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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time shotguner 2018-03-08

So they walked out and as they passed a door Kerri pulled him in I see you like my tits pulling down her top and grabing his hand pulled him close kissing him remembering Beth's lesson sanked to her knees and gave him a BJ like he never had before letting him come in her mouth and sollowing all he wanted to fuck her she says sure you can every day just I need a big raise frist..

That First Night! Ch. 1

first-time Texason3 2018-03-08

As I walked back to the bed, I watched as you drew up your knees to your chest, slipped the shorts off your feet and dropped them on the floor, and lay your legs flat on the bed. I kissed you, passionately, and ran my hand from your waist, down to your thighs, back up over your hip, past your waist to your breast. I slipped my right arm around your waist, raised my hips and let my cock fall down to your slit. We kissed passionately, and I remember you holding me tightly, as I slowly slipped my cock in and out of your pussy. You removed your legs from around my waist and put your feet flat on the bed, allowing you to raise your hips to better take my thrusts.

Her First Time

first-time cbrmale 2018-03-08

I let my hand move down towards her thighs and stroked them, gradually moving up to her pussy, which was trimmed with coarse African-style hair. At the same time I stroked and caressed her virginal pussy, gradually feeling her relax with the soft pressure. I gently disentangled her arms and placed them on my buttocks as I still kept slowly stroking in and out of that virginal pussy. As I started with her lips, she didn’t seem to be responding, but after a while I could feel the wetness and a musky smell of arousal. Pleasure started to outweigh guilt, and Julie started to respond, arching her back and moving her hips so that I was in the right position.

Marie by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-03-08

I reached my right hand up and began rubbing her left breast that feels great.You know I have always fantasized about being with a white man she said as I wheeled into the driveway.I opened the door and told her to make herself comfortable on the couch as I returned from the kitchen with a couple cool drinks.To my delight Marie had already taken all her clothes off.I told her to lay on her stomach as I began massaging her feet working my way to her calves up to her thighs then her plump rounded ass cheeks.I instructed Marie to over the arm of the couch and open her mouth.I stood up and placed my now rock hard cock into her eager mouth as she slowly swallowed my pole all the way to my balls,I leaned forward and rubbed my chin in her coarse dark and licked her clit as I slid two fingers in her moist tight cunt...

Storm of Love Ch. 02

first-time kevklein 2018-03-08

"What is it that you really want, Skye?" Summer asked her friend. As Summer started to undress, Skye sat on the bed and pulled her chemise off and rolled her stockings down her legs. As Skye opened her legs, Summer kneeled between them and started kissing her thighs and slowly worked her way to her now swollen and distended clit. Skye was feeling excited as she waited at Summer's place for Storm to show up. His hands firm about her breasts, he ducked his head, found her lips and drew her into a long, increasingly erotic kiss. As he drew one tight nipple deep into his mouth, he silently thanked God for Skye and her perfect little breasts and that she would accept his marriage proposal.

My audacious girl friend

first-time George178 2018-03-08

Barb's head was under my blanket, and she was starting to suck my cock! I just KNEW someone would hear and wake up, but she kept sucking and slurping and running her tongue around and under and over my now quickly hardening cock. I felt only the sounds of the room in my ears along with the deafening slurping sound of her sucking mouth, and the increasing urgency in my cock to cum! Finally I could feel my nuts draw up and explode, and then the cum rush up the length of my cock and shoot into her hot, sucking, waiting mouth!

Gina´s Gyno Club in Amsterdam #0

first-time petdyke 2018-03-08

Both our eldest niece and the girlfriend of her father agreed: together they decided to propose tasty Tessel to open the club. Mila is tall and very pretty as Tessel. Machteld and Mila each on a knee and Tessel on theirs. Mila and Machteld got hot and wet. Tessel blushed and opened up even wider to let us try. And try to taste the difference." Obediently Tessel closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Tessel thought long, but - inexperienced in tasting pussy - had no idea. and winked to Mila, who took Tessel Machteld also cleared the way from our knees and Mila seated Tessel on our lap. She started to kiss the teens lips everywhere while Machteld sucked her nipples.

Bobbi's First Time

first-time Tomcatfive 2018-03-08

Celeste was getting tired, and took a break, moving very slowly up and down my shaft as she leaned forward and kissed me, tongue rammed into my mouth. I knew it would be very traumatic for Celeste when the day came that Bobbi moved out on her own, or finally found her own lover. For a moment, she lifted her head slightly, panting, and said, "I told you it takes hours, I haven't even started yet." This time it was my tongue in her mouth, and my hands ran down over her ass, pressing her down against my cock. I pulled out and reached down and lifted her, turning her so she was face up, head in the middle of the couch, her ass on the arm.


first-time 2018-03-08

I was standing at the end of the bed getting the lube and condoms I looked down on his frog legs spread apart and his brown eye looking at me. Grabbing a fist full of hair as I mounted his bone ass I again picked up the pass and started fucking the shit out of him, harder, faster, spanking him, and a little chock, this k** made me so horny. I was surprised to see his cock hard again and started to stroke him as I fucked him, eventually he let a loud moan out and cam all over his chest, shortly after I pulled my condom off and pulled his head around and released my load into his open mouth and face.

