moment.

Impossible Threesome Dream

first-time lyruv 2018-03-10

All that time had passed by and it was only at almost thirty that I finally accepted it would be great to be fucked, not with objects of all kinds but also using vegetables now, but by a real fleshy man's prick moving in and out by itself in my ass. I met some other young guys but I was so clumsy that when I tried to go further I couldn't voice my desire, and each time I talked about fucking the guys thought I wanted to fuck them and refused. One day, when I was almost desperate masturbating, fantasying after watching films of threesome alone in my solitary pleasurable nook, and being fucked from time to time by a guy, she asked me if I thought she was frigid.

KattieLynn & Tucker - The Gift

first-time KattieLynn 2018-03-10

He lowered his body on mine and I felt the head of his cock sliding between the lips of my pussy, sliding up and gently bumping the super sensitive spot at the tip of my clit. There was no pain, no burning, only the glorious sensation of his cock burying itself in my cunt, knowing I was getting fucked for the first time, by someone I loved, and enjoying every moment of it! He thrust down hard once, again, and a last time, now completely driving his cock into me and holding it there, pressing against the lips of my stretched pussy, mashing against the my clit, a grunt escaping from him as I felt the first throbbing spurt of his semen slam into me, driving me to yet new and undreamed of heights!

Beach Adventure

first-time davethechippie 2018-03-10

'I just think you will look stunning laid out on the beach, your pert 34B breasts bare, It would be such a turn on for me, and I think you'll love it too!' I replied. As I waited I cast my eyes back to my beautiful wife, laying on her front, her 5'6" slender figure stretched out, with her gorgeous arse looking awesome in her swimsuit, propped up on her elbows reading her book, her long brunette hair swept over her right shoulder. The guy had the biggest grin on he's face and he upped the sun lotion bottle again, pouring a large amount out into he's palm, then placed he's hand on my wife's toned waist, making small circular motions, rubbing the lotion into her bare skin.

My friend's sexy mother

first-time adel5000 2018-03-10

know that many guys follow Rajeswari and watch her breasts and ass and know that Seshu is watching her nude body whenever she is taking bath She wanted to watch seshu taking his bath and his wet dick Rajeswari "Seshu..what are you searching on my body.." asked him. Seshu "Raji..My sweet Mother..I want to kiss you once.." Seshu with little courage, started kissing Rajeswari on her forehead, caught her head and started rubbing his lips on Rajeswari sweet lips. Rajeswari "Ummmm…" Seshu felt like in heaven and started tasting the Seshu slowly came down and started kissing her neck and much below the started kissing on her fat breasts and rubbing his head on her firm


first-time sgt86 2018-03-10

A few nights after I was out clubbing and I bumped into Tara, we got chatting n we ended up going back to her house there was a few of us so we were just going back for a drink . As everyone was going home or falling asl**p Tara said she was going to bed, so I as a gentleman kissed her on the cheek thanked her for a good night then left, I had just got into a taxi and my phone goes off. it was amazing, Tara stayed the night and ended up calling in work sick the next day, we stayed in bed allday and didnt move, it was like that for a few months.

90210 Mrs. Walsh Enjoys Dylan

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-03-10

Mrs. Walsh opened the door and was shocked and very Mrs. Walsh had never found his body very He didn’t have the bathroom door closed and Mrs. Walsh Walsh rubbed her hand up the length of his long stiff loving the sensation of Mrs. Walsh’s mouth sucking his Mrs. Walsh swallowed every drop, knowing it turned guys Mrs. Walsh groaned her approval and began playing By the time Dylan finished eating her out, Mrs. Walsh’s Mrs. Walsh’s hands begin jerking his penis. Unlike Brenda, Mrs. Walsh was not a loud fuck and body and kneading hands kept him going, while her long her, his lips kissing her neck, Mrs. Walsh could feel Releasing her, Dylan followed Mrs. Walsh to the bedroom.

First Love

first-time sweetrapturedlight 2018-03-10

Not wanting the kiss to end, Zoraya pressed her body against Sergei's and put her arm around his neck and held him there, pressing his lips even closer to hers. Zoraya sat up and looked at his hardness, she licked her lips, not knowing if she should do what she wanted to or not. She was moaning and this made Sergei continue faster with his finger and tongue, licking the juice that spilled into his mouth as she came, crying out his name. Sergei was hard again and he wasted no time sliding his cock inside, gently, for this was Zoraya's first time as well as his but he was more mature than his 18 yrs.

