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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Our first gloryhole

first-time richgoodtimes 2018-02-27

We headed to the arcade and put some money in the machine and started to watch the videos. The guy immediately had his wife naked and her ass was right up against the hole. She went right back to her knees and started sucking my cock again. He stuck his cock back through the hole and both of us went back to sucking him off. I was playing with my wife's pussy while the girl next door was sucking my cock with everything she had. She turned around and stuck her ass against the wall and my wife immediately started to finger this girls ass and pussy. I bent my wife over and started to fuck her doggystyle while she was finger fucking the girls pussy.

Turned into a Slut Ch. 02 (Timmy learns about cock

first-time germanboi4bbc 2018-02-27

"Jennifer, I don't like you calling my dick a dicklet or clit, it really hurts my feelings," I told her. Jennifer was laughing and joking the whole time, teasing me about my looks and occasionally running her hand up my legs. At first I could only take a few inches in my mouth but with the man's hand behind my head and Jennifer pushing on the back of my throat I was able to stuff a few more inches in. "Take it all, swallow his cum you little sissy faggot!" Jennifer whispered in my ear, her hands stroking my ass. Jennifer helped me rearrange my clothes, telling me the whole time how I was a natural cocksucker and how I looked so hot sucking that dick.

Fuck Well and Prosper

first-time ainu 2018-02-27

When I was starting high school an older man, a friend of my fathers, said that I looked like the young Ann-Margret, the actress. I think I got pretty good at telling him how great he was and how much I loved his body and particularly his cock that I sucked over and over. Then, at McKinley, after I got registered and into my dorm room where I had a room mate and actually started classes, a guy came up to me after class to tell me that he was Jim's friend that had arranged the scholarship. Then he ate me in a way that let me know he really wanted to and told me what a gorgeous pussy I had, like Jim had.

Jessica Ch. 02

first-time historycup 2018-02-27

Without missing a beat, Jess told Jasmine how we had dinner with my aunt then how we proceeded to lust for each other our way up to their dorm. Jasmine cooed at Jess and looked me in the eyes and said she couldn't wait to see it. Jessica said she was ready and so I slowly pushed through as she let out a little whine from the pain. Then I thought about Jasmine and how Jess said that there was only one way to find out my size. She smiled and said that her and Jasmine have eaten each other out and it was only fair to share my cock with her.


first-time newwolfsuit 2018-02-27

It was the way he wanted it and the plan had worked as the young man was softly snoring and did not stir when Marshal entered the room. The combination of the medication and his quick work made it so the man was still sl**ping as Marshal sliped off his clothes and climbed into bed with the young man. The older man ran his hands through the younger man's hair and whispered softly "not yet my young friend, it is too soon". At last the young man could not longer hold his desire and the older man felt the head of his cock expand and then felt the plastic wrap expand rapidly like a mini airbag explosion.

Swinger girl, A TRUE STORY, Greedy

first-time candyzip1 2018-02-27

Anyway there we were in a busy club, downstairs on the communal bed a big girl was flat on her back, bulging out of her black corset and stockings enjoying the attention of 2 to 3 guys, whilst another 6 or 7 stood by playing with their dicks, waiting for a sign to join in, in one of the rooms 2 swinging couples were bang at it, the door open so another group of men could watch or maybe join in....but that wasnt my idea of greedy girl, I wanted full on successive sex sessions...a good fucking over and over again.

I Live on a Farm

first-time nochoiceleft 2018-02-27

From where William was sitting, he wasn't looking at my carving at all, but right up in-between my legs. I finally sat up, realizing that I had just had my first real orgasm, even though I still hadn't had William's penis inside me. Both William and I were focused on the point where we touched; he was so big that it almost looked like one of my skinny little thighs. Now with both hands reaching down between my legs grasping his penis, I slowly started pushing my way down his shaft. My brother got married to a local girl and they operate her family's nearby farm, William and I work ours.

my trib fantasy with friend

first-time 2018-02-27

She then got up and kissed my nipples and told me i need to fucking show her how these lesbians make their pussies touch(as if she never knew what it was)...So i came out the chair and tell her we're fucking on the floor...I opened her legs as wide as i cud get them, i then spit in her juicy pink pussy and i opened my pussy and sat right on hers...i started to grind my fucking waist so hard as our pussies were fucking slippery...I felt her soft pussy lips against mine and her tender clit rubbing on mine...clit to clit moment...

