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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An unexpected suprise from Lisa my next door neigh

first-time DirkDastardly 2018-02-26

I became aware of her standing in the office doorway. As I watched she slowly undid her bra, and then turning around, she bent over and slid down her panties to reveal the most beautiful ass and tight pussy. Her cunt lips were tight and reddish and looked slightly moist; Her legs were long and slim. " you like?" she asked. She immediately lay on the bed her legs spread wide affording me a view of her now very red and wet cunt. She guided my cock to her cunt lips and I began to push into her. I pushed harder and felt my cock arrive at her cervix. Our tongues twisted and fought and I felt my cock stirring again.

My 1st transgender experience

first-time francisjoe69 2018-02-26

Realizing forthright honesty was probably not a good idea I tried another number, Gloria, who boasted a 9" cock. She stopped in front of me, my face about a foot from her crotch, when she suddenly spread her legs and un-tucked her massive, already rock hard, cock. Gloria must have realized my apprehension as she grabbed my head and f***ed her cock into my mouth. I tried recalling how woman sucked me and getting into the moment grabbed her and f***ed as much of her massive cock into my mouth as I could. After sucking Gloria's meat several more minutes, she stood me up and undressed me; my hard cock springing out as she did so.

Kristi's Dream

first-time MrOutCastx 2018-02-26

The thought of turning him on, even a little bit, was almost enough to send me over the edge and drop my face right down to his crotch, but I controlled myself for the time being. I couldn't help myself, I slid my other hand off of his holding my chest and down my panties. Just as I did, I forced my mouth down on his cock and swirled my tongue around the head at the same time. He reached his hand back up behind my ear and pulled me down to his lips. I felt his hot breath on my neck and his lips just trailing over my soft skin up to my ear. His big head rubbed between my pussy lips, against my clit.

Fun With A UK Couple

first-time 2018-02-26

Mike was standing behind the couch taking the pictures and I heard him encouraging Hazel as she slid her lips over my knob and started working them up and down my cock. Having recently come, my climax took longer this time, giving Hazel the chance to fuck herself to two more orgasms before I emptied my load down her throat and, as she had with Mike, Hazel swallowed everything I had before running her thumb up the underside of my cock, completely draining me. I pulled Hazel over to me and slid my hand between her legs and worked a finger down between her cumm coated pussy lips.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 14

first-time BlewWater69 2018-02-26

Suddenly he flinched as he felt a hand - it had to be Tiffany's from the side it came from - lightly tracing a finger along the top of his cock. Jason remembered what Stef, or was it Pam, said about Tiffany blowing a few guys. Jason pushed a finger into Susan's cunt and she growled around his cock in her mouth. Jason couldn't hear much but the flood of juice from Susan's pussy into his mouth and on his face told him what he needed to know. "Fuck, oh geez, his cock feels so good too," Tiffany told Susan, not sure she could hear her through the pleasure clouded haze of her orgasm.

paki/indian footjob pantyhose

first-time 2018-02-26

My dick got instatntly hard seeing her long legs covered in tights. she walked over to me and got into bed with me and we kissed and i roamed my hands over her ass covered in tights and she put her leg round me and told me to grab her feet while i kissed her. The kissing got intense and I pulled off her top and sucked her brown nipple covering them in saliva. the best position was legs together in the air and putting my dick between the thighs that way coudu suck her toes and still fuck her gorgeous legs.

Seducing A Mature Virgin

first-time LeoDavis 2018-02-26

Being naked in Mary's shower turned me on - particularly since there was a lingering scent of her in the room - and I got an erection, which at least made it easier to wash my penis. I replayed the tape and decided that Mary had simply opened the door and reached in at floor level and held the camera pointed toward the tub. Mary said she helped clean her roommate up, and that her breasts were covered with dried semen and that there was blood and semen all over her legs, with more still dripping out of her. Mary said that every time a boy tried to touch her breasts or reach under her dress, she got very, very scared and ran away.


first-time phosure 2018-02-26

Featuring: Shivari the oracle, Volante the demigoddess, and Rionah the angel. “Then to endow you would be ours...” Rionah reached around the oracle's hips and ran her fingers through her silken robes. Shivari's clenching body rocked against the angel as she could feel her hands gliding lower and her lips kissing down to her collarbone. The priestess's body became more accepting of Rionah's fingers and she began to push into her hips. “I'll teach you everything else tomorrow.” Volante shaped the bend of her knees and hips to fit with the Shivari, while Rionah entwined her dusky locks and kissed her forehead until she drifted away and into her exhaustion.

