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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Cumslut Emily

first-time 2018-03-04

She replied with a shy "yes" and after a few minutes I knotted a handfull of her hair in my hand and pulled her head down into my lap. I was lying down with my head hanging over the edge of his parents futon and he pushed his way into my mouth over and over until he was finished." She let out a sigh and looked away. It wasn't easy, but after she complained about having cum in her hair and on her clothes when she went home I told her if she just swallowed then her parents wouldn't suspect anything. After a year or so of dating we did eventually have sex, but I loved fucking her mouth way more than her pussy.

Four Hills High School Ch. 01

first-time Megaeros 2018-03-04

Robert sat with Jackie on the floor of her bedroom, and for the hundredth time let his eyes wander over her; over the jeans which hugged her hips tightly, the pleasant swell of her breasts under the pink t-shirt, and the wavy, dark blond hair which fell about her shoulders. As they kissed, Robert ground his pelvis into Jackie's, feeling her hips rise up to meet his gratefully. Robert then moved to her right breast, licking the nipple several times before taking it into his mouth and sucking it in turn. Supporting himself with his left hand, he moved his right to Jackie's other breast, and felt it as he sucked her nipple. This time, Robert's desire and impatience combined to push aside his guilt at causing Jackie pain.

My Hot Filipino Wife at the Adult Theater

first-time luv2bblown 2018-03-04

As we chatted at the table I could see Matt glancing at my wife's cleavage as Ann and I got an eyeful of Maria's nice full breasts that looked nice as she has a couple of buttons open revealing her ample bosom which bulged out of a black push up bra. I stood there and watched as my wife's red painted fingernails caressed her sexy Latin babe's head while moaning softly, "Oh yeah, suck them...harder." I could see Matt's right hand reaching down rubbing my wife's ass while his bride went to town on Ann's other tit.

My Sister's Friend Ch. 02

first-time Ashson 2018-03-04

However, you, Traci, are a virgin because you're shit scared of having a boy see you naked, let alone have him touch you. When they left the pub to go home Danny took Traci's hand and slapped his erection down on it, telling her to do something nice to it. Traci looked at me, looked over to where Debbie was standing, giggling, and hooked her thumbs into the waist of her yoga pants. I took hold of her yoga pants and started drawing them down, looking her in the eye and daring her to protest. Now I was young and hot and horny and it was plain to me that I wasn't going to be able to last very long, not when I was taking something as sweet as Traci was proving to be.

Daddy I cum The wedding arrangements.

first-time rodma 2018-03-04

As a few years had past Sammy and I stayed intouch not going down the same road as we did, before with me fucking the hell out of my daughters pussy making her cum, She phoned saying rob her boyfriend had proposed to her and they where getting married the following year, I offered to pay as the duty-full father but she said no they had got it all sorted. She sat on the bed and laid back she then pushed her hand down her panties and rubbed her pussy I was getting hard at the peek show, she took her panties off to reveal a totaly shaved pussy with a little tattoo of a rose bud just above her pussy opening, her finger rubbed her clit slowly as I got my cock out and rubbed it slowly.

My Mother, Myself and my Daughter, sex through the

first-time 2018-03-04

Sun, Sand, Sex, and Shagging was out summer theme, even today it's something I ensure its continuity with my own daughter and two nieces, girls, who under my tutelage, have delighted in the pleasures of sexual bonding, on beach towels, in saunas, providing me with my other obsessive delight, voyeurism, orchestrating and directing the loss of my daughters virginity, provided me one of the best masturbatory experiences, while her cherry was being stretched and burst, by a man in his fifties, her moans spoke volumes as the next female generation in our bl**d line did not disappoint, in pleasuring the male appendage, one day I quite fancy sucking on a pair of testes while the rod furrows deep inside my daughter.

Shared with his friend

first-time Bigboy78_69 2018-03-04

So I got out of bed and went around right in front of Drew so that he had to watch as I first pulled my shorts and thong to the ground, exposing my unshaven pussy to him. I crawled back under the covers and moved Drew's hand to my naked breast. I loved feeling Drew's big virgin cock in my hand. I was so horny at the point and I needed to be fucked so I turned to Frank, pulled the covers off of him and got up on his cock. I began grinding hard and fast and Frank fondled my naked breasts as Drew watched me intently. I moved his hands up to my breast and I looked over to see Frank stroking his own cock.

You Haven't Fucked Me Yet

first-time AstroFlame 2018-03-04

She opened her eyes, looked directly into his, and asked him, barely audible, "You wanna touch me?" Arun started to panic and got up to leave; Ramya grabbed him by the shorts, this time pulling them down. Ramya was draped in the towel, her hands holding it near her breasts, and asked Sheela not to close the door. As she worked with her breasts and nipples, Ramya closed her eyes and started to let out soft moans. Ramya's oil-wet hands lingered across Sheela's breasts and pulled on her nipples. Arun hugged Sheela tightly and fondled with her nipples, Ramya started rubbing her body all over the other two.

