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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

This little game

first-time AS21 2018-03-01

This game I had heard about back then, its where the ladies put on lip gloss of a different color, like red, blue, pink, all that way, and that they would have to suck a cock, but the cock must have one color from each woman who has sucked them. My cock was out and this first woman who had cherry red lip gloss starts sucking my cock and I felt with excitement, just like how my classmate sucked my cock in my last story. Oh god, how much I love her mouth sucking mine, but when she left her mark on mine, the next woman came, this one had sky blue lip gloss, and she was awesome, she even said, "how much I love ur cock".

Ella's Story-2-Taboo Motel

first-time billy69boy 2018-03-01

Reaching around behind her back, I slipped each of my hands under the elastic at her legs, and slowly stuffed the slick material of her panties deep into her ass crack, which caused the front piece to press against her swollen pussy, eliciting a long, low moan from my 'slave'. After I pulled up on the waistband, making sure the panties were as deeply embedded between her legs as possible, I moved my hands back behind her and massaged her tight ass cheeks while I kissed her mouth passionately. Ella's body jerked and twitched on that desk, and her head thrashed back and forth violently, as she emitted a strange, guttural moan that sounded more like some kind of wounded b**st than a young girl.

First Timers

first-time morganchick1990 2018-03-01

Ryann gasped, never imagining her friend's hands could feel so good. He groaned with pleasure, "If you keep that up, it could be over here and now." Ryann didn't want that, and she moved slowly back up his body, kissing across his stomach and going back to his nipples, before finally coming up to his neck and begin kissing and biting lightly at it. Ryann reached for the condom that she had slipped into the back pocket of her jeans, now discarded on the floor, quickly tearing off the foil wrapper, and beginning to work it on to him with her mouth, hoping she was doing it correctly, though Charley's gasp of pleasure told her she was doing just fine.

Once in a Lifetime

first-time halo1 2018-03-01

The mystery man took both of her hands and placed them above her head and loosely wrapped the vines that were hanging from the trees around her wrists. Caroline could feel the moisture developing in her pussy and as she tried to cross her legs he unfolded them and got two more vines to gently wrap around her ankles so she couldn't move them as well. The mystery man gently blows on her very hot, wet pussy and that sends Caroline over the edge as she starts cumming Caroline arches her back and brings her ass up off the ledge trying to get nearer his mouth.

my first time having sex

first-time thetrinsic 2018-03-01

when i was in Highschool me and my friend walked home from school every day i would hang out at his house all the time after school we would play Xbox while we was playing xbox he reached over and grabed my dick he did it out of the blue i shoved his hand away and ask him what are u doing dude me and him was both 17. i paused afterwards and i was like that kind of felt good i told him do it again and he did this time with tongue i felt my dick getting so hard it felt like it was going to explode the slowly worked his way down to my paints and started unzipping my paints he pulled them off and my underpaints he said lay back and let me do all the work.

81% cock

My introduction to The Lifestyle

first-time WonderWoman22 2018-03-01

His stubble raked my smooth belly and then lower to my inner thighs, teasing me, lapping ad my dewey folds until i arched and quaked whipering his name begging and promising and swearing until he would hover over me and thrust his hard cock so deeply into me I would hurtle over the precipice of lust, bring me to the point of no return where id whirl into a vortex of lost need as my orgasm took all control from me. He leaned down over me and put a hand over my mouth "Cara menina, you will wake the neighbors, quiet now." I bit the pillow and he slapped me again, i wriggled, winced, and begged, "NO, NO, NO please...No" My Darling Portuguese lover frowned, looking deeply into my eyes with his dark expressive eyes.

Goodbye, La La Land

first-time MLyons 2018-03-01

"What do you think, Jim?" said Brett, clearly enjoying how Gary squirmed at the way they were talking. "You know who Gary likes?" said Brett excitedly. I like her smile," Gary said, his voice impatient with embarrassment. She bent over, her hair slipping off her shoulder and behind her head as she turned to watch the denim slide down her legs on to the bathroom floor. Her hair lay along one ear down the front of her shoulder as she looked into her own brown eyes as if they were Gary's, and stuffed a finger inside herself. "You want me to cum, Gary?" she whispered to herself, feeling her face burn with embarrassed excitement even as she said the words.

Making Love to My Best Friend

first-time sardonica 2018-03-01

Sarah was slyly smiling at me when she opened the fridge and pulled out a beer for her and a bottle of my favorite rum. Sarah's mouth worked for a moment, searching and then she opened her eyes. Finally, I made my way to Sarah and dropped to my knees at the foot of the bed and grabbed roughly at her shorts. Sarah began pushing her hips toward me, breathing heavy and moaning. Sarah reached down and grabbed my face in her hands, pulling me to her. She looked into my eyes the entire time, letting her lips slide of the top briefly, taking a breath before again forcing the entire length into her throat. Just when I thought I would finally cum, Sarah stopped, smiled and stood up.

