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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time HJVento 2018-03-06

I eventually slide my hands between your thighs and let them run up, stroking over your now very wet and swollen pussy lips and over up, over your asshole, letting my fingers gently massage both your exposed orifices, especially your little asshole, teasing the sensitive area and feel you tense ever so slightly and moan in pleasure into the pillow as I gently slide a finger inside of you. When I feel how you clamp down on me as you get close to another orgasm I stop moving and let you ride through the build up and then start again until I feel you were loose enough to slowly slide my thumb inside you as well, gently pushing in all my fingers inside of you, slowly work my whole hand inside of you.

Helping out the s****r-in-law part 1

first-time cplhern 2018-03-06

her and i have always been a little flirty but when the wife was around as soon as it started she would tell us that we where grossing her out. lisa: yes i know but i wanted to catch up and for a good reason. and i dont want my first time to be a horrable experance because i really like eric and i think he might be the one. i told her i didnt need someone to talk to i just need someone that i could trust to be careful with me on my first time and not to expect the world from me. was she really telling me that my wife told her s****r to come and get fucked by me.


first-time 2018-03-06

Then I decided in the fall of 2012 to start my own company and she decided to put in more hours at school and work. Lunch was great, we caught up and she asked if we could go somewhere a bit more private so it did not look suspicious. We sit on the bed and start talking and then she leans in and we kiss. I take off her bra and she has very nice very pale color nipples and full breasts. I start kissing her and then I move down to her neck and breasts. She immediately slides down and starts licking and sucking my cock. I am about to cum, I pull out and she grabs my cock and starts stroking.

Kays first time shared with another man

first-time Ironside5000 2018-03-06

Kay sat there for a minute trying to compose herself and then she reached over with her hand and raised Dales face up, she got within a few inches of him, still very upset, look him straight in the eyes said its ok Dale and she kissed him on his lips; this was a very long passionate kiss. Kay gasp when his underwear came off, I could tell she was scared and excited from the look on her face, Dale was huge, his cock was the largest I had ever seen and he was hard as a rock, it is 9 inches long curving sharply up toward his belly and a girth of 6 inches, seven inches around the head (A few weeks later we were drinking one night and Kay measured it).

mom sedcue son

first-time nehachut 2018-03-06

"Yeah, that's pretty hot, Mom. I didn't know, women liked looking at porn." "Come up between my legs and get right up close." He did so, and I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to see his cock from this position, but more than thrilled that my son's face was so near to my pussy. You want to put this hard cock," I gave his penis a tug, "in your mom's pussy?" "You're really going to enjoy this, Son, your mom has a great pussy." I gave him a stern look. I thought about the look on my son Evan's face when he watched me masturbate with him two nights ago, and I suddenly felt a warm tingle between my legs.

Im here 4 u if u need me.

first-time fabbie454 2018-03-06

The co said to my celly, you have a thug ass roommate waiting for you. Alexis told me the ends n outs just mine yo bizness & errything will be ok. Alexis said "Im here for you if you need me". Alexis had pull so if we needed something she made it happen. Alexis grab her bag & said I can cheer you up. Feel better she ask me I said yeah! Then she asked me do I stay hard like this all the time. She got on top of my hard on & was riding it like a horse. Her ass was so wet that her ass cream on my cock as she moan "I love yo bbc oh it feels good in my boipussy"!

Destiny's Call

first-time Jasmynecross 2018-03-06

Once the red carpet event came to an end they would go in and watch the movie. She gave him a couple of minutes to get back to the theater the movie played in before she headed back to the bathroom. Poppy knew Beth hated when she missed those clips at the end, which says the movie is going to have a second one made. "What do you mean by that?" Beth asked when the credits started she left since the movie was over, she thought when the credit rolled for this movie there wasn't going to be anything else afterward. Let's go in and order." Poppy said, as they got out of the car and headed inside the burger joint.


first-time Ashson 2018-03-06

"We've decided you can have a quick look," said Hoshi, trying to muffle her giggles. Hoshi snatched her hand away from her skirt, letting it fall back into place, while she blushed fiercely. Su-Li gasped and blushed and cupped her breasts with her hands while I turned to Hoshi. "I know you don't have to sleep with me if you don't want to but I deserve a small reward, and Su-Li deserves to get a little experience even if she isn't going to have sex." Why?" barked Su-Li, while Hoshi looked confused and said, "You're kidding, right?" "Like I said earlier, Su-Li would want you to demonstrate first so she knows what to do.


first-time curiousgirl79 2018-03-06

Daniel had got much busier, attending networking events, functions, dinners and had brought in some new clients which meant a lot more work for Isabella to get stuck into. “Go home, Isabella, it's getting late” he said to her as she walked past his office with a pile of files in her arms. “I will in a mo; I just want to put these files away before I leave” she said, flashing that smile that she knew Daniel could not resist. It had now been six months since she had started working for Daniel and Isabella had just come out of her appraisal with Sharon, the HR Manager.

