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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Female • 18 • Singapore

first-time 2018-03-03

I'd been reading online teenage sex-advice forums since I was f******n, and I always thought I would discuss in a mature way how and when I was to have sex for the first time. For a minute, he backed off and started slapping his cock crudely to maintain his erection, then licked his fingers to lubricate me, then tried to penetrate me again. Talk to me," I pleaded to his in-his-own-ecstatic-moment face, my mind whirling with the conflict of reality versus "What Was Supposed to Be." "Aren't you supposed to ask me if I'm ready emotionally and physically?" I threw words I had read online to him, my anchors for the moment. "You have weird, fairy-tale ideas about sex," he said when it was all over, as I stared at the stain on the navy-blue sheet, trying to determine the colour of the wet.

Stepdaughter sex slave

first-time chunkygoat 2018-03-03

"I watched you rub my moms ass while you were fucking her, I need to know how that feels, ohhh fuck stick your finger in I'm not a prude like my mom." I was stroking my cock furiously and let out a grunt by accident. "Wouldn't you love to fuck my ass?" She was struggling tease now she wanted to cum as badly as I did. "Your dirty little princess is going to cum, arnt you proud?" She was right her pussy because so wet I could hear my cock sliding in and out of her. "Don't you want to fuck my tits?" She asked in her innocent little girl voice.

I Saw Malati & Had Saroj

first-time Neesraj 2018-03-03

My mom once told me that Malati bhabhi was a very good student herself before she was married off into the neighbour's house four years back at a young age of 20. My thoughts went back repeatedly to the beautiful nude body of Malati bhabhi, the ecstasy she seemed to experience when she touched herself at various places and the mysterious thrill that I got when hitherto unknown and unexperienced sensations drowned my own penis and rest of my body into an indefinable trance. I thought to myself that asking Saroj to come was a good move as I had spent more than 45 minutes, concentrating on her mathematics rather than fantasising about Malati bhabhi and her beautiful body.

Innocent Schoolgirl

first-time RoughAndTumbleKitty 2018-03-03

When she gasped a second time as Professor Grady started to sucked on Crystal right tit, it must have been loud, because the two stopped fucking and looked at her in the door. I just thought of something." Professor Grady looked at Amber with pure lust in his eyes as he was reaching up Crystal's skirt from behind. Crystal pinned Amber's hands above her head, as the professor lifted Amber's skirt out of the way of her plump pussy. Professor Grady watched the interaction between the two girls and began to pump harder, making his balls slap at Amber's back entrance. Professor Grady stuck his finger in between Amber's wet, red lips and raised it to Crystal's back door.

The First Weekend

first-time goddessunleashed 2018-03-03

I wanted to touch your cock and feel it jump at my touch, to take it inside me to a place no man had ever gone before, to open myself at last to the first and only man who would ever take me. I thought I could never be turned on by a kiss, and I desperately wanted you to make me feel something for the first time. We planned to meet in person for the very first time, and I told you that that was the day I wanted to give you my virginity. I have learned in our relationship that you don't pull out this kiss on anything less than a momentous occasion, like our first weekend together, Valentine's Day, and when I bought you Mugen Souls Z for our one year anniversary.

Seducing The Virgin Next Door

first-time deepemerald 2018-03-03

Karen straddled his chest, unknowingly opening up her ass and her wet cunt to Simon's eyes again. Karen stopped sucking his cock and sat up, forcing his finger deeper inside her ass. She wanted it to stop but she couldn't move under Simon's body and her cries were muffled as he leaned forward to kiss her while his thick meat was splitting her cunt apart. Karen panted louder and louder and Simon gyrated his hips when his cock was buried in her tight cunt, making her feel every inch of meet that was filling her. Karen put her bikini back on and Simon smiled as he saw the little bruises that were starting to appear all over her body.

A Little Drama

first-time Hornsup 2018-03-03

If Jeff's approach to Meredith was a little callous, it was because he had just had a messy breakup with a girlfriend of nine months. Finally, after a couple of hours of cat and mouse Jeff came up to Meredith and brushed her shoulders with his fingertips. She didn't look bad at all, but to Jeff her quick-change seemed like a fence of femininity erected to standardize their "relationship." It wasn't enough to put him off, though, especially since for the first time he had a really good view of her magnificent cleavage. The only girl he had dated with breasts near this great had strung him along for weeks letting him fondle her without even removing her heavily laced bra.

Peter and Chloe

first-time IntrospectiveWanderer 2018-03-03

"Chloe said that she looked in a couple of times and you didn't even notice" she noted as she showed a little bit of a smile. Following Brianne to Darcy's office, Peter was greeted with a striking looking woman who had an Asian appearance. I've been after Bri to hire someone." Looking at Bri and then back to Peter, she said in a conspiratorial voice, holding her hand to her mouth as if to not be overheard, "She's a great accountant but can be a little lax at keeping her own records up to day, among other things." Peter turned just as he was leaving the office and looked at Darcy who had her hand on her hips and a smile on her face.

