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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time grave 2018-03-09

Gemma was wearing black ¾ leggings and a little red top that she’d pulled down along with her bra straps so that she wouldn’t have any white lines. Later that afternoon some of the chickens from just up behind the garden had escaped from their enclosure and were making their way down next doors garden, Deb quipped, “They’re looking for a big red cock”, and she knew exactly what she was saying! We were looking up the garden at the progress we had made on the steps and hadn’t noticed Gemma on the steps behind us until she chinked the glasses together. Turning around I immediately noticed that my missus had taken off her little red top all together and was now just in her plain black bra with the straps tucked in the sides.

My Best Friend’s Mom

first-time 2018-03-09

I started with long, slow strokes, letting her feel the entire length of my cock. I grabbed some lube and slowly pulled out; her ass gripped my cock like it was trying to hold on to it. I said, “Breathe and bear down, trust me.” I fucked her ass slowly with long, deep strokes, listening as she gasped on the in-stroke and moaned deep in her throat. I asked why she let me fuck her ass and she said, “Your ex-girlfriend was over with Tera, Tom’s girl, and I overheard them talking about how much you like anal sex and how much fun it was.” She had been fingering her ass ever since and fantasizing about me taking her ass.

My Story

first-time zimabean 2018-03-09

I had never had a blow job or sex before and was not sure what to think about this but it felt really good and within a minute I blew a huge load into granny's mouth. She moved around for a minute but my cock exploded filling granny's cunt full of my sticky cum. My cock would get hard and I would explode inside her several more times till the movie was over then we went to my bed room and she fucked me real good. Dad had no clothes on and moved in and stuck his boner into granny cum filled cunt and started to bang away. Mom worked me over pretty good and I lasted longer but still exploded a huge load deep inside her.

my friend and his girl amd me pt2

first-time kinkysteven 2018-03-09

so I layed back and let her fuck me, she used both hands lubeing me and the dong up, then as promised she slowly put the head into my ass and slowly pushed more and more of it inside of me, at the sametime she started to play with my semi hard cock. he slowly pulled all the way out and I moved over to eat her pussy, witch I know she liked, cause she was cumming in like secounds, he pushed his cock back inside of me and soom me and her where both moaning, and so was he, she asked him if he liked it and he said yes, it felt so good, well to end this he said he was comming and pulled out ripped of his rubber and came all over my ass.

Best Friends Forever Ch. 02

first-time GreatWhiteNorthern 2018-03-09

Holly finally broke the silence, a questioning look on her face, and asked, "So you've only had a couple orgasms before we shared those ones a couple weeks ago? I could see the confusion in Holly's face and body language, so I preempted her next question by saying, "I know what you're going to ask. "Holly, you are so beautiful and I wanted to tell you that I'm in love with you!" I said. I've been in love with you for a long time but I never knew how to tell you," Holly replied. After a few minutes of sucking on her nipples through the fabric of Holly's brassiere, I needed to have an unimpeded feel of her skin in my mouth and in my hands.

F slaves 100% fiction!

first-time 2018-03-09

From next day onwards I kept a watch on them for a month and noted that they fucked at least 4 times a week and my father checks for the lights to be switched off in my room and exactly after an hour of that he goes to Parvathi’s room and knocks at her door and they both move to his room. I was a little embarrassed to have reached the climax so quickly but Parvatih smiled at me and said “Don’t worry I’ll clean the floor and for a virgin like you it wasn’t bad.” Hearing this I felt a little better and hugged her again and started kissing her.

My Best Girl Friend

first-time Jastex 2018-03-09

After making our way to my bed I laid her down and finally got to explore every bit of her with my mouth. Her hips started to rock and she was fucking my face with every bit she had in her and then it happened, Em cried out and I could feel the gushes coming from deep within. She grabbed me by the head and pulled her up to kiss deeply and we shared her taste. I had to work my way into her slowly but it was so worth it when my body rested on hers, filling her up with every inch I had to give. My hands explored her body but made their way back to what felt the most natural, around her neck.


first-time chrish24 2018-03-09

Kent looked so handsome that night as he met his young daughter in the center of the room. The look of desire in Maggie big brown eyes for her father was so beautiful that it touched everyone’s heart. The moment I saw his hard stiff cock I knew that Maggie was in for the time of her life. With her legs open and his cock aimed and ready to hit its target, Kent lay on top of Maggie and aimed for the center of her womanhood. The look of elation on my b*****r’s face was quit telling as he watched her beautiful breasts dance as she bounced on his cock knowing that she would now take her rightful place in his bed.

