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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Horny Babe fucking Teacher

first-time Teasemeimhorny 2018-02-25

I was walking to school when my friend Charlotte asked me " I wonder what the teacher would look like." I shrugged my shoulders. I went up to his desk and I knocked over his coffee "Oops! Please give me disaplin." boxers on.king at his face. House 5." He said looking at my face. I went there after school,I rang the door bell. "Hello,you look very...." he said. "Lay here....... He lay down and told me to get up on him. I felt so fabulous,and I could tell Charlotte I fucked a 23 year old! It felt the greatest,The next day I made love to him on his desk,and then he pretended to tutor me and we were to busy playing with eachother.

Gram Connie

first-time whybea10 2018-02-25

As I watched her, I thought about what Aunt Pat told me about hearing Gram having multiple orgasm's during sex with my Grandfather. Grams complained about her feet and knees hurting and asked if I would open the store in the morning so she could sl**p late. Grams sat down on the edge of the bed, pulled her gown up to the middle of her thighs and tucked the gown between her legs. I began to squeeze her thigh with both hands in rhythm and moved the little finger on my right hand so it came in contact with the wet spot on her panties. After a few moments Grams told me to open the drawer on the night stand and get the hand and body lotion.

Help from IT

first-time silklust 2018-02-25

I'm Charlie from the fourth floor, I need a new monitor, like immediately. "Ok everything looks good, I just went in and saved your work remotely, everything looks good, now lets go find you a monitor" he said as he got up and walked to the back of the room and opened a door. Charlie stopped for a second as he looked at the size and variety of monitors. "Oh, you scared me, I thought you waited at the desk" Danny said shakily as he started walking back up front "I need you to sign for that, but it should do what you need" That and just how slim Danny really was, he kind of wondered what he would look like in just that thong.

more neighborly benefits (pt 2)..

first-time mrclitoralman 2018-02-25

Suddenly she threw her head back and groaned out, "Ohhh fuuck yesss...make me cum!" as she broke our embrace and reached up, grabbing the shower curtain bar, squeezing my finger in her ass as she lifted her weight from me, legs still wrapped around my waist, she slid her pussy up the length of my shaft. Grinding her hips with the motion of my finger and cock inside her, she lustfully urged, "Oooh gaawd, that feels sooo goood...mmmm, yeeaah...fuck me!" With most of her weight suspended, I rapidly stroked the full length of my cock in her pussy, thrusting deep, my tip bumping against her pussy wall as her clit thumped against my pelvis, aching with pleasure, as my little finger massaged in her ass.

Mother and Daughter BBW's share

first-time Xesevoli 2018-02-25

As I've said I'm chubby but Mom and I have almost identical figures with large tits, soft obvious tummies and butts larger than we like although I've watched men look appreciatively at Mom's. When I was standing he pulled them down then whistled appreciatively and said "You didn't wear anything under it and you look good." It was only a moment before he was working them over my feet and then he leaned forward, kissed my tummy several times then worked his kisses lower. I think I moaned and he said "You have nipples that come alive." and he leaned over, pulled one between his lips then I felt him sucking before running his tongue over it.

From Russia with love ;)

first-time BBCbeast 2018-02-24

Sona and Sivir decided to hang out in my room and by that time I was High off my ass lol so I was playing some League Of Legends (A PC Video game) and the Russian was just talking to me and I cud tell she was loving the rigid rogue gamer look I had going on. So some time went on and I got my personality back lol I was talking to Sivir about sex and different things like that and Sona had finally passed out. Now I know there's guys that get things done faster but for me, that was a personal record ^_^ and two, that morning when they all went home Sona Messages me again and shes questioning the hell out of me, come to find out she was watching when I was using my tongue ring on that tight hole!

Tiffany's first kiss part 1

first-time dragonstoneprincess 2018-02-24

"Jade, what are you doing, this is really weird.." "Tiffany, This is what boys will do to you, and I'm going to teach you, so you know what to expect and you won't be scared, you don't want to be a virgin forever do you?" I sighed a soft "I guess not.." "oh my gosh, Jade this feels so strange.." "You're going to love it, you'll see.." she gasped pinching my nipples. this feels so good" I said gasping with pleasure she continued on like this for another half hour then heaving she said "Tiffany, when we get pregnant and start lactating promise you'll let me breastfeed.. I let out a loud moan it was the first orgasm I'd ever had with someone else as I climaxed I pinched and twisted her puffy little nipples, she seamed to love that.


first-time 2018-02-24

The lust in my uncle’s eyes told me that he was going to have me no matter what, and by the time my birthday came around the thought of fucking Uncle J was not the worst thing I can do. I soon felt Uncle J’s hand slid up my thigh, he saw the fear in my eyes as he kissed the back of my neck, and whispered in my ear. “SHHH, baby don’t be scared, Uncle J is going to take real good care of you tonight.” he said as his finger found my tight slit. Taking only a minute to let me adjust to the explosion that was going on in my mind and body, Uncle J took the most precious gift that a woman could give a man.