I could do this all day

first-time adel5000 2018-03-03

I started to rub my index finger over her sweet little asshole because I knew she liked it even though she wouldn’t admit it to me. So we kept going and I decided I wanted a little more so I stuck about half my index finger in her asshole and rubbed it around a little bit while she rode me. I knew at this point that she was starting not too mine because she had a cute little smile on her face and everytime I took it out she pushed back on my finegr a little bit so I decided to go for the whole thing and I stuck my whole index finger in her ass and fucked her with it slowly.

A Mother's Helping Hands - Part IV

first-time DizzyD427 2018-03-02

Tyler’s mind was racing until Mrs. Bradley broke his train of thought when she said, “Okay Tyler, let’s get you fixed up here.” Then as the teenager watched, Charlotte wrapped her slippery hand around his hard shaft, and then began spreading the sunscreen in a slow, up and down motion. But Julie understood her friend’s need, and as gently pushed Charlotte back to lie on the chaise, she looked at their sons and said, “You know boys, we’ve all had orgasms today except for poor Mrs. Bradley, but I’m going to take care of her… so why don’t you two go sit on the other chaise and watch.”

Sara & Darren's First Meeting

first-time RubieG 2018-03-02

Sara turns her head and leans it back slowly her tongue just outside her lips Darren feels the warmth of her breath suddenly against his neck the pressure of her tongue on his adams apple. Sara nibbles the skin with her teeth and begins to suck one of Darren's balls into her mouth slowly. Darren repositions his hands and holds her lips apart with one and Sara feels his other slowly pet her. He reached for her legs and raised himself to his knees taking her by the ankles he places the head of his cock against her opening and thrust hard and deep inside of her.

Kelly Ch. 07

first-time Balrog 2018-03-02

Kelly continued to cum in what seemed like a never-ending climax, squeezing me and shuddering, taking refuge in my arms as we reached the pinnacle of mutual pleasure. "That's what you think, buster!" she laughed, got up, took my hands and pulled me up off the Love Seat. "Oh, God, Justin, this is incredible!" Kelly said as she ground her pussy onto my cock and took in all my semen, her eyes wide and mouth open in astonishment at my intensity. "It sure is, and I love it." She smiled and kissed me again, wriggling her hips just a little to feel me inside her. When you feel yourself on top of a lovely naked female body, your arms wrapped around her back, her head above you fast asleep.

Best friends wife

first-time holepuncher69 2018-03-02

One time I was spending the night and she got a little flirtatious as we sat around. The next morning he asked said that before he left he had told Mary that I would probable come in and fuck her after all the teasing she had done. I told him that if I had known it I would have gone in, He said he sat down the street watching for a light or just to give us enough time before he came back. We got up after we finished and I said I had better leave since I was supposed to go out with my girlfriend later.

The Start of It

first-time mallenwc 2018-03-02

It had a changing room at each end of a large open room, and these would swap between boys usage to girls usage and back again several times during the day. I pulled myself together, with another quick peek out of the window to confirm hockey practice was still going on, I grabbed my towel, stripped off and jumped in the shower, which was a large communal shower in a room, with no door, adjoining the main changing room But on seeing my distraught face a couple of these girls, who seem to have forgotten their nakedness at the sight of mine realised I was in a bad way and shivering uncontrollably - mostly from cold but also from fear and embarrassment.

Motel Ch. 02

first-time Ashson 2018-03-02

I wasn't wearing much and I was naked by the time I hit the bathroom door, walking right on in. It also came plain to her, because she looked down and her flush change to a white face so fast I thought she was going to faint. "Did you count the reception door as number one?" she asked, blandly looking towards the ceiling, a great smirk on her face. The first time that happened, Donna held her breath as my fingers approached, letting it out with a slight gasp when my hand moved elsewhere. I started building on that arousal, one hand exciting her breasts while the other played with her pussy, slowly teasing lips apart before letting my fingers slip into her cleft.


first-time tantramonk 2018-03-02

My friend I was travelling and I were on our way to the Spanish Costa Brava, to meet a girl we met in Germany. We were all having a good time joking and jesting until the sun started setting, the night was getting dark an some of us wanted to get some sl**p. The lights were out and I started dozing off, my head finding a resting place on my neighbour's shoulder. It gave a lot of light though, and the two guys sitting opposite us could see how my neighbour and I were getting along. I was smelling her hair and kissed her neck. My free hand started to feel her skin under her blouse, so the others would not notice and that felt good too.

