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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

One Summer Day

first-time cloman25 2018-03-06

"It's not that far, Tau and it wasn't that hot today." Caily said who was walking beside me. Actually, I was thinking of asking Caily advice on how to approach Gena. "Any plans on making these dreams come true?" Caily asked as if she read my mind. "You still like turkey sandwich right?" She asked pulling out a knife from the shelf. "It's like my room, just a lot bigger." I sat on the edge of her bed as Caily smirked. Next thing I knew, we were having a pillow fight, jumping up and down like 5 year olds, banging each other. "Do you think it would look better if it was shaved?" I didn't know why she was asking me such a thing.

The First Affair - Chapter 3 (by X Factor)

first-time PornMom 2018-03-06

From in front of her, one could see Erin looking down at him, watching him, her wet hair falling over her shoulders, down her freckled chest, over her sexy tits with light pink areolas and rock hard nipples, down her smooth belly, over her bush where Jason's head blocked the rest of the view. From the bottom of the bed one could see the pink bottoms of Erin's tiny feet, up her legs to her ass, where Jason's hands were squeezing each creamy white cheek tightly. For the next 9 or 10 minutes, Erin got the fuck of her life, orgasming once more before Jason slid his penis all the way inside her hungry vagina, cumming his brains out.

Beginning With Younger b*****r – Part 1

first-time 2018-03-06

I got too horny with all pressing and pinching, I took his dick in mouth and started sucking like crazy. Current passed through my body as soon as he touched earlobes with lips and bite them.Then he again went back to boobs and start sucking and pressing them. Sensation going through body with his tongue touching thigh.Now I sat on bed and he also jumped, started kissing me passionately and pressing my boobs with hand. But after 4-5 push it went inside and I moaned loudly that time.He started fucking steadily and in between slapping my ass and pressing my boobs from behind. May be I was too horny to deny after all licking and my pussy was craving for nice dick inside since a long time.

My Wedding Night

first-time hotblackbabe 2018-03-06

I could feel his hard body pressed tight against mine and my legs were already starting to get weak from the kiss. His hands started to go around my body and he gently pulled on the zipper of my wedding dress. He started a trail of kisses from my forehead down to my chest while his hands fumbled with my bra to get it off. He continued to kiss, suck and gently bite my nipples and I began to wriggle my body in anticipation. I felt a sharp pain as he went in but the look in his eyes comforted me He stopped until I was fine and he continued to insert the rest of his cock in me.

Whatever Happened to Nadia Nyce?

first-time bshah3 2018-03-06

So, this one is dedicated to one of my absolute, personal favorite porn goddess ever, the exotically beautiful and sexy Nadia Nyce. Born on June 6, 1973 in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, of Indian heritage Nadia broke into the porn biz by shooting her first video, a scene with Rodney Moore on October 31, 1995 (yet another reason to love Halloween!). Moore was, and is, the King of Cream and due to the nastiness of her scenes, the beautiful Ms. Nyce became known as the Princess of Cream. The other scenes on the DVD range from good to OK, but the Nyce/ Kummings/ Moore scene is a must have!

An Upset Halloween Plan

first-time 49greg 2018-03-06

"So Ron, I overheard Wendy telling Betty about some sort of game you two are going to be playing at the big Charity Costume Ball this year." "And you didn't know anything, so you asked him about it." Betty prompted when Wendy got a far away look on her face. "O.K., I've got to get to work, Oh, uh, you heard me tell about the game Mrs. Meyers and I are playing didn't you?" Ron asked. "I need to give them to you when I get home, but I've got to get going, see you later on, Wendy or I will check our home answering machine remotely just in case," Ron said as he put his car in gear and backed out on their road and pulled away.


first-time 2018-03-06

Whenever he was in the room, I felt pulled to him, he always felt warm and welcoming, I wanted to be near him, to be as close as possible and he was always comfortable standing close to me no matter how close I got. It was exhilarating at times and again there was a comfortable, safe, and open feeling with the offer of a night of pleasure in a threesome with those two beautiful and amazing people. We got to set up a private room for Mz. Somers and we were in the room when she came in, but there were so many people we didn’t get to talk to her or anything. The car stopped so suddenly that I didn’t have time to pull over.

Boss bear pt 2

first-time 2018-03-06

There was a noise at the door behind us - I looked back over my shoulder and was startled to see John, standing in the doorway, buck naked and stroking a long wet cock in his hand while he watched Tony ram my ass. I was too overcome with lust and Tony's big cock deep in my ass to be bothered to stop and wonder at John's sudden appearance, and or the fact that he was naked no less! John's hands clamped onto the sides of my head and he was soon wildly fucking my face, adding his own moans to mine along with Tony's guttural grunting.

