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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

High School Years- Summertime pt 2

first-time bubb014 2018-02-25

I almost came right there, I have had plenty of handjobs but never had a girls mouth around my cock before and it was the greatest feeling ever it was all warm and moist. I was leaking pre and she licked it right up and my cock got all nice and slippery and she kept putting her mouth up and down on it making loud slurping noises. She screamed "I THINK I'M GOING TO CUM DON'T STOP" I started sucking that little bud harder and harder until she started to buck her hips and ram her pussy in my face and then she released herself. I took my mouth of her clit and started lapping at her wet pink pussy lips.

Husband Friend Seduced Me

first-time paki_babelover 2018-02-25

Once we reached home, Pankaj and my hubby were sitting on our sofa and as I came in to offer them water, both of them could see my protruding nipples easily on my kurti. In a hurry to change as Pankaj was inside, I went to the washroom and there was just a night gown that I generally wear while sl**ping. As I tried to resist and get away, he held me in total control and started moving his hand on my back from my bra-straps to panty lines, while he started rubbing his rough hairy chin on my shoulders. After 15-20 minutes when I opened my eyes, I could see that my gown was raised till my stomach, panty was removed and his hands had parted my vagina lips and he was sucking them wildly.

The Trilogy Pt 1

first-time whatsosticky 2018-02-25

My kisses begin along your belly and carefully work their way up until I reach your lips feel passionate kisses slowly being placed on them; just to ensure they linger on them. I repeat my movements on your clit once more, my fingers caressing the g-spot on your upper wall when suddenly you lift your body, writhing intensely and moaning softly as I can feel you cum throughout my entire body. I feel you slide my boxers off, leaving us both completely naked now and which exposes my hard on which your body and the mutual aggressiveness has given me.

My Daughter

first-time sexykamel 2018-02-25

The snow had started to fall a little more heavily now, and it was doing a pretty good job of making the city seem a bit more festive on this Christmas Eve. I was enjoying the feeling of having Kaysie leaning against my shoulder as we rode to the party. She opened it to find a certificate that said, "I, Wesley Wilson Whitford (so my parents had a thing with the letter "W"), do hereby agree to provide the financial capital necessary to allow Kaysie Grace Whitford to actually open the boutique as outlined in her college business management class project.

Me, Auntie and Uncle

first-time billy69boy 2018-02-25

I immediately pulled my hand away from my uncle's cock, and I could feel my face get bright red. I got another shock when she slid over and pulled me by my arm until I was face-to-cock with my uncle's glistening erection. But Aunt Ginny must have sensed my awkwardness, because she reached around and took my throbbing hard-on in her hand and began to pump it feverishly, which took my mind off my uncle's invasion of my mouth. I felt like I would panic as my uncle's hot jizz began filling my mouth and I swallowed again and again. We got home, and Aunt Ginny was all over my uncle, fixing him a drink and then bringing him his slippers and robe as he relaxed in the living room.

sex in the sea

first-time nigeltallguy 2018-02-25

The hotel was on the beach so each day it was easy for us to just fall out of bed (usually after a good fuck) and be on the beach in a few minutes. As we kissed it was clear that I was becoming excited and Em took hold of my cock and pulled it out of my swimming shorts. I slipped my finger inside her bikini bottoms and worked it towards her pussy. I pulled Em’s bikini bottoms to one side and positioned myself so I could push my cock in. To be honest, the thought of what we were doing in public had really got me excited so I didn’t last long and shot my cum inside her.

Santa's Surprise

first-time gotwood49 2018-02-25

Suddenly there was a line, and parents were escorting kids up to my lap; some of them not too happy to be there, others eager to pull Santa's beard and ask embarrassing questions about my obviously fake attire. By the time he got there, half the parents had taken their children elsewhere, unable to explain the sight of Santa with an obviously sexy woman writhing on his lap, and his hands trying NOT to wrap themselves around any of her body parts as they kissed! Her hands had gone to my hair, fingers raking up under my Santa hat as she pulled me into her, and I had angled my head to better access her mouth.

Mrs. Dixie Callahan

first-time crichtondog 2018-02-25

Mrs. Callahan hiked her thigh around my hip and mashed her body against my thickened shaft, while rubbing the head by the tips of her tiny fingers, then explored my open mouth by inserting her incredibly long tongue down my throat. Mrs. Callahan knelt beside me, releasing my fully erect rod, then placed her crimson lips and velvety smooth tongue around my glistening member, going all the way to my shrinking balls. I could feel my twitching tool ready to explode, but didn't give in to that oh, so serendipitous clouds and pillowing, cozy places for just long enough to let her have another cock bathing flood of juices to combine as one mixture, coming together at a plateau of uncharted heights and Nirvana state-like bliss.

