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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Together, Together

first-time shadywriter 2018-02-26

"I can," I said, "and she went to the prom with me." She kissed me again, her soft warm lips igniting deep passion in me. I felt like I was being lifted off the ground by my throbbing hardness, my hand was on fire from the feeling of her soft, bare breast and her tongue was a hot poker in my mouth. She was still kissing her way down my chest, reaching my nipple where she drew a circle around it with her tongue and then pulled it into her mouth with a suck, swirling it around in her hot, wet lips before releasing it to continue her trip south.

1973 Was My First Time

first-time SDcowboy 2018-02-26

She could feel my hard teenage cock pressed against her ass and she let out a light moan as I gripped her pussy with my strong hand. She loved my hand working over her pussy .I could smell the sweet scent of her sex filling the car as I teased her young twat. “I need a taste of that wonderful cock.” She said as she leaned down and starting sucking my hard shaft. I could feel her hand grip my cock and pull me ahead to line it up with her wet fuck hole. So I took long hard deep strokes pulling out just so the tip made contact with her swollen lips and then all the way in so my balls were slapping tight against her ass.

Fairy Tale Life Ch. 01

first-time petitelove 2018-02-26

She wasn't sure how he did it, but every time he slipped that hot wet tongue into her mouth, she creamed helplessly. Then it got even better as Alexander began to move his finger up and down in her cream-slick little pussy hole. "I was just going to mention that," Alexander said, looking down at his stiff-standing cock. Alexander sank back with a happy sigh, but he gently grasped her head and kept her in place, her mouth stuffed with cock. Suddenly she arches her back up to meet him, and her cunt gets even tighter, the walls of it begin to throb intensely on his cock and the intense wave of her cum rushes over him.

Music Soothes the Savage Breast

first-time Pornguin 2018-02-26

Like Mike, I ride my bike to and from school, and take a shortcut along an isolated dirt path, with a creek/drainage ditch on one side. Seeing that Aimee was taken care of, I motioned Mike to follow me back down the trail where the rest of the Savage Breast were. I took pictures of Stacey and Marene; even now, Mike is going to upload those pics. You used to be sweet; for that I'll let you go and not be embarrassed." With that, I began to leave her and started playing my flute on my way home. Thinking I found it, I began to use my tongue, and then started to play her clit like I would my flute. "No Aimee, you need your penance, just like Stacey and Marene.

Fiancé Fucks Her First Latino

first-time paulb4fun 2018-02-26

"Someone had to give me a good fucking after I got so hot draining your marvellous cock." Paul interrupted his dedicated pussy eating to come all over the bed upon hearing this hot comment. More for Paul's benefit than Raffy's, I replied, "more than half my orgasms last night were thinking about your fat dick fucking me instead of my fiance's". I want to watch him eat your cum out of my dripping, well fucked pussy...while I clean off you big, fat, dick." Paul was getting hard again and I was gonna put that to good use. Paul took a look at Raffy's sloppy wet dick and my cum soaked pussy and went to work.


first-time MissYummYumm 2018-02-26

I am not a sex addict but I have enjoyed being physical with another person since I was aware of my sexuality and had more than a few brief encounters with friends staying the night over, each exploring our forbidden desires will hidden under the bedcovers, hands and fingers roaming wildly. I observed that I was not the only one having erotic thoughts about her as I saw many male employees stealing long, lingering gazes. "I kind of thought that you were," Kathy said with a smile. This can be especially true of some religious persons and I was always observing the tiny crucifix Kathy wore on a chain arouund her neck. "You know just playful make outs with friends," Kathy said with a little smile.


first-time WFEATHER 2018-02-26

Her nipples soon were not quite as prominent due to the warmer temperature in the house, but it was still strange – but definitely in a good way – to have an administrative assistant wearing a swimsuit in my working environment. I know that there were a few times when my eyes lingered upon her for just a little too long, but if Eve noticed, she did not say anything about it. Absently, I wondered if Carrie had taught Eve her skills, for the way my young assistant worked was very similar. I do not know if anyone else in the store had noticed, but to my eyes, Eve was glowing.

The Goddaughter Part Two

first-time dongerdoug 2018-02-26

We were lost in warm water and bubbles that smelled like jasmine,I was cuddling her and after parting her hair,I leaned down and began kissing her neck and shoulders when she said, "Play with my nipples,G-Daddy. The hand that had been trying to push Winter away,was now wrapped in her hair as I began to feed her as much of my cock as she could fit in her little mouth. Removing my cock from her mouth,Winter then wrapped both hands,as far as she could get them to go, around my cockshaft and continued to jerk untill I shot another long rope of cum up over face and onto her hair and forehead again.