Sexy Secretary Slave Search -1

first-time petdyke 2018-03-01

Slender sexy sweet lovely looking Lea has been a very foxy friends for years. - Do you apply for a job interview as my sexy secretary as I ask on my page? I invited Lea for the 'rogue interrogation' she so clearly longed for, getting the job or not. Lovely looking Lea stood in front of me, her legs spread wide, inviting me to check her sexy state. Lovely looking Lea told me by the shine in her hungry eyes, how wet she was between her long legs. Oh boy, she did it at first chance, seeing my look lowering from her eyes down to her hot long legs. Very often Lea smiled at hearing her tasks: not only as my sexy slave secretaty for my poetry.

Field Trip Follies Ch. 11

first-time cbsummers 2018-03-01

She belongs to Dana Lee. The cleaning women were now going through the rooms one by one, so Lindsey put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, then headed off to the girls room intending to do the same thing for them. She started digging around in her cavernous purse for the keycard to open the girls' door, but before she found it, she heard the elevator ding and saw Mr. Dodder walking out into the elevator foyer, with his hands on the shoulders of two very dejected looking teens. As soon as she found the keycards, Mr. Dodder snatched them from her hands and gave them to Bitty and Denny, then shoved them roughly in opposite directions, "Go to your rooms quickly, children, and suit up!


first-time rangerlord1 2018-03-01

"Look Lynne I know it's been a long time and I am sorry but...I really want to buy you lunch today at the pub, please." She looked across at me and said: "I thought I would give you a proper look this time." I stared at her for what seemed an age and then slowly took off my shirt, as it went over my head I heard her voice as if it was coming from inside my head "You don't have to stop". "I've always known silly, but never mind, I'm going to take your virginity now, and when you come inside me, your will and your body will be mine as long as I want them to be." She reached down to grab my balls and eased me onto the bed, I realised my arms were spreading open over my head as if I under a spell.


first-time FurLove 2018-02-28

I had a fitful sleep and distressful dreams of "missing and loosing" things mixed with the sweet smell of her muff and hair with the fox tails lingering in my thoughts and of my fingers in her soft, moist vagina, my cock aching to be in her. I had met Donna a number of times at the music school and though she was not my type, older, bleached blond, big busted and 5'-2" and very sexually attractive. Donna says softly, stroking her fox tails and hair with both hands, pressing them against her face, looking fully into her eyes; "if you want to seduce this guy I have a guaranteed way for you to do it."

Odette Ch. 00

first-time Sellene 2018-02-28

After the Plague had hit and started wiping out the rate of successful births, the Pregnancy Act (PA) was enforced: any woman over the age of 18 was required to get pregnant as fast as possible and as much as possible. Artificial Insemination (AI): this is for a female who wants to control the certain aspects of the donor such as: physical appearances, specific genes, personality, or if they have not become pregnant by the 6 month term presented to them by the Order, they will be given a mandatory notice to come into a clinic and have AI preformed free of charge.

Her First Time

first-time Nita9109 2018-02-28

As I got closer to cumming, I started bucking and thrusting forward to meet his fingers. With him on top of me, I whispered, "Jace I'm ready." He placed his newly hardened cock between my wet pussy lips and slid it up and down making me wetter as his dick massaged my clit. Then he kissed me and placed the head of his cock against my opening. He slowly pulled out until only the head was left and then he re entered me fully, pushing me forward with every stroke. I love fucking your virgin pussy." Once I was used to his cock inside me, I started moving my hips forward to meet his strokes. I started screaming as we came together, him filling my ass with cum.


First Time & Heat Rhymes Pt. 01

first-time AmethystMare 2018-02-28

Moaning softly into the kiss, Beth curled her fingers into Hans' short fur, tail wagging as his leathery wings wrapped around her, moving without conscious thought from the bat in question. Holding his length up and away from his body, she made sure that no spot was left untouched and wagged her tail as she lapped over and over the head, working each and every sensitive nuance until the bat was no more than a quivering heap of muscle. Moaning around a mouthful of cock, Beth arched her back, leaning heavily on her elbows to thrust back at Hans' eager tongue, her body understanding the act far better than she.


Girlfriends Mom

first-time 93camaroz28 2018-02-28

Near the bottom of the drawer I found a huge purple anal plug that looked like it was bigger than a pop can at the largest point. She said " You know this is really going to hurt, are you going to be a good lil girl?" As soon as I could say yes, she started to work the tip of the cock in. She walked up to me and sat down beside me and said "baby, how was your day?" Before I could answer she quickly asked "Wait, are you wearing a thong?" I didn't even know how to reply as I looked down and seen the side strap of the thong hanging out above my jeans.

