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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

temporary post

first-time thpynchon 2018-03-02

One day Mom calls me and says, "Oh, you know I got a Christmas card from [f****y X] and it turns out that their daughter Milly*, the one that's about your age, is also in that part of Atlanta! The boss at my new Atlanta office is maybe 50, has a couple of k**s and his wife is a gynecologist who has basically died inside - she wanted to deliver babies for a living, and instead she spends virtually every day telling very wealthy women that they have STDs from their cheating scumbag husbands. Her friend next door (bedrooms adjacent) knocks on the wall and says something like "I want to meet this guy, but I have to work in the morning!

Is She Cheating?

first-time youri15 2018-03-02

She did not remember how long they fucked but she said that he began to sweat and tense up, and at the same time she felt herself gush her own cum around his thick shaft, lubing him up futher ( I always have to use ky wih her.) Just after she reached her orgasm she saw his eyes get big and he quickly pulled out and unleashed a massive load of thick cum up her belly, on her belly button ring. The few times we had sex during these weeks, she told me she couldn't really feel my cock against the walls of her vagina, and either faked her orgasm or waited until I came, and made me go down on her or play with one of her toys.


Am I better than Mom?

first-time StarScreamUSA 2018-03-02

I watched as Sarah sat up on the bed, “Didn’t you cum Daddy?” she asked in such a sweet voice. She took my painfully hard cock in her hand again and briefly stroked it before dropping her head and taking my cock into her mouth. “Oh fuck!” I said as I felt my girl’s tongue flicking on the underside of my cock head! “FUCK!” I cried out as my cum started to shoot out of my cock into my daughter’s waiting mouth! All too soon, I felt my orgasm building in my balls and my cock, “I’m going to cum in you baby!” I cried out as the first shots of cum shot deep into her pussy.


first-time bigdonhabs 2018-03-01

My pre-cum started to flow from my cock as Diane looked me in the eye and took my entire 9 inches deep into her hot, wet mouth. I pulled my hands from her body, turned around, spread her thighs and slid my dripping, steel hard, hot 9" cock into her body until I felt the resistance from her hymen. Her moaning got louder, her breathing got heavier and her hips were now moving with me as I slid my huge, hot, hard, 9" steel cock into and out of her previously virgin cunt. I pulled back, grabbed her hips and thrust my steel hard, 9" dripping, hot cock back into her ass.

my Favorite

first-time 2018-03-01

I got to know that she was looking for a place, I had once near my home and told her I can show her the area. I noticed a change in her behaviour also, she started wearing shorts while visiting me, her T shirts were becoming tighter and she bent over many times to expose her milky breasts. I got more confidence and started moving my hand, she kept smiling, this was a sign for me and I gave her a kiss. I wanted her badly and a gorgeous girl was in my arms, waiting for me to fuck her. We went to the shower together to clean up and had a great time bathing when she took my cock in her mouth and gave a great blow job.

My first gay club glory hole

first-time rodrace 2018-03-01

I stuck my tongue out and licked the length of the shaft, from his balls to his cum slit, then placed my mouth over the top. I clamped my lips tightly around the head and sucked hard as I slid my mouth down this massive cock. Just as I said that, I could feel the hard cock twitch, and got the first taste of pre-cum on my tongue. A millisecond before I shot my load he stopped sucking, but continued to massage my balls and stroke my hard wet cock. As I sat down, his cock appeared through the hole again, not yet fully hard again, but big all the same, and it was covered in my very own cum.

Belinda - Safe Sex

first-time FICTION_WRITER 2018-03-01

Once the door was shut Belinda told her mom about my work schedule and asked about going to a late movie. "See, I told you so," said Jim to his mother as Belinda came walking into the room. As we walked I began to feel the wine and when we reached the car she said, "Give me the keys, I'll drive." She leaned down and kissed my breast, then my mouth and said, "I've always looked good to everyone. As she took off her bra she said, "I want you to see me, to look at me, to touch me, to feel me because I feel so very close to you." She tossed the bra on the floor and began to rock back and forth.

An Adventurous Threesome

first-time bikerbear600 2018-03-01

It was a warm night so we dressed casually; jeans and a t-shirt for me, a long wrap around skirt over tan hold-up stockings, high heeled, beige suede calf length boots and a tight vest top with no bra or panties for Debbie. 'Yes ma'am' Debbie said sliding her hands up Sarah's thighs to hook her fingers in her panties then slowly pulled them down her legs. As I was thinking that Sarah let go of Debbie's nipple and grabbed her right hand, pushing it between her own legs. Sarah pulled Debbie off her tits and pushed her hand away then kissed her deeply before flopping down on the sofa. 'Good boy' Sarah said taking my cock in her hand and gently stroking me back to a full erection.

