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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tender Touches

first-time RedHairedandFriendly 2018-03-08

Tom winced from the invasion and watched as the door to a garage rose up and Constance drove her car into the structure. "Let's get you inside and let me take a look at your injuries." Constance opened her door and walked around to Tom's side, where he had already climbed out. "Just be careful, these steps are steep." Tom assured her he would and Constance frowned but turned and made her way toward the connecting door that led up to the main part of the house. There was something about Tom though, she wasn't sure what it was, but she desperately wanted to turn around and get a good look at the man behind her.

Spoiled Rotten

first-time VanessaCarolyn 2018-03-08

What I really want right about now is to find a way to make Max Jenkins look at me. Dude just watch.” Max Jenkins waved his hand at his buddy to ask for patience while he demonstrated. Then you’ll know what it feels like to want. I didn’t know you had a pool.” He said bending to look out the kitchen windows. Letting it get used to the bath-like water, I brought my other foot in and felt his hand on my ankle pulling me in. I don’t want him to know that he’s my first. My thighs twitched as he placed one hand on either side and opened them slowly while I fought to keep his eyes away from what I was not ready to show him.

Spanking School #8: Sexy Shae -2

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-03-08

Sexy Shae first story shall properly pop up below this one, if not I promise to give the link myself in my first comment. Sexy Shae is a pilot in public, in private a personal fine friend from long love at long distance of ten hours. Sexy Shae is commuting up and down in her hot long hauls across the Atlantic Ocean to me in Amsterdam. Sexy Shae shares her looks with me, "real time": Sexy Shae shares her lookalike on video: Sexy Shae shares her looks with me, " red ass halfway": Sexy Shae shares her looks with me, " red real end": Sexy Shae does not care about how many comment and thumbs - not dumbs - I get up here.

And His Eyes Be as Blue as the Sea Ch. 04

first-time endthedream 2018-03-08

He was beautiful—he had been told it often; not brag, just what he had come to believe, as he had come to believe his hair was golden colored) and when he was kind to someone, or called out a greeting or asked some average of below-average looking boy or girl to have lunch with him in the high school cafeteria, and made them feel like a million dollars, and the envy of the kids for maybe a whole week or more, well—weren't they kind of using him to make themselves feel better?


My first bi MMF experience.

first-time rogue-1966 2018-03-08

Beth reaches over takes a hold of my cock and slowly stroking it while she returned to sucking Daniel. I'm sitting back stroking hard and fast watching Beth suck that cock. I was close and all I could do was reach down and hold Daniels head as I pumped my cum into his mouth. I could feel Daniel's cum dripping out of her and down my balls as she placed her clit on the head of my cock rotated her hips. When Daniel fell back on the couch, Beth takes a hold of the back of the couch stands up on the couch and sits back slowly, rubbing the head across her wet lips.

My Little Bitch Pegged

first-time 425olds 2018-03-08

The pressure surging up from deep inside of me, like her finger is reaching all the way through my ass and up into my cock, feeling like she's going to push the come right out of me. I let my hand drop from her breast to reach back down to her hip, slowly stroking back and forth between her hips, my fingers stroking along her neatly trimmed pubic mound, occasionally running down the inside of her thigh, before finally reaching back to grab her ass and pull her close against me. She crawled forward on all fours, settling with her left arm around my torso, and pulled my legs apart, reaching forward with her right hand to stroke the insides of my thighs as I felt her hot breath against my cock.

Our first swap

first-time stevesthe1 2018-03-08

husbands for some fun?" My wife turned to look at me. on my shaft, watching my wife's eyes the whole time. "Well," said the husband to my wife, "we certainly Holding onto his wife's head as she sucked my cock, I watched as my wife slumped down to spread her legs for My wife grabbed my hand as his tongue slipped inside My wife squeezed my hand as the girl slid her hot, My wife's eyes were on her pussy, watching my cock watched as my wife spread her legs wide to receive his The husband took hold of my wife's hips and pushed his husband's tongue ran up my wife's body once again till

My friend in Bangalore -4

first-time rajivkumarrr 2018-03-08

When she was taking the rum I was telling her."Anyway sl**ping with somebody before marriage does not make you bad" Realising now or never I told her."No, even I have hots for you, since you are in relationship I was not approaching you" I told her even a old man also cannot resist the temptation to touch you. By saying that I touched her hand and was waiting to see her reaction. The hot drinks went into my body also started playing its bit. She was smiling softly and trying to move my hand. "what makes you think my penis touched your leg" " Dont bluff, a girl can easily understand if you touch her in her deep sl**p also ", she said.