Being Laila

first-time deepemerald 2018-03-10

"My cousin Laila had sex with Carrie's boyfriend during the Christmas break," Annette sighed. Jim was the most popular guy in school, a title he'd inherited from Tony whose fall from grace could only be matched by Annette's. It wasn't long before Andy had his hands all over Annette, but she was still playing hard to get, mostly because she didn't like him all that much, she only liked the attention. He was on his knees, hand around his cock, hoping to spray Annette's face as his friend came inside her. And the voices belonged to no other than Jim's girlfriend, Annette's arch nemesis, Carrie and Carrie's best friend. Jim and Andy jumped out of the way, hurrying to get their pants on, as Carrie charged at Annette.

My first time

first-time youhornybro 2018-03-10

I was scared, more because I didn't want her parents coming home or grandma walking in, the front door was unlocked but you could hear someone opening it from her room so it was whatever. We had been fucking for 10 ish minutes, we didn't go position crazy and try a bunch of things, doggy style was majority of the time, and her riding my dick while I was laying down, which honestly that felt the most amazing to me. I said no (how fucking stupid of me) I went home right after, I didn't stay to comfort her or nothing. She wanted to fuck before birth control and I told her no, the condom might break then I'd be screwed is what I thought.

What Our Son's are doing 4

first-time john1195 2018-03-10

cock saying how big I was for my age and how He loved tasting my cum load that my hole was so tight and he loved his cock fucking into me soon he I knew I would forever want a man's hard cock inside found myself telling him I wanted his big bare cock to fuck me every to him lined up my cock head and then was pushing into his hole fucking my cock into him and he was loving my hard teen dick fucking into his fucked me once more and I sucked his hard uncut cock loving putting my Johnny and love his fucking that monster man meat deep inside my pussy.

Bad Beginning but a Fabulous Ending

first-time Ingrid11B 2018-03-10

Before during the last four years of high school, I needed a physical to play sports, and I just hated having some old dude checking for hernias while I turned my head and coughed while the nurse looked on and smiled at my crimson face. "Jerry, you may use this desk if you wish," as she pointed to a small table, "to finish the parts that I highlighted with a yellow marker." She could tell I was somewhat flustered when she mentioned that Dr. Hudson was a female, so she whispered in my ear, "You're going to like Ellie, and she's very nice and understanding with patients." Grace continued, "Karen Mills, your nurse, will complete the unmarked portions of the form before Dr. Hudson comes in to begin your scholarship physical examination.

The Concert

first-time LoganXsummers 2018-03-10

I liked to touch myself and I pushed my hips down harder on my hand. His hands gripped tighter around my waist and I could feel his cock go even harder as I slowed my grind against it. I place a hand behind his head and rubbed my butt harder against his rock hard cock. Each time I touched it, his breathing got heavier and his cock would twinge wanting to break free from his jeans. He slowly moved his right hand down my body and stopped at the top of my denim skirt. I placed a hand over his cock, cupping it against my pussy. I could feel his veins on his cock throbbing and new he was going to cum soon.

Amber's First

first-time deepemerald 2018-03-10

It wasn't the most glamorous job in the world, but Amber knew that she wasn't the smartest girl in her school and she just wanted something that would give her the independence she craved and hopefully it wouldn't be too many years before she met a boy to marry and have children with. Amber did as told and tried to stay out of Mr Addington's way as much as possible that day. It didn't take long for him to feel the walls of her cunt relaxing and her hips jerking, begging him for a good old fuck. He started sucking her nipple and Amber moaned with pleasure. He took her in his arms and started kissing her, pushing his cock hard against her pussy.

Stranger seduces Wife

first-time ssantham 2018-03-10

Aryan was a little hesitant to come up with the suggestion, but then he asked me " If you guys are okay you can stay in my flat, Only problem is; Sam, you know my place; right, It is a kind of Bachelor apartment, only one hall come kitchen come Bedroom and Toilet. Reena came into my view she took a bath towel, which was hanging on the ropes and proceeded towards the bathroom door. All of a sudden, to both mine and Reena's shock, Ajay opened the bathroom door wide open to receive the towel. Ajay went back to the washroom tied the bath towel around his waste and came back to open the door closing the bathroom door. I sat on the floor tired and shocked while Ajay went inside the bathroom and closed the door.

Sam and Dan Meet

first-time Patrick_Atlas 2018-03-10

One evening at the end of one of our chats, I had told her that there were words that described how I felt, but it was absolutely ridiculous to use them on a person I had never met. As Saturday approached, we had chatted a number of times and it had gone from coffee and a talk, to drinks and if everything worked well we might consider dinner, but at her insistence there would be checks and balances all night. Not a "It's nice to meet you kiss." Rather, it was a full on open mouthed, I love you, I missed you and I need you passionate kiss. She told me that I should start my car, let it warm up, come back to hers and we could continue to chat.

