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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

cuckold lifestyle 19

first-time woreout 2018-11-10

So what my wife will do is come by my work just about lunch time , she knows I can't leave for lunch so she'll just hang around and guess who always shows up ( because she called him to meet her there ) yep Keith. She makes sure I see her nipples are hard when shes talking to Keith, and then she'll come up with some lame ass excuse to have to leave , Keith always hangs around for a few minutes to keep my employees from guessing whats going on, yeah right they aint that stupid, they just know better than to fuck with their paycheck writter.

In Public

first-time LeaAnn 2018-11-10

Another great set of music started up and I was ready to run to the floor, poor Scott's knees were killing him and he wanted a break, Scott asked Kyle if he would dance with me and he jumped at the chance to go dance and not be alone on the floor. Kyle unzipped his pants and I now had a massive Rock hard cock in my hand slowly stroking him while Scott was licking my clit hard and fast until I came all in his face. After two or three min of grinding on Kyles cock while Scott was back to sucking on my clit I felt another orgasm cumming on when Kyle Fired his load inside me.


Privates - Stand Two!

first-time Simon66 2018-11-10

My arms were under Pam’s legs with my hands holding the tops of her legs where they were bent up and I pulled her onto me, that half inch increasing on thrusts and withdrawal as I started to pump my cock into her delightfully warm, loose cunt. I felt intense sensations building at the base of my cock for the second time in the last half hour or so and I fucked her, as she’d demanded, my strokes becoming shorter and sharper as I released my load, the contractions in my cock forcing my fluids deep into Pam, my motions slowing to a stop, my breath rasping from me as I noticed Pam’s did her.

My First Summer Of Love

first-time KindOfHeart 2018-11-10

I want to watch you stroking that lovely cock like you do when you’re thinking about me, and I’ll give you something much nicer to look at than the girls in your magazines — I don’t suppose you’ve ever seen a real live naked woman.” The feeling of my cock sliding between her swollen lips as I thrust deep into Jill's velvet hole was amazing, and being young it only took a few minutes of fucking until I was ready to cum again. When we went for our daily walk in the beech woods near our homes, Jill would often leave her panties off, and encourage me to slip my hand under her skirt to have a good feel of her bottom and pussy.

Tommy and Me

first-time SarahMarelli 2018-11-10

I leaned my cheek on his shoulder and watch Adam push food aside to look for more food behind it. Tommy moaned and fucked my pussy harder, causing my orgasm to last longer than I thought it would. He pulled his cock out and stood up next to his bed. Tommy came closer to me and I took his cock in my hands and pointed it at my mouth. I wrapped my mouth around his cock and he slid it in deeper. I used my hand to stroke the base of his cock and swiveled my tongue around what was inside of my mouth. Right before he was going to come he slid his cock out.


The Steam Room

first-time Iain69 2018-11-10

Iain resumed his rowing, he pondered on what had got her so aroused: his mind wandered as he surveyed her lovely arse : he could just imagine gingerly sliding down those tight leggings, exposing her bottom cheeks, then down to her little puckered anus: he imagined teasing it with the very tip of his tongue, gently probing until her rosebud flowered open to allow him to penetrate it a little with his hot tongue: he imagined he could taste her forbidden haven already and his already rock hard erection twitched and grew another centimetre. Iain tenderly kissed each of Shona’s delightful moist bottom cheeks alternately, moving slowly to her forbidden orifice, he could wait no longer and touched the very tip of his tongue against her anus, gently probing until it open like a budding flower as he’d imagined, allowing him to penetrate it a little.

Making a good girl of me

first-time smiler77 2018-11-09

I didn’t know the reason, and started to get those nervous feelings that reminded me so much of the times I waited outside the heads office for a punishment years ago. Then he got up from his desk and removed a long wooden ruler from the top of his filing cabinet, my legs turned to jelly instantly, and I felt like almost laughing, though I was confused. “You know you shouldn’t let your boyfriend touch you there” he said and placed his fingers on my pussy lips. His fingers started slowly, like he was touching me to check my ripeness, using two hands he opened my pussy lips and examined me.


first-time Stoneypoint 2018-11-09

The girl was shocked by what I’d told her and then said, “Like as in pull down your britches and show me your privates?” She had never experienced anything so darn thrilling in her life or so she said and as I fucked her, continuously, her hands, and more to the point, her fingers dug into my back as I slammed into her young more frail like physique. Life was spectacular that morning for us and once we finished having sex, I told her she was wonderful and amazing and I’d be more then willing to have sex with her any time she wanted. He said, “For sex.” Of course in his native tongue and again I told him no and with that I felt her hands and arms press against me.

