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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fucking a girl set from a wedding

first-time Ace2213 2018-03-02

I took her to my friends empty flat onr Saturday afternoon, we sat and talked for awhile, theni eventually got closer and closer and started to kiss her. That day I didnt waste anytime whatsoever, about 15mins after reaching i was tounge deep in her mouth, her two nice pair of tits in my hands and a solid hard penis waiting to be released from my jeans. Moments later i was on top of her kissing away and my penis right at the entrance of her wet pussy. as I slowly shoved my penis inside her wet warm pussy she started to moanand graon right away and moved her hands from her side to wrapped around me.

My First Taste...

first-time quean_p 2018-03-02

If I had let her kiss, touch or lick for even a second or just a second too long, my body would have given in and my little cunt would have oozed all over, filling my panties and coating my thighs... A thorough clean out...I wanted to suck and slurp out all her frustrations, anger and complaints from the past few weeks and fill her with my love, kisses, pleasure and service. I slid down deeper & began placing soft little kisses on her thigh as I rubbed a finger in her cunt... before I continued to flick my tongue faster, deeper & harder exactly how she wanted while rubbing her asshole...

How I seduce at times :P

first-time traxis13 2018-03-02

I start working my hand around your pussy gently touching without much pressure to tease you then without notice put pressure on to make you jump from the quick unknowing intensity. I start moving own you neck with my mouth, kissing and nibbling as I move slowly down stop at your breasts. I'm slowly moving down your belly kissing and biting until I am right there breathing heavily on your pussy. I continue licking and flicking my tongue in many directions to give you the most pressure work down to your hole and sticking my tongue in an sucking your hole to get juices out of you back up to your clit where I start to nibble on it and make sucking movements which are so intense you have a have time to stay still.

Jake and Tiffany: Jake's Version

first-time countrysweetheart 2018-03-02

This is Jake's side of the story of two best friend's who fell in love, got married, and can guess what happened next... I have a nine inch cock that girls have always loved to suck on! I placed one finger, then two in her tight little hole and began to finger fuck her to get her ready for my huge cock. After she drifted down to earth from her orgasm I asked, "What was it you wanted me to do, Tiff?" She looked at me, so unafraid, and said, "Fuck me, Jake." I'm cumming baby, let me cum inside you!" When she said, "I love you too Jake!

My First Kiss

first-time DeniseTV 2018-03-02

Finally I spoke up and said we should both get ready for bed. I returned to the bedroom and then I was Paul's turn to go. I turned out the light and then waited impatiently for Paul to return. When he came back into the room and flipped on the light he got the shock of his life to see me reclining on the bed all dolled up and waiting for him. Paul struggled to speak but finally said, "Yes. Yes I do." Then for the first time ever, despite having been with many other boys, Paul kissed me on the lips. As we kissed his hands began wandering all over my body, up inside my nightie caressing my hard nipples, down to my firm ass.

She Wants Rid Ch. 02

first-time stevetruestories 2018-03-02

Although I don't think I was as shocked as Mark as Lisa edged closer to him, and said, 'he's really good you know.' 'At eating pussy, in fact he's almost as good as a girl!' Lisa then gave a huge throaty laugh to Mark's incredulous look. Lisa turned to face Mark, 'I was just so horny, so I started to play with Steve's cock which just made me even hornier. The silence was broken as Lisa smiled at me, got up from the settee and walked over to me before whispering, 'we can't go upstairs,' with that she took hold of my hand, 'it'll have to be the utility room.' I cast a look over to Mark and smiled.

All the Right Tones

first-time Ava_Dalo 2018-03-02

"So which one do you want to try first?" she asks, and he swallows as her gaze floats over his prized collection like an autumn breeze. Ben had expected Miss Rae to be surprised. Miss Rae delicately places the rounded tip of the smallest sounding rod against his dickhead. Kind of oddly tickly and for a second Ben feels like he's cumming but he's not yet. The rod is slowly slid out and for the second time he feels like he's cumming. "Mr. Ben?" his Rae asks, her sweet voice bringing him back to reality. Miss Rae must truly be psychic like he'd guessed, because somehow she pulls the rod safely out of him milliseconds before he starts cumming.

lost my virginity

first-time loverdoll 2018-03-02

Soon,the pain started subsiding and I started to feel pleasure.I could understand why doggie sex is preferred by many as it enables a deeper penetration especially if someone has a large and thick cock.He also kept slapping my butt cheeks,each was falling like a whip and it made me cry out in pain.This man was into BDSM.After sometime,I was getting ready for my third orgasm.I had a huge one this time and my hands which were supporting my body couldn't hold any longer and I collapsed on the bed with him holding my waist part.


first-time cincy29 2018-03-02

The door closed behind me, I stepped in, danced around some boxes, and went around the corner to see Ronnie sitting on the table in the break room, with her feet dangling over the edge. After a few minutes, she put me back in her mouth again, and began licking my rock-hard cock. Ronnie then took me in all the way, and began bobbing her head up and down even more intensely that the first time, before I came again in her mouth. I pulled my mouth off her pussy, and could feel her cunt muscles loosening their throbbing hold on my finger. I slid my tongue in, and got a nice mouthful of our juices, then went up to kiss her.