Jenny's New Neighbor

first-time GirlLover689 2018-02-26

Looking over the fence she noticed her new neighbor, a man about the same age as her father, standing on the balcony off the master bedroom of his house watching her intently. “You don’t look old enough to drink beer”, Ralph said as Jenny returned to her chair. I’ll bet you would really like to teach me how to suck a cock”, Jenny said as she stood directly in front of Mr. Johnson. Surrendering completely to the young girl he eagerly watched as Jenny slid a finger under her panties and gently massaged her swollen pussy lips. “I’ll bet you want to suck it”, Ralph said as he placed his left hand on the back of Jenny’s head pulling her closer.

New neighbors

first-time sjay679 2018-02-26

Deep down I know if any one of these guys wants to fuck me I will gladly let him. I feel the head of his big cock swelling.... "My turn" I hear as my head is f***ed down onto another cock before I can hardly catch my breath. His cock inside me has turned me into nothing but a little whore. "Oh what a good little slut you are" I hear as one of them slams cock down my throat. It's hard to suck cock well while your being fucked like this, but I am trying my best. As I am being fucked like a dirty whore on my hands and knees, with a cock in my mouth, I cant't believe it.

grandpas fantasy come true

first-time sapo02 2018-02-26

i told him "relax grandpa, ill take care of you".i got closer to his face and started passionately kissing him, as our tongues collided i started rubbing his dick through his pants, and he grabbed a big handful of my ass. his dick wasnt big it was about 5 inches hard, but i didnt care my mission was to make this fat ugly old man's dream come i got on my stomach and arched my back so my ass was in the air, i grabbed his dick and went to work as soon as i put it in my mouth he yelped," omg thank you god, sexy ass sydney, with your fat ass." ,"your a dirty little girl arent you." he said this while he was fondling my ass and as i was sucking his cock.

White Cocksucker

first-time germanboi4bbc 2018-02-26

"No sir," the older man replied, as he took the big black cock, which I got to briefly see fully erect, out of his mouth. You will go to work and do your daily blah routine, but in the back of your mind will be this," he said, standing up, his cock slipping out of the older man's mouth. I replied, my tone pleading and submissive, "I love your big black cock in my mouth it is so juicy." "Sir, please let me be your cocksucker and take your big, hard, juicy black snake between my lips," I said, the words out of my mouth seeming so distant from the real me. A couple more minutes of concentrated cock sucking and he asked, "Do you want my cum, my straight cocksucker?"

One Night, Our Night

first-time 13butterflywing 2018-02-26

She moved backward and leaned against the wall in the light, one hand raised to gesture him closer. She felt the electricity as he touched her bare skin and she leaned into his caresses. Reaching his ear, she said one word, so softly he could barely hear it: "Please." His skin went cold and tingled slightly where she touched him. Wrapped up in each other, they slid to the bed, where they rested in each other's arms, slowly bringing their breathing to normal while trading soft kisses, their hands gently tracing along each other's skin. She used her hands, lips, and tongue in tandem to push him closer and closer to his climax.

What If

first-time Many Feathers 2018-02-26

As the next few years passed by, Teresa and I found ourselves sharing classes, and then into Junior High, taking the same bus to school, likewise again having a couple of classes together. As for Teresa, with her mother now divorced, trying to survive and raise three kids without a whole lot of support from her sometimes father, she was thrown into the role once more of playing mom, looking after her siblings while her mom worked most evenings. Her brother usually bolted out the door to head off and screw around with his friends the moment their mother left, which left us with Teresa's younger sister Sara, who could be a real pain in the ass at times.

My Lust For Another Girl!

first-time twitterpated6260 2018-02-26

I really didn't know what to wear to one of these things, so I dressed up a little besides I wanted to look sexy for Erin, so I put on my jean skirt that came to my mid thigh and was tight, and my top was a light brown velvet it was low cut so you could see my DD really well, and I had on some brown high heals. I took the vibrator out and started rubbing her ass hole with it, she liked it so I slid it in her ass slowly as I licked and sucked her pussy. Kevin put his big hard cock into my wet pussy and it felt so good, I started to suck on Erin's clit harder the faster Kevin moved his cock in and out of me.

First Time

first-time bltsc1 2018-02-26

He turned his head to me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, not f***eful, more loving. I was in heaven, his cock felt so soft and smooth and I knew I wanted to make him cum. We were both on our backs, faces turned so we could kiss and cocks pointed to the ceiling. He started kissing and licking my face and telling me he wanted me to cum. He kept licking and kissing and pushed my cum from my chin into my mouth with his tongue and I felt his cock start to thrust. He erupted into a huge spew of cum, all over my shirt, the bed and my cock and pants.