Cassie’s First Time Is With Her Best Friend

first-time Banes1 2018-11-09

I feel my nipples stiffen and my pussy gets wet as flashes of Pepper sitting naked next to me, fill my thoughts. Pepper turns to hand me a bottle, gives me what I can only describe as a seductive look, and I realize she is staring at my rock hard nipples pushing the material of my bikini top outward. “Oh yes, Pepper, lick my pussy!” I moan out as my finger pushes past the swollen lips and into my pussy. Just as I am about to come, I feel a pair of soft lips kissing my neck and an arm reaching around my left side with the hand resting on my right breast.

The Great River (Part Three)

first-time ErosEnlightened 2018-11-09

Talan looked down at her with a gasp as he felt the rush of cool air on his cock and groaned once again as she took him into her hand and started to rub up and down his shaft, slowly and gently at first. Alya couldn't help but smile, planting a kiss on his shaft before licking down to his base, nuzzling his cock with her cheek, “Your manhood doesn't taste all that bad,” she commented as she took his shaft back in her hand and squeezed it firmly, ducking her head down to lick at his sensitive sack before taking one of his balls into her mouth to suck on it.

First time making love

first-time juanmoretime1 2018-11-09

I moved my hands to her blouse and began to unfasten hers, and with only two unfastened, I peeled it off her shoulders, trapping her arms, which restricted her unbuttoning efforts and exposed her breasts with their eraser head nipples stiff and excited. We hugged as we stood, my cock poking into her stomach over her pubic hair as her hardened nipples poked my chest and joined our lips in a tongue wrestling kiss, our arms around each other in a tight hug, both had hands on a back and one with a handful of ass.

Late Start 2

first-time gary65 2018-11-09

“From what I can see; I think I know the answer already, but I will make sure” Dave said; “First, though, I would like to remind myself how good your tits look.” Pat put her hands on Dave’s head, whether he moved forward or she eased his head, I don’t know, but Dave’s tongue went between her outer lips, then upwards to find her clitoris. Dave said it was time for him to leave, he leaned over and gave Pat a kiss on the lips. Dave stood up and we shook hands, he then he went back to Pat and bent down and gave her another kiss, and this time he put his hand on her breast.

Talk to you after class part 2

first-time Icarus32 2018-11-09

Just as Jake was starting to think that he couldn't handle any more without exploding he felt Mary shift slightly, her hands silently sliding around his waist and undoing his jeans, he could hear her breath coming in raggedy gasps and her hands were shaking slightly as they reached in and pulled his dick out from his pants. It was at this point that they heard the sounds of Ms. McPhillips turning off the shower, dressing and leaving, after which Mary, no longer worried about getting caught exploded with a tirade of moans and gasps, her breathing coming in short ragged pulls as his tongue slid up and joined his fingers on her clit, while simultaneously sliding the index finger of his other hand up and into her tight hole.

A Long Hard Look (part 4)

first-time RainNymph68 2018-11-09

I can't believe you've never done this before!" David exclaimed, starting to wipe off the sticky beads of cum that laced his penis and my tongue. I clean up his mess with my chest and let it dry on there so I'll have an exquisite icing dessert after my tea (yes, I can actually lick my own breasts). The tea shop is not far at all and I have a very good feeling that my dad's waiting for me. Like David, Dad had a working-class Liverpool accent. "Spinetti's it is then!" Dad looked at me hard. They're heavier than what an eighteen year old boy sounds like. Ross is just a skinny kid, I hardly heard him when he answered the door.

Life on Eden Trails (Part III)

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-09

I knew that my wife, Beth, would be going out with some of her friends, so I told Eve that if she wanted, she could invite her friend Ellen, over for a swim in our backyard pool. Eve took a seat on the edge of her chase lounge and Ellen proceeded to put the baby oil on Eve’s back and shoulders. Eve took my cock in her mouth, as Ellen looked over her shoulder and watched. Eve repositioned the seat back of the lounge chair in the full down position and sat astraddle the chair, in front of Ellen, lightly stroking her cherub face, holding on to her friend’s bunched up blonde hair.

Awakenings: Chapter One

first-time middleagedguru 2018-11-09

It looked like Mrs. Guthrie noticed what was happening so she said, “We’re going to do something different for this assignment, I’m going to pair you up.” “You’re pretty creative,” Gail said as she put down the script and started looking around my room. After several seconds of awkward silence she looked me straight in my eyes and said, “Can I ask you something?” I didn’t want to admit that while the pictures of the girls masturbating, scissoring, sucking, and fucking turned me on I usually stroked it while fantasizing about various girls from school, including Gail. “Looks like he really wants to come out,” she said as she started rubbing faster. Gail looked at it and said, “Looks like he’s ready to play.”

