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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The First Time My Ass Pussy Was Fucked

first-time 2018-03-07

Fuck me like a dirty whore!" I shouted, continuing to squeal with pleasured pain at each smack of his calloused hand. I crawl onto the bed on my hands and knees and place my waiting bare ass in the air and awaiting his pleasure. Fuck me like a little whore!" I scream as I feel his grip tighten on my ass and his pelvis rock faster, slapping his thighs and balls on my upturned ass. I am so aroused, I cannot hold back any longer, and crying out, "Oh god, oh god, Oh God, OH GOD!" I squirt long ropes of hot and sticky cum all over his cock, squealing at each intensely pleasurable spurt, covering his cock in my sissy juices.

Giving a Hand Pt. 01

first-time GemimaCav 2018-03-07

"So the foreskin I was talking about earlier, this is it," said Ori as she wrapped her tiny hand around the shaft of this penis. "If he was circumcised it would look a lot like this," said Ori as she held her hand at the base of his shaft. Then, a deep breath that he held and Dani's pelvis thrust forward and a stream of white liquid shot out with such force that it went straight over Ori's hand, across the room, and landed on my foot. I pulled for less time than Ori had done when Danny whispered through gasped breath "I'm cumming." I knew now that meant to spit and I retained focus on staring at his eyes, watching his reactions.

The one day I was naughty and a bit more.

first-time tonibbw 2018-03-07

Not very often but some mornings I must admit I did masturbate to the thoughts of him seeing my breasts and on one particular morning I had taken my knickers off after my husband had gotten up and was just starting to touch myself when at the last second I heard my husband was about to enter the room, I quickly pulled down my nightdress and lay still, as if asl**p. I new he was close, very close as I could even hear his clothes as he moved, this time it was longer, maybe 2 minutes and then I thought that was long enough and made a small movement which did the trick and he left, I heard him walking down the stairs so I opened my eyes to see that the door was now closed too a little and then as he got to the bottom of the stairs I heard a distinct sound, the sound a phone makes when you take a picture or a video.

Father in law with benefits

first-time 2018-03-07

Because of our careers Kabeer and I have decided not to start a f****y yet, so when I felt his orgasm building he pulled out of me and I took his cock in my mouth and within seconds he was cumming in my mouth and I drooled and slurped every little drop out of him that night, The next few days were pretty much the same, at work I found myself thinking about Abbu's cock and at night I was hungry for cock and needed Kabeer to fuck me, I also started to masturbate a lot more and even found myself needing to go to the ladies room at work to give myself some self relief.

How I Lost My Virginity

first-time outta_control_again 2018-03-07

I'm sure my hands wandered over her jeans more than a few times in public, but that was pretty much the extent of what we could do on school grounds. I went back to kissing her, this time, strategically placing myself side by side, so I could move my hand into her panties. At this time, her hand went down my pants and she was stroking my hard cock - it really felt enormous that day. Anyone looking at us from afar would think we were just making out or dry humping - although her shirt was still pushed up over her breasts and her jeans were just under her ass.


Daddy's Friend

first-time loloishorny 2018-03-07

I wiggled my shorts down on my hips and started to finger fuck my pussy and clit. With cum dripping from my pussy, Jack slides a couple of fingers in while he flicks my clit with his tongue. He pulls his fingers out, puts them in my mouth, and I lick each one, like I was on his dick before. Jack then goes down on me and begins to lick and fuck my pussy with his throbbing tongue and fingers. I'm getting ready to cum again and Jack stops fucking my ass and goes in for the cum in my pussy. Daddy asked if I just fucked Jack, I smiled and said yes. Daddy pulls my shorts down, and puts his finger in my wet pussy.

Bally Chohan - My First Sex with Senior's Gir

first-time henryrobert115 2018-03-07

Jane wali hun knyuki usake chote bhai se related kuch kam hai mene kaha “all right, rat mein call karana par sham ko jab mein work pe hi tha, muje call aaya, wo call Nisha ka tha, meine pucha “kuch problem hai?” Nisha ne kaha “nahi problem ki baat nahi, ek kam karo na mere mera mobile meri desk ki lamari mein hi rah gaya hai mene phone pe baat karke andar almari mein hi rakh diya tha,aur sath lena bhul gayi tum use le aana,aur kal muje de dena!please! pura 9” lamba aur thick ho gaya ahhh mene kaha “madarchod rand Sali kese laga loda?” Megha boli “khilone ke lode se isame bahot maza aa raha hai mere Lundraja!” Ahhhh mene kaha “Sali chus isse aur mein usake sar ko piche se dhakka dene laga kafi time tak suck kiya ahhhhhh!