Regina's Special Gift To Me, 1986

first-time RomanMichael 2018-02-24

I started rubbing my finger threw her swollen lips, still hidden beneath her bottoms, her excitement though was shown by the ever growing wet spot. I leaned in close to her and started running my tongue through her swollen wet lips. Regina was very tense and I was trying to calm her down, her virginity warning buzzers were surely going off in her pretty little head. I asked her if she was ok and she slightly nodded her head, I leaned on down and made contact with our lips, trying to calm her and reassure her. I paused and looked into her eyes and asked, (are you ready) she nodded and I slowly started pushing into her.

naughty housewife

first-time lazylob 2018-02-24

Feeling down i went for a bike ride just a quick once round the block, as i returned Janice was walking the girls home from school, we stopped chatted and i moaned of my spoilt birthday, i parted her lips with my fingers and felt a wet warm juice flood over my finger, i gently rubbed feeling Janice breathing getting deeper until it started to enter her. I felt Janice breathing get deeper her chest turned red as i slowly fucked this women, i grabbed one wrist and with the other hand reached round and rubbed her clit.

Being Photographed For Portfolio Ch. 02

first-time Racqel 2018-02-24

I imagined the look of lust in David's eyes, his hard-on pushing out tightly against his pants as he clicked away on his camera while she exhibited her body, openly displayed herself, enjoying the act of modeling as a means to explore her sexuality, a way to take her arousal to new levels. I didn't know what to say in the lift so I kept quiet, but I did give Vibka a quick glance, noticing how she was so carefree, parading in a public lift in a wet white bikini which obviously had no inner lining as her pubic hair and folds were visible through the transparent material as were her voluptuous breasts. Vibka broke open a plastic bag and inserted what looked like a long white dildo into a slot in the machine.

b*****r Lust

first-time jaymz76jaymz 2018-02-24

There was one time when my b*****r got so horny that, when he thought I was asl**p he started rubbing his cock on my face and in between my lips. I pulled him out of my mouth and commanded him to suck my cock and he did it immediately he rubbed his face on my tight briefs where you could clearly see the outline of my now very hard cock, I stood up while he carried on licking my pants. I could feel his cock stiffen even more inside me I knew he was going to come so he pulled out of my ass and rubbed his cock faster than I have ever seen before not even I had done it that fast.

Christian Linda in London

first-time Longstretch 2018-02-24

I stroked in and out, gradually moving in a second finger, then coming out to play around her opening as she got used to it. Here it was the first night of the voyage, Linda had barely said hello to her roommate, and I was in violation of the rules for having her in my cabin. I gave Linda a pair of my slacks and a shirt, so she'd look something like a boy going down the hall. I opened the door apprehensively, not knowing if it would be Linda or a couple of deans ready to have me walk the plank. On the one hand I liked teaching a virgin the ways of making love, and she was a willing and involved student.

the genisis of my foot fetish

first-time footboy2 2018-02-24

From stirring me into a strawberry yogurt cup to watching me struggle, mired deep into a thick chocolate pudding, things that wieghted me and mired me in sticky, strength depleting thickness, really drove her nuts, and she would literally demonstrate with anything she had to eat at any given moment, animating her mouth and her tongue. I remembered, willfully wanting to be a chocolate ...When she came over I tingled knowing that I was going to get smothered by her huge beautiful feet .. I enjoy them though, if anything, she helped me in a strangely positive way because I really do enjoy them, and hey, I have learned that some girls actually search/yearn for this kinda stuff.

