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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wife Helps Husband Bi

first-time BottomBull 2018-02-28

Jada continued, "After wrapping my head around the whole thing I asked him how I could meet someone to help you fulfill your fantasy. We made small talk while drinking our respective drinks but soon we had all finished our drinks and Jada once again encouraged us to move forward with the fantasy saying, "I think it's time to move to the bedroom." I soon felt Eric's large hand on the back of my head and I looked up to see a look of enjoyment on his face. I pulled off Eric's cock to catch my breath and looked over at Jada. Eric's calling me a bitch hurt but also turned me on, I was feeling like I was his cock sucking bitch.

Shy Wife gets Nasty in a Adult Theater

first-time manard 2018-02-28

feeling horny i reached over and started playing with my wife tits. you know every guy in here would love to see your tits i told her. hell yes it would be hot as hell knowing these guys were getting off watching my nasty wife! as my wife watched that guy play with his hard cock. i noticed another guy sit down just a couple of seats from us and he pulled his cock out and stroking on it. as the wife was bouncing on my cock another guy came over and shot his cum all over her tits. the guy that was sitting next to us stood up and offered my wife his cock. next time i get to watch you suck cock she told me!!!!!!!!!


first-time Ashson 2018-02-27

"Stand up," I said softly, and Natalie scrambled to her feet, looking down at me nervously. "You know this may hurt for your first time?" I asked, and Natalie nodded, determination on her face. Natalie squeaked, a hand coming up to grab her breast while at the same time her hips arced upwards, helping to impale her on my descending cock. Looking at Natalie, still just lying there with a contented smile, I sighed, got to my feet, pulled up my shorts and reached for the mower. Every time I passed Natalie, lying there in naked abandon, I could swear I could catch her scent and my willy would give me a gentle reminder of what had happened.

A Lovely Train Journey

first-time al_ford 2018-02-27

By this time the train had slowed right down, and my tongue and fingers brought her to an explosive orgasm, and she rose and lay upon me, her tongue licking and sucking my manhood, as my tongue darted in between her dripping wet sex. She shuddered and came with such f***e, I loved watching as her pussy pulsated for what seemed an age, then, she sat on top of me and gently, slowly guided me inside her, moaning loudly as the train helped me thrust deep inside her; wet wetness covering my rock hard cock as we fucked to her third Orgasm.

Help Thy Neighbor (and She'll Help)

first-time once upon a time 2018-02-27

"Would you like to feel my breasts?" she asked, but before I could answer, she took one of my hands and placed it on her right tit. "Well, let's do it again," she said, with a sly little smile and began fondling my cock and my balls and guiding my hand back to her pussy, now viscous with commingled semen and vaginal juices. I wondered if he knew his wife had not been a Mrs. Goody-Two-Shoes while he'd been away or that I, the teenager he'd sometimes pass in the building lobby, had had his young cock in his wife's pussy, mouth and ass probably a hundred times or more.

Helping my Grandad part 2

first-time seagull64 2018-02-27

Silva worked her way down the line of little boys the oldest was 13 the youngest 10 after Silva had sucked them all off they wanted to fuck her so poor Silva got on the floor and opened her legs for the little boys Ak**a went first as it was his birthday .He just laid on top of Silva and she put his tiny cock to her pussy lips and said push Ak**a did not have a clue what she was saying so Afya said to him push and he did right up her pussy .

The Good Girl

first-time SlamDuncan 2018-02-27

Heather was in the popular group, and because I played the saxophone in the marching band, and had to wear those stupid-ass uniforms, I was a dork. The next time we got together to work on our term project, she wore a pair of hot pink shorts; not short shorts, they came down to mid thigh, and a sleeveless blouse. I have a pretty good voice myself, and we would harmonize to songs done by Peter, Paul, and Mary, The Mamas and Papas, and some of the Beatles ballads, like "Imagine", "Michelle," and "Norwegian Wood." We performed occasionally at a local coffee shop, and usually ended a duet with a kiss.

New House Guest - BBBBTS

first-time therealbk 2018-02-27

Don’t forget my best friend from college is coming for a visit.” Said my Mom, as she shut my door and headed to the garage. Your Mom says very nice things about you, Buck.” Said Mrs. Cotton. I just sat on the left side of the small black leather love seat, in the middle of the living room, when the front door to the house opened. I just sat on the edge of the small love seat with my mouth open, trying to hide my hard cock. “I could not sl**p all night, thinking about your big cock, strong hands and sexy blue eyes. I saw her face turn the look over her shoulder as I jammed my hard cock into her soaking wet pussy.


first-time Ablon 2018-02-27

When I push hard in one thrust as deep as I can and in the meanwhile reaching out for the breast to grab the nipple I know this will make the difference so I can penetrate all the way, even it will hurt for just a second. I stick high up my curved ass towards his stiff cock to feel him going even deeper, I moan loud if he squeezes my left breast and pulling my swollen nipple. It hurt the feeling of m*****ing my swollen nipple, but i like the sensual feeling of electricity snapping thru my body so I arch my back even more, to receive another deep pounding, but now I am more relaxed.