Deidre Ch. 01

first-time Paris Waterman 2018-03-07

"I don't know for sure." Elsie held her fingers apart, perhaps five inches or so, and I nodded, which told her nothing, but Elsie seemed to think I was in awe of the size cock she had accepted into her pussy. I asked him if his friend Dick Burns knew you," Elsie said, and my antenna went up. We talked about our day, although I left out the part of Elsie losing her cherry to Stevie; we shared complaints about our parents and gossiped about our mutual friends and classmates; and before I knew it we'd finished our sodas, paid the check and we weaving our way out of the place and getting back into Johnny's car.


first-time Mr James 2018-03-07

James could feel her belly flutter beneath his hand and, pressing gently, he eased the tip if his forefinger under the edge of her panties, just far enough to touch the silky bush of curls that thinly covered her mound. James pushed the panties down the silky smoothness of Lauren's thighs, to her knees and, as she bent her legs to slip the wisp of silk off, he pressed his hand against the inside of her thigh, spreading her knees wider, so that he could slide his fingers along the inside of her thigh and use the tips to spread the lips of her pussy. Reaching down between her thighs, Lauren pulled her pussy lips apart with the tips of her fingers, opening the pinkly wet passage to the tip of James' cock.

The First Bisexual Exploration

first-time OceanviewFtLaud 2018-03-07

Another time I went there, he shyly confessed that he had wanted to see my body for a long time, and he asked me to undress for him. I remembered the excitement on his face as I undressed, his anticipation as I turned my back on him to take my underwear off, and how he looked me up and down, and the arousal I felt as I stood there completely nude in front of another man for the first time in my life. I remember turning to watch him, and getting excited watching him undress, an excitement I feel with other guys I watch. I do remember a pleasurable feeling as he pushed, but I was probably kind of relieved when he stopped.

A Pleasant Surprise Ch. 02

first-time Belegon 2018-03-07

This time Gena's right hand traced figure eights on my back and I could feel her start to tense up and release with the rhythm of her breathing. I guess that what Gena wanted did not include me hovering over her and breathing like someone had pushed the pause button because the fingers in my hair tightened and my face was suddenly filled with moist warmth as she raised her hips and pulled me down into her crotch. As Gena's tongue snaked into my mouth I felt the head of my once again hard cock come to rest against the wetness between her thighs.

Nikki's Story - Slippery Susie Part 8

first-time 2018-03-07

cock was buried deep in her mouth, the cum shot straight down her throat Nikki’s mouth, Mike’s cock was attacked by Nikki when it was near her Nikki always knew which cock was in her mouth and before long she could wanted to experience a cock cumming in her pussy without a condom like started shooting cum into her pussy, Nikki would have had a tough time not have cum a lot, but her pussy walls were holding his cock so tight that she could feel each time his cock heaved and another spurt of cum reached back and slowly removed the two cocks from her pussy and ass. he allowed Nikki to suck his cock clean while the second pound entered

The One Night Stand!

first-time Karnastorries 2018-03-07

Kevin looks over at the dance floor and swallows, knowing he does not have a lot of experience, he then replies, "Sure, but I am not that good at dancing, just to warn you." "You are welcome, Kimberly," said Kevin, as he shuts the door and gets in and starts the cars engines and then he begins driving and taking Kimberly home, she then explains where she lives. Kevin lets Kimberly lead him into her; he then follows her into her house as she knows the way around, however he closes the door behind them, "Kimberly?" he asked as he looked at her as Kimberly turns on the light via the switch.


first-time 2018-03-07

Shalini’s bra was 34D size, confirming my feeling that she had really large breasts…Two days later, I got the stitched blouses back, gave the plain one to her. I realized that the girl was having her first orgasm and held her tightly just kissing her gently on her lips till her body became calm & normal…I then slowly opened her pussy lips and was tickling it she slowly built up a tempo and asked me do you know what to do further ? She just bit her lip and closed her eyes, I took time just kept in kissing her whispering her to relax finally after a minute she was totally relaxed, I in one swift motion pushed it in to her pussy in one stroke.

Styxxx Studios

first-time susu8 2018-03-07

Lauren Peters is currently swimming in her pool, wearing the smallest bikini I have ever seen. Come on, at least let me show you around the set." Gerald Styx flashes a grin at me so bright that I think it is about to blind me. The scene is set, the cameras are in place, and Lauren is in the pool. The cameras begin rolling, and Lauren begins to float on her back and push her tits together with one hand, the other moving down to her slit. Lauren swims over to me, stands ont he floor of the pool, and begins licking my balls. She starts to get into the fuck, running her hands through my chest hair and licking my nipples.

Stella's sudden surrender [6]

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-03-07

Stella tells Saskia and our dear readers every erotic dirty detail of that mighty memorable she submits to me. Stella learn a lot in a single long lasting day, every erotic teasing trick in the big book of love she needs to know. Stella disagrees, she tells Saskia to wait till I finish my series about how our love grew. Stella tells Saskia all dirty details Stella tells Saskia the erotic events after her anal assault and orgasm at the start of the day I am her Dom: Stella learns a lot that mighty memorable day, not only orgasming at anal assault, also of all spanking. Stella is simply a slave of her lust for satisfaction, from the man who could read her real needs as a teen.