Summer in Maine Ch. 01

first-time Member389 2018-02-26

"Though it could be surmised that you already got your tip." She said an eyebrow going up, and a small grin turning the corners of her mouth up. She stood again, wobbling, and took her bikini in hand and walked towards the living room and gasped grabbing for the door jamb. I lifted her calf, the skin smooth and warm in my hand, and slipped the folded towel under her ankle to pad it from the table. I looked down at her, she sat there wide eyed as I reached to carefully set it on her ankle. She looked up at me and made a come hither motion with her free hand, the other still working on the pink lace.

rub out whilst rocking out

first-time norwichwatcher 2018-02-26

I felt her hand run up my leg and she ever so slowly ran her fingers over my I couldn’t believe I was stood in the middle of 2500 people with my hand inside a bra of I unzipped her trousers and slide my hand inside to feel delightfully smooth silk knickers. I slipped my hand inside her silk knickers to find a totally smooth and totally wet I remember pushing middle finger deep inside her and I pulled her close to me. I felt her hand unzip my trousers and she reached inside and began stroking my cock. She felt so hot in my hands, reacting to the pace I'd set with my fingers.


first-time bronyaur67 2018-02-26

Each summer after Willow Head they spent together, first at Sydney's place in Philadelphia, and then at Megan's place in Pittsburgh, and rotating after that. Susan was just as Megan had remembered her, a tiny woman with pale skin that never seemed to tan no matter how much time she spent outside in the sun. In her dark green eyes, made even more pronounced for the jet black bangs hanging stiffly over them, Megan noticed a gleam of wonderment, not idealistic but sensible -- a perfect combination, she thought, for somebody running a summer camp. Those other three times, Megan and Sydney worked hard at getting it just right. And Sydney, she learned that her mouth was larger than Megan's, and that the difference was enough to warrant caution lest she kiss like a grouper fish.

First Encounter With a Virgin

first-time like_it_hot 2018-02-26

I hardly control myself after looking her in such dress. She hesitate but after some time she undress her quickly and started to suck my cock. I was enjoying that moment and I also suck her boobs. She lay down herself on the bed and ask me to play with her body. I push my penis into her pussy. She pushed me away but I enter the whole length of my penis into her wet pussy. Now I push my whole penis into her pussy and started to give jerks quickly. Now she sat on my penis in her juicy pussy and started to move up and down. After that day we have enjoyed such moments many times.

The Handy Man

first-time Many Feathers 2018-02-26

But it was like trying to pull two pieces of glued paper apart, it was damn near impossible for me to tear myself away from the window as I continued to catch periodic glimpses of her magnificent breasts as she thumbed back and forth between the dirty magazine she was reading, occasionally placing it off to the side in order to take a drink from her iced tea, or when she would raise or lower her legs, teasing me with the glimpses of that pink tender pussy flesh sitting between her legs.

The girl next door

first-time Jmuncut 2018-02-26

She dropped to her knees and pushed me back on the couch and started stroking my cock, took my balls in her mouth she reached down between her legs and began fingering her pussy! Kathy said " hold up ohh hold up she began to treble and laid down on top of me kissing me and running her finger though my hair kissing me" Oh thank-you you can't believe how you rocked my world!" She lifted off my cock filling my stomach and chest with my cum. Kathy said " Oh god I never had a guys suck my pussy after he fucked me!" It feels so good! Kathy let out a low moan " oh that feel so good suck my clit stick your tongue in my hole !" Lapping her pussy tongue fucking her hole.

A Mother and Her Son 2

first-time 2018-02-26

"I did too Tommy, you are a great date," Sue said sincerely. "Great, let's do it again," Tommy said boldly, pulling his mother to him again. "Well, I guess so, if you treat me real nice," Sue said, pecking her son on the lips one more time before entering the house. That night, Tommy lay in bed with his hard penis in his hand, thinking of his mom. At the same time, Sue lay in bed with one hand squeezing the same breast Tommy had touched. When they had composed themselves, Sue turned to Tommy and said, "You can take me on a date anytime you want to." Then she kissed his lips briefly.

Love at First Bump

first-time squired_raisin 2018-02-25

Barely conscious, Rachel's hand searched for the source of discomfort, moving up her friends naked thigh all the way to his cloth covered testicles. Sam could hardly believe it when he felt his friends hand on his thigh, moving upwards toward his dick. Totally entranced by her friend's dick, Rachel hardly noticed her moistening pussy until the car bumped across some large holes, forcing Rachel to let go of Sam's prick so she can grab onto the handhold and suitcase to keep herself from slipping off her friend's lap. Twisting back around, Rachel picked herself up, stuck her hand into her shorts and positioned Sam's dick at her steaming entrance.

