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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time TriCummer 2018-02-28

Greg flipped him over and slipped his big cock up Jody's butthole and most of the action shown was the big prick going in and out of Jody's ass in a deep-pounding fuck while he sucked Mark! Brad glanced over and noticed that Lee and Jason were taking surefire strokes on their hard pricks...and they were looking at each other do it. Jason felt the muscle twitch and throb in his mouth, knowing that it was his sucking that was giving the guy so much pleasure. Jason gave as good as he got, a little fearful when Lee first acknowledged that he was going to shoot in his mouth, but tasting that first spurt dispelled his anxiety and he gulped it down thoroughly.

Karen's First

first-time NickiJean28 2018-02-28

Sam studied her through heavy lidded half closed eyes, and watched in amazement how she wiggled when his first spurt landed on her cheek, the second on her tongue, watching her instinct to spit his load out, and when her mouth opened again and was cum-free he shot off again. Pushing his hand up under the sweater and fondled her a bit roughly, Karen gasped when he pulled on her freshly pierced nipples and he snapped a shot of the cross between arousal and pain on her face. Slowly now, as he approached the bed, he watched her, wet denim against her pussy, hard nipples with chains and he wrapped his hand around his prick.

Used By Him

first-time 2018-02-28

He sucked as much nipple and tit in his mouth as he kept her hand rubbing his cock and he finger fucked her deeper. He shoved her against the car and began finger fucking her again as he sucked on her full jugs and he placed her hand over his cock to stroke. He sucked hard on her tits as he pushed more cock in her tight hole and soon he felt her pop and knew she was no longer a virgin and he then shoved all his cock in as she gasped at the pain the first time. He fucked her a while till he had four fingers in her ass then he pulled his cock out of her cunt and placed it to her asshole and shoved in slowly.

Her First Time

first-time chvygrl759 2018-02-28

His cock is swiftly engulfed by her hot mouth, her teeth covered by her lips, the head rubbing the roof of her mouth as her hand wraps around his balls, tugging and squeezing them to the rhythm of her sucking. She sucks hard as her mouth slowly moves up the length of his cock, until it reaches the head. her hand wraps around his shaft, stroking it from base to head, as she moves into position, she lodges the head in her tight wet pussy, sliding down the length. Loving the feel of that she grinds her hips into him harder, lifting slightly and coming back down on him, she starts to move faster, coming down on his pole harder and harder, pushing herself head first into an amazing orgasm.

Fluffer in Training Ch. 06

first-time rmdexter 2018-02-28

If she was going to be sucking the porn star's cock all night long, she wanted to make sure nothing got in the way of her duties. "Yes. I appreciate that you said I can just sleep if I want to, but I'd really like to suck on it as long as you'll let me." "Oh fuck," Alan said, giving up on the news as he looked down at the pretty girl sucking his cock. One...two...three..." He pulled her head towards him as he gently flexed forward, his cock sliding right into her hot tight throat. She loved him taking control like this, possessing her, working her mouth and throat as he pulled her head back and forth, getting ready to feed her his potent seed.

Jim and Me First Time

first-time alexcarr 2018-02-28

When at last he took it out of me I felt empty and it wasn't long before he was fucking me more over the arm of the settee, a cushion placed just right so I could give him a real good presentation, he said he loved that and then I was to enjoy the feel of his tongue sucking and exploring me between my fresh fucked ass cheeks and it was heave, After that I just wanted to be all ass for him whichever way he wanted and I could never get enough of the taste of cock.

It was SO BIG

first-time virginblood 2018-02-28

Tiny's Uncle Donald comes over often to help with things in the house that break or the car when it needs work. So Tiny left and I can see Donald moving his legs open and close while Tiny got ready for work. My legs was open his cock was aching and soooo hard and BIG. He would rub my clit from the hole to the top of my clit, his cock was wet from my pussy. He was cumming I could feel him pumping harder and different....He pulled out but cum was already inside me his cock was still squirting he turned me over and put the rest of it all over my ass.

The first { part one }

first-time welshcpl53 2018-02-28

Marko was standing facing her with his hands on her hips, They were talking quietly and I strained to hear what they were saying Kim was telling him that we hadn't had any sex for going on 5 months or so because I had been involved in a accident, and couldn't yet manage to make love to her. Then she lay down on his jacket He laid down next to her on the hard concrete floor and unbuttoned her blouse again, and pulled her skirt up over her waist He started to suck her nipples it wasn't long before she was moaning once again and thrusting her hips in the air in rhythm to his probing fingers.

