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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lesson in Modern Culture

first-time MaynaweLovely 2018-03-10

"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Mia." He drew his hand away slowly, his eyes still holding hers captive. "What you look like and how you seem to be studying this painting." She closed the book in her lap, and let it fall into her pack, before standing up. The cab drew off in front of an old brick building that looked like it had been there since the 1920's, and unkempt in the years since. "Never felt it like this, or at all?" He drew his head back, and looked into her eyes. She looked at the kitchen, and moved to him, trying to kiss him in someway, but he only pushed her away, and handed her a little money for a cab.


first-time Winemaker 2018-03-09

She just held on, tightly squeezing me, as I pulsed hard in her hand. She said, "You're almost there- just move up a little bit." As I did, I felt the tip of my dick touch the folds of her pussy. She looked deeply into my eyes, and smiled, and said, "Breathe." I did. She moaned, and squeezed my dick with her pussy muscles, and we began to move together, then apart, then together. With that said, she began to move, and squeeze, and flex her pussy, and I moved in and out quicker and quicker. She yelled again, pulled me deeply into her and held me so tightly I could barely breathe.

At Her Soccer Game

first-time highschoolhookup 2018-03-09

"Come with me to get some water." Rachel said as she tugged my hand towards the school where the game was being hosted. I play with her boobs, licking them, rolling my tongue around her nipples, making her moan. I take my shirt and pants off, and start to kiss below her boobs, slowly moving down to her waist. She starts to moan my name, and pushes my head deeper into her vagina, increasing her pleasure. Rachel has hopped off the desk, she say "My turn." "We only got 15 minutes before I got to get back to my game, do we have enough time" Rachel asks. She moans for me to put my dick in, but I hold off a little longer, making her really want me.

New Biker's Initiation

first-time 2018-03-09

Bruce felt the vibrations of the engine all the way up to the bulbous head of the dildo buried deep inside his ass. Bruce relaxed his ass muscles to feel the dildo penetrate deeper, he wondered what it would feel like to get fucked by all the men in the club. Bull would fuck in so deep and hard that his pelvis would flatten Bruce's firm round ass cheeks with each shove. Bruce pushed out hard like he was taking a shit, then he lifted his legs off the table jutting his ass backwards arching and writhing on the cone.

Wife’s Gym Membership

first-time 2018-03-09

As the photos progressed my wife’s outfit started moving and sliding out of the way, providing a clear view of these strange men fondling her breasts and fingering her pussy. Eventually there was one group shot where all the men dropped their shorts or pulled their outfits down so their hard dicks were exposed, my wife standing in the center of them completely naked, everyone smiling. Sure enough over the course of the last two months things got to the point my wife was jerking men off, exercising naked, posing naked or half dressed on the various pieces of equipment, men cumming on her exposed breasts, and letting any man it seemed finger any hole.

The Reunion; Part 3

first-time Dorathesexplorer 2018-03-09

“What do you think Colin,” I gasped as his thumb pushed forward to poke up my pussy. I pushed his hand away and f***ed his cock against my swollen pussy lips. I bit my lip and nodded, my pussy contracted as he breathed harder, his cock throbbing inside me. My whole body trembled in pleasure, my clit tingled as his hands grabbed my hips and he fucked me roughly. Leaning his sweaty forehead on my breasts still holding me up, he pushed his cock into my now sticky dribbling pussy for a final time before he pulled it out of me, our cum rolling down my thighs.

Queen Eleanor Ch. 03

first-time Pampinea 2018-03-09

Another hour we spent talking; I told him of my time with the Archbishop and Brother Hugues (which he found very humorous), and I vented about the stresses of being the Duchess, and my fears about being a bride and the future queen of France. "Come to sleep, Eleanor." Taking me by the hand, he lead me to the bed and softly, gently, as if I was the Virgin herself, he laid me down and stroked me in a fumbling and unpracticed manner. I closed my eyes and imagined I was running my tongue down Jaufre's chiseled chest, tasting the sweet salt of his skin as my mouth rolled over his firm abdomen and his cock pressed against my stomach.

The Dream...

first-time goodwitchbadgirl 2018-03-09

We beginning to kiss passionately again, this time I can feel your hands caressing my body: first my back, then my sides and slowly up the front of my blouse. You lie on top of me now...hold my hands over my head, and passionately kiss my mouth, neck and breasts. I try to hide my round belly but you push my hands away and continue to kiss and massage it. I feel my body release a pleasurable orgasm and my moans become increasingly loud. I can feel your body release the seeds of love deep inside me. Our bodies had become one ---we continued to kiss until I felt your cock begin to harden inside me.

