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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Tattoo Guy Made It Inside

first-time 2018-03-03

We all three were in auto and it took 30 mins for u to reach some interior, I was bit scared as I was alone with these two ladies, but was excited for a tattoo at my hidden body parts. I was feeling more excited now, first with the thought of a stranger touching my milky-silky thighs and now looking to his muscular body, my panty was all wet and he could see it. He smiled, grabbed my hand and we started walking, I was feeling little shame holding his hand, but same time I was thinking about his poor dick, which was about to enter into my love hole. This time waiter wants to fuck my pussy, he started liking my lower vertical lips, while I was in a deep kiss with tattoo guy.

The D.O.V.B Society Ch. 01

first-time Domeneque 2018-03-03

My fingers hovering for a second before sliding my fingers between the blonde curls to my pussy lips, sliding my fingers into their wet, tight prison, rubbing, massaging my inflamed clit with my thumb waiting as my hips buck beneath my hand throwing my head back as the explosions burst inside me. Then he pulls my legs out in front me, sliding his hands up the smooth skin of my legs, gripping the sides of the bikini panties and pulling them clear of my legs, leaving my in my ankle socks, flat shoes and tartan skirt wrapped around my waist as well as my long blonde hair trailing drown my back.

Budding Porn Stars

first-time dodger125 2018-03-03

Her blonde hair hung just above her shoulders, her slightly rounded stomach protruding just above her patterned panties, not too fat but not skinny either. I reached behind her and unclasped the garment, sliding the straps off her bare shoulders and allowing her well rounded breasts to fall out. Her breasts hung to the left and right of her chest, again, like the rest of her, not too big or small and her nipples pointed directly outwards without the support of her bra. With her curvy bum sticking up to me and her breasts swinging beneath her like udders with their nipples erect, the man pointed to her anus.

Visit to Aunt April's House

first-time 2018-03-03

Once I was in and we all started talking I noticed Uncle Dan was pretty d***k and all over my Aunt April with lots of touching, massaging, and sexual references to her and even my Mom. Saying how lucky he and Dad were to bang such hot women and how much they look alike. I saw Aunt April was staring at me hard as my Uncle was telling another story to my Mom. There was no question now. Uncle Dan was to the right Aunt April, I was to her left, and Mom was leaning back with her eyes closed on the other end just listening to the music. She wasn’t looking at me and was completely fixated on Uncle Dan, but Aunt April had her hand on my cock.

Wild Flowers

first-time Paul44 2018-03-03

I felt my cock growing harder and it thrust out beneath the thin cloth both women noticed my flesh growing, Mandy looked at me with lustful amusement and licked her lips in such a way that excited me more whilst Grace looked at me with a passionate interest and swung her dark loosened hair about her shoulders and I saw glimpses of creamy breast beneath her shift and I wanted to caress that flesh with my lips. I saw Mandy push my cousin forward until her lips touched my cock and I felt a sharp thrill thrust through my body and I wanted to cum and watch my cock pump cum onto her face.

A Fucking Reunion

first-time Ryan42 2018-03-03

"Don't worry John, I'm on birth control, and I can't wait any longer anyway, take my virginity John baby." I needed to hear nothing else and I pushed my cock into her pussy; I could slide it in quite easily, despite it being so tight as it was so wet now. This was the first time I had fucked a girl's pussy without a condom and the pleasure difference was amazing, with every thrust I felt a new burst of pleasure I began to get quicker, Stacy's moans of pleasure spurred me on. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and lay beside her on her bed, looking as her amazing sexy pale skinned body and mindblowingly hot red hair.

Country Boy

first-time eurorevenue 2018-03-03

The first two guys, who were already in front of the bed, were already jerking their cocks, their hands wet with either saliva, or a little lube, though sometimes they didn't use any, and just tugged skin over head, moving their arms hard and fast. I climaxed right then and there, but I didn't stop, as the next couple guys moved up in the line, and started thrusting into their strokes, and grunting softly. Tim backed up a bit, with the other guys, and watched, as the rest of the people in line rained their thick cum on me, and finally, as they finished, I gave one more powerful climax, and for show, which the guys all seemed to enjoy, I just writhed, wet and sticky, on the sheets, my body wet with sweat and jizz.