Silky Adventures #03

first-time OneSilky 2018-02-28

"Now, do this like you did with your hand, move your head, lick it, whatever seems good. George really liked my oral ministrations more than the deep throat, and as I skimmed his delicious abergine plum, he made a hasty trusting and rewarded my worship with a glorious ejaculation of hot joy juice in my face. I had already picked up that a lot of George's lust was like, in his head, and he really wanted to see images that aroused him. I had gone from innocent angel to a woman who gives blow jobs, licks pussy, gets fucked, and now came in a lesbian love-fest with a golden shower!

Summer Love?

first-time rot_teufel 2018-02-28

Then he grabbed a couple of beers, heading out into the room, leaving Margie and Kelly at the bar alone. Margie's hand grabbed his now erect cock under the bar, Kelly almost fell off the bar stool. Kelly's mind snapped back to reality, Margie was jerking him off in the back yard of her parents' house, while a party was going on inside, not only that but Lenard her BOYFRIEND was in there too. Kelly got up, jammed a quarter in the jukebox, selected his two favorite songs, 'Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress' and 'Woman from Tokyo.' He sat back down between Hilde and Beth. "What the fuck are you thinking, playing grab ass with Margie while Len was right there?" Hilde was pissed.

The Lusty Delivery Girl

first-time coldrocket 2018-02-28

Betty has bright long blonde hair like shineshine, a nice white smile, big friendly blue eyes, and a fit tanned body. Today Betty had made my cock so hard I went into the bathroom as soon as we got inside. Well see you tomorrow!" She said and grabbed my semi-hard cock through my pants before waving goodbye and skipping off. My s****r opened it and Betty was standing there carrying a basket of big bright green cucumbers! I grabbed by cock with one hand and stretched it which felt real good after escaping those cramped pants. I pulled on my pants over my hard dick and walked to her house. I grabbed her big breasts, one in each hand, and shoved in all of my cock.

I been having cyber sex and im getting better (fir

first-time antena 2018-02-28

Slow back in ur ass so tight give a nice smack just to let u know I'm in control and I'm being forgiving. Then it happens one hand goes for ur hair and pull as I trust hard pop is all u hear u gasp first before u moan. Now that u know I'm ready I stop giving u slow pumps and go hard pumps ravaging that fat ass. ur gonna jack me off until i cum and when i do shoot my load and trust me its gonna be a big one i dont want u to stop. get all the cum out and keep going until I pass out from the sensitivity of my fat ass head.

79% dick

Mrs. Jones

first-time shotguner 2018-02-28

Karen says ok I'll call her right now and dialed the phone asking Kat if she would please meet Bev that she needs help with something then she'll keep quiet about today. The next couple of days she tried to think how or ever why she should help then she ran into Gail Jones at the store Kat coming in Gail going out the wrong door and ran into Kat. Kat hands reached out to hold her up and grab her tits Gail eyes buried into Kat's and one hour later Kat was in Gail's bed and the teacher's tongue deep in her twat. Striping Gail naked Kat then backed off letting Bev have her way the moaning and groaning told her the training helped and the teen did the teacher proud.


Frankie meets BigIan Part 1

first-time 2018-02-28

Frankie noticed his car and walked across, opened the door and climbed in, he immediately pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately before she could say anything, as he pulled away he breathed “I have wanted to do that since the first time we talked, I think you have too”. He put his arms around her as he stood back up to kiss her, her tongued searched inside his mouth tasting and devouring her own juices as his fingers started to play around her labia, she tongued him deep as first then one finger slide inside her, “oh no she screamed into his mouth, I am going to cum again straight away” as he fingers probed inside her pussy she felt her juices already running over his fingers again while she continued to kiss him deep.

Spin the Bottle Party

first-time Poker1 2018-02-28

"Andrew has the best body, but I wouldn't say no to David or John." Claire made her feelings known to the girls and they took turns to take sly glances at the boys and sum them up. She spun the bottle and it landed on Amy. Just like Sarah and Claire she chose to reveal her tits and leave her pussy hidden. The boys all stared at Claire's completely shaven pussy and Amy noticed Andrew's erection throbbing against his stomach. John walked over, his erection moving to and thro, and sat in front of Amy. He urged her to open her legs and took a little lick at her pussy.

The joy of deserted coast paths and beaches

first-time chrisukbishare 2018-02-28

A gentle moan and a pressure against by hardening cock, gave me added pleasure and more joy in her beauty and my erotic pleasure in her sexual expression. After a lovely sexy night together we decided to take a walk Saturday mid-morning along the historic, and during the season packed, rocks by the sea. Goodness knows what the female rowing club just out to sea made of the sight of two naked humpers – again in our traditional doggy position moaning and crying out to sea with the joy of mid-morning public weekend sex in that ancient and wonderful spot.