My Freshman Year Ch. 02C

first-time Mrs_Jones 2018-02-26

Then Bill said now it is time for you to get to know my dick, Max. He will be the first dick inside you and break your hymen and make you feel like a woman. He said he is going to give her all the different womanly orgasms so she can compare how each of them feels so let's start with her clit and told the rest of us to watch. He told her how cute her little asshole looked and how good his finger is going to feel inside her. He told her to relax and let his finger in and it won't hurt a bit, isn't that right as he looked at me and I said he made my asshole feel so good.

New girlfriend wants to make me a cum eating cucko

first-time kentcariblad 2018-02-26

One night, not long after we started seeing each other, whilst lying in bed together cuddling and stroking each other I admitted that i had always wanted to share my wife/ girlfriend with other men and that i love cuckold scenarios and wanted to be in the lifestyle. She admitted to cumming several times as he fucked her pussy and it wasn't long before he came (into a condom) as well. She remembers sucking him hard again and him fucking her in the missionary position before pulling out his bare cock and spunking over her pussy. She made him lick it up and beat him with truncheon before he took it off her and fucked her with it until his cock got hard again.

im a cuckold.

first-time tvtv11uk 2018-02-26

she would rub my cock through my trousers i tried to undo my zip and she pulled away and said if i take my cock out shes going home and the same applied if i touched her pussy. at this point she stopped rubbing my cock and said its time we got going home. you can come her and put my breastsnaway and we will go home if you ask me to rub your cock till you cum it will be long time before you see or feel my breasts again. I had never fucked a girl before so I pulled her skirt out of the way and pushed my cock in her wet pussy.


Sissy discovers (part 1)

first-time hottyryder 2018-02-26

His thoughts fade to her bent over drying off with her round butt unwittingly right at his eye level, inches away from his face, only the smallest triangle fabric covering mounds of flesh clearly outlining the slit of her pussy. Brad is really working the polk-dot thong over the head of his dick head, naturally insuring the triangular patch that is usually right on her pussy is rubbing back and forth on the swollen gland of his head like a polishing cloth. Her eyes stop on the blue triangle of her pale blue underwear – and the vision of her b*****r she has just experienced comes back to her, the long shaft of her b*****r’s penis, hard and thick with his hand working her panties, yes her pussy dripping panties, up and down.

First time (bottom and swallow)

first-time jamestogo 2018-02-26

I remember they were so excited, that one of them cum in my mouth will i was sucking him, and i didn't even notice until i felt warm cum inside my mouth, cause i was enjoyng very much the other cock inside me. The guy told me: swallow it all you sexy slut. After that the other one stopped at my ass, and told me he wanted to cum in my mouth too. This second one was an amazing feeling because i started to suck him and i could felt the taste of my ass on is cock, and then the guy gave me and explosion of warm cum on my mouth.

White on black

first-time 2018-02-26

It felt strange, I was fingering a girl I just met in the middle of a huge crowd, neighbors only centimeters away, our emotions amplified by the loud and dark music and the colorful light show. I knew she wanted to come while they were playing this song, so I started to move my index fingers in and out her wet pussy while trying to hold her clit between my thumbs. She pushed her legs together, hard, I could not hold her swollen clit with my thumbs anymore, so I let it go. The crowd moved, I was pushed against the girl before me, she turned around, looked at me, my heart stopped beating, but she didn't notice.

White Boy in Asia

first-time klammer 2018-02-26

Jamaal seems almost desperate for him to do so, I want to stop this small boy from being torn apart but I am to horny to think rationally, I want him to be fucked I want to see the look on his face when the cock finally goes inside him, a part of me wants to hear him scream with pleasure as Ijah’s owns him, an even bigger part of me wants Ijah to own me! Ijah pace is slowly increasing and now the boy has tears streaming down his face and he is moaning almost non stop, my own hand is on my cock I am rubbing it furiously in tune with the fucking that Jamaal is receiving, I feel my own sexual intensity building, I know that soon I am going to cum, so I deliberately slow down wanting to prolong the moment until the two boys on the bed have climaxed.

A surprise at the party - Part 2

first-time GalFa 2018-02-26

As we were standing in that small shower cabin, and I was washing off the soap off of me, she leaned in to kiss my back, with her amazing boobs pressed against it, and with her hard dick pressed against my butt. We then repositioned ourselves in a way she could wash off the soap, and as she was doing it I started kissing her neck, tits, belly, and finally I had found myself squatting, kissing her thighs, and just before getting to her balls, licking them. A tall, soft looking beauty, her angelic face twitching in an expression of pleasure, going into me while I was moaning and taking her hard awesome cock.