Bowling alley chic, part 2.

first-time jubelum 2018-03-09

After eating and some champagne I asked her if she would like to use the hot tub. As we ate and had a few drinks we made plans to see a movie she wanted to see the next day. After a good fucking I was eating her ass again and she was liking it. As I ate away I was telling her how bad I wanted to fuck her ass. As she got more aroused from the grinding, and kisses I started fucking her ass harder and harder. I was fucking her ass so hard it was hurting my hips. She started saying "fuck my ass baby" That put me over the top and soon I blew a load.

My first cock sucking experience

first-time lovesmooth33 2018-03-09

Our cocks grew hard and precum started to leak through the tin panties. Every time I noticed my friend coming online I felt a strange feeling in my stomach and my heart started to beat faster. At first that felt strange, but after a few shots I started to like it and from that time on my cum was never spilled. I felt his warm cock harden even more in my mouth and I sucked him hard. I was already very very horny when Jurgen started sucking me, so it took only a minute before I exploded in his mouth. He showed me his smoothly shaven ass hole and said this is where I want you cock to be.

The Last Time I Fucked My Ex-Girlfriend

first-time seashells12 2018-03-09

It kind of turned me on to know my dick was bigger than any other guy she had been fucking and it also turned me on that her friends knew about it. Well, to make a long story a little shorter, she basically wanted to treat this night as a night to fuck each other one last time. It really turned me on to know that she had used the condoms I bought to fuck other guys. There we were, both completely naked and I knew it would be the last time I would ever see her like this again. I have only seen Cynthia a few times since that night, and my girlfriend doesn't know it happened. Like the time we were caught completely naked fucking in my bedroom.

The Enlightenment of Bay Ch. 01

first-time Kawaii Anime 2018-03-09

Padawan Bayrod Betu straightened his robes and shook out his shoulders to relax himself while preparing to push the com button on the side of his mistress' door. The only thing he ever remembered was his mistress, Xeira Chamtete, her impossibly long brown hair, dusty green eyes like a pool that went without use for the summer months, her long fingers that played the harp so masterfully and could calm him with their touch. But the reason why he liked Anakin, was that he saw the same far-off look in his eyes during training, lessons and meals. "What?" He said, smiling, he knew of Bayrod's game to see how close he could get to kissing Xeira.


first-time sensualwhispers 2018-03-09

Turning back to the film I wriggled my ass trying to get comfy giving Ian a good view to look at. It looked more like a bra than a bikini the cups only half covering my large breasts which sat snugly inside the material my nipples barely hidden. Sometimes I sneak a look at them." Standing in front of me I could see that Ian was hard inside his trousers and I was still horny from watching the film. The thought of either Ian or Neil playing with themselves while watching a porno was a huge turn on. Pushing them even closer together I looked down into my impressive cleavage then straight at Ian. His eyes were fixed on my breasts and I knew he wanted to touch them


first-time ChubbyJay 2018-03-09

The blind man defensively held up his hands, causing him to stumble off the curb, almost falling under the wheels of a delivery truck making a right turn. No, Ella would really like for me to walk down the aisle, but I just don't want to get that involved." He turned and smiled. The following night, I called Frank and asked if I could come out for the New Year weekend, but he reminded me that Ella was due. He said that I should play the field and have a good time, and when the right man came along, I'd know it without any doubt." The memory of the man surfaced in my mind and I fondly remembered all the sage advice he gave me one weekend in Dallas.

The Empathetic Girlfriend

first-time StudStory 2018-03-09

Greg looked away from the road to look at Yuna as he pulled up to a stoplight and did not see the dirty, homeless man jump in front of his car to wash his windshield. Greg had wanted for her to jerk him off but she felt uncomfortable and did it only for a few seconds, but tonight she could not deny the burning between her legs as she watched the homeless man's dick grow to an extraordinary length. She was jerking it harder and harder and then it got stuck on her pussy hole again, but this time the homeless man started to cum and some of it went inside Yuna's pussy!

A First Meeting

first-time E Z Gee 2018-03-09

I move my hands lower, clasping your tight ass and pull your hips into mine. I don't make things any easier as I reach around from behind and palm your breasts, feeling the hard points of your nipples pressing against the fabric of your blouse. Spreading your lips with my hands, I thrust my tongue into you and suck hard. Stroking lightly you plant a little kiss on the tip and my cock jumps in your hand. I kiss your shoulders and run my tongue up your neck and suck on your earlobe, causing you to moan. Putting you legs over over my shoulders I enter you again and start thrusting fast and hard.