Naughty Nurse Kathy by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-03-06

Kathy blushed and nodded slightly, telling me that she liked my company and seeing me so she switched with another cleaning nurse to get my friend's room as part of her cleaning schedule. Kathy stopped in front of me told me that my friend was out of it and I needed to release some tension, she then slid her hand gently across my tented crotch, then with a smile unbuckled my belt and my jeans and slid them down my shaking legs. Kathy took the first couple of streams then backed off my cock holding my shooting meat at her mouth. My cock began to rise again as she worked my finger in her mouth, licking and sucking it clean.

The Beach House Escapades Ch. 04

first-time tribalsurf 2018-03-06

I pull the much younger looking Vika to me and kiss her just as deeply as I had her friend, stretching her up on tip-toe while fondling her ass the way I had Amy's. Vika has the zipper all the way down, and she reaches up and pulls them apart at the top, exposing a large V and a good look at some pretty red panties underneath. Vika pulls my dick from her mouth and offers it to Amy who shyly leans in and looks closely at it. I don't want to freak Amy out right off the bat by unloading a batch on her face, but I know my little Vika will drain me like a thirsty slut at a well.

Banging Big Time is no Theory (Part 2)

first-time CarlosDanger71 2018-03-06

You know what I’m doing.” While looking Howard in the eye, Raj then reached up, loosened Howard’s belt, undid the button on this top of his pants, took hold of the zipper and slowly lowered it. “You know you want this as bad as I do.” He felt a thrill go through him as he knew he was right when Howard lifted his ass up off the couch slightly so Raj could pull down his pants and Spiderman boxers. “Please honey, UHG, you know I love you, OH GOD.” He thrashed again and his hands reached out and grasped Raj’s head but Raj shook him off, he didn’t want to lose his eye contact with the lovely Bernadette.

Fantasy cuckold story I sent to a friend

first-time Dean95207 2018-03-06

You just wanted me to have a better view, plus it would put my hard cock in front of her face, which was very obvious know with just a towel on. You look so sexy so fuckin hot I tell my beautiful wife as I push her head towards your huge cock, suck it some more for me. My tongue is still licking her and making sure I lick your balls as weLl. I feel her squeeze my cock every time you start pounding her hard. As you pull out I feel your cock and cum on my face, I know there is so much more inside her for me.

The ex files - Emma in Spain.

first-time olly01 2018-03-06

The lads sat there staring at each other, mouths wide open until Emma broke the silence saying "I suppose they'll want to see some now won't they!" I looked at her and asked if she was sure and she laughed and said "Why not, they deserve a treat" so i went to the wardrobe and pulled out the stack of pictures we had taken since we arrived. The two lads sat there wondering what was going to happen next when Emma stood up and said "That's it, show's over" so they reluctantly got dressed and left the room asking if they could still sit with us tomorrow.

First time with a my girl

first-time hcdude 2018-03-06

The again continued kissing her with my hand crassing her back slowly moving downwards to her butt then again upwards to the front side to her breast then i started sucking her breast slowly like i was licking an ice cream her febble moans were exiting me more n more some times i bit her nipple which she gives a loud moan. She also started breathing heavily and beg me to not to stop n she also cumed hard with heavey breating we kissed each other. I make her lay on her bed now my cock was in full attention and i take it and started rubbing around her pussy lips.

Naive Encounters

first-time LitEroCat 2018-03-06

Let me demonstrate." I pulled her body against mine and licked her upper lip so my tongue caressed her gum and slid along her teeth. It's exactly like French kissing, but done down Under." I slid both hands down and over her barely B-cups, nearly ignoring them, then over her hips prior to sinking to my knees before her. I slipped my hands under her panty in the rear and cupped her silky, bare ass while pulling it up. As I latched onto the frilly waist of her panty I said, "We're running out of time, so let's visit 'down under' now." I pulled the rear waistline over her ass first and watched her wet spot continue to swell.


first-time TBP95 2018-03-06

Unlike with women, there was no stigma to a man of the mainland having flesh colored by the sun, and Sophia had a feeling Joseph wouldn't care if there was. Joseph wasn't wellborn as Sophia was, and he did not know the wealth she knew, but his family was respected by all -- lowborn, wellborn, and highborn alike -- for its long line of men who chose to serve the city. Sophia hated the thought that, at an age where some other girls had been wedded for two or three years, she had never even deep-kissed the boy she'd been in love with for a third of her life.