Yadgaar trip with Beautiful Aunty .

first-time smartboi01 2018-03-02

Dosto kya lady thi wo, in her mid 30’s aur uske boobs motte-motte uski body mano jaise mere samne sunny leone ho, main toh use dekhta hi reh gya and mere lund bhi pant se bahar aane ko kar rha tha, then I said yess how may I help u, then usne kaha ki wo mere samne wale room me rehti h. Fir main uski chut me apni ungli daalne lga, jab tak mera lund dobara chudai ke liye tyar nhi ho jata, maine usse 5 min tak finguring ki, uski chut abhi tak tight thi, aur do ungli se jyada nhi jaa paa rhi thi, aab mera kund bhi khada ho gya tha, wo kehne lgi aab na tadpao, chod do iss chut ko, bahut pareshan kiya hua h isne mujhe.


Gift For My Husband Part III

first-time 2018-03-02

His cock filled my hand and as I slid it up and down it glistened in the light."Come on honey, think of my tight litle pussy sliding up and down on your beautiful cock."Mmmmmm, thats it, show me all that built up love juice stored up in there."Dennis groaned as I picked up the pace and I had to use both my hands now."Come on honey, give it to me, give me your lovely sperm baby". "Baby you look so good covered in cum, your an awesome lady indeed" Dennis laid back and took in the sights of me right next to him wiping his cum off me as I licked my hands.

How Did You Learn To Love Fellatio? Ch. 05

first-time leBonhomme 2018-03-02

I wondered if Peggy thought it looked so much like rain, that she would come over, or if I should grab my towel and trunks and go to meet her, just a couple of minutes walk. Just looked like it would feel good with my tongue to tease that funny place." But Peggy got the idea of wanting to lick my cock just from looking at it?! She hummed with a nod, moving the tip of her tongue between her lips and looked down at my twitching cock. She thought it was very sweet, also of you, not like boys who want to stick in the first time they're in bed with a girl.

What a day .....

first-time 2018-03-02

lucy's eyes lit up, i pulled her close as Indi lay on her back and rubbed her clit, i put my rock hard cock on Lucys pussy and rubbed her up and down slowly, she moaned and turned her head as i put just the tip in her, i pulled away and licked her pussy out, then i kissed Indi, then i started to rub her with my cock again, rub her up and down, her body was shaking with pleasure when i felt myself getting short breaths and tightening up, i then put both her legs on my shoulders and began to rub my hard cock against her wet juicy pussy, i got faster and faster, she was so wet, when i felt i couldnt hold it any more, Lucy screamed im cuming baby im cuming!

First Lesbian - The Bet

first-time 2018-03-02

I couldn't help but feel a bit irritated at the boy who had bought the drinks, but that quickly passed as I was being pulled out on to the dance floor by a complete stranger. As the line began going through the darkest side of the dance floor I felt the girl slide her hand from my waist around to my stomach then up over my breast. When I felt Amber pull her tongue away I looked down to see this beautiful angel smiling up at me. When I hit on her clit again I felt Amber pull my hair to get me to stay right at her pleasure spot.

House Call Ch. 02

first-time bad_kitty22 2018-03-02

He continued to thrust his fingers in and out of my tight cunt while I moaned and loosed his pants, letting his large cock spring to attention. 'Holy shit, you really are a virgin,' He moaned and pulled himself out a little, then pushed in again, slowly thrusting and getting himself further inside me. I could feel his cock pulsating inside me, growing larger, and each second he grew, my pussy seared with peaking orgasm. The feeling of my still moist pussy must have excited him, or maybe it was the way I was sitting up on him, like I was riding him, and playing with my own nipples that stiffened his cock again.

Sissy payment in kind

first-time garystephens1981 2018-03-02

So there I was was wearing her black silky hold-ups bent over in front of my webcam with two fingers in my arse working my way up to the large dildo I had waiting when there was a loud bang on the door! I was then made to lick and suck clean my mess from the shorter guys cock while the taller man slipped himself in to my already gaping arse. I'd never felt so nasty before and wondered what my wife would think if she saw me in stockings with a man balls deep in my arse and with a mouth full of cum. As I got down on my hands and knees licking up my own cum the shorter man bent down and said:


Jamie's Tail Pt. 01

first-time JackieH2 2018-03-02

The first time he saw her, before she opened her mouth, he thought she was unutterably lovely; he couldn't wait to get next to her, close to her, and – if his luck held up – inside her. He took in the fact that she was only a little shorter than himself; had slightly unruly, long brown-black hair which she kept brushing away from her face as she talked; had a full figure ("Now there's a euphemism," he thought) and strikingly dazzling eyes – they were blue-grey and seemed to have a smile of their own. Jamie had a more than a distinct feeling of déjà vu standing on her doorstep an hour later, clutching another two bunches of flowers – these ones, the last in the shop, looking about as sad as he was.