Golf Club Wives Ch. 05

first-time mangrove jack 2018-02-25

Rae pointed to his waving cock and whistled through her teeth, "My god I should have known when mum comes home tired out that you were a horny old bastard." Noting the surprised look on his face she smiled, "we were sent over here to apologise for our bad manners." She looked over at Ayaha who was still hadn't found her shift. "You should be the last to talk about bad manners when you deliberately left us waiting while you fed that whopping thing into your maid's pussy." She turned to Rebecca and Simone who stood gasping in amazement and whispered, "If he's so bloody horny that he can't keep his hands off the maid he's the one we want."

Hero's First Time

first-time BriarReiAmor 2018-02-25

She did end up telling Miss Healer though if only to find if what Dr. Kane said was true and why she hadn't thought to warn her ahead of time what to expect. Elizabeth idly remembered mentioning to Legend that she still wanted to be a doctor, but hadn't expected him to go see Miss Healer about an internship. Miss Healer emphasized that it would be better if she went to medical school and make connections with other future doctors while Enforcer made it clear that it wasn't fair for her to give up everything just because of the manifestation of her powers.


My Best Friend's Mother

first-time rutger5 2018-02-25

"Hi Mrs. Verhooven, is Peter here?" I asked but before she had a chance to answer there came the sound of glass breaking from inside the kitchen. Suddenly my brain came to life but before I could move my hand Mrs. Verhooven turned my way. "It's a simple question Thomas and I think I deserve an answer when a young man who has been welcome in my house for ten years suddenly starts rubbing his private parts as he watches me. Suddenly Maria leaned forward and took me into her willing mouth, her wet lips closing on my shaft right below my sensitive head.


first-time malesub01 2018-02-25

I'd been reading some really hot stories in the Forum section of Penthouse and the one that really got me going was one where a guy was surprised by a husband sucking his cock, when he got busted fucking the guy's wife. I wanted to find out what it was like to touch and suck another guy's cock (getting fucked was in the back of my mind if I'm going to be honest with myself). After about 10 or 15 minutes of stroking our own cocks, I couldn't resist anymore and reached over to touch him. He asked what I thought I was doing and I said that I wanted to suck his cock.

new and nervous

first-time abricotfendu 2018-02-25

I placed my hand on her inner thigh massaging slowly upward until I could feel the warmth where her legs met. I looked at her clingy thongs noticing that in my hedonistic haze I liked how they accentuated her lips which I knew were hiding under the scant fabric. I placed my hand between her legs again rubbling her with a firmer stroke feeling the heat and a faint moistness as her breath took on a different pattern. I wondered for a moment if she had done this before as her hand worked its way down parting my lips, finding me already turned on she smiled. The tip of her finger was sliding easily around the opening as she kept pulling her hand backwards dragging it across my clit.

My First female model

first-time bandit34c 2018-02-25

The add said amateur photographer very easy going looking for females any age over 18 to model lingerie and nude and gave my p o box number. She moved around for different poses and rolled onto her stomach and got her ass high in the air and her face on the pillow, opened her knees as far as possible and with a hand on each side, fully, completely, totally , opened her cunt as far as any woman could expose her inner self.......spread her hot pussy open to me. As we got to our cars she said im not ready for actual sex photos but if you like i noticed your dick is huge and thick and............

Learning from Aunt Sophie

first-time EdDivers 2018-02-25

Aunt Sophie went on to tell Penny how she avoided looking at the news and newspapers, "News is always miserable. Aunt Sophie's dark eyes glanced sideways at Penny, "God, you are such a fine looking girl. "Rather bare at the moment, but we'll soon have that filled, and over here is your en-suite." Seeing Penny's uncomprehending look Aunt Sophie simply pushed open another door to reveal a bathroom, fully tiled in cream, with a large corner bath, a shower cubicle and the toilet. Aunt Sophie, had changed into a loose fitting gown, and greeted her enthusiastically,"Here we go, Penny."And with a throw away gesture she said, "Robe off." Aunt Sophie gave a little smile and simply said, "Much to learn, Penny.

First Time in Middle School-Amy the Sexy Tease 2

first-time 204hw 2018-02-25

She gave me a boob job for a little, and we had fun with 69er for a while too. This was the first time I ever even got close to a girl’s pussy before, and I was never even given oral sex, so I was delighted to how good the feeling was, and how sugary Amy’s cum was, and I devoured every bit of the juice that was left beyond the hole and around my face and hands. Both of us were dead silent as we heard her footsteps come closer, and closer, then finally, the door opened, and we were seen like a deer caught in the headlights of a car on a dark night.