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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Time Adventures

first-time Egmont Grigor 2018-03-05

I'd done that many times with Danny so I stayed behind and Gwen went off with Mr Jones excited and asking him all sorts of questions as she was a real town girl. "I've never heard that story before Willie," said Aunty Mae coming on to the porch and looking very pink and wide-eyed. Perhaps one day when Willie is in the right mood and unable to remember what he was told an hour after being told something, I'm going to sit him out on the porch, open his can for him, and then tell him a story about Meg and me – making sure Auntie Mae is not listening from her spy post just inside behind the door.

Night of my Dreams

first-time gopher88 2018-03-05

Then she asked if I had a tank top that she could wear under a shirt, so I handed her them and she began to move to the middle of the room, just on the other side of the small couch I have up there to watch TV on. I think she noticed me because once she got the tank top on she asked if she could borrow a pair of my underwear. Instead of putting the rest of the clothes on she took my hand and walked me to my bed, then told me to lay down. Just as I got to the top of her inner thigh she pushed my hand away and stood up next to the bed.

Delivering my Senior Thesis

first-time IrishDude3881 2018-03-05

The little kids in Sunday school always brightened my day, and my love for children made me want to have a family from a young age. I longed to feel his cock deep inside me, but I had pledged to wait until marriage. I walked the stage a hugely pregnant mom-to-be, my engagement ring resting snugly on my left hand and my right hand rested gently on my distended belly, which was currently 36 weeks along. The minute the reception was over; I took John by the hand and quickly brought him to my bedroom. John sat behind me and pulled me into a spoon position, just like the night he got me pregnant.

My shemale boss part 1

first-time 2018-03-05

Rob she said, yes miss Jones I replied, your performance within the company is not good enough, with things the way they are I'm going to have to let you go. As I got to a particularly large stain miss Jones grabbed my hair and f***ed my face hard on to her boot. I tried to pull away but she held me hard and so I continued to lick getting the taste of her cum on my tongue and in my mouth. I continued to suck her rock hard cock and wanked at the base of her dick with my hand.

i couldnt belive my luck facebook fucks!

first-time 2018-03-05

She went straight to work rubbing my cock through my jeans. She took my cock out and began licking and kissing it. " just give me that big cock!" I didnt hesitate and pulled her skirt up. She giggled "Thats it, yes!" and told me to fuck her hard. I Grabbed her lovely firm breast threw her undone shirt and bra and fucked like a jack hammer.Pulling her hair and spank that pefect butt, she came almost instantly. her legs went like jelly and she had to relax for a few seconds. I said "now come on missy u fuck me." As i lay on the grass n she straddle me. to witch she took my whole cock and swallowed every drop.

Tommy and Amy

first-time licksit 2018-03-05

We'll let him take us to my house and you can get a ride home from mom when she gets home from work." As she finished talking she led Nancy to the corner across from the junior college and looked idly up and down the street. Amy was a little amused and also excited as she felt Tommy's hands touching her breasts, thighs, and waist briefly as he fastened the belt. He looked into Nancy's face as he fastened the seatbelt pieces together, looking for any sign of rejection on Amy's part of the way he was touching her more and more each time he fastened the seat belt.

latent trav since 15

first-time tsjarli 2018-03-05

But I kept getting horny of older then me women who wore pantyhose or stockings (it's harder to see ofcourse)Round the age of 15/16 I noticed my moms clothes and shoes fit me well and made me look like a gorgeous young woman. Of course I encouraged her to wear stockings and gorgeous lingerie, which I wore behind her back when she was away.Well, this first love didn't last, after 3 years, I kinda had enough of all the sex and no talk, yeah, there is more then fucking alone, you know. Ten years ago I met a guy having issues with his laptop, helped him out, and started talking.

Taken...To Buy a F***ing Machine

first-time MrsJ 2018-03-05

Kirsty and Tegan both indicated they currently accepted fingers up their vagina "and a fist is probably not much further away." Claire said she "had already experienced two big heads stretching her vaginal passage and uterus, and that was not the most pleasant sensation in the world...and, if she is regularly exercising to get her vaginal muscles as tight as possible, then she is not about to start having her vagina stretched by Coke cans, Coke bottles or some guy's fists...although the vibrator has certainly shown me what something a little bigger than a couple of fingers moving around down there can do!"

Losing it at Schoolies

first-time Joanmcarthy 2018-03-05

Gloria makes a point of spreading her fingers apart and trying to measure each one using the span of her hand; the guys simply looking down in amusement as she touches up each one in the process. As Gloria first fell silent in the previously animated conversation, then suddenly turned and buried he face in that of the guy fingering her, squirming under the stimulation of his hand, it was pretty obvious the first domino was about to fall. I half opened the eyes previously closed in pleasure to see Gloria over the top of Tim's head, now naked straddling her man on the chair, the base of his shaft, framed by his balls, emerging from her womanhood, his pants around his ankles.

