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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

His First Time

first-time camillecaraway 2018-03-04

"I don't want to cum too soon," he said as my lips wrapped around the tip of his dick, leaving a hot pink lipstick print around the head. I laid down on the couch and grabbed his hand, licking his fingertips before allowing him to push my panties aside and slide two fingers deep inside me. "You taste so good," he said, rolling my soaked panties down my legs as I tried to recover from my orgasm, my pussy pulsing and my body shaking with pleasure. He looked down at me as I let go of his dick and laid down beside him on the couch, kissing his soft creamy shoulders, slightly damp with sweat.

One Night Ch. 01-02

first-time TheDarkAngel13 2018-03-04

So, after an entire year of smiling, laughing, sharing artwork, free sodas from the store machine and letting me pick my prize in the store's "$1 Dice Roll," I finally decided to tell Jake how I felt about him. Shaking his head in frustration, Jake said, "I'm not sure if what I feel is love, Sam, but it is so much more powerful than anything I have ever felt in my entire life... Jake sat up and looked around the room, his eyes settling on the clock where it read 11:04 P.M. He slowly smiled and said, "So I guess you've never kissed at midnight on New Year's either?"

Cousin wants a tit wank

first-time kaymccumming 2018-03-04

My cousin is only fifteen, for his age he is rather handsome and from what I've seen on his Facebook page when he's gone to parties and been running around in his boxers his bulge looked huge, he must have a big cock, curiosity took over and I had many thoughts about his tiny slim body with a huge cock fucking me or sucking it so deep. As I peered in through the gap of the door I was totally shocked to find his tiny skinny little body laying totally naked on my bed with his cock fully erect, I didn't believe what I was seeing, his cock wasn't just big, it was massive, he was about 9 inches long and it was so thick, covered in veins with a huge bell end.

Laura's Honeymoon

first-time FantasyMarriage 2018-03-04

Mother locked to door, walked over to her shy daughter, held her hands, looked straight in to her eyes and said "You are going to be fucked." A shocked Laura stood in silence as her mother continued, "You have three holes and you should let him fuck whichever he chooses." Mother held Laura by her cheeks and couldn't hide her smile as she looked into her frightened eyes" You're going to suffer darling, You're going to be a woman." David positioned himself between her legs and started to lick her tight, untouched pussy, Laura's hands on the back of his head encouraging his to push his tongue deeper and lick her clit harder.

Twin Summer Ch. 01

first-time jane700bond 2018-03-04

The farm had a pool which was brilliant on hot summer days and the twins, Lorna and Laura where always there to join in the games and I thought nothing about headed towards them in the grass. Lorna meanwhile, had got off my legs and whilst I was occupied with exciting Laura, I felt her fight with the zip and buttons on my shorts. I lifted my arse and as she pulled my clothes away she took my cock in her mouth, slowly moving it in and out, sucking and licking. Laura going faster and faster riding my cock and Lorna getting the full benefit of my teeth and tongue. Laura, got up and came around underneath my pounding cock and started teasing my balls with her teeth.

Fucking the boss in the staff toilets!

first-time marcusp1979 2018-03-04

Reaching down to her skirt, i hitched it up over her hips and watched as she wriggled out of her thong, discarding it on the cubicle floor as my fingers made their way between her legs, her thighs parting just enough for my fingers to slip over her moist pussy, for a couple of minutes i rubbed and teased her clit as she continued wanking me, her wetness increasing all the time until i was able to slip a finger between her delicate pussy lips, sarah gasped as i began to ease one, and then a second finger inside her hole and whilst rubbing her clit with my thumb i started to finger fuck her.

What a Doctor Visit

first-time cooterboo 2018-03-04

After sitting there for about five minutes, his family doctor, Mr. Harold entered the room, asked, what's going on with you today Ron? Ron answered, I'm feeling better today and the doctor inform me not to work too hard and to avoid sun exposure. Before she could say another word, Ron lifted her from the chair, pulled down her scrubs, ripped her black silk panties off, took a quick sniffed of them and bent Shawn over the examination table, she moaned, what are you doing? Shawn bent over, legs spread wide, Ron inserted his tongue deep inside her pink pussy, she moaned, oh my God, that feels so fucking good, I can't believe we are doing this.

Fucking Karima Ch. 03

first-time TheFaceMan 2018-03-04

"Fuck me" Karima screamed, "Oh yes babe fuck me hard," she moaned as I pushed my cock all the way inside her pussy my balls slapping against her ass. Mmmmmm fuck, oh God yes." moaned Karima, her body flowing with uncontrollable sexual desire, she pushed her ass back against my thighs feeling my thick, long cock bury itself deep inside her, her whole body shook. "Ohhhh Yes.Cum in me,Cum in me baby." Karima gasped as her pussy filled with my hot sperm, she pushed her ass back onto my enlarged cock, feeling wave after wave of sticky cum flow into her vagina.