First day as a highschool senior

first-time JTpup 2018-02-27

She sat there and had an evil smile on her face and looked me in the eyes and said " You are going to have a hell of an afternoon" and we continued making out and we started to strip each others clothes off and when we were both down to underwear she jumped off the sofa and got down between my legs and pulled my boxers off and sat there for a second staring at my 8inch cock then she reached out and grabbed hold and told me something that was a bit of a surprise.

Fist time Anal sex

first-time Gazinlancs 2018-02-27

Well about a week later I was online and saw him so we talked for a bit and Mike asked if I was still curious about taking him in my virgin ass. We went to his room and stripped and I was admiring his hard body, smooth, and nice cock hanging between his legs. Mike went down on my body biting my nipples and stroking my hard dick. Mike turned and there was his great cock right in my mouth. He kept pumping my ass hard and fast and I could feel his cock about to explode like me. He took a few more good strokes then I felt a huge load of cum fill my ass.

Revenge is Sweet Ch. 01

first-time LukeCoolhand 2018-02-27

I thought it strange and a little unsettling that a woman who was not my mother would insist on paying such loving attention to me at night, while she screamed at me like a banshee during the day. That scared the hell out of me because, as I'd already told you, I was not wise in the ways of the world, much less in what men wanted from a scared young girl that was hanging naked from the ceiling. It felt like the bottom of my stomach, and I wondered if he intended to thrust his weapon through the rest of my body. It was certainly an eye-opener, because I saw many upright, outstanding citizens behaving in far less than the upright, outstanding ways they portrayed to the rest of the world.

Yashi's Cousin

first-time Tunak Mizaz 2018-02-27

She was soon slurping the length of the now stiff hard cock, and with the tip of her tongue she licked the first trickles of love juices which were slowly slipping out of the cock hole. I too wanted to unload myself in this voluptuous beauty who was offering her virginal goodies for me to taste and did not mind tasting the mix of her just deflowered cousin and my cum laced cock deep in mouth. I wanted to fill this beauty’s mouth with my bursting cock cum at the same time as she prepared to soak me with her floods of virginal juices.

Sometimes Love Just Happens

first-time WarriorWoman 2018-02-27

Then he moved down her torso, nuzzling the underside of her breasts one last time before pressing open-mouthed kisses across her ribs, then working his way down to her navel, where his tongue delved into the perfect hollow of her belly-button. "Don't fret my beauty." Then he slid back up her body -yanking off his shirt and tossing it aside on the way- and took her mouth hungrily, thrusting his tongue past her full lips and ravishing her. His chest hair abraided her sensitive nipples; his belly pressed to her belly; his pelvis ground slowly against the wet patch of her panties, and his hands never stopped their kneading of her smooth, round buttocks.

Finding Love at Midnight

first-time chris_2010 2018-02-26

Lynn wrapped her legs around Shawn's waist as he put his hands on her hips and slowly pulled out before slamming back in. Lynn's moans got louder and she leaned forward, putting her arms on his chest for leverage, and using just her ass started slamming Shawn's cock as hard as she could. Lowering back onto the bed, Shawn opened his eyes after a minute and saw Lynn on top of him this time, with her head resting on his chest. Shawn raised his hips and Lynn raised hers, the pleasure causing them to quickly start rocking in unison as they fucked each other in the shower. Shawn's had his head back as he moaned at the feeling of Lynn rocking her hips up and down on his big, hard shaft.

Visit to pune

first-time alex6523 2018-02-26

Anyway she agreed and told me to go inside and take my pants off.The inside was WORSE than the outside with trash all over the place. Anyway she agreed and told me to go inside and take my pants off.The inside was WORSE than the outside with trash all over the place. She got extremely angry and said "Idhar hi karna hai...nehi to paisa deke bhaag ja, Bouni kyun kharab kiya??". I pointed at a relatively better bed and said 'Idhar kyun nehi karte hai?'. I pointed at a relatively better bed and said 'Idhar kyun nehi karte hai?'. I pointed at a relatively better bed and said 'Idhar kyun nehi karte hai?'.

Jane and I

first-time mbdbs 2018-02-26

I said to Jane, "It must be a bit embarrassing to be poking at a member of the opposite sex." The idea of several men with their fingers inside Jane was pleasant enough, but the thought of other girls probing her body really made my cock stir in my pants. "My vagina became very moist, and the lecturer made a point of telling the students to notice the moisture, and how its slipperiness helped a woman to take a penis inside her." I stroked her a bit hard this time, feeling the firm softness of her lips and the feel of her hairs. Jane began rubbing my cock with one hand, while fingering herself with the other.