Confessions of a serial swinger: Prologue

first-time nastyj1 2018-03-09

Take care when you play with fire...Can you still remember our first kiss on the Roebling Bridge that hot Summer night over the Ohio River? Hopefully you still remember that night at U.C. when we got outta class and went in Mcmicken Hall looking for a empty classroom to f**k in. Then came AFF and you tried your first bbc, now that was a night I know you remember(lol)! I remember the time you told me you and your friend (Nina?) went back to the motel with those guys from the club after it closed. Ill always remember the way you told me you went into the bathroom just before you left the motel and used your lipstick to write the word "SLUT" on the mirror.

Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 04

first-time Browniepoints 2018-03-09

And when the fight was over, when Shannon had walked away, Brody realized Claudia had heard the whole thing from the kitchen where she was busy cleaning up after dinner. Claudia went to the kitchen to get a fresh pitcher of Kool-Aid. When she returned and saw Brody looking so sad, she wanted to give him a hug and tell him everything would be alright. "Don't you agree, Brody?" She unzipped his pants, "Claudia makes you hot doesn't she?" He felt Shannon's cool fingers on his hot swollen cock. Goddamn, Brody, that tight little piece of ass I hired for you is so damn hot, I wanted to fuck her when I saw her."

Anal Training

first-time sexykamel 2018-03-09

Tyler turned beet red and, avoiding my eyes, said, "You know. It was almost out of my throat as I stood in the middle of the room seeing my reflection in all the mirrors, but I almost fainted when Tyler walked out of the other bathroom wearing what seemed to be a handkerchief. "Well, he sure would like you in that thong," Tyler said. God how I writhed and wiggled when Tyler shoved his cock deep into my pussy, even more so when he began easing the dildo into my ass. Tyler held me close and whispered in my ear, "Hang on tight!" The pressure on my butt increased. "Do you know that it's massaging my cock?" Tyler asked.

Innnocently get in the closet

first-time sweetchaser 2018-03-09

One day, in the yard, came to grab the neck with his arm bent and the knuckles of the other hand, rubbed them in my head. I did not know if I would be looking at the time, but my body a little pale and delicate, I always caught her eye. I stepped forward, and he followed me, but it was so close, I could feel the heat given off by your body, capturing it with my buttocks. Once this dish taste good, rested my face on her belly, and she closed her eyes, I realized I had only a man would feel the same, and he had just "innocently get in the closet"

'Accidental' Sleepover

first-time theo_minor 2018-03-09

I smiled to myself with the thought that, as delightfully different as our bodies were (and thank God for that difference!), both of us had pubic hair, and I delighted to run my fingers through it, and explore the wonderfully unfamiliar body parts that it covered, while Ellen purred happily. It felt like I was coming for hours -- every little movement that Ellen made provoked another orgasmic spasm from my cock. Finally, Ellen fell on top of me, and with my softening cock still inside her, I instinctively caressed her all over -- her back, sides, ass and legs -- bonding with her in the afterglow of our lovemaking, trying to grip the significance of what we'd just done together.

HoloG - Ero Pt. 01

first-time EroticKappa 2018-03-09

I had designed Maddie to have the likeness of an anime character, and boy did she look good. The headset worked by replacing the waves of the virtual world with the ones of your real world, occasionally you'd get up and walk around like you did in the game, but that was to keep you healthy, sitting down too much would end up in damage to your legs. "I'm feeling great, thanks for always looking out for me Maddie!" She appeared to blush a little. I lifted her dress and slowly started kissing up along her legs, gradually reaching towards her chest, it was instinct that guided me now.

Ben finally Fucks my Ass

first-time 2018-03-09

Ben spread my legs a little, and said "You can show everyone on Xhamster your little ass being fucked for the first time"...This turned me on even more. He looked down and started talking dirty sweet to me, "I'm gonna fuck your sweet little ass babe" pushing deeper and deeper into me. "Look at your beautiful little cunt opening up for me, fuck this looks so good" He started to pump his dick in my ass slowly, and I felt his dick opening my ass wider. "Your sweet little pussy is so hot look how it opens up for me" he said, slowly continuing to fuck my ass.