Charlotte & The Pirate Ch. 02

first-time mcfbridge 2018-03-04

With two of the crew now having female companionship on board, William thought it wise to allow the rest of the men to find outlets of their own, so to speak. For the rest of the day, Charlotte and William simply remained in his cabin talking. Then Charlotte pulled him back to her, and this time began a much more passionate kiss. William swore he could actually feel Charlotte's pussy trying to suck him back inside whenever he would pull out. With William on top, still inside Charlotte, and the maid with her arms tightly around her captain. Then the crew took the gold aboard, while Charlotte's maids escorted her to the ship that her future husband had sent for her.

Winter Track Shower

first-time FlashFire7 2018-03-04

While I was watching Emily turn on the shower, I saw Brooke glance at me from the corner of her eye, then quickly back at her bag. She must of remembered that she didn't have any clothes on, exposing her breasts to me, since she turned to her shower head with her back facing me, starting to wash off her body, since she hadn't been able to use her soap to clean up. I did the same, but only wrapping the towel over my lower section, and walked out of the girl's locker room with Emily following. We make our way back to the girl's locker room with Emily's chest fully exposed to any fellow students that would be in the gym at that time.

His Son's Friends

first-time Torg 2018-03-04

This girl had short, bright red hair, dyed for sure, and several body piercings: eyebrow, nose ring, tongue barbell, belly button, and more rings and studs in her ears than Jack could count. A vision of teenaged lust laid on his bed before him; Tammy's tongue drifted across her thin lips, and her fingers toyed with her swollen nipples. Slowly, she raised her head, pulling her mouth up his length; at the top, she sucked hard again, swirling her tongue luxuriously on the underside of it. Jack blew lightly across her fur; the sensation pulled a loud groan from Sam. His hands returned to their place massaging her breasts.

Coffee & Bicycles

first-time catfacts 2018-03-04

She gazed at him as he slid down between her legs, spreading them, and kissed her inner thighs, moving closer and closer to her wet pussy. Her soft lips and warm mouth were more than enough, but knowing that such a kind, beautiful, wonderful girl was sucking his cock made him feel pleasure like he had never imagined. He let go of her hair and looked at her for a minute, thinking, feeling his cock throbbing inside her. Letting go of her arms, he lifted up her legs and put her feet on his shoulders, pressing down until her thighs were against her chest, and he was as deep inside her as was physically possible.

The Nurse

first-time kap007 2018-03-04

I stared into the far corner of the room, concentrating, trying to f***e away the arousal and the thoughts that were on my mind, thoughts of her hand on my cock and my mouth kissing her soft lips. She bent away from me to wash further down my legs, and I finally had a chance to see her skirt pulled tight around what looked like a phenomanal ass, which was happily positioned right in front of my face. All traces of humour were gone from her face now, and she held my gaze as she dropped the washcloth and took hold of my shaft with her bare hand as the other continued its attentions to the head of my cock.


first-time crazyxxxcash 2018-03-04

I didn’t know if you’d want to talk to her or not.” Mrs. McKinley smiled at me and then backed out of the room, shutting the door behind her. I wasn’t sure how I looked – probably like someone that had just had sex – but Stephen didn’t have any mirrors in his room, so I just ran my fingers through my hair and decided that was good enough. “I know you are an adult, but honey I just want to make sure you are doing the right thing here.” She shot a wary look at Stephen before focusing her attention back to me.

The first time my wife fucked another man.

first-time maj69 2018-03-04

She removed her skirt and knickers and sat on the sofa, she spread her legs and fingered herself as Chris stripped, he dropped to his knees and gently licked her pussy as she carried on playing with herself. They carried on until Beth came again, very loudly this time, Chris moved up and pushed his cock back into her as he raised her legs over his shoulders. He slow slid his cock in and out of her as they kissed, Beth moved her hands to his ass pulling him into her harder and harder, until he started to moan. He held her arms down as he slammed into her, Beth came hard, she was so turned on and it wasn't long before Chris came again to.

The ex files - Josie in Barcelona

first-time olly01 2018-03-04

We arrived in Barcelona on a Friday afternoon and Josie immediately set about making a few phone calls eventually getting us a reservation and booking a booth at the club for the very next night explaining that she'd had to grease a few palms in order to do this at such short notice so there was no chance of our leaving early and that we were in it for the long haul come what may! I noticed that while some of the guests were wearing masks others were openly showing their faces but Josie insisted that we wore ours and we were shown to our booth which was quite well covered and consisted of two large leather sofas with a low table between them and a good view of the stage.