Eric the Geek

first-time Nice_Guy_Done_Last 2018-02-26

She reached back and pushed my cock away, annoyed, never looking up from the magazine. She just hung onto the edge of the window as I pulled on her hips ramming my cock into her pussy. "I've done it a few times." she said looking at my cock. I realized she wouldn't want me hanging around if I couldn't pay her for it again so I started to stroke it between my fingers trying to bring it back to life. It wasn't like the first time, it was actually having trouble bringing myself to an orgasm. "You know you could earn your money back if you want." she said as I pushed her tits together.

A Visit to the Gynecologist

first-time sexygirl76 2018-02-26

When he pinched a nipple, Alisha opened her eyes looking at him but he just smiled, and then continued the exam. Jeffrey pulled his fingers out of her pussy replacing it with his mouth, slurping up all her juices, while he dug his tongue deep inside her. Jeffrey continued slowly fucking her mouth, whimpering slightly every time his cock brushed over her tongue. "Mmmmm," Alisha moaned pressing her pussy up against his hand as she sucked harder on his cock. "Oh god, Alisha, I'm gonna cum." Jeffrey cried fucking her even faster as he mauled her breasts with his hands. Jeffrey smiled down at her, then moving her fingers out of the way; he slipped three fingers inside her, finger fucking her furiously as he sat down and sucked on her clit.


first-time 2018-02-26

I plan everything out a head of time but I would always get over come with shyness and embarrassment when I tried to talk with them. "Now I want to know all about you, everything sexual that has happened to you and all about any older women that just being around has made you hard .. I was an emotional wreck and had a terrible case of blue balls. I was an emotional wreck. Ms Anders then turned back to me "I think we have embarrassed the sweet little thing but deep down he craves it." She took my hand and we headed out of the store. The sane and rational part of me screamed silently in side my brain. In spite of that sane rational part of my brain, I could not resist.

Final Vows Ch. 04

first-time 0131aj 2018-02-26

Presuming from Mother's ecstatic moans that she was doing the right thing, the young nun continued to lap at the older woman's slit but, with Mother kneeling over her, she couldn't raise her arms to stick her fingers up her private place just as Mother had done to her. "Now, Sister, I'm going to fuck your Mother Superior's cunt," and he rammed his hard prick all the way up the older woman in one thrust. He looked down to see her virginal cunt leaking in anticipation and wondered if he had the strength to go as slowly as this young nun would need him to when every inch of his body was telling him to ram his cock in and fuck her hard.

Katherine of the Amish

first-time Bazzza 2018-02-26

She's just given her world up for you, and you'd better prove that you're up to it." She then turned her attention to Katherine, "Honey, if this man don't treat you real good, you just bring him back here and I'll shoot him for you, no questions asked, okay?" After relieving my wallet of close to three hundred bucks, my mum slipped her arm through Katherine's and grinned wickedly as she headed for the door, "Do you like to shop honey; I know just where to go to get you a few things?" Katherine looked at me with some concern as she was escorted through the door, I just grinned, for knowing my mum; it was to be the start of things to come.

All Tits and Bum

first-time Bazzza 2018-02-26

While Aunty was lots of fun, she was not one who could hold her booze particularly well; and usually got a little boisterous towards the end of a good night. Then to my surprise, Max slid from the couch and knelt before Jo, his hands sliding up under her skirt and then returning with her panties eagerly assisted by Jo who raised her buttocks to help. "Come closer little brother and have a look at the sweetest little pussy in town." Max suggested as he got to his feet. "Okay, now the best way to make a girl like me happy is to suck and lick her clit." Jo said while easing my face back to her pussy.

First time...part 1

first-time tom69su 2018-02-26

After the webcam playing we decided it was time to meet. She had a raincoat on that had been covering her body but when we entered my place, she removed the coat to reveal a sexy curvy body in a tight dress. I offered to pour a few drinks while she quickly started rubbing my cock through my pants. I sat back while she took my hard cock in her mouth and started licking me up one side and down the other then proceeding to swallow it all...I was amazed and at the same time removing her shirt to reveal her amazing tits and hard nipples. We took a breather to refresh our drinks and back at the couch she asked that i get on all fours...she wanted to try something.

College Fucked (Part 2)

first-time Justal 2018-02-26

Tyreese then said OK you ready I was shaking like a leaf as the 2 young black guys started pumping y holes they got into a rhythm this was not the first time they DP a woman together I could feel both their Huge Cocks sliding in and out of my Cunt and Ass I looked down at Justin cried HOLY SHIT you FUCKERS are gonna make me CUM!