Part one - Suspicions Turn to Reality

first-time jenniferlikesmen 2018-02-25

For example, set to go out with a girlfriend from work I noticed she spent way too much time primping for a what was supposed to be just a few drinks with Jane. Promise.” Him, “ I plan to fuck you silly then send you back home to your husband.” Her, “ I cant wait to feel you inside me.” That is a pretty accurate rendition of the conversations highlights. I take out my pocket knife and carve into the table top, 'MY WIFE FUCKS OTHER GUYS AND IT TURNS ME ON.' I never reveal to anyone including Jennifer how the thought of her fucking other guys gets me worked up.


first-time bottomnaked4u 2018-02-25

I started moaning when woman on the screen got fucked in both her holes, in the pussy and in her ass at the same time. Suddenly, one of the guards faced me directly and said, "We're going to fuck you to our hearts' content tonight." Hearing them talk dirty like that made me all the wetter between my legs. I looked at all the cocks and deep inside me I felt a strange feeling, liking the look on the guys' faces as I knew all those cocks are going to fuck me now. He suddenly took out his cock until just the head of his cock was resting on the rim of my pussy lips and looked me directly in my eyes.

Best Friends

first-time stowriter 2018-02-25

As she drove, Zara could feel Amir's gaze on her every move and she felt herself flush hotly as she realized she was more turned on her best friend than she had been by any boyfriend in her life. As she shifted her right leg from the accelerator to brake at a red light, Zara was aware that her clitoris was rock hard, almost painfully but arousingly rubbing on the crotch of her barely there panties, creating a wetness of her pussy that rivaled Niagara Falls. A sharp intake of breath from Zara broke the passionate lip lock and Amir took the opportunity to take her other nipple into his mouth.

intro to pain

first-time redunder 2018-02-25

And I’ve had many satisfied clients that crawl back to me for of the same the first woman said to my wife. Are you sure Mistress bitch asked my wife. As this was going on, Mistress Bitch had my key holder remove my manhood from chastity. As my eyes grew too, I looked over at Mistress Bitch who was revealing her long coat and exposing the fact she was dressed in a shiny, full body, cat suit. Your wife says more Mistress Bitch said to me. I say this because my wife says she got a call from Mistress Bitch asking was I ready. My wife hung her head and said yes Mistress.

Mums 55th birthday turns naughty

first-time 24_m_uk2011 2018-02-25

'ooh I love this song as mum said starting to dance in front of me and james in the living room. Just then mum said down and me and james sat either side of her and carried on rubbing and sucking away. So me and james sat on the sofa next to each other with only our tops on, hard cocks out and mum knelt infront of us on her knees and started wanking us both. She stopped sucking me for a second looked up and went 'ohhh that's so nice' I watched as james then took his cock and put in her wet pussy, @ohhhhhhhhh she moaned as it went inside her.

My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 4 &nda

first-time draugrmaker 2018-02-25

Beth took Tricia’s arm and said, “I like to see Mark fuck other women, but are you truly sure this is what you want? All I can think of is Uncle Mark fucking me!”, said Tricia You however are a fertile young thing not on birth control and Mark may fuck you, but only with a condom on.” Said Beth. Cindy called Tricia’s parents and told them that Tricia would be staying at my house and she would drive over with her grandma tomorrow. She then said to Tricia, “since you have given Mark your most precious gift, I will give you his!” She then poured its contents into Tricia’s mouth.

Neighbourly Licks

first-time wirepuller 2018-02-25

So I visit home for some groceries and cash from the parents and somehow my pussy gets licked by the neighbour. When John came through the adjoining gate and handed me the keys I asked him in for a drink. Breen said she wanted to thank me and that I could come in and have a drink with her. John started kissing my belly and with his tongue began massaging my cunt through my panties. I began to focus on her clit, sucking and massaging it while my finger found the G-spot hard and swollen inside her pussy. My face was covered in pussy juice and as I wiped it on her sheets she said she wanted to suck on my cock now.

Breaking in a Virgin

first-time pornutopia 2018-02-25

He looked toward the camera and smiled broadly as he spread her little pussy lips, exposing her clit and tiny hole. As she lay beneath me, her legs spread wide, the camera zooming in on her precious virginal pussy, I placed the head of my cock just inside and began stroking slowly, just the head. After a minute or so, I began to fuck her a little, slowly sinking more of my cock into her tight anal passage. Dan still held her hips and fucked her asshole patiently as I explained to Naomi gently that she was used now. Before she had time to agree, one of them slid his hard cock into her pussy and began fucking it gently.