Hotel cleaning Girl ( sex story )

first-time 2018-03-03

Well I helpd her clean up and had her wipe my cock and balls up with a warm towll and helpd her dress and , Told her to come back sometime , And to not tell her b*****rs about us ...She said No No can not do that Big trouble if they knew...I gave her a lot of my spare Money and she left , And I was thewre for a few days longer But she didnt get back , I did see her in the Hotell once and winkd at her , She just waved and went along her way ...But she was sure a good Girl and I would have liked to have had more of the same ...Maby my next trip over she might still be around...But doubt I could be that lucky again ...These things dont happen often ,,,But enjoy getting caught by the maid service sometimes ..

kate 9 cont

first-time sissychris 2018-03-03

Kate turned her back on me and lifted her dress and wiggled her bum, I started laughing, what's going on my dad asked She lifted her dress her nipples was fully erect , I stepped to her and started to suck on one, her arms went around me , I moved over to the other nipple and sucked , while gently pinching the other , her hand came under my chin trying to push me off, I sucked harder and put bothmy arms around her squeezing her tight She climbed off me I felt my cock slip out of her, she the sat on my face again my cum had already started come out of her lick me she said

katies gets over her boyfriend

first-time Whoreowner 2018-03-03

Katie sits down and tells rob everything, how john called her and katie blushed, smiled and slowly looked rob up and down. moved her head forward and started licking and sucking his cock. katie had a glint in her eye, she liked the thought that john was katie stopped and prepared herself, then slowly moved forward on his her pussy was in reach rob raised his head and started licking her meanwhile katie went back to sucking his cock, she soon rob moved away from her pussy and told katie to and soon had robs wet hard cock pushing into her dripping pussy. he didnt need asking twice and is soon sliding inside her hot pussy

Ann - My Wife, His Slut.

first-time Hilbert8 2018-03-03

He grabs her hair, wraps it around his fingers and starts to raise and lower head head on his cock he pushing it deeper into her mouth, Ann lets out a moan of appreciation as he fucks her mouth, he just looks at me smiling. Sean is squatting over her and she running her tongue all over his balls and his arse, incredibly his cock is enormous and hard still despite the fact, judging from the state of her cunt, he must have cum in Ann several times. She opens her legs slightly and while moving one hand to Sean cock, she dips a finger into her cunt and starts to play with the spunk oozing out of her.

mom in the garden

first-time 2018-03-03

When i walked up to her i noticed the undone bikini straps laying beside her body, and i looked at the sides of her breasts. " hi sweetie how was your day at school?" she asked..." " uhm it's ok, glad it's weekend now" as i was still glaring at the white flesh from her breasts she laid down again and asked me to bring out the tan lotion when i was going in the house to grab a drink.As i returned i placed the lotion in front of her and enjoyed my cold drink. and she lays down again with her arms stretched forwards...nervous and excited and spread the lotion on her sides starting from the hips going up.

First gay experience.

first-time 2018-03-03

Jack kind of laughed but we never said anything and went on to jerking watched each other cum and fell asl**p. He pulled my boxers off me, put his arm around my back, pressed his leg against mine and grabbed my cock and started jerking it. I bobbed my head about 8 times on Jack's cock and he quickly pulled it out of my mouth and he jizzed on my other hand. Then Jack said he was ready so I laid on my back and he got in between my legs he put my legs against his shoulders and jammed his cock in me really hard. While I was yelling and getting fucked Keith came over to me and stuck his cock in my mouth mid yell.

The adventures of Acerboy12

first-time acerboy12 2018-03-03

With cock in my hand I started slowly rubbed it up and down between her now thick juicy fat pussy lips. I wanted the man to see everything of this gorgeous woman I was fucking, so I slowly started to undo her blouse buttons and then pushed her blouse up back over her shoulder to revile her gorgeous firm round 38 breasts straining to get out of her lace white bra. We both looked back just in time to see man shot his hot sticky white cum out of his fat cock all over the floor which made her moan even more and I thrust my cock deeper in to her to get that last drop out.

The Angel of Sex

first-time geraldf 2018-03-03

I am sitting in a coffee bar on Columbus Avenue, drinking tea and reading a book, "Washington Square", by Henry James. A beautiful blonde girl comes and sits on the stool next to me. It's a smile that says, "Don't worry, I won't bite." She asks me about the book that I'm reading. Not the cute eighteen-year-olds, guys who will probably lose their virginity soon anyway, but older guys, shy guys like myself who need a little help. So I ask her if she would like to go someplace and have dinner, that I know a nice place a couple of blocks away. We are walking together, talking, when I see her coming toward us--my angel.

Soccer Practice

first-time john1195 2018-03-03

it, Conrad, he thought to himself, come feel a hard cock wanting you, "Come around and get in." Jim said, motioning Conrad to the passenger "Sure." Jim said, his hands going to his shorts. tone of his call must have alerted Conrad, who turned loose to Jim's utter Jim's hands went up to Conrad's twin dimples of buttocks and caught "Oh, God!" Conrad pushed down again and this time some of Jim's cock Conrad needed only a short rest now that Jim's pud was buried inside way chosen for it, and Conrad was using it now to bounce on Jim's cock. man-dew sprinkled over Jim and the seat he was in, Conrad tossed his head "We sure are." Conrad said, winking at Jim.