Push It Hard

first-time on_the_quiet 2018-02-28

Abby's emotions stirred each time she received such a text from Sean and felt her heart race when she sent back a slightly more playful reply. Abby put her arms around his head which pushed her breasts up towards his face and she continued to dance suggestively while giving him the most erotic look he'd seen. He paused his touching and slowly and smoothly slipped the dress up over Abby's head and he smiled with amazement as he took in the sight of her beautiful body. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply as Abby took his cock into her mouth, gently sliding her lips over it while teasing the head with her tongue.


first-time peterswiftt 2018-02-28

Surprised she didn't get it, I said: "Georgia, close to the Florida border, about fifteen minutes from where I'm going to stop for the night." Concerned about her way of the world, I asked: "How far have you ever been from home?" A huff, a rustle and a zip later, she said: "You can look now." and I turned to see a beautiful young lady, with golden blond hair and deep blue eyes, in designer jeans and a cute top trying on some of my daughter's shoes. Two minutes later we were headed back toward my room and I was nervous for her over what we/ she was going to do when she stopped, turned to me, looked me in the eye and asked: "Peter, can I stay here tonight?"

Steve & June & I Call on Stacy

first-time Boxlicker101 2018-02-28

I was pretty sure June was feeling some envy over the great fucking Stacy was getting, and hoping for a turn with Steven's cock but, until then, she was enjoying what my mouth was doing for her pussy. Knowing how great it had been for both of them the first time, Steve continued fucking Stacy's pussy as fast as he could, while her arms and legs clung to him, her hips swiveled under him and her fingernails lacerated his back. As I reached the top of her dripping love hole, and started licking there, between the edge and her clit, I saw and felt June's thigh muscles rotate out, presenting her pussy completely to me, and I smelled a fresh gush of delectable juices.

Cedar Hill Cheerleaders Ch. 05

first-time Wayne_Richardson 2018-02-28

Last Saturday, as Skye was leaving the lunch room to start her shift, Greg walked in wearing the Wal-Mart uniform. Whenever Greg was re-stocking a shelf from where he could see Skye, he often glanced in her direction, but quickly looked away if he thought she was going to catch him. One day at the end of his shift, Greg barged into unisex toilet only to see Skye sitting there with her knees spread and her hand between her massive inner lips. Greg felt the warmth of Skye's mouth as it enveloped the head of his penis. Skye's arousal was so great, she felt it was the right time to become a woman; to give herself completely to this boy and let him take her as a man.

Fucking at Istanbul

first-time monty1951 2018-02-28

I said no problem darling i will suck with bra on she was crazy now and i had her one boob in my mouth and my other hand started exploring her lower part and it went inside her panty it found love hole and i now lifted her. She came close to me and was moving she kissed me now i held her boobs in one hand and started sucking both nipples together she was in heaven and saying oh darling you fuck me whole night i will stay with you we and make me pregnant.

Seduced by a Middle Age Housewife

first-time nckboy 2018-02-28

Jane held my head turning her face and forcing her tongue inside my mouth and I felt my cock touching Jane’ leg. Coming to a stop I smiled at Jane, breathing hard, I could feel my cock jump and twitch inside her, pulses working up it as my cum squirted out the end. I lifted off and Jane held my cock pulling the full condom off, kneeling between her legs was the first time I noticed her legs in stockings, where they ended and the soft looking leg top going to her pussy. I’d never thought Jane could talk like this, rapidly sliding my shorts and boxers to my knees my extra hard looking cock pushed straight in, parting her juice lips all the way to the base of my cock,

my firrst time

first-time conkey 2018-02-28

well like many other stories, i had my first time with a guy. my first time with a guy is a time that i will never foget. me and him were watching a movie online. so we stoped the movie were watching and i showed my profile here on Xhamster. he saw it and i told him "i am bi" and he said "so am i". so i gave the ultimate words "show me your dick" he did and he said "i let you look at mine and now let me look at yours." i told him i want to suck your dick now. he let me and he sucked mine and next we knew we were cumming all over each other.

For the Very First Time Ch. 04

first-time PrincessErin 2018-02-28

Quinn's mom thought it was great that they were friends and was worried that once Quinn met a good Catholic girl that he wouldn't have time to spend with Amber. She knew that Amber and Quinn had become best friends and the fact that they wanted to spend time outside of school together was great. "Baby I want to go slow, but I don't think I can." Quinn was panting so hard, feeling her wiggle around against him. No that's not bad that you're on the pill." Quinn held Amber's face in his hands and kissed her hard. Amber's hands were resting on his chest and Quinn's arms were wrapped tight around her. Quinn grabbed her hips and thrusted into her three times hard and fast.