My first lesbian Lust feeling ! ```

first-time Adore16 2018-02-25

While walking by i notice she had A Fat a** that sat up in her Blue Ripped Shorts , pretty feet with With red nail Polish so bright it caught your attention from her nails to her toes , the sandals she wore had Fit her foot very well , her Lips were pink Like my Red Pu*** when it got wet When i get horny. After she looked at her schedudle the teacher introduced her to the class * Mrs.backman talking * " GoodMorning everyone i would like you to meet Paradice she is new here , she is from jamacia and is mixed with chinese " Wait ! Lana : Yes i like girls , and yes whats our question ?

Old trannie gets a boys virginity

first-time toniparr 2018-02-25

He looked at me and asked “Is it all right if I kiss you?” After a little hesitation I told him O.K. He leaned over and gave me a somewhat awkward kiss. I got him to lie back on the couch and pulled his pants around his ankles and got my first good look of his cock. I got off the couch and got on my knees next to him and started my work licking and kissing the head of his cock. I told him “O.K sweetie now you need to very gentle doing this at first” I then got on the bed and presented myself to him doggie style with my skirt over my waist.

Affair Date Night

first-time StCrnrGrl_92 2018-02-25

Parker like the NASCAR driver she is, decides fuck it and goes in the right lane because if nothing else she goes right to flip a bitch & come back, instead there are 2 left turn lanes & the right one is open so she gets through the light with ease. They are 42 so it's not like they are teenagers anymore even though the first time they made love was different than anything Parker had experienced in her life. JC grabbed Parker pulling her into him kissing her so delicately as she held his face in her hands because she finds him so attractive. He likes to come home from work and crack open beers something Parker rarely does, but it doesn't bother her that's his ritual.

The commute!

first-time mrmuff696 2018-02-25

Our train journey is an hour and has 4 stops to our end destination. the train doors open and there is huge influx of people. my hands are by mysides and are in very close proximity to her thighs... Her eyes are closed and she smiling. so i push against her hand. She must know my cock is there pushing her hand. there a big push from the masses on the train! my hand now under her skirt and now teasing the top of her stockings!... i feel that she is wearing a g-string as her pussy lips are now over each side of her dripping wet knickers. i slide my fingers under her knickers and feel her warm wet pussy...

Innocence lost

first-time Tim Piers 2018-02-25

I knew that I would do anything that Maggie wanted, I was slightly drunk, rather tired and had a deep ache in my balls. The effect was immediate; Maggie came, gushing her cum all over my cock and balls. Maggie's hand eased my foreskin back and as the rush built in me she opened her mouth and swallowed my cum as it shot from my jerking cock. She said she loved it when I was behind her, spooning, with my cock deep in her pussy, her long hard nipples in my fingers. She made me pull the cheeks of her arse apart and tease her by pretending to withdraw, running the head of my cock around the lips of her fanny before making me drive hard into her.

The housewife and the boy part 3

first-time funjonno 2018-02-25

" come lie on top of me" she said so I did as I was told , I lay down on top of her and she reached up slightly and kissed me, her hands ran down my body and stole inbetween us , she grabbed my cock and raised her hips, I could feel her pubic hairs brushing the wet tip, she whispered in my ear "push forward" so I did and bumped her pubic bone, she laughed "easy darling, just put it in easily" so I tried again, this time I hit the spot.

Remembering Rachel

first-time Nonymous John 2018-02-25

In this increasingly liberal times it is often said that most boys receive their first oral stimulation from their own tongues, an experiment carried out during those blissful few months when the penis grows faster than the rest of the body and backs and necks are lean and limber. I started to say "no," but she kissed me again, and this time she parted her lips ever so slightly and allowed the tip of her tongue to touch my cock. I can feel the slick mixture of come and saliva on my cock, I can hear Rachel's panting, feel her breath on my swollen, tortured balls.

freinds little s****r

first-time harder13 2018-02-25

When I got to John’s I rang the doorbell and waited about a minute until his little s****r answered the door, she let me in and I went right up to John’s room. “Mom hasn’t seen it yet but I already know she isn’t going to like it” she said with a devilish little smirk on her face As my eyes made their way back to her lovely face they caught on a cute little bit of camel toe that was revealed between her skinny legs. We passionately kissed and my hands found their way to her cute little ass, she seemed kind of surprised when I grabbed it.