My Indonesian House-Maid

first-time naughtyq8 2018-03-10

I chose my first sexual memoir to be about me losing my virginity to my Indonesian House-Maid. Marrissa, an indonesian house-maid that used to work for my f****y was always the naughtiest of the housemaids, as she was more forward and wasn't afraid to ask questions or speak her mind. When we first arrived in Kuwait and started to work, she had this unique look about her that you know she wants to joke with you. (She wasn't the first maid that I have developed feelings towards but thats for another story. Something about the look just let me know that she saw me in a non platonic way. I grabbed her ass with left hand and gave it a good feel to it.

My first time...

first-time pete2277 2018-03-10

Does she know how many times I have stroked my cock thinking about squeezing her perfect ass? I gently lay my hand on the back of her left calf and her other leg bends at the knee and her thighs separate a little bit. As I move my hand higher and move past her knee and can feel her tight thigh and her legs spread further. I can’t think, my cock just knows that it wants to get inside her. I can see the head of my cock as it starts to separate the lips of her beautiful pussy. Her hands are on my ass pulling me in, but she knows she can’t take it inside.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 21

first-time BlewWater69 2018-03-10

"I continue to have girlfriend problems too, like I told you last time," Jason mentioned. "Nonsense," Jason said, but liked the thought. "I feel like I want to pay you back somehow," Jillian proposed. Now that she looked so much better, it wouldn't be long before guys like Brad were hitting on her and asking for dates. "Okay, meet me outside by the big oak after class," Jason said. "Yes," Jillian said, acting somewhat relieved that maybe all he was talking about was lunch. He found Jillian waiting by the big oak tree not far from the building entrance just as he said. I thought we were going somewhere where I could pay?" Jillian said. Jillian stopped kissing his one hand and looked down at Jason.

Nurse and the UPS Driver

first-time captjim51 2018-03-10

One day in the break room I overheard the girls talking about our African-American the UPS driver Calvin, three of them said they had sucked his long ten inch cock and it was one of the best sexual experiences they ever had. Calvin said “I never had such a beautiful white women suck my cock, this is great baby, just keep working on ole Calvin’s rod. I took his black rod in my mouth and began sucking on the head and as much of the rest of his cock as I could. Then Calvin said Cindy “you swallow all of it you cracker bitch” and a large drop of salty semen went into my mouth, followed by five or six more.

Broadened Horizons

first-time kpkp555 2018-03-10

Mike slowly played with his water glass, looking down, before saying, "Well, yes, she can be gone for weeks at a time, and then I'm left coming home to an empty house every evening. Is it possible he could go right next door for regular...tune-ups, and that that would keep him feeling better, happier living with Sheila, more virile, and...that he wouldn't feel guilty because, as Vicki had explained it, it wasn't cheating if he only received oral sex instead of sharing someone else's body with them? When his dick was sufficiently soaked, she began jerking it hard with one hand, while popping each fuzzy ball in turn into her mouth, one at a time, before sucking on it and moaning, the sensation of which nearly took Mike over the brink.

I Seduced And Fucked My Cousin b*****r While Learn

first-time 2018-03-10

So he looked at my face n said oh so u liked that n continuing ……………After that he stopped n said its not a safe place move ahead the road that is always vacant no one come there so we can enjoy more…so I started the scotty and meanwhile he put his hand inside the top n unhooked my bra from behind so, he can easily hold my boobs from behind….. I asked y r u putting my bra in ur pocket so he said m still going to hold ur boobs wen u will drive… he make me stand and give me a long kiss on my lips after that I search my netted panty n wore…then I have asked him about my pant so he said that is at near scotty I asked him to bring it ….

hot mom -3

first-time stif266 2018-03-10

From this distance, and with the roar of the river, Dane couldn't hear what they were saying, but he could see Jodie's pretty face twisting into a lusty grimace as Craig's massaging finger brought her closer and closer to climax. "Call it whatever you want, Dane," Jodie said hoarsely, "but I intend to be loyal to Craig, and I'm certainly not going to bed with my own son." Her own son had his cock in her, right to the hilt, and now he was fucking her, moving his stiff cock in eager hard thrusts, giving her hot stabs of pleasure that made her cream helplessly. Lusty out of her mind, Jodie looked at him with hot eyes and moaned, "Oh, yes, son, I love you to fuck me.

My first MFM (part 2)

first-time obsolete_1 2018-03-10

I began running the tip of my index finger lightly into her slit, breathing warm breathe on her wet red pussy lips as she moaned and began bucking her hips instinctually. Sally began bucking her hips wildly around my face, her thighs squeezing tightly around my head now. "Oh my God, I'm going to cum!" Sally screamed, breating fast and heavy, and I instantly felt her legs wrap tighter around my head. She suddenly froze, still squeezing my head tightly with her thighs, as I heard her breathing begin to relax. Sally began running her hands through my hair and I heard Hank make a sudden groan, as I felt the splatter of a load of his cum spray Sally's legs and my face.