My first story, waking up during the night.

first-time Kevinsue 2018-02-28

I laid back and opened my legs, and ran my hand over my pussy. I continued to gaze upon Kev's nude body as I masturbated. I love watching Kev masturbate, it turns me on so much. He removed his hand only for a moment, spitting into his palm he grasped his cock and began to slowly stroke himself. Get on your hands and knees!” He panted, slipping his dick out of me for a moment. ” he groaned as he pushed deep inside me emptying his cum deep into me. and to show his appreciation for the early morning call he slowly kissed my body from my neck tits and lusting on my so wet pussy kissing and liking the last drop of cum.


first-time johnson_ranger 2018-02-28

High school had been great fun because Mandy had been a cheerleader all four years, Boys noticed her, and she was often asked out on dates. "Jes some drinking and movie watchin' I guess," David replied watching Mandy's ass move as she wiped down some tables. As her second drink began to hit her, Mandy started to feel more like having some fun with the group. Mandy began to feel her skirt being pulled down and discovered that Kathy was tugging at the lower edge. Jennifer put her hand inside Mandy's panties and began to massage her clit. Mandy began to kiss him and Kathy licked his nipples. Up and down she went while Mandy continued to kiss him and Kathy rubbed his balls.

My College Journal Ch. 02

first-time Jason10 2018-02-28

"Oh fuck, that feels good," she moaned her encouragement, "suck my tits, baby." I chewed on her tits for 10 or 15 minutes before slowly running my hand down her flat belly and sliding it into her jeans. Robin's virgin pussy offered stiff resistance but fortunately she was well lubricated with saliva and cum and ever so slowly my cock began to inch it's way forward. "Better than I've ever been in my life," she replied, "I just want the rest of your cock." She started pressing upward with her hips which forced another inch of my cock into her hot, throbbing pussy. Robin continued eagerly sucking my cock and after 20 or 30 minutes I finally responded with a nice load of hot cum for her.

Sharing my Girlfriend With Other Cocks-True Story

first-time bmckzi 2018-02-28

Then Barbara said its my turn and I sat down on the couch while she took her little fingers and stroked my cock while sucking me off- She rubbed her pussy and Rich said"let me do that for you" and he rubbed her pussy while she sucked me- he told her to take her time and he tried to pull her pants down but she got nervous. I said that they both fucked her good and she loved both of them and got on my knees and pulled out Bruce's dick and sucked him hard and then sucked up and down until I could finally taste his cum from his cock (I had tasted it in Barb's mouth after I kissed her good bye).

My introduction to Becky

first-time BeckyDee16 2018-02-28

I received 2 text one from my buddy who was shooting pool with me, and the other from Becky's and my mutual friend. During one of my text to her I asked how big in inches would be the perfect size cock?  she stated she didn't know and size didn't matter. She left and we continued to text back and forth.  After my league  Becky was outside waiting for me I jumped  in her car and gave her directions to get to another local bar. I'm in awe as she gently and precisely works my cock in her mouth.  I reach over with my free hand and work my way into her pants where I can feel her warm tight.  shaven pussy dripping with her juices.

His Little White Bitch! Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-02-28

But every time I jerk off, the first and last thought I have is of submitting my mouth and ass to some cocky (hopefully younger) black stud's cock. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be ass-fucked (well, maybe I was more sure than I realized) but what I wanted most was to kneel before a black man, to be eye-level with some big black cock, to lick it, to kiss it... I was disappointed because I thought he would want me to play with his balls, but selfishly I just wanted to stretch my mouth around his thick black cock and blow him until he came...

Sexy married mature student 2 – bath time sl

first-time Smiler2000 2018-02-28

I grew more confident and started to finger her pussy with my left hand whilst sticking the index figure of my right hand gently into bum hole. Danielle then said to me that whilst she loves having a finger up her bum hole, one of her fantasies is for a guy to lick her there. She shuddered in pleasure and then using my hands to pull her arse cheeks wide so that her arse hole was vulnerable and open to me I proceeded to move my tongue further into her light little crevice. “We sure as well did gorgeous”, I replied, she then kissed me and said “honey next time I need to take a pee I’m not gonna pull the shower curtain across okay”.

Stealing my best friends girl

first-time 2018-02-28

We sat down on the sofa and she started talking to me about the day before and how we have been friends forever and I told her he was a piece of shit and I didnt want his friendship no more. She moaned a little and started slowy moving her hips back and forth and began to tell me how she got soo wet the other day at the dock watching my cock and giving me detail how it looked so big and she could see the head and the way it was bouning up and down and I was about to fucking cum in my jeans!! She looked at me and said arent you going to fuck me and I replied not yet and I slid to her on my belly and buried my face right into her pussy.