One I tweeked

first-time runnersdelight 2018-03-07

When we're both naked, I hold you to me, kissing you again, this time excited by the eagerness, the urgency I feel there. I kiss your nipples, feeling them harden beneath my mouth... My tongue circles your right nipple endlessly, before I suck it eagerly it into mouth, hearing your first faint moan.... By the time I'm licking around your wet opening, I feel your hands in my hair, pulling me tightly against you. Finally, you pull me up toward you, kissing my mouth, licking your juices from my chin... Before long, I feel your hand slowly sliding over my hard-on. With your tongue, you tease my cock, swirling, licking, sliding, while your hand milks the base.

Fantasy Comes True

first-time 2018-03-07

I knew exactly where my cock was touching her and it wasn't going to be long before she would know also. I wanted to bring her off fast and quick where I could taste her and them feel her hot pussy wrapped around my hard cock. I could feel the heat coming from her cunt as I let the back of my hand touch her pussy. Her hands came down and pulled my face close to her cunt and I went to work on it. It was feeling too good and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and I pulled away. She didn't need to use her hands and neither did I as my cock made swift work of finding her open cunt.

Rainy Day Girl Ch. 02

first-time Mr. Chuckles 2018-03-07

I started the walk home, and saw Rachel standing next to some guy's car. "Sure, it does, Tim," I said, smirking, "So why don't you pop the hood, and let me take a look?" I knew I had him. "Well, I want to see them Tim." Rachel said. "I don't see any nos tanks in here, Tim." I said, climbing out of his car. "So, Ian, do you need a ride home from school?" She said with a wink. Rachel drove us to her house, and said, "Ya know, Ian, my parents won't be home for a while, so..." "Ian, since this is your first time, I'm gonna get on top, and let you relax." She said, getting out from under me.

The All-America Virgin Ch. 02

first-time GQquietguy 2018-03-07

That allows time for a little more sex if Edie can get her sister Joan to leave the room for a few minutes. Through induction by the sleuth in her, Joan has established a) I was with Edie at fifteen after five, b) we didn't arrive at the Towers lobby until ten o'clock, c) Edie and I most likely didn't leave Pittsburgh before eight thirty because she drove fast, d) we therefore spent over two hours at a hotel, e) Edie is not wearing a bra, f) Travis is as handsome as it gets, and, finally, g) Travis and Edie fucked for two solid hours in a room at the William Penn.

Cock Sure

first-time tpgprn 2018-03-06

Even though Lisa had beautiful breasts and a great body, as did my wife, and humbly I must I'm happy with my dick, but Mark's cock was the star of the show. Well, Lisa was the director here, again my wife looked at me, I nodded, got up on the side of the pool like Mark. The two girls were sucking our cocks, I was really enjoying Lisa's lips pumping me, but I have to say I was mesmerized watching my wife swallowing Mark's tool. I took Marks cock in my mouth as he continued to pump cum down my throat...I explode in my wife pussy and she ground herself against me as she came again and again.

Older b*****r seduces and takes cute nerd s****r&a

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-03-06

"Oh shit, so close," Andrea moaned, and I imagined that she grabbed Lisa's head and held her buried deep in her cunt. "Yes, I would drop to my knees and devour his cock before spreading my legs wide open and letting him fuck me senseless," Lisa replied, playing along. I eventually excused myself and waited until a couple hours later when Lisa was in the washroom to ask Andrea, "Do you want to go up to Lakewood Point at midnight?" She looked up at me with a mixture of shock and lust, before replying, clearly horny and lusting for me, "I'll swallow your load any time you want." Like many cute innocent girls, she wanted to be treated like a slut.


first-time 2018-03-06

Fate took care of me that night though as my aunty wanked me off before putting her mouth over my throbbing penis. I knew the young girls at school had spoken of how tight they were, but this was easy as my cock slid into her pussy. I knew I wasnt the first and I certainly wouldnt be the large to enter her magnificant pussy, but boy did I enjoy it. After I had fucked her pussy as hard as I could and had cummed hard inside her, I picked her up and put her up against the wall, a move I had watched in an Italian porno some time earlier. I gave her a long kiss when we had finally dressed as if this would be the last time...

Love's Silent Embrace

first-time Chiara23 2018-03-06

Emily sighed, counted to three and told her mom that Matt had asked her to their Graduation dance and she needed to get a dress. "Well if Emily wants a special night I'm going to make sure she has one," Matt said to his sister. The old seamstress was very happy to see them, and when Emily's Mom told her which dress they wanted to look at she beamed at them. Matt's Mom gave him a hug and brushed the hair from his eyes, "Honey I think it's very admirable of you that you want to protect Emily from intolerant people. The next morning Matt stopped at Emily's house just like he had ever since they were old enough to walk to school by themselves.