First Time Fantasy

first-time highjinx 2018-02-27

I could feel your body, firm and hot under my palm, you had kept squeezing and stroking your hand against me, continued to press, rubbing down over my nipple rings, fingers stretching out over my stomach. The woman was still on all fours, her hands gripped the rug, and I saw a line of lipstick kisses down over the mans washboard stomach Head down, long hair teased, scratching over his smooth chest and hard nipples. With his hands pushed away from her breasts he first held her chest, tried pulling her body down against his tongue. I arched my back up, pressing myself against your hands, opening my legs wider and feeling you reach down between my thighs, drawing your fingers along the length of my shaft and then squeezing my balls.

Amongst friends

first-time abitofeverything 2018-02-27

Now watching porn with 2 other guys always felt a little weird to me and my friend Brad. I felt Brads hand slip away as I thrusted up more against John's head. "fuck man, you could have warned me, I look like her" John said, besides a little quiver he didn't even seem to notice my fingers sliding from his ass. I turned my back to the tv and felt Johns tight ass thrust into Brads head. I worked my right hand into John's ass this time and took his left with my slicked left and reach towards Brad's ass. Finally I had John work his finger into Brad's ass slowly. My large head was glistening with pre-cum and Brad's saliva, I lightly pushed it against John's ass.

My Bangalore hot Boss's wife Anal Ahaaaaaaa

first-time raj14sarkar 2018-02-27

Her beely button was a bit soar and I liked the way it tasted as I dipped my tongue deep and licked her button inside and slowly went up, getting on my knees, kissing her belly, her breasts, her neck and as I got up, she wagged her tongue over my lips and I sucked her tongue into my mouth, hugging her tightly. As it was becoming harder, I felt like peeing and in fact I wanted to pee but before I could get up, she got up on her knees, covered me with both her legs on either side of me and started to slowly rub my hard and thick dick on her wet pussy lips.

Will and Rene's First Time

first-time Will and Rene 2018-02-27

To this day, I have no recollection of anything you tried to teach me in that room, but I sure remember your eyes, that radiant, self-confident smile, and the caring tone of your voice. I wasn’t sure you really had a headache, but I wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass me by, after spending so many weeks wondering if your skin felt as smooth as it looked. Once in a while I'd move nearly all the way out, escaping your pussy's magnificent grasp, the soft heated head of my cock wet with our mingled juices briefly flirting with the folds and ribbons of your lovely lower lips.

I lost my virginity to Justin Bieber...

first-time 2018-02-27

'Thanks so much daddy!', I had said when my father had bought me tickets to the Justin Bieber concert in our town. It was black and so tight that it looked like latex, and barely covered my pussy, I knew straight away my dad wouldn't let me go like this. And of course, Justin Bieber was so hot on the stage. I knew I looked like a wreck after all the singing, but slowly I walked down the steps and onto the stage. Justin Bieber then hugged my and secretively grabbed my ass and squeezed it tightly. Justin pulled down my dress and started suckling on my tits. Justin kissed my one last time and also both of my boobs.

First time with chat friend

first-time prakashmanju7 2018-02-27

She said, " Baby put your tongue inside me". I licked and tongue fucked her and continued it till she released her cum inside me. I parted it more and ran my tongue deep inside and licked her thoroughly. I smiled and said, "You taste so nice that i can lick you whole day". I said, "Baby, I know we met only to have oral sex. I stopped when my cock's head made its way to her womb and rubbed her cervical opening. I started moving my cock in and out of her pussy and treated her like a princess. I kissed her lips and put my tongue inside her. She held me tightly and said," Remain like that, honey.

Incident at the Gym

first-time Ashson 2018-02-27

To Jodie's astonishment he calmly reached out and let the tips of his fingers trail gently across one breast, just the barest touch sliding across her, which she could swear she felt right down to her toes. Her fighting stance now proved to be a major error in tactics, as those creeping touches moved between her splayed legs and a hand gently cupped her pussy. He was fully inside her Jodie realised, as his hand left her breast, moving down to join its mate in cupping her bottom. "So incredibly soft," said that murmuring voice again, and Jodie could feel his hand once again feathering across her breast as he gently withdrew from her body.

