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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

first impressions

first-time SirOgretheUgly 2018-03-05

by the time marylin got undressed and into bed it had been more than an hour since she had recieved her spanking but her private place still felt like it was on fire. the fire in her nether regions did not go away but the funny feeling also felt good to her and so she kept rubbing herself there thinking about the spanking she had recieved from her D*d and just kept getting wetter and wetter until she for the very first time fell over the edge and had an orgasm.

Lawnmower Boy Ch. 01

first-time DeepBlueC 2018-03-05

As I worked one warm summer day, I was in the back yard of Mrs. Johnson's house cutting the grass. As I was putting away my money, she said, "My, Jeff, in the past few years you've grown into a handsome young man. When I next appeared at Mrs. Johnson's to do her yard, she greeted me cheerily and asked me in to wait while she unlocked the tool shed. She then said, "Jeff, I know you have another job this afternoon but would you like to come back later, maybe after supper, and help me move some furniture in the house. As I entered the house, Mom said, "Jeff, Mrs. Johnson called." "My, you have grown into quite the handsome young man, Jeff," she said softly.

Pandora's Suitcase

first-time NeoGeo1 2018-03-05

Then you lay back on the stairs, posing, arms raised over your head, legs spread slightly, a tuft of fiery red pubic hair leads to your glistening slit, just beginning to open, the pink bud of your clit, pokes out, your parting pussy lips no longer containing it. I want to hold the back of your head, grabbing your hair, while I shove my big fucking cock down your throat, in and out, over and over, making you gag, until hot white cum gushes down your throat, spurts out of your mouth, oozes off your lips, and drips down your chin. I never want to forget how you look, your head tilted, trying to listen for hints of what's to come, your gorgeous tits decorated with nipple clamps, your long legs spread, your ravishing red hair, your pussy fully exposed, labia, pink and puffy.

Just For Coffee

first-time jonbastard 2018-03-05

If something else were to happen out of this meeting then you and I would discuss it but, I'll do whatever you want me to do." "It's just coffee right?" "Yeah, just coffee, but if something were to happen I want to know that we'd be okay." "Jesus, what are you planning on doing tonight?" "Nothing, I just meant that if I wanted to pursue something with him later on that we would talk about it. He tried to play it off like it was an accident and he didn't mean it." "You didn't kiss him back?" "No, I swear to you the way I backed off, he pretty much got the hint that I wasn't interested in doing anything.

Sun, Sea, Sex, And...

first-time Isabelle_Aglaia 2018-03-05

We stopped at a mountain village to buy local bread, cheese and fruit to eat at the beach, and while the old man outside the shop showed disapproval of Liese's attire, the tiny old lady who served us inside smiled at us knowingly and whispered in her thick Greek accent, "You very lucky boy today I think, yes?" when Liese was out of hearing distance, and cackled at my attempt at an innocent expression. I started to shake in her arms and she giggled into my mouth, pulling back just enough to whisper, "Come on Matthew, don't hold back, give it to me, cum for me baby".

The Milkmaid's Tail Ch. 01

first-time EHMiller 2018-03-05

She lifted her right hand and ran it down my belly, cupping my cock and balls as my breath grew ragged and my mind dull. She moved up my thighs to straddle me, my cock pulsing in her hand as she pushed its head gently against her lower belly. She lowered her head down to her hand, blond hair cascading in sheets, and I felt my hardness enter into the hot wet hole of her mouth. "Fuck!" I groaned as I felt my my balls grow huge and heavy like water balloons about to burst, and then I felt her lips wrapping around my cock head and I couldn't hold back any longer.

The Beginning of Lesbian Experience

first-time Sinderellla 2018-03-05

Carmella didn’t really get along with Alexis so she would always go straight to her room, lock her door, take off all of her clothes, and change into her sexy black nightie, presented by her ex boyfriend, before they broke up. Without hesitating Carmella started fucking her swelled cunt with 3 fingers as hard and as fast as she could, moaning loudly. The blonde, her name was Brianna, got in front of Carmella’s chair and started sucking hard her nipples. Carmella began to lick and fuck Brianna’s cunt again while she never stopped fucking her ass hole and had the other hand of hers kept on massaging Brianna’s clit.

The Realtor

first-time damonaffleck 2018-03-05

I knew Greggy loved my big ass; Greg didn't know that Mikey loved it too. Mike took my hand and walked me to the car door. He whispered in my ear, barely loud enough for Greg to hear "Talk to you soon, Lin." I smiled at him as he closed my door and walked back to the house. How I flirted with him mercilessly the entire showing, eventually ending the tour in the loft, where Mike had bent me over the window seat and fucked me with abandon, making me cum three times in the process. I've already decided we're taking the house, regardless of whether Greg wants it or not." He smiled and waved as I drove away.