Mother put me to bed with a man of 76 years old.

first-time 2018-03-04

'You still a Virgin', he asked me excitedly, I nodded I was, as his hand slid further up until his fingers touched my knickers and felt my 'Camel Toe', which was so prevalent under my tight knickers, gently caressing, rising and falling over my labia, feeling around until he rested on my swollen clitoris. I reached under and felt his cock, groaning as I felt him, suddenly I wished my knickers would disappear, I had an incredible urge to mount this monster snake, to bathe it's ageing fleshy exterior, with my teenage oils, now freely flowing my vaginal glans, as my sexual desires and urges mounted, I groaned deeply into his ear as I rolled over atop of him, 'Fuck me', I gasped, and no sooner had I breathed those submissive word, then mother appeared, reaching down she pulled my knickers from me, freeing my open crotch to his erection.

a good time

first-time johjo57 2018-03-04

He tried to fuck her from this position, but couldn’t, so he rolled her over, gave her pussy a great suck for good measure, before plunging his erect cock into her, making groan with a primeval sound, I love to give her. It was a much better night, with my wife Cumming four times, and us poor fellas managing one each, but I did muster a fresh batch a few hours later ;-) After I’d turned the cam off, we settled into the bed to sl**p, he dropped off to sl**p almost straight away, while me and her hugged.

Why do I think my daughter is so Attractive? part

first-time KinkyNick420 2018-03-04

a lil louder...with her eyes shut she whispers "Yes daddy"?...she was awake now and that made me crazy..I had to feel her mouth on my throbbing i moved up to her mouth and told her to lick daddy...she complyed still half asl**p i could tell..licking it very softly and slowly then slipping it into her mouth one small inch at a left hand rubbing her puffy right hand on her was in half way when i felt my balls twitch and I wasnt going to be able to stop this one...I warned her that i was going to cum and she moaned and told me to in her pretty lil mouth..ahhhh I came shot after shot in her mouth..pulling it out and still getting a small shot on her cheek..It was dark but I heard her gulp down and gasp for air..was soo hot..I lowered down to her and kissed her on the mouth..tasting my cum and cleaning off her face...her lil tongue did laps with mine and my cock stayed fully erect..told her "Daddy's missed his lil girl so much"!

Just me and Mr. XX together making love #2

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-04

He kissed his way up my neck and as his hands and fingers made tender gently love to my pussy sending thrill after thrill around my entire body. Mummmmm baby you make me feel so good!" I had almost passed out as I entered the dream world of orgasm just pumping my pussy against his magic fingers and hand! I want you to use your fingers first to locate my clit and rub it until I cum again!" He smiled and said: "Yes mama!" He moved between my legs and asked me to bend then at the knees. Can you do me again?" He smiled at me and moved his fingers around the inside of my pussy as he said: "Well you have to tell me when I hit it just right baby!

she was totally satasfied

first-time hdbagger 2018-03-04


trainer fucks wife client

first-time eyestolove134 2018-03-04

She bent over and put the head of my cock inside her mouth, sucking and licking it for several minutes as she moaned in obvious delight. Within minutes, her pussy was dripping wet as she continued drooling just thinking of the idea of me pumping her pussy with my impressive black penis. As my dick became wet with her juices and she moved her hips suggestively on top of it, I slowly moved the large, swollen head of my black cock into position at the entrance of her pussy. My cock head suddenly burst free inside her tight pussy, moving past the lips of her pussy as I pushed slowly inside her body.

My Mommy is the best in the World

first-time 2018-03-04

I was totally naked except for my jockeys,she then placed her hands on the waist band of my jockeys and slowly puled them down to reveal my 7 inch cock that was standing like a cobra from my black tatch of pubic hair."Mmmmm" she said "you are so big and hard" and immediately took me in her mouth.I could see her lipstick smearing my cock as it sank all the way down her mouth and touched the entrance of her throat.She began bobbing her head up and down on my cock and i was not able to hold myself any more..i came in her mouth and she swallowed my cum eagerly and sucked my cock deeper into her until i was done.She then slowly drew her head back all the way and my cock popped out of her mouth."Oh sonny ur gone small,dont you want to help mommy further??" she asked.

Beauty of College

first-time 2018-03-04

Almis took Yameen's hand in his own and asked Neha. Neha now looked at Almis and told her to start masturbating and wait for her turn. Almis now started licking on Neha's face and Neha after cleaning her face, took Yameen's penis and put her between her breast cleavage. And now they slept naked in the bed with Neha keeping Yameen's penis inside her own clitoris at that time for a few hours until it was time for the nurse to come but to her surprise no one came. Neha felt like a mistress that day and thought of remaining in contact with Yameen by going to the hospital to sl**p with Yameen and get him inside her.