Becoming their "Son" Part II

first-time wattheef 2018-02-27

I actually took the bag and was completely torn; I was so horned up that part of me wanted to continue everything Danielle was telling me to do, but at the same time, I was a bit humiliated. The walk over felt a bit odd with the butt plug still inside my ass; as I walked, my prostate would rub against it-it was an interesting feeling! I sucked on his fingers like I was sucking his cock; I loved tasting myself and to know that it was turning him on made me feel even better. I felt his dick getting softer inside of me and his cum beginning to leak out of my ass.

Best Night Ever

first-time 2018-02-27

Suddenly I felt his hand caress my head, and push my hair away from my face behind my ear. He took his tongue out of my mouth and sliding down the bed, pulled my pants off, spread my legs wider and tasted my cum. I felt like screaming in pleasure, my lungs expanding asking for air, but instead I pressed my hand tightly against my mouth. I was twirling my tongue and really enjoying the taste of the sweet velvety skin of his cock, when suddenly I felt a stream of hot sticky liquid spread in my mouth, he arched his back and pushed his cock deeper in my mouth, he was cumming.


How a vacation changed our sex life.

first-time 2018-02-27

Then she asked me, "How would you feel if I were to come down to the beech topless and all the other guys were checking me out?" I told her great! The next day when we were getting ready to hit the beech, I asked her why she needed her bikini top. Later on when we were on the beech, she asked to rub some sun tan lotion on her back. It really got me excited knowing every guy on the beech was checking her out. Later on when we got back to our room she told me how she actually liked it. She asked me if I would like a topless waitress to wait on me and my buddies during our poker game.

Mile High First Time

first-time barely18cock 2018-02-27

As my trip started, I boarded the plane and was thinking about this porn video I saw the premise was that the flight attendants on the airplane were also personal sex slaves, so I was feeling ready to go, if you know what I mean. The other girl got down on her knees and licked my balls while the flight attendant bounced up and down on my cock, her massive tits swinging as she did. The flight attendant came twice before I finally came inside her pussy, my cock still hard and shooting massive loads of cum. The first girl still had massive amounts of cum on her face and even on her glasses but she didn't wipe it off, also you could see that her pants were wet from the cum dripping out her pussy and ass.

Friend Zone Ch. 02

first-time Ashson 2018-02-27

"Once I have finished touching you up a little and getting you nicely aroused I'm going to lie you down on the nearest flat object, spread your legs, and have what the villains describe as my wicked way with you. As well as moving with me she was starting to writhe about a little, pressing her body harder against me, wanting something more but not knowing how to ask for it. "Simply put I suppose that it's because I've been wanting you for a long time now," I told her, "and when I saw you in that sexy little witch's costume, with your breasts spilling out, I just couldn't help myself.

Tutor's Secret

first-time Conbon 2018-02-27

There we stood, my skirt pushed up to reveal my whole ass and Wilson with his pants at his knees, half his cock in me as I held onto the bookshelf. She leaned in and I barely heard her hiss in his ear, "If you're such a bad boy, I'll treat you like one." Her hand moved up and down his long cock and his face contorted in pleasure. I glanced back again and saw Mrs. Krapple watching, three fingers jammed in her cunt and two from her other hand jammed in her ass. I smiled as I stood up and saw the scene; the librarian sprawled on the floor, cum all over her ass and legs, and the boy who fucked my ass like it was a pussy and coated us both in cum.

Intimacy with Songbird

first-time Momstheboss 2018-02-27

Now, I can't say that guys masturbating had much effect on me, but standing behind Erin, studying the V-line of her sweatshirt, taking in her scent, seeing how excited she got when the guys shot off, was definitely causing my pants to get tight in the crotch. Figuring, if I was going to do this, I might as well do it right, I walked to the lamp and clicked it on, thinking the light would brighten up the inside of the bottle giving Erin a better view. I was a bit disappointed that she did not go with the second suggestion, but it did the trick and soon I closed my eyes and began to imagine what Erin would look like without those jeans.

Honeymoon Helper

first-time altaff143 2018-02-27

Somehow I don't think he would relish the idea of you fucking his new wife." She could feel his cock still buried in her cunt, "Do you think we have time for one more?" Phyllis was glad that he was quick this time, for she was tired and sl**py from her time with Jim. She said before going to sl**p," Greg we are going to have to do something about you shooting so fast." The thought was with her as she dozed off that all was not lost. Jim had made sure that he wasn't a winner; he wanted them to feel like they were going to win each time. She lay back and told Greg to fuck her and for Jim to move over where she could suck him at the same time.