Yahoo instant messenger boi

first-time villelohne 2018-03-09

He said he liked my outfit and wondered if I wanted to come over to his apartment, which wasn't far from where I was staying. It was sunny, warm and peaceful as I walked down through the park to meet up with this guy I found via craigslist, and yahoo instant messenger. So I walked into the building surprised it was already propped open, I felt a mischievous element come over me,. I had also wondered what sucking a cock would be like,. I walked up to the apt door i had been given and gave it a few polite taps. began to lick around the head of his shaft and finally sucked a dick for the first time,.

would you mind if i ask you a question?

first-time zzurc 2018-03-09

Being involved with theatre i am around people flirting with each other all the time. When a friend said he was going home I told him I would walk to our cars down the campus together. Walking past a greek open theater being built we decided to jump the fence and look at the concrete stage and outer shell of the building thats been built so far. "You mind if i ask you a question?" "sure" "would you mind kissing me?" my mind started racing. after he started this scratching he tells me "would you mind if i stopped it here." "no problem at all" i say assuring him i was completly alright with it.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 22

first-time BlewWater69 2018-03-09

The old car still ran good once it was warmed up though and purred smoothly by the time he parked near Beth's dorm. "They're cute," Beth said softly to Jason before the girls got too close. In the park, Jason sat on the aisle next to Beth, with Kira and Tessa in from her. Beth was excited too which made Jason happy she was enjoying the game. Jason got Tessa and Kira beers upon returning from a second earlier trip to the bathroom to show Beth where they were. During their kissing, Beth and Jason had failed to notice the Redlegs had two on with one out. The crowd went nuts and Tessa, Kira, Beth, and Jason all jumped out of their seats and cheered loudly.

I Thought We Were More Ch. 10

first-time DrElectrogasm 2018-03-09

"Apparently you are the reason." Rose said looking straight into Jacob's eyes. The rest of the school is going to believe what they want and right now things don't look good for you." Even if you got a statement from me saying I've never went looking for someone to have sex with no one would believe me." "No, absolutely not." Jacob said turning around to walk away. "Well then go get married." Jacob said looking back down at his homework. I feel like these things keep happening to me and every time I allow myself to get close to a girl she winds up getting hurt, so I just don't want it to happen again.

Lusty Red Riding Hood Ch. 01

first-time Honeymuff 2018-03-09

A strange sense of naughtiness overcame her at the thought, and when she was far enough away from her house she decided to slip out of her clothes and make her way through the deserted forest completely naked except for her little red hooded cape to cover her birthday suit. Innocent little Red took the fleshy cock in her hand, feeling its heat throbbing wildly. With a grimace of distaste, Red closed her eyes and lowered her head to the pulsating cock and began tentatively to take the wolfman's huge cockhead into her tiny mouth. "You're a good girl." His paw went to her pussy and he felt just how ready her tight little cunt was for his thick meat.

Large Girls Gotta Have Fun...

first-time onemoreguy1 2018-03-09

Friday night the girls went to an R-rated movie with some rather explicit sex scenes and on the way home B said she was so hot thinking about the scene that she was going to grab 'Big Lon' when she got into the apartment and see if she could put him to work. The girls laughed and D told him it was okay and even arousing because they'd always wanted to hear a guy talk to them that way and it was fun. He was completely turned on and began stroking his still wet cock as he told them how good they looked and how much he loved seeing them both naked.

Meeting at the Manor House Ch. 01

first-time Flaouterakh 2018-03-09

Richard felt his manhood swell beyond what he had known before, feeling constricted in his divided woollen hose, with linen braies underneath, and with his hand he smoothed and adjusted his member, which demanded to be liberated. Her desire heightening at the knowledge that she was giving pleasure to Richard, with her free hand Anne touched and stroked for a moment her brown curls, inserting one finger between the pinkness to the small firmness of pleasure which was half-hidden within, encircling it with the finger, and drawing her finger out, traced a line of her moisture upwards to her belly. Anne loosed her breast, once again took up the hem of her shift with both hands, and quickly removed the shift over her head, and cast it behind her, so that she stood naked in the moonlight.

Black Fantasy

first-time 2018-03-09

black man and watch him as he made love to me to see his young stud shot his black seed in me. A few days later, my husband (Ron) called and said, "Fix a young black lover.' Ron said he asked Zola if he would like to make love to a white wife and after I prepared dinner with wine and my husband answered the I thought, "Wow he looked like a real We finished dinner and my husband said for us to go to played with his ball sack and knew that soon he would be pumping his black baby seed deep inside my waiting womb. He was pumping and moaning as he emptied his black balls

Busty French Study Partner, continued

first-time apparatus 2018-03-09

I was working on her shirt, which finally came up to reveal a huge lacy bra like a fucking straight jacket: I later learned those breasts were double e's or f's something, and special gear was required to hoist them into place. She slid her panties off underneath her skirt, sat down across me and I sunk balls deep into her dripping little pussy like it was an perfect ripe summer peach. She does have her shirt, bra, and assumedly panties back on however, and she starts fiddling with the French book again, ready to pretend nothing happened like a good little girl... She starts to protest, surprised, maybe a little scared, or maybe annoyed that I won't let her actually study French, but I firmly press her down to the bed.