Do you know a sex story of a Primark employee? Get

first-time kanjarwlon 2018-03-08

Well, I said forget random lads, let me tell you what I would do if I was allowed to toy with her alone for one night. So I messaged her a scene in the hotel, how I would stand her in front of a mirror and slowly slip off her black dress revealing her perky DDs without a bra and play with them as I slowly work my hand into her pants and with the other hand spreading her legs to allow me to rub her. So I pulled her panties aside and rubbed her, she clenched her teeth, grabbed the sheets and tilted her head back moaning softly as I played with her tight virgin pussy.

Work Experience

first-time ulsterman 2018-03-08

By this time the other guys had started to treat her like one of them, and were asking her all sorts of questions about herself, her boyfriend, what she liked to do in bed, was she wearing panties or a thong, the usual workshop banter. The first day in the office, I showed her the bits and pieces of administration work that there are to do, she was interested, and I noticed she sat very close to me when we were looking at reports and paperwork. As she had worked hard for the two weeks, and really seemed interested in her work (and, I was wondering, possibly me), I decided “what the hell” and told her that if she wore a skirt to work on her last day, I would take her out for lunch in a nearby hotel.

The Slut Within

first-time adel5000 2018-03-08

Maybe an expensive dildo, or just a large one in place of the cucumber I normally used to masturbate, or maybe a vibrating cock ring to hold in my cum because I usually liked it when I came only using my ass instead of touching my little 5 inch clitty cock at all. They pushed me to the middle of the room and onto my knees and started stroking their cocks around me, slapping me in the face as I licked and sucked on their heads, stroking feeling and tasting them all in my mouth and how hot they had become.

Beware the Quiet One

first-time YDB95 2018-03-08

There had been numerous times over the years when Grace or Cindy had nearly let the behind-the-back teasing get out of hand and spilled the beans to Sally; but they always managed to keep things under wraps. A slightly older guy or maybe two of them even, shy and demure like herself but they all knew how to work past that when they needed to...maybe they talked her into joining them for a shower in the men's locker room...two stiff cocks, one for each eager hand as she held them both as if on a leash and let them drink in the beauty of her naked body, and then their own fingers exploring gently through her lush dark pubic hair...kissing her breasts...


first-time WriteBoat 2018-03-08

The longer and more passionately we kissed, the further my hand moved up her thighs, until I could feel the heat coming through her wet panties. When I finally got one finger under the legband and slipped it into her, she moaned loudly and gripped my shoulders so hard I wondered if her fingernails were going to rip my shirt. In the dim light, her beautiful blue eyes glistened with tears as she looked up at me and whispered, "Please get it hard again, I've got to have you – and this time I want to feel all of you in me."

Behind Closed Doors

first-time incognito77 2018-03-08

With her white stockings and suspenders she looked like a bride on her wedding night, she straddled him and guided his enormous erection into her, she bounced gently on him at which point he let out an almighty moan, She started to bounce a little harder and faster rubbing her shaved pussy, her tits were uncontrollable and the boy was watching them swing. Daisy closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like with a younger man, she imagined also wearing white stockings and riding a boy her junior, yes in a split second she cum at the thought of it, she touched herself again to feel the wetness and for the second time she had an orgasm right there on the sofa, her breasts exposed and her quim damp she hoped one day she will live that fantasy.

The Study Date

first-time RyleighM72 2018-03-08

Let’s call it a night and start back up tomorrow afternoon if you’re free.” He told her that he was free all weekend to work on this project because he really wanted to make sure it was done. Taking their sodas and a big bowl of popcorn into the den she started to list a few of the movies that he might want to watch and he told her that whatever she wanted to put in would be fine with him. Her bright green eyes sparkled when she giggled and when she really laughed he liked the way her head would roll back on her shoulders . She felt his hand start to caress her hair and she leaned into his shoulder.

Ch. 01 Pop Quiz

first-time stormygirl 2018-03-08

Typical of a small-town boy (I use the term "Boy" literally, for as of this day I've yet to even hold hands with a girl.) I am finding the thought of leaving a bit rough. I sure knew what that was, and at that point decided he just might have been hurting that girl, because every time I had one of those all it did was make me ache miserably. I felt my eyes widen as I watched, the man moaning the same as the girl had been a little while earlier. The girl stopped with her mouth and began rubbing his penis with her hands. I blushed to myself as I thought about that girl being there in front of me, with her small hands rubbing my erect penis.