The Wrong Right Guy

first-time RamosWashington 2018-03-08

Yossi explained that he lived off-campus because that was the only way his parents would agree for him to attend Columbia. I didn't notice how much I looked forward to our meetings, to talking about whatever I wanted, with someone with whom I felt entirely at ease. "Yossi, I know it's tough for the likes of us, but let's try to not over-analyze things. (Byron and Liszt were even better looking but they'd be a real handful, and I wasn't interested in falling for such bad boys.) I loved them through poetry and music, making me feel wonderfully high-minded and pure. And what do you mean, 'not so bad.' Give me some credit—it might be pretty darn pleasant." Why not talk about having sex with Yossi?


Growing up together

first-time shybutsexy1 2018-03-08

When I went to call him back... up pops a picture (naked) of my gorgous latina wife with one tit hanging out. I of course went her and said what this??? My wife who seemed so innocent just hours before is now showing me her sex page and confessing the love of role play. angry at first i soon realized this gorgous woman with perfect round tits sexy wet pussy exotic eyes just needed attention..after i came to understand her irealized we are growing up together..We now have exotic sex including anal finally after 14 years...Soon I will have to share her gorgouse body and with another man to see her lips hold his huge cock i guess were growing up together.Now we are ready to play......


first-time Justaguy2016 2018-03-08

The glass plunged inside her, he found her g-spot, rubbing hard, the wand on her clit making her swell, so sensitive, he pushed against the butt plug, she was so wet, flowing everywhere, soaking the sheets, the toys, his hand, then it happened, in shuddering waves, she tightened on the dildo, her pussy contracting, her legs shaking with the sheer power of it, back arching, she heard a scream, realised it was her, it entered the world of sheer pleasure she was in, nothing else in her mind, just bliss.

My First Time

first-time zimabean 2018-03-08

Just as the first rope of cum started to shoot from cock Pat pulled her top down allowing her boob to pop out and that rope of cum of cum hit her right on the nipple. A week later the same thing happened and Pat again took care of it the same way, with me squirting my load on her tit. Pat came on to me, this time after taking her top off and us starting like that she pulled her shorts down and let me cum on her bush. What are you doing?" Pat said as she held my butt so that cock stayed deep inside her till I was done cumming. I got a girlfriend pretty quick after that and quit fucking Pat. I will never forget that first time I came inside her pussy.

My First Virgin Pussy Defloration

first-time xcitu 2018-03-08

Not knowing when her mom may be back home, I decided to skip the introductory cock sucking stage with her, because I wanted to make sure I had time to properly fuck her virgin pussy. I regained control over cumming, and started to push my cock inside a little more, when all of a sudden I felt the grip of her hymen on my cock loosen, and my cock slid into her pussy up to the base of my cock, and she clenched her thighs on my waist, and cried out in pain. It wasn't long before all the thoughts and thrills of just deflowering a virgin 18 year old pussy took over, and my cock erupted a huge load of my highly fertile cum inside her highly fertile pussy, and it felt amazingly good.

Smart People Ch. 01

first-time Storydwarf 2018-03-08

I've never really considered her that way," Martin replied, knowing there was no point in arguing with Colin, for he would simply end up getting a lecture about why men have nipples or something. Colin and Martin caught up with Steven, their good friend. Colin and Martin both knew they had the Master's in the bag. Colin could see Steven staring wide-eyed at Ella's ass as she ran. "Then welcome aboard, shipmate!" Colin smiled as Ella clambered into the car. Once they were back at the apartment, Colin and Martin immediately grabbed their laptops and logged into Star Wars: Old Republic. She saw them gaming and approached Martin, for Colin would probably break her neck with something if she interrupted him.

Sweet memories

first-time surrey_boy 2018-03-08

It became routine, daily almost, where she'd be up against the wall and I'd finger her while she jerked me off till we both came. I made sure she came first, and when came, she would often like to catch my cum in her free hand and hold it there till we went back to work. Other times she would jerk my cock till I came and aim it at the wall. But one of the best times was one day before lunch when she said she had a present for me. So one day I yanked her pants and panties down and had her put her hands against the wall and stick her ass out.

Lucy Ch. 02: Our Second Meeting

first-time txgent101 2018-03-08

She giggled and I said, "I mean it, I like all parts of your body, starting here." I let my hands caress her face, nuzzling her ear. Moving my hand closer to her mouth, I gently stroked her tongue with my finger. Over several minutes time, I slowly moved my face down her body, kissing her tummy (she was shy about her tummy, had said it was too fat). I said, "Widen your legs, Lucy, and let me look at your most lovely places." I moved so as to be between her legs and continued the trail of my fingers along her upper thigh, allowing them to begin tracing a wide circle from her joint up around her mons and back down.