Antonio & Susan Erna - Beginnings

first-time Antonio1950 2018-03-05

We started kissing, he caressed my tits, I had that feeling between my legs but now it seemed different and seconds later I felt his hand rubbing my pussy. The slipperiness allowing him to slide along my pussy slit pushing my pussy lips apart making it feel as if he were inside me because I didn't know what it felt like to have sex. Little by little I could feel the walls of my cunt slide along the sides of his hard, throbbing cock as his twenty two year old prick slowly and with short strokes began to gyrate in and out of this horny little twelve year old girl's sweet fuck hole.

Black Daddy Cock Master

first-time lookin02 2018-03-05

Of course she made me clean up and he’s standing there making smart ass comments like, “Yo wife loves my dick mothafucka” and “You a sick man eating my cum, I got mo anytime you want!” I was up late that night, alone and d***k as hell! BDCM told her she was a Black cock whore now, her mission as a white wife was to serve and please superior Black men, and he wanted her to have his baby and that’s when I came, a lot, one of the best hugest orgasms of my life, from a fucking hand job!

Training of a Sissy whore

first-time klammer 2018-03-05

Mistress Jane stood behind me admiring her handiwork "Oh baby she said you look hot just wait till Bill gets home he is going to give you such a fucking, I cant wait to see his big fat cock going in and out of your sexy red mouth, oh you are going to look great splattered in his cum". I then began to lick and suck his balls, "further round bitch lick my ass" said Jim. I was appalled at the thought of licking this fat sweaty mans ass but my rock hard cock stuffed in my panties was evidence enough that it was really turning me on being a slut for this man.

my first masturbate

first-time 2018-03-05

I really didn't know what caused it to get big and hard but I knew that I liked how it felt and I wanted others to see what I could do. My older s****r would regularly have friends over and I wanted them to see this big dick that I had. I had never masturbated before and I didn't even know what that was, I was just trying to make alot of motion and noise so that she would stop and see my hard dick. Finally she walked by and noticed me jerking my big dick through my underwear. Once I realized that she had seen me, my dick suddenly started getting really tight. Suddenly it felt like my dick exploded and my body started shaking.

My First Time with a Man

first-time 2018-03-05

I got off the sofa and was kneeling in front of him, I then put my hands on the edge of each side of his boxers, took a big gulp and pulled then down, his fucking cock just sprang out, it was much bigger than I had imagined (from his photos). I've got my legs spread as I feel this hardon at my arsehole ...apprehensive is probably the word I’m thinking of as he's pushing it into me and I remember thinking his cock tapers so the more he gets in me the wider it's gonna get! Probably about 3" I'm guessing and so he starts fucking me ...a couple of times I reach back with my hands and try and push back against his thighs as I felt he went a little too deep, too early, but before long it's all in!

craigslist hook up

first-time jackelaine 2018-03-05

So I started checking out the ads on craigslist.I soon seen a number of similar ads that I thought suited.Married man seeks similar for mutual satisfaction.That sort of thing.So I picked one.Mike,aged 44,want to suck you off.We exchanged emails and naked pics.He seemed nice.Married,wife away on a girlie weekend.Wanted to explore his bi side.I told him I wanted to suck a cock but did't think I wanted a man to suck me off.He said he understood,and was happy for me to suck him off.Delighted in fact.I said I might let him fuck me in the ass,but I wasn't sure.

BBW Next Door

first-time 4flair 2018-03-05

I am not sure if it was the heat or my arousal or what, but my response to her statement was, "any amount of time you are out there sunbathing was alright by me." She giggled and handed me a Coke and told me to have a seat as she was going to fix herself a drink.. With a coy smile on her face she said, 'I need to take a shower, won't you join me." And with that she opened her robe and let it drop to the floor. She laughed once again and said she often times could see my erection while cutting grass, but she had no idea what really laid beneath my shorts.


first-time yachtmasteruk 2018-03-05

She flicks her long blonde hair away from her face as she passes his desk and, as he enters her line of vision, because of the way she has moved her head, she gives him a bright friendly smile. One hand flies instinctively to the source of this shock, and as it presses against her soft, deep-cleft mound, the high hem of the negligee is tugged even higher, exposing even more of her pale thighs, even the soft smooth skin at the inside of her thighs, right at the top, just below her bush; and even that, as she begins to rub instinctively, is about to be exposed............ But as their cries rise jointly to a head, they both open their eyes, and when their nerve endings overload and orgasmic sensation cascades in perfect synchronicity, like water over a cliff, through their jangling bodies, they are still locked; together; watching one another.