As Right as Rain

first-time KimNomad 2018-03-06

As soon as he finished Nick turned toward Stacy as his cock began to stiffen in her hand. Their bodies converged, bellies touching first; Nick's chest pressed against Stacy's heaving breasts. Nick paused for a minute to take in the beauty before him; her long blonde hair, pretty face, satiny skin, wonderful tits and a pussy sparsely covered by golden down; his need now raged and his blood boiled. They kissed and Stacy felt Nick's hand slide down her arm, roll over her shoulder and slip down her back. Stacy so wanted to feel his mouth on her young tits, and Nick did not disappoint her. Nick got to his knees between Stacy's outstretched legs, his erection pointed straight at the girl's belly.

Breaking In A New Girl

first-time JANAMARIE 2018-03-06

Matt put all of the bags we were going to need for that night and the next day on a luggage cart and Kath and I pushed it up to the room while he was parking the 'race car'. I slid down in the bed and when I got my face near her pussy reached over and moved Matt's hand away and replaced it with my mouth. "Kath, you know your pussy is just waiting to explode with what you heard going on with Matt and me so why don't you just lay there and let it happen?" As I was saying this I had folded my fingers into a teepee shape and began to insert them into her hot wet pussy.

Caught masturbating by my married neighbor

first-time clearcoat 2018-03-06

So there I was, dick in hand, whacking off to a porn slut who was getting herself railed in the ass by a long, thick cock. That’s when I realized my neighbor Lisa was standing at my glass sliding door, her hand balled up in a fist ready to knock and her mouth wide open in shock. The back of my hand felt her vibrator, her curly hair and her pussy lip. Both of Lisa's hands were holding the vibrator now and her arms pushed her tits into one another. I felt her hand go down my sweatpants and hold my cock as she began to orgasm. Without missing a beat, Lisa seductively called out, “Oh sugar daddy, I think next week I'm going to need some cream!”

Hand Job Honeymoon Ch. 02

first-time normadel 2018-03-06

As Toni lay on the bed, she began to rub the toy as she had rubbed Rick. In a breathy voice that revealed her desire, Toni said, “I’m ready to go all the way, and I want to do it right now.” Toni lubed Rick’s erection, slipped the special condom on it, lubed the condom, and then pushed the extender firmly into place. As Rick’s body jerked in orgasmic spasms, he pumped the tool vigorously and deeply Moaning with pleasure, Toni pressed and pulled her clit in rhythm with Rick’s thrusts. In a single swift motion, Toni slipped from under Rick, rolled him to his back, and impaled her cunt with his manhood.

Joy Fuck Club

first-time bigbeautifulbreast 2018-03-06

As we got to the dance floor the song was slow and he grabbed my arm and turned me around to face him. He moaned and grabbed my hips and began to sway them himself in slow circular motions. The feel of his dick pressed up against my ass felt good and I pushed back harder and moaned a little. Faster and faster he put another finger into my pussy and pushed me over the edge and I cam for a second time in his mouth. He moaned and began to slam into me over and over faster and faster until he screamed pulled out of me and put his dick in my mouth and slammed my face until he came in my mouth.

Avalon of Hartshorn Hill

first-time lindiana 2018-03-06

The conversation at first surrounded mundane things like the state of the garden and the upcoming party but soon she began to relax and smile more as he did as well. They became fast friends and Avalon began spending a few hours in his section of the garden every day. The morning of the fourth day, Avalon awoke with a tingling feeling that made her want to run to the garden immediately in search of Gregor. You're my brother!" Avalon screamed as she fled the garden, running as fast as she could back to her own room where she threw herself on her bed and began to weep large and loud tears. Avalon Hartshorn never saw Gregor again.

Finding a girl for Ben to Creampie

first-time 2018-03-06

"you're making her cum" I told Ben, as he grunted and made his sexy moaning noises.."I can feel her cumming on me" he said..continuing to pound on her wet pussy. He looked down at me thru his legs and said "You know when I see your face down there it makes me wanna cum AGAIN Sherry" and I swear he did, more and more cream was covering his dick with every stroke. Sitting on the sofa again drinking champagne I flipped thru my cell and told him "Really, you couldn't have slowed down a bit some of these are so damn blurry!" Ben laughed and said "I had to make her cum, you can't do that fucking slow Sherry" rolling his eyes at me.