A message reply to what I like...

first-time warrem13 2018-03-06

As the drinks flow, my wife is in the formal living room talking to another old friend, the new liberal girl, and another lady-acquaintance. The girls leave, the chit-chat resumes, and my wife lets me know that she's going potty as she does the 'potty dance' jokingly. I notice the silhouette of my wife against the white walls, and her pants are pulled down to her thighs, her shirt is open, and that new liberal woman on her knees with her face buried in my wife's panties. Finally, my wife grabs the girls hair, focuses her eyes and says; "Lets go." She pushes the girls head back, pulls her panties and pants back on, and catches her desire.

Mum's friend

first-time happy_manwhore 2018-03-06

Behind the closed door, I would pull out my hard cock, close my eyes, and then beat off with images in my mind of Linda's big ass! With one hand stroking my hard cock and my other looking at the pictures I had brought with me, I realized I had a chance to wack off while looking at Linda fully nude and even with the dildo in her. I started to flick it with my tongue, then I sucked into my mouth and I felt Linda's hands on my hand pressing my face into her pussy and grunting that I should not stop.

Old Friends New Lovers -Part 1

first-time oohmick69 2018-03-06

I remove Mick’s cock from Cathy and suck all of her cum from him --- then I ease him back deep inside her ---- 7 – 8 times I do this --- then again the tell tale sign – Mick’s breathing hard and pumping so fuckin fast his balls are really banging against Cathy’s Clit ----- he stops suddenly ---- I watch his balls twitch – several times --- he is releasing his juices into Cathy – deep and long ----- I bite his balls to make sure he has fully emptied himself ---- as he withdraws slowly ---- a big blob of his cream hits me in the eye ---- my mouth goes straight to –Cathy’s dripping cunt -----

next morning not great but what happened

first-time 34a 2018-03-06

It took another few minutes and Pam got off and I started to rub his wet cock, taking Tammy’s hand again I placed it on his cock and she rubbed it her other hand was touching her own pussy and the head of Ricks cock started to swell and he got harder, Pam had her tongue in his mouth I was touching his balls and Tammy was not stopping, she kept rubbing as he shot his load straight up in the air with it landing on his tummy and her arm and hand and a bit on her chest.

Close,сlose friend!

first-time 2018-03-06

Her lips slid between my Breasts, gently touching the hot wet tongue inflamed skin, lower and lower, but her lips are traveling across my belly trembled with emotion, that relate untidy pubic hair, tickling my thighs. She sighed, she wanted me to tease a little, put his hands my hips, putting his palms under the buttocks. It concerned the language of the protected points, every time differently, as if looking for the ideal my passion a little bit, tormenting me unfulfilled absorbing, deeply, mastering me, going down, and I could feel her tongue plunges into my body. The fingers of his right hand caressed her buttocks, the fingers of the left slipped a little lower, to the damp loins.

Falling for the local librarian

first-time abc12345 2018-03-06

It was the next day, and I was eating in the huge food court at the school I worked at. "I am not hungry anymore. Not only did I call her that night, but we actually talked a few times that week and I finally got up enough nerve to ask her out. I just can't control myself sometimes. "No, I just was in another world and out of control. "Huh?" I didn't believe it. "I have never had an orgasm from a man. " I believe you. " I believe you. "I can't take it anymore. "And I am the luckiest man in the world to be a part of that with you.

my first gay sex

first-time ineedblackcock 2018-03-06

i get back on the couch and alan says "what do i get if i win??" since he was the worse of the two i said "man, if you win, i'll let you fuck me" needless to say he was quite shocked and started the next game rather quickly. about five minutes later, while alan has his eyes closed going hard on me, austin comes to the door and i motion for him to come closer and put my mouth open. alan eventually opens his eyes when he realizes im not longer moaning but just groaning and sees austin fucking my face.

The awakening

first-time realgagslut 2018-03-06

I gently pushed her away and as our bodies separated I felt my penis harden more and as it stood to attention I could feel it pressing against her soft young belly. Telling her it was time for her to be in bed I gently reached over and putting my hand on her breast pushed her backward. I knew with a couple of hard thrusts I could rip her open and be deep inside her but that’s not what I wanted. She put her arms around me and held me tight saying “Do it daddy, do what you want to do.” I smiled at her and kissed her, pressing a little harder now feeling her stretching and hearing her whimper as she opened up.