Tucker's Studio Ch. 13

first-time riverboy 2018-03-08

Perfectly proportioned and jiggly in a Brigitte Bardot kind of way, Kelsey looked a lot like her mother, with blue eyes, ridiculously long cinnamon-red hair, and full-body freckles, every one of them perfectly tanned from walking around naked in the sunshine. By the time they all migrated indoors to Brie's father's king size bed they all knew better what they were doing, and Kelsey looked around proudly at the tangle of naked bodies, thinking to herself it was every bit as good as one of her parents parties. Kelsey knew that kind of skill would take some time to develop, but the feel of Austin's hot hardness in her mouth made her want to learn all about it.

I Spent the Night With My Neighbor Kassey

first-time 2018-03-08

Kassey removed her right hand from my left thigh, grabbed the remote and turned off the TV. “I love having my ass fondled,” she said then started kissing the left side of my neck. Kassey moaned while I ran my hand deeper down her crotch with the destination of her pussy. While I sucked on all of her toes on her right foot, Kassey lightly rubbed the slit of her pussy. Kassey immediately turned around and started sucking on my cock enjoying her pussy juice on my meat. While I licked Kassey’s butthole, she reached under with her right hand and started playing with her pussy. While Kassey played with her pussy, I took the middle finger of my right hand and ran it all around her asshole.

first bi mmf ~ true story

first-time indyfun36 2018-03-08

One night after we got home from being with our girlfriends we threw a porn in and I spun around and laid next to my buddy while he was jerking off and I just leaned in and took his cock in my mouth. He still had a skinny cock that was about 5 1/2" We progressed a little in our senior year of high school and I actually road his cock a couple of times. Sara couldnt take it any longer and she spun around and jumped on my cock her pussy was so wet and I told her I was going to cum and Ed pulled my cock out and stroked it off onto her ass.

Rian Ch. 02

first-time kinkeebaby 2018-03-08

Rian's naked warmth pressed against her body from chest to feet, and she stretched languidly against him as he kissed her face gently. "Open for me, Grace, let me touch you," he whispered, his hands on her inner thighs, guiding them apart. "Relax, Grace, let me show you." He whispered against her thigh, as he guided his finger deeper into her hot wetness. He raised his head and looked into her eyes as he began to push forward, she closed her eyes and held her breath, waiting for the inevitable pain. He lifted his head and looked into her eyes as he began to rock gently, pistoning his cock slowly in and out of her.

I shared her boyfriend.

first-time lush2222 2018-03-08

Ryan my daughters 19 year old boyfriend was still decorating her room. Ryan walked in like a demon possessed. The lad was there for a good 30 minutes soaking my leg and foot and it was only after he got up off the floor that I realized my date had never turned up. My face started to change as disappointment set in and I think Ryan noticed. As I turned I felt Ryans hand on my waist. Ryan: Do you know the best way to forget a prick like him? Ryan spat on the tip of his cock and started to guide it in. 'Ryan God...Holy fuck thats good.' Ryan walked off but I felt like I needed more.

The Taking

first-time timjac2 2018-03-08

Menora said that she had told her daughter that she would find someone to do it and that she would make sure it was someone who would do it properly, and give her daugther a special session so that she would always enjoy sex and not feel dirty about it. She started to moan and was begging for more, and then she said something is happening, so I told her to let it. I told then she was ready and she said she want me in her so bad that she felt she would scream if I didn't do it soon. After we both came down, we were laying in the bed and she said that she could see why her mother wanted some one who knew what they were doing.

The Stalker

first-time zimabean 2018-03-08

Within a minute Kate started to thrash about, her pussy clamped tightly around my cock and a warm liquid flowed around my balls. I exploded, my cock pumping a massive load of spunk deep inside Kate's womb. "YES" she moaned as my cock pumped more and more cum inside her and more of the warm wetness soaked my balls. I had just got my first fuck, I just shot my first load deep inside a woman's cunt. Every time my cock got hard she took me inside her. The feel of a cock cumming for the first time inside my pussy. I wish a woman like Kate could have helped me learn about the ways of sex." Mr. Foster said as he pulled his cock out.

Poppers and a BBC Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-03-08

It seemed like he watched me very closely until a well dressed older black man came into the bookstore and handed him some cash. When I had the door barely open, the black man pushed his way in, which f***ed me to move to the back of the small cubicle. I heard him inhale deep and looked up at him, as he held that little yellow bottle to his nose. With his cock still in my mouth, he placed his index finger over one nostril, and held the little yellow bottle under my other nostril. I rose to my feet and before he unlatched the door and left, he turned back and handed me the little yellow bottle.