My first shemale experience

first-time mick_c1990 2018-03-01

When we got to the restaurant I began to feel uncomfortable again, those thoughts started racing through me again and I felt quite vulnerable, but I kept calm and enjoyed dinner and the movie that followed. I couldn't contain myself and started sucking her ferociously, it didn't take long for some pre-cum to drip from her sexy cock and into my mouth! I started giving her head again while she pulled me off, and finally asked me what I'd been waiting to hear all night, 'would you like to taste my sperm?' I was so excited, my biggest fantasy was to have a ladyboy cum in my mouth while I sucked her penis, and this was the main porn I watched.

Wind Ch. 01

first-time JenniferGreen 2018-03-01

Gina was living in New York City with Jason, a highly successful actor, his wife and their three year old son. "Do you like that book, Gina?" Jason asked. She did as she was asked, and he very gently started to massage her breasts and pussy again. She was flooded, wet, and wide open, and he started to enter her tight pussy. His cock pulsed and pumped thick loads of cum deep inside her no longer virgin pussy, and they both were flooded with the pleasure and intensity of her deflowering. He finished gently, slowly letting his cock soften inside her, and then it was squeezed out as her pussy resumed its normal size.

Queen Of The Bus

first-time GreenLover 2018-03-01

"That's a long ride, Renee said, and smiled with a flirt. I could feel my cock become instantly hard, as if trying to rip through my pants to get into her hands. My butt rested in the bucket seat, as she wrapped her fingers around my almost completely hard cock. "I've given just about every guy on the bus a handjob." I was shocked to her words, but she made me feel so good, I didn't tell her to stop. I looked down at her mop of hair that cover my crotch, and felt her lips wrap around my head. "Keep that thing nice and hard," Renee said. Renee's hands covered mine, and helped to give her breasts a hard squeeze.


first-time fuckbuddy00 2018-03-01

so after week, or so we were all chilling with my aunty naseema in the living room and it was so hot i couldnt take it, i was very causal and im a real sexy guy LOL but true, as i was very confident i took my top off never ever thinking anything sexual nor did anyone else girls or boys as they were used to it,i jus used to do it cos i was hot, anyway next day we jus somehow acted normal, jus as usual, when night came i slept next to her again, late when everyone was asl**p, i started touching her, her body was massive compared to mine, but now im much bigger then her,, she sucked my dick, i couldnt take it, i jus cummed in her mouth, and she ate it, i couldnt believe it, i never imagined this would happen to me so soon and young,

Joe & Friends_1_Cancerfree For 62 Mo.

first-time Geeky_lover 2018-03-01

She was one of four women present and she was a bit disheartened that she wasn't hit on by anyone except a curvaceous Indian chick with a Mumbai accent (Krishna Neyru) and a left hand that kept finding her ass as she spoke the ludest comments about what she wanted her lips to do to Freya and vice versa. Finally Joe pulled of his glasses and gently placed them on the night table between the two double beds, pulled off his shirt and said, "If you're going to be quiet, at least be kissing me." and grabbed her cheeks and kissed her. Freya's legs trembled as Joe pulled off the covers and began gently stroking her legs and kissing her pubic mons and the areas near her bellybutton.

Sweet Dreams

first-time Lazarous 2018-03-01

Sara knew that his next class began in two hours. It was weird, she thought, that every time she started thinking about, Mr. Cuevas she would automatically fantasize about having his cock inside her. Cuevas moved his hand further down, until he could feel Sara's wet pussy. Sara's moaning was making him so hard, he thought his dick was going to brake. Cuevas, began to moan Sara's name. "Fuck me, I want to feel your lips around my small pussy," she said. Sara bent her knees and began to feel his tongue around her pussy. Cuevas slowly penetrated his index and middle finger into Sara's pussy. Cuevas slowly pushed his dick into her small wet pussy.

Mutual Service Ch. 03

first-time jesserotic 2018-03-01

Nikita was using her right hand to slowly put the bottle in and out of her pussy, moaning and contorting her face in sheer pleasure and agony all the while. She had both her legs forming a couple of triangles, just like my sister's, and quite naturally, I could clearly see the shampoo bottle being pushed in and out of her large pussy! Like a frog reaching for its prey, I lurched my tongue, slowly at first, about two or two and a half inches inside her pussy, to the point that she was moaning and writhing uncontrollably! My hard-on, meanwhile, was on a breaking point, and quite naturally, I ravishingly licked up all her salty cum from around her pussy, insides and the table!

His First Blowjob

first-time xxxbob 2018-03-01

"Oh well, may as well just wait it out," Jack thought, and let his cock reach full hardness against Lucy's leg. Lucy removed Jacks' cock for her mouth and rubbed it slowly as she looked into his eyes. "When you cum Jack, I'm going to swallow it all down like a good girl - it's rude to spit," Lucy said, smiling sweetly. Lucy went back to sucking Jacks cock, working her tongue around his wet head while stroking his rock hard shaft. "Mmmm you bet Lucy, it was certainly the best blowjob I've ever had!" Jack smiled, "and you look so hot with a cock in your mouth and cum on your lips!"