Team Teaching

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-11-09

I heard Mrs. O'Keefe coming down the stairs so I started to stand up when Ms. Lynch took my arm and said, "Sit down, Russell, just relax." "Then, just why do you have an erection, Russell?" asked Ms. Lynch. As I turned to answer my former teacher, Mrs. O'Keefe stepped right in front of me and leaned over and crouched, her breasts threatening to spill out of her top. Push your cock up into me, Russell, oooh, yes, just like that, yes, just…UUH, UUH, ooh, ooh, aah, so good, yes, oh, nice and hard and so good," she said and she slowly dropped forward on me, her hips still moving, still fucking me, then, mine happened.

Husband waits patiently while I shop

first-time bangerlace 2018-11-09

'Madam,' she said as she spoke by my ear, 'you now need to remove your bra so is can be sure you get the right cup size...' As she said this her thumb move up from the position by my breast across my nipple. She stood behind me again, feeling her breath on my neck, she slowly pulled one bra strap down over my shoulder, the the other brushing hands down along my skin. I was certainly get turned on watching this young shop assistant pressed up behind me, while I watch in the mirror and her hand snaking down to my panty line as my skirt fell to the floor.

A Beautiful Relationship Ch. 01

first-time Secretlit777 2018-11-09

After filling up my truck and grabbing a snack I looked over and saw Ashlyn on the phone with some serious distress on her face. After about ten minutes of talking about school, work, and college life I drove over a hill on the highway and traffic was completely stopped. Ashlyn said, "Jim, traffic is moving you can go now." This beautiful big boobed blonde college girl is about to be topless in my truck and wants me to watch.  Well, after struggling to realize the gravity of this situation I thought, I will probably never see her again, and if she was the kind of girl that would go off telling people what I said, then she wouldn't still be topless in my truck. 

Ski Trip

first-time jasmine89 2018-11-09

I was lying on my back with my thighs apart, and he was kneeling beside me, his mouth back on my nipples with his hand inside my soaked knickers. Whilst he rubbed my clit in circles, I slid my hand into his boxers and pulled out his cock, which was solid and thick. I began stroking him, rubbing his pre-cum around his shaft so it slid between my hand more easily. “I want to cum in your mouth.” I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of that, but wanting to please him, and not wanting him to think I was a rubbish fuck (although he knew I was a virgin), I continued sucking him. His tongue found my clit and he began licking it, causing me to thrust my hips forward and moan loudly.


first-time styxx 2018-11-09

In fact, the almost complete opposite had tremulously knocked the door, had timidly made her way to the meeting in my garden, had stood nervously clutching the strap of her purse between her wringing hands, head bowed. Un-adorned, unsullied and in a completely natural state, she stood with her hands clasped behind her head, eyes downcast, waiting for me to give her an order; a blank page. “Pull these down.” Gill took her hands from behind her head and grasped the waist band and eased the jogging bottom down over my hips, exposing my cock, then passed my knees that I had obligingly pulled up and together to help her.

To the bush and back

first-time Dehumanization 2018-11-09

With every ounce of energy in your body you lift your hips and the tip of my cock slides down over your clit and slides easily into your tight dripping pussy. The feeling of denim rubbing against your clit as my smooth cock penetrates you has you dripping in awe and we spend what feels like hours softly rocking against each other passionately kissing and licking. You are aching for an orgasm by now and your clit is throbbing from the anticipation with each plunge onto my cock your clit rubs against my skin and a small wave of excitement fills your pussy. With the feeling of my hot cum filling your pussy your body releases a great shock of orgasm down your spine and into your clit.

Dealing with it

first-time woreout 2018-11-09

She said no, I told him let's get a room at the motel behind the restaurant. My wife opened her door and got out, she told me to go park then come up to the room. She said we don't need room service and asked as if she was going to close the door. She leaned forward so he could suck her nipple and I was able to see my wife's married pussy lips tightly wrapped around his veiny cock. She said get down there and suck all of his cum out of your slut wife's pussy. We walked across the motels lobby with my wife's freshly fucked pussy only one inch from the hem of her mini skirt.

how cuckolding started for me

first-time woreout 2018-11-09

I had always thought of her having sex with other guys and one night I asked her if she thought she could do it. She said she had thought about it and decided that she wanted to fuck one of my best friends. Five hours I said out loud...who do I know that can fuck for five hours I asked her. Yeah I called him last night and told him I wanted him to skip work today and come play with me she said. She told me I was a sick son of a bitch to want to hear the details of her having sex with a another man.