The Kitty In Wisconsin

first-time Erotica_Writer 2018-03-05

"I-I'm in love with her...wait...I always have been...but this one is real...." I thought about it for a moment then sighed and closed the gallery on my phone, then opening Skype and calling her for a voice chat, much like a phone call. I walk to the bed and grab my phone, unlocking it and looking at her face for a moment before going into my contacts and calling my Dad to come pick me up to drive me to Wisconsin for a "vacation for me and him, fees are on me". Love you!" I sigh and lean back in my seat and fall asl**p to the sound of Christian music that my Dad plays all the time.

BabySitter Despondent

first-time Ashson 2018-03-05

After a minute or so Kerry was calming down nicely, just relaxing and letting me rub her back. Now as I said earlier, Kerry was a very nice armful, and the way I was rubbing her back was proving a bit disconcerting to me. Kerry tensed slightly when she felt my cock touch her but I was talking softly, telling her to ignore it. Just relax, let your problems drift away while you continue talking." She started talking again, but I was aware that my erection was advancing nicely and it wasn't that long before I was nicely placed inside her. Kerry had closed her eyes and let her head drop forward against me as she swayed, ignoring everything but this new feeling building up inside her.

Judge Not 03

first-time JayDavid 2018-03-05

At that veiled reference to Shelby, Nathan's eyes narrowed to slits, as Pastor Stephens continued, "I have heard a number of reports about your misbehavior and violation of the rules of the church and of the Lord, and I want you to apologize to me, to Pastor Cullum, to your parents and to the congregation." It was Nathan's turn to be surprised, but he responded, "um, sure, thanks Mrs. Proctor, I have to get to class." He ran out of the building toward the school, and Shelby. Nathan hadn't really considered what would happen if the police came, and, he started to move quickly toward Pastor Stephens' office, which they had decided was the most likely place to find a lock that fit the second key.

Friends Mum with Milky Tits

first-time louthdweller 2018-03-05

Then she said “Would you like a taste of mummy’s milk” I just nodded and she stepped nearer and started to massage her right nipple and soon there was a small drop of milk oozing from her. I sucked and fucked her for some minutes until she pulled my head away from her nipples and kissed me hard and deep her tongue wriggling all over mine as she moaned and groaned and thrust back at me. We finally stopped and just lay there holding each other and kissing for a while, I finally pulled my semi hard cock out of her and looked as a trail of spunk oozed from her slit and milk was still dribbling down her tits and onto her belly.

HSL: A Christmas to Remember

first-time Hobbitman457 2018-03-05

After three hours stuck in the Camarro, they finally arrived in the outskirts of St. Louis, a place where Joey thought a 'Turn Back' sign should be, and another hour of searching, they found Ali's parents. Joey shot Ali a look, and went on upstairs after Mr. Wilson, luggage still in tow. Ali sat in the living room, talking with Mrs. Wilson. Joseph and Ali went out on several dates, making sure that any feelings were repressed while Mr. and Mrs. Wilson were around, and would be expressed on the dates. "Joey, I think we need to talk," said Ali. They readied to leave, and Ali said goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, and Joseph recieved a firm handshake.

The Tom Tom Club [Part 1/4]

first-time currantsforme 2018-03-05

"God, it's been so long," Dara uttered as she stared at the heavenly crystal clear liquid in front of her, "I'm not sure I should drink though Ket, I've got stuff to do today, Tom will be up-" "I swear to you it's like I said," Dara turned finally grabbing two shot glasses from the cabinet, satisfied her story was working, although perhaps a little too well, "he likes to see me wear them, it's Friday, I thought I'd break them in a little and maybe surprise him when he got home...that's it." Dara quickly scanned Ket's face for signs of life, something to let her know she still wanted to fight, but found nothing, and as the ominous music to Ketsana Comes Home began, she walked over to the couch, if nothing to sl**p off the booze and give her aching chest some relief.

Roughing It

first-time lianello 2018-03-05

They constantly put Nate down and as I stood just a few feet away from them on the other side of the wall, I felt a strange attraction to this young man. Without even questioning myself, I planned on another late night shower and even waited several minutes afterward in hopes that the boys would arrive again. The water turned colder and the boys on the other side of the wall yelled and teased Nate about jerking off in the shower as he dreamed about the 'pretty girl'. It wasn’t until the next day that I realized that I had walked naked from the showers to my cabin.