Awakenings Pt. 01

first-time Mist2Rain 2018-03-05

I felt my cock begin to stir and and again a part of me wanted to stop the hand and another part of me didn't. He rubbed my neck under my ear and his other hand felt up to the tip of my cock. I thought that two guys kissing was gross, but my lips parted and I would have begged for his tongue to slide into me. My breathing stilled and Brian slid his fingers into the cumm on my tummy and brought it to my lips. But the way he said it made me want to and my tongue slipped out and swiped along his finger. Kissing another guy, showing him my cock, rubbing myself and then tasting my own cumm.

Almost Grown Up

first-time stonedcrab 2018-03-05

My plan for the day was to go see the girl three houses down to see if she would give me work in her yard. I looked forward to those times when she worked in the yard wearing a tshirt without a bra. I wish I could have done more, it's what I really want, sex with girls. "That's the way I feel too, you know, being attracted to girls but my father would kill me if he knew." I said. "Would you like to see a video of girls having sex? That night I masturbated thinking about her, thinking about the kiss and thinking about what her sex would look like, smell like, taste like. "It's nice not having pubic hair tickle your nose when you make love." she said.

Kate's First Time

first-time shesmycherrypie 2018-03-05

On the drive home Kate chatted with Laura and acted like nothing happened but Alex was busting out of his jeans and couldn't wait to get home to set up the party and take his mind of his raging hard on. He couldn't hold on any longer, he wanted to shoot his load into her mouth and just as he was about to cum Kate took his cock to the back of her throat, swallowed and started to hum, Alex couldn't stand any longer and his legs failed him, he fell to the ground and Kate released him from her mouth. He slid her panties to one side and started to kiss her wet pussy lips, her juices tasted amazing and Alex wanted to ravish her with his tongue there and then.

Scenario from vegas777

first-time msxxx321 2018-03-05

Now my half hard dick jumps out immediately, you bend over to me and grab it with your whole hand take it slowly in your mouth,oh it feels so good, at this time i spit on my finger and You sucking intensly on my dick and my balls, while feeling my half hand in you, Now my dick is rock hard and ready, your pussy is wet with a little gape waiting for me. in your mouth and let you taste your sticky ass juice, only a few sucking moves, now we go in missionary style, I take my dick out of yuor bum, full of your ass juice, and i cum over your clit,

George Becomes Georgina

first-time WarriorPrincessUK 2018-03-05

From my earliest days I preferred "boy's toys" like Action Man instead of Barbie Doll and I loved sports; including soccer, cricket, tennis and the martial arts where I became a Black Belt in both Judo and Karate. She also challenged me, dared me to go to this meal with Luke, not as a tomboy, but as a feminine girl. He really is a good cook (I'm not, I go for ready meals and tinned food) and after we finished eating he led me back to the settee where we started kissing. I took hold of his cock, not able to believe that I, George the tomboy, had made this wonderful specimen of a man so horny.

Old Man Porn Turns to Old Man Pleasure

first-time jaywoolf 2018-03-05

Greg was in his mid-fifties and also British like me, then chatroulette would often cut out so he gave me his Skype the first time we met and messaged for a while, I told him exactly what I'm telling you know. The guy whose cock I licked came behind me and started slowly rubbing my asshole and balls, I stated moaning softly as I sucked of Greg and the other guy. His cum landing on his belly, I wanted to taste it, as it was my first time so I licked a bit of his belly and realized it didn't taste so bad, so I said to Greg I want you to finish in my mouth.

BBW Samantha and Mitch

first-time SexiBBW 2018-03-05

Mitch leaned down, and I felt his warm moist breath first before feeling his wet mouth surround my nipple, I felt him suck on my nipple and I gasped and grabbed the back of his head. I felt my pussy throb with pleasure with each suck and lick of his mouth on my nipples, and unconsiously started moving my hips in a undulating rhythm...I felt like I was on the brink of cumming already. As you reach for me again and your mouth starts making it's way down to my still wet and well fucked pussy, I know this is just the beginning of many long nights of incredible sex with the man I love.

Winning an Unexpected Bet Ch. 03

first-time madmartigan37 2018-03-05

Going to talk to him or Becca just then seemed like it could only make things worse, so I went over to my girlfriend and joined in that conversation. But I saw the look on her face and realized nothing I said was going to talk her out of this. I kept going until I got to a big tree off to Jeremy's left, and positioned myself so that I couldn't see him, figuring that meant he couldn't see me either. She took her mouth off his cock and gave it three more long strokes with her hand and suddenly I heard him groaning and heard him moving around against the tree in what was presumably an orgasm.