The Picker's Pleasure Ch. 02

first-time Isuelt the fierce 2018-03-04

For a moment, when she was caught within the net of his arms, Claire felt his breath and thought he might kiss her, but he soon released her with a smile. Brent stood for a moment and Claire's angle provided her a perfect vantage point to see the outline of a slight bulge in his jeans. Brent's hand began to slide in circles on her side, lifting her shirt slightly more with each lap. They breathed heavily into one another's necks, chests, and breasts, but Brent seemed unwilling to act until Claire slid her hands slowly down Brent's body and under his boxers to place her hands upon his buttocks. Claire knew this, but for the moment she treasured the feel of Brent's spent body on hers, perfectly fitted.

After Moving Mother-in-law in chapter 2

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-03-03

I could feel Magee flexing her hips making her pussy lips and clit rub my thigh from the knee up, as we kissed each other, and after a little bit, I kissed my way back to her earlobe, giving it a real light nibble, then kissed my way down her neck to her shoulder, “Oh fuck baby, you are making me so damn wet, and hot, for your fucking cock.”

What a Man

first-time DarkJoy 2018-03-03

I'd gone back home for a few weeks over the summer but Kent was even more boring now I was used to the bright lights and big city, not to mention the Scottish accents, so I'd headed back up north in order to look for a place to live and spend some time with my Glaswegian friends before all the other English students came back. He got up to make sure the door was locked (we didn't want to scar Polly for life), and then he jumped right back in the bed and pulled my knickers down and started to kiss my pussy.

The $3,000 Nude Photos

first-time 2018-03-03

"I don't want Earl to leave," Donna said. Her panties were as white as her bra, and I enjoyed snapping a picture of her ass with her body so awkwardly leaning. "Any way that makes you comfortable," I said, not believing how far this woman was going for an extra thousand. I got to the foot of the bed, snapping pictures as Donna closed her eyes and began fingering herself. Before long, the only sounds in the small room was Donna moaning and my camera snapping pictures. She stopped masturbating, but I kept taking pictures as I shot a stream of sticky cum onto her blonde hair, her red nipples and her smooth, young face. "Congratulations, you just earned an extra thousand dollars," I said as I climbed off the bed.

The Wife Caught Me Sucking On A Cock!

first-time manard 2018-03-03

he did not say a word he just wrapped his lips around my hard cock and started sucking "DAM IT FELT GOOD!" I am going to cum I told him. yes we saw Tom sucking your cock and now we are going to watch Tom fill your mouth full of his hot cum! o fuck yes do it cum in my husband`s mouth I heard my wife yell and just before I got my first mouth full hot cum I looked up and that my wife and her s****r had got naked and Amy was licking my wife`s pussy as she watched Tom cum in my mouth! o fuck yes I love my wife said you guys better get a beer and relax for a minute cause you two are not done yet!

sexual escapades 2

first-time 2018-03-03

I know that if he would have asked to fuck my ass I wouldn't have let him and I think he knew that as well which in a kinky sense of a way makes me hotter that he knew not to ask his hands tighten on my shoulders and then to the back of my neck my cheek roughly scr****g the counter i start to cum again feeling the full length of him slamming home again and again Terrence lets out a deep groan as he pulls out of me still holding me firm with one hand the other i hear working his cock up and down another groan and the feeling of hot sperm splattering my back tells me just how much he enjoyed it .

Summer Ends with a Bang Ch. 01

first-time SexySoxFan 2018-03-03

Since Leslie's parents had gone away for the weekend she decided she would invite some of us over to drink and party one last time before I left for college. With my mind working on over drive I gently pulled away from Leslie, faced Linda and leaned in to give her a kiss. Not wanting Leslie to feel left out I reached back with my hand and started to caress her leg. At which point Leslie grabbed me by the hand and apologized to Linda that we would be leaving her a lone for short while. And by the time Leslie actually reached down and grabbed a hold of my throbbing cock I was almost whimpering like a little puppy dog.

Swim team

first-time Ilikestroking 2018-03-03

I asked if I should do it, he said if I wanted to I should come early Saturday morning before the rest of the team shows up and he'd help me. When he finished he asked if I wanted the full body job,I said sure if you think it would help,he laughed and said it wouldn't hurt. As he did it felt like he rubbed my hole, when he did it caused my dick to stiffen which embarrassed me,he said not to worry about it. As he shaved my dick started hurting, the coach said the head is turning purple,I should do something about it. He started stroking my dick and massaging my balls which felt good, then he said to lift my knees and spread my legs.