My wife's cousin Sheryl

first-time Jmuncut 2018-03-03

Jay mom had called him said get some ice tea for Sheryl an your friend Jay went inside when he went around the corner Sheryl had grabbed my dick through my jean " you have one hard cock by the time I go home I am going to suck it" I couldn't hold it started to leak precum wet spot by my pocket. Her finger wet with her juices she rubbed rosebud on my ass slipping her finger in, she had pull her finger out, moved her hand to her mouth splitting on her fingers then fingering my ass again slowly in and out I couldn't take it any more ball began to tighten Sheryl grabbed my ass push my cock to the back of her throat taking my load, she milked me till I stopped Cumming stood me up and started with a hot French kiss she was feeding me my own cum.

A Witch's Love

first-time fotisampini 2018-03-03

Adam and Darlene Howard were waiting in their living room to interview their new housemaid. Andrea worked hard always having meals prepared on time for her boss' and the house never looked more clean. They'd spend a lot of time together since the Howard's worked during the day and Darren was stuck at home relaxing or sometimes going out with his friends. "Kara is coming to stay with me for a week," Darren suddenly said one afternoon as he and Andrea chatted in the kitchen. They continued talking about other things and Andrea still couldn't get the fact that Kara was coming to visit Darren.

Bush Whacked

first-time pleasureseeker420 2018-03-03

My hand pressed my erection through the material of the overalls I was wearing and I was thinking about how I would stick my cock in her young fresh cunt and also looked forward to fucking her pretty mouth. The older one continued to click away with the camera as his young lovers hand gripped the cock before him and he stroked it long and slow, pushing and pulling the excess skin of his foreskin over the head of the older mans cock. The old man moved his hand behind the younger ones head and he pulled his mouth further onto his cock. The guy's balls soon rested on his chin as he began to pull his head back and forth as the young mouth now fucked his cock.

First time with an e****t, in Dublin

first-time jackelaine 2018-03-03

She offered me a drink,and took the money up front, 80 euro for half an hour.Plenty of time I thought.She pressed down on a pre-set timer on the mantle piece and asked what I liked.I told her I wasn't looking for anything weird,just a fuck,and maybe a blow job.No problem she said and kissed me lightly as she slowly stripped me naked,kissing me gently on my chest,my belly,and my inner thigh. Then she enveloped my cock with her lips,furiously sucking,Her finger pressed hard on my hole,pressing in,even entering my ass.She deep throated me expertly,and I worried frantically .I was worried because I hadn't asked if I could cum in her mouth,besides,I wanted to fuck her.But, I couldn't stop her if I wanted to.It was easilly the best blow job I had ever received.It was also the first I had got in a long time.

Caneing with Abbie Ch. 03

first-time Ropecleat 2018-03-03

For some reason she liked to have me on top, arms extended, chest to her face, long strong strokes of my cock hotly massaging her pussy until I came. We returned to the lodge and changed into our shorts and t-shirts, opened the last bottle of wine, and went down to the dock to welcome the night and toast each other for the unique weekend we had shared. Abbie finished medical school and specialized in sports medicine for women- physiology, kinesiology, gynecology, and psychology of women in athletics, amateur or pro. Upon reflection, that was the weekend Abbie became an independent adult, willing and certainly able to make decisions for herself without parental direction.

My Quickest Fuck!

first-time WoyBoy 2018-03-03

I arranged to meet my girlfriend at a party in a house. I got to the party, knew nobody, grabbed a drink and squeezed onto the couch. Within 2 minutes a horny and sexy girl (a bit older than me) squeezed in next to me. I got up and wandered into the laundry where all the booze was in the big sink. We immediately started to fuck on the floor with only a small pink rug for comfort on the cold tiles. and as I fucked her missionary style I had to have one leg further outspread against the door. I apologised and eventually got it to stop. About 5 minutes later, my girlfriend arrived. I have never seen or met this horny rock girl ever since

Dental Trials

first-time STR8Male 2018-03-03

Unfortunately, the aged dentist in town, twenty miles from the ranch, just shook his head after looking at the x-rays he had taken of my teeth, "Son, this is going to require some judicious bone chiseling, and I'm just not up to something that complicated these days. This time, when I got a receptionist on the phone, I explained more about my situation, and that I couldn't drive back to the ranch and wait a month and a half, without putting my life at risk on the back range. Thankfully, the old dentist had given me the x-rays he took, so when I arrived at Dr. Beth's office I handed them to her receptionist as I introduced myself. Saturday morning, after showering and eating another big breakfast, I arrived at the appointed time at Dr. Beth's dental office.

sex dreaming

first-time vonpattrick 2018-03-03

I get up and wisper in your ear that its just the beginning ooohhhhh mmmyyyyyy you gasped...your so excited with a soft clamp on your expert tongue flicking your clit...Holy sigh ...i kiss me passionately & i leave you there on the bed for a few absorb what has just happened...then you sense me back in the room, standing i havent quite finished with you yet...!!As you lie there with your blindfold on i untie your legs and hands and motion your body away from the bed and onto a soft rug on the floor.> I adjust your body so that you are on your knees as i bind your ankles together with rope.