Tropical Tutor

first-time writerjab 2018-03-06

Two engorged nipples atop her luscious 36DD breasts stood forth, as if proudly proclaiming, "Look at my awesome tits!" Macy turned to recline in her beach chair and John thanked his lucky stars for taking that spike off his noggin then choosing to sit where he was. John watched as Peter and Macy hopped and skipped over the small waves, her ass looking so arousing as together they splashed into the foamy ocean striding purposely to deeper water then ending in an embrace. So instead he intently watched the couple fucking in the ocean then noticed Peter turn slightly so Macy was looking over his shoulder -- and right into his eyes!

The Patron

first-time Grey_Dragon 2018-03-06

However not all the girls became such maids, in fact very few did, most were sold into brothels for very good profit or private hands which was even more lucrative. With the illusion dangling of a better life for them as a maid in a good house, simply if they were just nice to me, they would just about grant me anything. It all became very clear when I looked into my father's private office and papers there, just how nice a girl might become. It was a good size orphanage housing over sixty or seventy girls of varying ages from newborns to those that old enough to help teach the younger ones those being almost 21.

My first black cock

first-time somewherealong97 2018-03-06

I moved a little closer to his position and we chatted about the things strangers talk about in a hot tub: where are you from, how long have you been here, what kind of work do you do, married/single, yada yada yada. He said "Maybe I should take a shower first." "Well, it's up to you, but we just got out of the hottub, so ..." "Yeah, I guess you're right." He picked up his towel, walked to the living room, spread the towel on the couch, sat down, spread his legs, and said "There it is." I knelt in front of him and picked up his cock, looking it over, feeling it's size and weight.

Sissys First Anal

first-time emmadeevine 2018-03-06

"The thing is, I've been thinking about it ever since, how good it felt, how good you looked sucking my dick and I know I want to do it again" I didn't even have the sense to tease it this time I just opened up and took the whole thing in my mouth. All this time my own cock had been hard as a rock as I felt his breath at the back of business I started to drool pre cum. He fed his cock into my mouth on last time then took his place behind me. We then collapsed on the bed, me into a pool of my own spunk as his hot creamy cum started to ease its way out of me.

Craigslist true story

first-time Sergiolopez 2018-03-06

Legs open waiting for her to begin sucking my cock I was about to put the condom on but she opened her mouth and engulfed in. She reached under her bed and pulled out a show box full of objects that she would either rub her clit with or insert into her pussy. I reached under her straight to her pussy and began finger fucking her with 2 fingers. Our initial agreement was a blowjob only but I asked if I could fuck her quickly and cum. I asked her to tell me her most taboo fantasy. I ask "you like that don't you slut" as I'm drilling my cock inside her ass. I continue my dominant role and begin to choke her as I fuck her asshole harder and harder.

The Chess Club part 1

first-time taylorsam 2018-03-06

“Todd, come behind me and help me get it up.” Todd slid in behind putting his hands on the box I was holding. Todd stepped closed to me putting his hands on my waist, “Mrs. Thompson, I swear there is no way I will tell anyone. They have not had this kind of attention in a long while.” Todd sucked hard on my nipples as I pressed his head against my chest. I stripped my running shorts and panties off after I closed the door and helped Todd off with his clothes freeing his hard dick. “For giving me the best time of my life.” Todd got up starting to put his pants on.

Wife first 3 some

first-time bifootguy 2018-03-05

Blah blah blah the guy I was talking to started kissing me and i noticed that his friend was rubbing my leg I was just going with it didnt know what to do lol. Billy f***ed my head to his dick which was already hard. Keith took my pants and underwear off and started fucking me doggy wasnt to small but not to big either. So the 3 of go at it for about 5 mins and I start to hear Billy making sounds like hes about to cum at the same time Keith is making the same sounds. As I go to clean up Billy grabs me from behind and says, "What I dont get to fuck you"?

A Fetish Changed My Life Pt. 06

first-time Ingrid11B 2018-03-05

I felt sure it would be even more stimulating than my previous hospitalization because Tracy knew I liked exposing myself, and I was confident she would make arrangements for the nurses to care for me as they prepared me for surgery and then again while I recovered. The weekend was uneventful but either Vicki, Maria or Tammy checked me at least every two hours and collected my urine and made me comfortable, but I was impatient to get my MRI on Monday morning and to see Coral again later in the day and view her large black eyes that attracted attention wherever she went.