My shy colleague and ex student and emergency sex

first-time 2018-03-05

When she was a student in Europe she would wear jeans and t-shirts and the image of a pair of solid perky boobs on top of a slender body with nice hips have not left my memory. I drop the shorts and my cock is as hard as ever, slowly moving up and down with my bl**d throbbing. She starts unbuttoning her shirt and reveals her soft chocolate boobs with two incredible long stiff nipples. It leaves a wet line and my shy colleague is clearly incredibly horny. Her hands go up again and she slowly peals away the layers revealing an incredibly pink tight cunt with a big clit staring me right in the face.

Daddy's beautiful babe (part two)

first-time 2018-03-05

Daddy smiled and said "lick it anywhere you want, open your mouth and suck on the tip like you are eating a banana, but make sure your teeth don't touch it." He said softly. It drove him mad, I kept going till I felt precum seep from his dick onto my tongue, then I went faster with my motions, sucking on his head, moving my hand fast and hard til he exploded in my mouth. My father pulled his fingers out, and shut off the toy then said "open your mouth, I did and sucked my cum off of daddy's fingers then he released the bonds and kissed me like a big girl "up you did beautifully princess" he complimented, I looked down between my soaking wet kitty and thighs and saw the bed was soaked, "did...

Holly Ch. 01

first-time Maddog14 2018-03-04

Finally Billy asked Holly, "Are you ready to quit this place or do you want more punishment?" Holly moaned and pushed her breast into his hand, leading Billy to reach for the bottom of her top. "I think you want to see my boobs, so enjoy," she said coyly smiling as she slipped the straps off her arms and let the bra fall away. Billy replied, "It feels good to me too." He then moved his hand to the crotch slipping his finger under the band. "Billy, we have to stop," Holly said as she pushed his hand away. Billy parked in front and leaned over to kiss Holly as soon as he turned off the engine."I enjoyed myself tonight," he said.

My examination was not done properly

first-time 2018-03-04

After the initial intense pain I had felt, this had an embarrassingly soothing feel to it, so when he suggested to me it would help in easing the pain, I agreed with his assessment, relaxing and let him continue with his probing, not realizing he was stretching my sphincter muscle and inserting another finger, continuing as before, pulling and twisting, stretching probing deeper, sometimes making me jump as he touched some sensitive spot, massaging in circles when he felt my response, 'Is this the spot', he asked me as I let out a slight groan, I wondered if he knew I was feeling pleasure there and not pain.

Hell's Nun

first-time donlilopussylika 2018-03-04

Veronica watched as Morgyn slowly unbuttoned her uniform shirt, one button undone, then another, then another, and finally spreading it wide on her body, exposing her small bra-clad breasts. And Veronica watched as Morgyn slowly slid a finger down into her uniform skirt and moaned loudly as that finger found something to rub. "Or do you prefer something like this?" Morgyn said, slowly letting her bra fall down from her shoulders, exposing her a-cups to Veronica. The taste of girl juice, the feeling of a hard nipple, the sound of Morgyn's moans. And Veronica did, licking up the line of wetness, tasting Morgyn's s sweat and juices both at the same time.

Friends Ch. 02

first-time FantasyMan021 2018-03-04

He moved in close now is cock pressing against the steps and he began to blow on Jane's wet pussy lips. He continues for suck on her clit and fingering her pussy for some time before Jane grabs the back of his head forcing his face tightly into her pussy as she lets out a loud moan. "Well, that should be an exciting story when she gets back to the pizza place." Said Jane turning around to see Marcus slowly stroking his cock. "Why don't we eat in here and watch a movie at the same time." Marcus said standing and walking into the kitchen and wrapping his arms around Jane from behind.

Her First Orgasm

first-time mysecretwithu 2018-03-04

While that battle raged in a silent conversation in her mind on I leaned in quickly and violently bit the soft spot beneath her ear where he neck met her shoulder making her whole body arch like a bridge beneath me in pure wanton acceptance of my control. I moved off of her and undressed myself, telling her in vivid details what I was doing...and letting her feel my own arousal and desire through my hard cock run across her stomach and her thigh before drawing away from all contact completely. By the time her pink and fully aroused pussy was bare before me and I began to apply the final coating of baby oil to this skin I was unable to tell where the oil in my hand left off..and where hers took over...

Oh, What a Night!

first-time LonelyMom 2018-03-04

I still wouldn't have said no if Peter Frampton (with those amazing curls and dreamy eyes) could somehow step down out of the poster hanging on my wall, but Billy was more than enough to warm my blood every time that I looked at him. During these necking sessions, Billy would try his hardest to push me a little further than he knew I would allow and it was my job to stop him before things got too far out of control. If the enormity of my decision wasn't enough, then there were the thoughts of how Billy's erection had felt in my hand earlier that night.