Aunt's Little Girls

first-time charlinja 2018-03-04

Spreading Kelly's pussy lips, Emily reached out and caressed her daughters clit, rubbing her fingers in circles around it. Emily pulled her tongue out after several minutes of this, sucked on one finger, and pushed it into her daughter's asshole, it went in smoothly. Kelly saw her mother push a third finger in, how good that must feel, she said she was an ass girl though. Reaching down, Emily pushed her ring finger all of the way into her asshole and left it there as she rubbed her pussy with her left hand. Pulling her hand out from under her ass, Kelly licked each finger, feeling dirty every step of the way.

Sleeping Beauty

first-time Slickman 2018-03-04

"Just wear the bottoms and a tee shirt," Becky said as she turned without giving Allison an opening to decline. Becky tried not to laugh at her husbands face when he saw the small breasts and tiny dark nipples through the babysitter's tee-shirt. Tom almost died when he saw the dark shadow of the girl's bush through the bikini bottoms and when she moved her legs over his wife's shoulders the bottoms pulled to each side allowing his eyes the pleasure of seeing a lot of her dark pubic mound. As Matt climbed up on his back his eyes moved to Allison's small nipples which were now pointing outward through the wet tee-shirt.

Co-worker love/lust!

first-time cheeka_s 2018-03-04

She laughed and said...."Dude, I know you for an year, I like you but this sounds like a romantic offer and you know, I am married....". I said, "No one will know....I want to spend some time with you, think about it!". She was of the same height as me, weight around 110 pounds, dark hair, pink lips, small mouth, sparkling eyeballs and what looked like at that time, small tits. She was probably a little surprised by my audacity, But slowly put her fingers into my curly hair and kissed me back. " She shouted so loud, my dick stayed aroused for a very long time. In the morning, we got up and fucked again in doggy style, against the wall!I came inside her again.

The Flight of the naked Goddess - 4

first-time sushicook 2018-03-04

But I had my fair share of women in my life - in my age I seek my pleasure with the boys!«, he chuckles and ads a bit more thoughtfully: »The long ride must have surely awakened your senses - would you like a man or a woman to rest with for the night?« But without even waiting for my answer he claps his hands, and a woman instantly materialises - like a ghost out of a bottle. I'm rocked by all the new sensations, as she already sucks my juices with embarrassing noise and nibbles the tender flesh of my smoked oyster with her teeth - more shocked but by the realisation, that Lord Adulla silently had entered the tent and was sitting now quiet on a chair to enjoy the unfolding love-play!

Velvet Heat Ch. 01

first-time adjoaq 2018-03-04

Briana had last seen Cole three years ago when she was only fifteen and had been so in love she had tried to kiss him one fine afternoon. Two things happened at the same time: Briana, who could have easily passed for a beauty queen even at that age became aware of the warmth surrounding her and started having conflicting emotions, she never wanted to leave those arms...and she wanted to kiss Cole. Cole stood near the beautiful fountain on the Scotts' lawn looking at the sexy Briana being twirled around by Sean and couldn't believe just how sexy and alluring she looked. Looking into his eyes, there was one thing she knew for sure; she wanted to make love with Cole Adams.

Duel for Her Love

first-time PurringPussy 2018-03-04

Horatio was envied by the locals for his exquisite wife, Marie. The young man slides to the floor and turns to face Horatio. Horatio looks him in the eyes, and yells out,”you are a disgrace and you have disrespected my wife, my home, and me.” He takes his heavy work gloves and slaps Sebastian across the face. Horatio immediately is felled, Sebastian staggers backwards before dropping to the ground, Marie lets out a gasp, and the seconds run to their respective shooter. Back in Marie’s boudoir, Sebastian immediately assumes his position from the day before, when Horatio had rudely interrupted him. As the evening happens upon the exhausted lovers, Sebastian finally turns to Marie and asks her, “Horatio was your second husband.

Is That Really You?

first-time Tony155 2018-03-04

Gary could begin to feel the coolness coming off her and knew her time to be the good host and entertain him was rapidly running out. Gary knew he was not the best looking guy in the world, so he knew his limits as to what type of girl might be worth getting to know. In high school, he had been casual friends with some very nice looking girls and it was fine when they talked one on one, but he could tell they became uneasy talking to him when their friends came by, as if he was not in their same class. I just wanted a change, you know, just like coming here for school."

Part two of my island love

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-04

I put his cock all the way back up inside my pussy and I humped on it like a teenager fucking for the first time! I was pumping my hand up and down his big cock and the lotion was acting like a lubricant making it even slicker; As I stroke it up and down, I used my other hand to cup his balls and gently rub them some lotion on them too. Now as he held me up off the blanket, pussy wide open and with no control of my body or ability to do anything, he began to fuck me! We fucked like that for I know 20 minutes before I felt him moving a little faster and pumping a little harder now!