Michele, part 2

first-time mombjfo 2018-03-07

He kept looking straight in her eyes, deep, like he was talking to her soul, and, even if Michele was not certain of tomorrow, deep inside her the answer came « Ooohhh, that's is so good, your mouth feels so hot, have you ever suck a cock while a second one is slowly moving in and out of your cunt? Now, she resume working on his cock, not working but enjoying playing with his balls, licking them, sucking on them, moving her tongue up his member to the tip, taking it in her mouth, as deep as she could. It was not long, with the help of her hand moving with a tight grip and her sucking motion on the head of his cock, that he was exploding in her mouth.

Telling Secrets

first-time zandoraus 2018-03-07

She laughed, and told me not to worry because she wouldn't kick me, but she was looking forward to stepping on all my shit, and to see how big my dick was. She looked down at me with a smile, and told me I was lucky she had big arches and not a flat foot or my baby making days would be over. She said she just wanted to have a normal discussion while stepping on my dick, and poor balls, and that she could stand there all night. She then told me to just lay my dick out so that she could step on it with the ball of her foot.

Kelly and I's Very Wet Time

first-time thesoniclemon 2018-03-07

I looked at the bottles and dug through to the right one; I only wanted to make my hair a little lighter for the first time. I threw open the door to declare how proud I was, and found Kelly on my couch, video game controller in one hand and the other in a bag of chips. Kelly smoothly and quickly ran her hands down her body from her shoulders, to chest bone, to breasts, to nipples, to stomach, to naval, to thighs, to knees, and finally to feet. I licked on and around her clit most of the time, eliciting the strongest response; she would spread her legs wider, moan loudly, and push my head right into her.

BabySitter's Porn

first-time Ashson 2018-03-07

"Ah, Nicki, "said Irene, smirking, "we were considering a practical education." "Ah, I don't think that that would be a good idea," said Nicki carefully, deciding she didn't want to upset the crazy woman. Irene looked at me shrugged and said, "How about a cup of coffee before we take Nicki home." "I thought it wouldn't hurt to show you how a woman's body reacts to a man's touch," he said. The way I was straddling Tim I could feel the thing right along the length of my slit, pressing gently between my lips. I was lifting myself, feeling Tim's cock rasping against my lips and I thought that if I went a little higher I'd feel the head of it.

I Was Her Pet (an almost true story)

first-time a_simple_ben 2018-03-07

"So you will do whatever I ask?" The sound was muffled and nervous probably a lot like mine. "Ok then, strip," I hear a little joy in her voice, sounds like she is loosening up. "Here?" I ask, "there are like 20 doors on this floor what happens if someone comes?" "Oh no, I want you all the way nude" The sexy voice came back. "Come on in my little pet" she pulled a the leash and I followed on all fours. He followed me in, walking on his hands and knees, and I put his cloths on the corner table right by the door. “Does my pet want to taste some of his mistress juice?” With no answer required he was licking my fingers in an instant.

The Blind Girl in the Rain: part 2

first-time Ian56UK 2018-03-07

The canteen pretty much covered half of the ground floor with spacious row upon row of tables and chairs where various people were already sat taking in an early breakfast before starting out the day. Like I said, I know." She sat back and took another sip of her coffee as she watched my face. Janet had her arm through mine as we stood at the far end of the table where the six new recruits sat enjoying a morning coffee and a good gossip. Their names simply faded away like early morning mist for my attention was on the curly shoulder-length chestnut haired figure who sat in the middle of the three to my left with the others on the opposite side of the table.

Granted Ch. 01

first-time jallen944 2018-03-07

Jon said he found some magazines in his brother’s room with pictures of naked girls. Grant turned quickly and yanked his hand away from the lump stretching down the leg of his jeans. When he opened his eyes, Jon was still furiously pumping his dick in his fist, but he was staring at him with a confused, angry look on his face. “Are you coming to Owen’s birthday party next week?” she said, and turned to look at him. After a minute or two he got up, carrying his paper plate and the bottle of Mountain Dew and headed for the door, but he kept close to the house and away from the other guests, who might see the embarrassing shape in the leg of his jeans.