Sweet Like Chocolate

first-time ladyscarlettxx 2018-03-02

He took me by the hand and let me to the bedroom and sat me down on the bed were we continued to kiss and I offered no resistance when he cupped my large breasts and began twisting the nipples, I felt that gnawing feeling start between my legs and was unable to control the temptation to see just how big this guy really was. Ken groaned and pulled out his cock and sprayed his lovely load all over my asshole and bum, the cum felt so horny hitting my skin and sliding down my hole and dripping over my pussy.

Penny in the Movies

first-time OzmanA 2018-03-02

Roger moved in to lie between my legs and at Amanda's bidding, I squatted to feel his large, hot penis part my vulvar lips and slide deliciously into my willing love sheath to fill me completely while I sucked and deep-throated Guy and Mike's hefty tools. It was so much fun to be accommodating three lusty young guys as they thrust their big tools in and out of my hotly straining, sweating, trembling body, able only to move my head and hips slightly as I leant back with my hands on Roger's chest, sighing and gasping at the new, deliciously voluptuous sensations I was experiencing.

Discovering watersports ch5

first-time 2018-03-02

I’m still wearing that stupid open bra that Andy likes so much. Andy was lying on our bed, with that cross little boy look men get when they thought they were going to come and don’t. Andy was hard now, and I leant forward and took his willy in my mouth. When he was rock hard and not far off coming, big veins blue on his willy and precum in my mouth, I stopped. I wanked him with my right hand, just lying in his lap with the end of his willy in my mouth, gently biting occasionally, watching him with my eyes and smiling as he got ready to come.

Howv We Met Part 2

first-time 2018-03-02

No longer surrounded by the crowds of the airport we took our time exploring each others mouths with our tongues, she leaned back against the car as as I pressed my steely erection against her belly and my hands explored the fleshy rolls of her back and ass. The area we were in was fairly secluded and the way we were positioned between the body of the car and the open door made for a enough privacy I felt comfortable enough to really let go and enjoy this expert semi-public blowjob that Laurie was so enthusiastically delivering.I placed my hand s on the top of her head, not pushing but simply feeling her hair and enjoying it's short softness in my hands while her hot mouth brought me closer and closer to cumming.

Night at the Oil Party - Part 3

first-time 2018-03-02

I’m new to group events like this but was lucky enough to have met Louis and he was gracious enough to invite me to join you here tonight. I also completely respect that if you are not into single men, then I will not ask or attempt to touch or play with you tonight,” I said adding that “no means no and the women are who are in charge in the lifestyle.” “Each woman has been asked if they are offended by oral or anal play among men and none have said yes, so if you are interested in such activity it shouldn’t be a problem,” stated Louis.

Virgin Tease

first-time trippleDandkinky 2018-03-02

He led me down the hall of my apartment building with his hand in mine and when we got in the elevator, I knew he had forgiven me when he checked me out again and I leaned on him against the elevator wall and gave him a deep, passionate kiss, sticking my tongue in his mouth and then sucking his into mine while placing my hands on his chest and he ran his hand through my hair. I fumbled around to get the right key out while he stood behind me, kissing my neck and putting his hands all over my body, he started slowly pulling up my dress when I finally opened the door.

I'm A Dirty Whore

first-time sexystacy 2018-03-02

Now I pulled his finger out of my cunt and put my mouth over his cock and started my sucking. He started to moan and I felt his cock begin pulsating and I knew he was going to shoot a load in my mouth. Soon he began to moan and I said "Don't come now, wait for me to come first." He stopped humping, but continued to massage my clit. Now he started humping again and soon he began moaning and I could feel his cock pulsating in my ass as he was ejaculating his juice in my asshole. I felt his hands tightening on my ass as he began moaning and pushing his cock deeper into my cunt.

Lucky Me Ch. 02

first-time areece 2018-03-02

I lightly rubbed the ice around the top of Katherine's legs which made her shiver all the more and then went for flat out cruelty by holding it against her enlarged clit for a few seconds. She screamed the place down at the shock, but I helped ease the pain by removing the ice I was holding onto her love bud and proceeded to lick and suck it like it was going out of fashion. I was getting close to losing what little seed I must've had left that day so I slowed my stroking down while Katherine got closer too cumming.