The Orphanage Ch. 01

first-time Dickers 2018-03-01

I look further down, Anne is pushing her tongue deep into the vagina of Nicole, both are moaning. Anne grasps Nicole's buttocks and pulls her down onto her face, licking and sucking hard, moaning as Nicole's head pushed further down between Anne's legs. Nicole is lying on the bed, her legs open, Anne is leaning over her, a black belt fastened around her waist and between her buttocks, a large fake black penis hanging out which she is thrusting in and out of Nicole's pussy. Anne leans forward and takes one of the erect nipples in her mouth and sucks, Nicole moans. I felt her hard nipples pressing into my chest, the insides of her thighs rubbing against my legs, her hot mouth finding mine and French kissing it.

Playing Terminator

first-time starova 2018-03-01

He removed his fingers from Michele's cunt and, with his hands at the top of Julie's thighs, spread her lips wide with his thumbs and Michele noticed his cock oozing a copious flow of love juice. While Robert and Michelle continued fucking, Julie straddled him on her hands and knees, bent down and started kissing him salaciously, tasting Michele's cunt juice with some of her own. Robert started a long series of extended strained groans as he ejaculated into Michele's twitching cunt while he continued to be kissed by Julie. She stopped moving as if totally exhausted and lay still for over a minute with the head of my swollen cock jammed up hard against to juicy but small opening framed by her extended cunt lips.


first-time B_Happy 2018-03-01

With my legs open in front of me, I sat at my dressing table and watched in the mirror as my fingers circled over the surface of my jeans, and soon experienced the rush of another orgasm. We bantered about our day for a while, as usual, and then Carol asked, "Want to practice some more?" I didn't need further invitation. "Oh yes, Susan, there, harder, more, higher, no, lower, faster, harder!" I kept following her instructions until she clamped my hand tightly with her legs and grabbed my head and pulled me into a kiss so hard that my lips hurt! I liked sitting on a boy's lap while he kissed and touched me, feeling his hardness beneath my ass.

Better Than a Hairbrush

first-time txcapncock 2018-03-01

"I don't even have any dry clothes to change into," Amanda stated, parting the towel wrapped around her torso to prove her point. After a few moments of bliss, I looked at Amanda's soaking wet form from toe to eye. I grabbed a wash cloth from a rack attached to a wall, soaked it in water then began wiping Amanda's face. The leaning tower of Pisa in my pants certainly wasn't going away when Amanda began wiping dirt and grime off of my arms. I eyed her for a moment then turned away and, with a semblance of bravery that was only skin deep, I dropped my swim trunks to the floor and proceeded to dry the rest of my body.

Spying on s****r and breaking some of Xhamster

first-time ifm 2018-03-01

Christine thought seriously about telling Laura said Laura, and the phone fell silent again, as both girls sat and Christine shyly nodded before asking, "Does that make us lesbians?" Laura "You think she'll tell the truth?" Laura smiled at her friend. asked Jess as the girls walked home; Beth had cheerleading practice again bathroom, and soon all three girls were sitting on Laura's bed, clad only As they talked and watched television, Christine and Laura each searched Jess started the game by asking Laura, "Truth or Christine was disappointed when Jess asked Laura a not-very-personal To Christine's surprise, Laura asked their friend This satisfactorily answered Jess' question, and soon all three girls were Laura and Christine were still rubbing the outside of their young pussy

Pickup at the doctors office by john johnson

first-time john1195 2018-03-01

If he had pulled out his cock, pushed me down and said, "Suck me" I leaned forward and took the head of his cock in my mouth then continued I reached my hands down and started stroking his hard, defined, muscular I started licking on the head of his cock, running my tongue in the slit, seemed to be the right position for me to worship his cock, balls and body I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking his cock again. Guys always want to suck my cock but few of them know He smiled at me, stroked his hard cock in his jeans and said, "Yeah we're I pushed back against his hand and started going up and down on his cock.

Decisions Ch. 04

first-time Maddog14 2018-03-01

Rob had second thoughts about letting Jill walk home at this hour. The rest of the gang took turns massaging her breasts with the other guys being gentle compared to Enrique's brutality. Jill was surprised when Enrique released a lever whereby her body was turned to the horizontal facing the ceiling. Enrique came around with his cock inches from Jill's face. Her brain screamed, "Good girls don't do that!" Monica walked around front and put her pussy close to Jill's face. Now you are going to get fucked by a Mexican cock and I hope you are not on birth control so you will have a bebé mexicano poco." With that she felt his hand opening her lips and the tip of his dick at the mouth of her cunt.

It is Snowing

first-time Alpheratz 2018-03-01

The young waitress went in with her and I saw them talk for a few minutes, then she came out and smiled at me and sat on the stool and said "I'm ready when you are." We switched places and she looked up at me with a blushing smile and held my cock in her fingers and that alone was the most delicious feeling I'd ever had, then she lowered her face and for the first time in my life I felt a mouth take my cock into it. She reached down and I felt her fingers move, first around my cock, then she began to work her clitoris brusquely with her hand and again we came, only this time I was a little ahead of her.