Motel Surprise pt2

first-time griffen1 2018-03-07

feeling her shaved pussy lips under my fingers. believe how long I had to stroke my pussy that night I took a second, harder look at Leslie. was pulled tight between the lips of her pussy, making My cock was still rock hard and dripping a steady flow my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Leslie started in to one long, continuous orgasm my soaking-wet cock from her dripping pussy. away, letting my cock slip free from her pussy. "Fuck my ass," she said, simply, looking over her the head of my cock up between her pussy lips, Then I surged forward, burying my cock back in her ass her ass clenched tight around my cock, her body locked

Kathleen's Lovers Ch. 01

first-time redkathleen 2018-03-07

I wasn't really concentrating on where we were going until he stopped, looked at me and said quite casually "coming in?" I knew that everyone said boys like big boobs but I still secretly thought they were off putting. I remember thinking that while I lay there in my panties while this handsome young man gently pushed my legs apart with his hands and lowered his face down between my legs. I felt Darren's head rise and I opened my eyes to see him smiling up at me, his face glistening from my wet pussy. He thrust his cock deep into my pussy with long, hard strokes, kissing me and moving his hands down to my boobs, squeezing them as he fucked me.

my jobs

first-time stif266 2018-03-07

The stage started to rotate slowly as Pete and Miranda moved about on the stage until Celia and I had a very clear view of Pete penetrating her pussy just a few feet in front of us. Miranda had changed to the reverse cowgirl position, giving Celia and I a wonderful view of her pussy being penetrated by Pete's quite thick cock. I stood in the shadows as I watched Miranda slowly raise Celia's skin tight black dress up over her hips and then her tits and finally off over her head. I could feel Celia's tongue on my cock as I slipped slowly into Miranda's very hot and wet pussy canal.

Alton Towers

first-time goldcloak 2018-03-07

Now in most lessons she would take her jumper off and I could see as did most of the boys in the class her colourful bra through her fitted school shirt. We made small talk and as we got closer they asked if I wanted to ride with them instead of random other people. I flicked my fingers inside of her and I could feel her wetness drenching my hand as I played with her nipple.I couldn't bring her to orgasm before we got to the top as I knew that on the way down there would be a picture and the last thing I could have was a picture of he wrist deep in my students so I pulled out to her disappointment.

It teez ok?

first-time tightpantslover 2018-03-07

Megan's seemed confused and asked “What is swinging?” When Judy described it she laughed and said she was in Vegas to cut loose but no way in hell would either of us be with someone else. I was ready to goto the couples area but Rob and Judy said they wanted to have sex with each other upstairs in the area open for others to watch. We continued to follow Rob and Judy to a room that had 2 couples having sex in it. Watching Rob and Judy had me hot so I began taking liberties with Megan. I went to Rob and Judy's room on Sunday and asked him what happened with the guy and what I should do.

Three Stoner Chix - Blue Moonshine

first-time CHICA_and_the_MAN 2018-03-07

After Dad left, Andy fueled up the truck, then watched Bridge on the River Kwai in the sleeping compartment, while scarfing a big bag of Cheetos. He was putty in her hands, and before he knew it, the little brunette was driving top speed through town, with Andy in the front passenger seat, hanging on for dear life, while Dad and the weather lady made out noisily in the back seat. When they arrived at the weather lady's mansion, she and Dad disappeared instantly up the stairs, leaving Andy alone with the niece in the living room. Andy rubbed his cock at the sight of the weather lady's lithe neck bobbing forward and back, as she took Dad's entire length all the way back into her throat again and again.

Nichole's House: Alone at Last!

first-time simply_cyn 2018-03-07

He could feel his cock twitch just remembering how she let him finger her hot little cunt last time and he groaned, slumping down on the edge of the bed as his hand began to stroke his now rigid member, precum oozing out to slicken his movements. The natural sway in Nichole's hips was fascination and Toby couldn't help but lick his lips, his eyes drawn to them like a moth to a flame, wanting to scoop her up and bound up the steps two by two. Toby's mind was reeling as her hand wrapped around the base of his cock, giving it a squeeze as her lips locked around his throbbing pole just beneath the head, forming a delicious seal and began to stroke the head with these passing little laps, purring around his flesh like a satisfied cat.

I Swallowed

first-time charlessmythe 2018-03-07

I sucked Steve's beautiful cock for about ten minutes and then I felt his cock start throbbing and twitching and getting even bigger and harder in my mouth. Then Steve put his hand on the back of my head and started working his hip, pumping his thick hard cock in and out of my mouth. His head swelled up and his cock just started jerking and then I felt the first spurt of hot salty cum hit the back of my throat and ooze down my throat. The hottest thing about sucking cock is feeling the shaft get harder, the guy starting to shake and his balls get tense, then the amazing, hot, creamy load cum shooting out into my mouth.