How do i get my 1st sex with man.

first-time nehanair911 2018-03-02

and dress anything u like.i also like to have a sex but I was shy.and loking for some dress in cupboard.and I find his wife nighty after I went his bed room and he was in bed in no dresses.i was shy to go for him but like to go.and I went in to the bed and touch gis cock.his cock is little black but I was 7inches.he told me to get his cock into my mouth and I do it and I do blow was so amazing experience in my life.i do it my best for him.and he told me to do hand job and I do both of it.and he put me in to the bed and put my nighty to up and he put his cock into my ass and it was so hard and I was scremed.but he but it so hard and fucking my ass so hard I fell I was in dream.suddenly he get his cock in out and take his cock to my face.but I was closed my mouth I fell something in my face.i think he got a cums in my face.oh my god he wipe his cock and put in back again in my ass fucking hardly.he is not stoping and only doing fast and hard.2nd time he open my mouth and put cums inside in my mouth.but It was little cums...

Vanilla dreams

first-time katgirl_23 2018-03-02

He pulled her by the hips towards him, trailed kisses down her body, through the flimsy fabric of her dress, between her small round breasts, over her stomach and down further to between her legs. They moved rhythmically together, slowly at first, appreciating each sensation, but building faster and faster, his hands stroking her breasts and hers in his hair, biting his neck, moaning and gasping each other's names and finally sharing a kiss as thay came, the tension flowing out from their bodies, leaving them sweaty and satisfied in the early evening light.


Martina's Diary: 23rd July 2011

first-time 2018-03-02

09:00 I was feeling really horny after hearing my Mum and Dad's lovemaking for most of the night. I ought to be happy, I suppose, with a reliable boyfriend like Ed, and with the soul-mate I have found in Rose. 12:00 Sure enough, our girls day out ended when Angie and Marie both found boys to go with. I couldn't help noticing the boy touching Angie's bottom as they left: sure of where she was taking him, eager to get inside her. Took a motorcycle as far as the entry to the sub-division, then walked home via Carlo's house - the long way round. 13:00 I was excited, I couldn't help it, when I saw that Carlo was outside his s****r's house, cleaning his car (his s****r lives in Japan).

A Perfect Evening

first-time frostyghost09 2018-03-02

Skilled fingers worked tense muscles, eliciting a sweet little sigh in response. They shared a tender kiss while his hand wandered, slipping gently under her panties. "Like this?" Those talented fingers got back to work, stroking over sensitive skin. "That's me how you feel..." He nibbled her ear, free hand working and caressing her breasts. With that he took her hands in his and started kissing. He kissed her collarbone, letting his hands get back to work. Her hand's grip on his shoulder tensed, nails feeling so deep he wondered if they'd break skin. Deep breath, sitting on the edge of the bed, running a hand through his hair. "It's not silly at all, and I definitely like it." Shared smile, sweet kiss.

Brandy's vacation

first-time 2018-03-02

After dinner it was time to go and her aunt asked Eric if he would drive her back, he was happy to, along the way he suggested they stop by a lake, he told her sometimes you can see the baby geese, they walked along a little path down to the shore, Brandy was wearing some shorts and a tank top, over her bikini top, Eric kept telling her how great she looked and how shes growing up, all she could do was blush, she was so shy around him,as they stod by the shore he stood close behind her and wrapped his arms arond her, in doing so his forearms rubbed across her boobs," this must have been an accident" she thought.

Carmen and Sergei

first-time LazyDreamy 2018-03-02

Don't you, Jesse?" She was leaning into Sergei's body, her breasts pressed against his chest, and looking up at him through her eyelashes. The two just stood there looking at me: Sergei's pale gray eyes gleaming, Carmen's dark, long-lashed ones smoldering. Inside the dim apartment, Carmen turned and bolted the door while Sergei shrugged out of his jacket and pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it to the floor. Putting my hands on Carmen was a dream come true; but having Sergei watching was weird. Carmen's arms tightened around my neck; she braced herself against me and lifted one leg, bending it at the knee and resting her calf over Sergei's bare shoulder.

Caroline's First Doggin Session

first-time PlateSpin 2018-03-02

I took hold of the guys semi hard dick and stroked it back and forth a few times then opened my mouth and slid it in. David took a hold of my coat and slid it off my shoulders and I could sense he wanted to remove it from me so I pulled my arms through the sleeves all the time not letting the guys erection leave my mouth. He then started a smooth fucking action of my wet pussy, David and I just looked at each other whilst the guy slid in and out of me slowly getting a bit faster and more f***eful with every stroke.