Crystal with Two Studs

first-time griffen1 2018-02-24

I felt like I was starting to reach my peak sexually, I arranged to meet Clint and his friend Blake downtown getting quite wet and neither Clint nor Blake had "I want both of your hard cocks in my mouth now..." I As I took Clint into my mouth my left hand started to vigor and Clint's hot ejaculation in my mouth, I could It wasn't long before Clint started to get hard again "I want your hard cock in my mouth Blake..." and having Blake's hard cock now in my mouth to suck and Clint says " Lets shoot our cum at the same time and feel his cock pulsate in my mouth and I knew he was

Field Trip Follies Ch. 10

first-time cbsummers 2018-02-24

Thanks to Literotica author Laurie for lending me her characters Lindsey Foster and her sister Katie. The strange girl sat up, swiveled her gorgeous legs around, hopped onto Brant's lap, and started kissing his face gently with her full, moist lips. Brant could feel Katie's tight pussy vibrating around his cock as she moaned and whimpered and shook. He was going strong now, and kept on banging her like a drum, their wet slaps forming a cadence that he felt he could keep up all day, just as if her were marching in a parade. But then she stood on her tiptoes, leaned in close to his fuzzy blue ear and whispered in her husky voice, "I bet you'd love to see me 'bear' naked, wouldn't you, big fella?"

When I Discovered I Was the Girl Next Door

first-time revmyengine 2018-02-24

At first I would confine myself to my bedroom with the door locked, just in case he would happen to come home early, but eventually I found myself doing every day things dressed as Katelyn. As I'm walking out the door to go pick up some things from the store, J passes me and says, "I really hope you're thinking about stopping by my party tonight". And wear that schoolgirl outfit for me." Than he winks at me and walks to his door leaving me there with my heart pounding. I get home early from the Halloween party my roommate and I attend, get dolled up, and then walk out of my apartment to his door.

A romance in Byzantium ... (Part 2 - …so n

first-time 2018-02-24

The sun was good for our photographs and the work went on in the best way - actually I have to say, that Little-curly-head was a great help; checked quickly, what has to be done, very knowledgeable, did great notes, also claimed supplements when I forgot or she thought that there's something necessary and shortly afternoon we had liked the pictures in the box, and the number of each images on the card - the day's work seems actually done. She opened my jeans – don´t know how, because I researched since a long time with my fingertips the wetness of her small plum, found a way to knead her sweet ass cheeks and easily reach that damp, wet slit from behind..., on she moans…, feeling my fingertips at the entrance of her pleasure cave...

Is Sex So Beautiful!

first-time manavata 2018-02-24

The towel did cover her breasts and buttocks, the two parts I used to eye whenever I visited them. I was speechless as I turned and saw her holding the tea in one hand and her towel in the other with her naked body in front of me to see and admire. I extended my hand without leaving my eyes from her beautiful breasts and took the towel. My cock for the first time was hard and poking at my pant zip excited not by just a thought of sex but by actually seeing a the breasts, pussy and buttocks of a naked lady. My hands moved to her face and I pulled her to me and kissed her lightly but for a long period of time.

The schoolgirl’s dirty first time

first-time rollinger 2018-02-24

Slowly, at first, as I imagined him stripping off my clothes or grabbing me from behind while his hard cock pressed into my back, then fast and hard while my brain flashed between images of him holding my ass and plunging himself into me or using my mouth as his hard-fuck toy until he blew his load down my throat. Once I take my cock out and have your little virgin eyes and mouth feasting on it, I don’t know if I can stop,” he growled. He thrust again and again, sucking my tits and pulling my hair and giving his little grunts while I moaned and bucked my hips and tore at his back with my nails.

A walk in the woods

first-time smallcock 2018-02-24

Hidden deep in the undergrowth was a concrete base, which was probably a building some years ago, I sat down and pulled out another cigarette, and offered him another, he said his name was Tim. We were sat on this concrete wall and he put his hand on my leg again, I looked at him and he was smiling, he moved his hand up my leg, and to be honest I was getting hard, I looked at his crutch and he had a big lump in his trousers. All of sudden he let go and pulled me up turning round he bent me over the wall and took his pants down I saw his massive rock of a cock, he parted my legs and I knew but didn't care what he was doing, he slid his cock into my asshole and proceeded to fuck me, my cock was straining at the feeling, and I knew I was coming.


Me, My Girlfriend, And Her Mom

first-time 2018-02-24

With my rock-hard cock in my hand, I watched as mother and daughter began to French kiss each other, licking the inside of each other’s mouth and sucking on each other’s tongues. “I’ve spent so many hours rubbing my sloppy wet pussy while imagining my lips around your sweet nipples.” Jill said as she held Ashley’s left boob with both hands. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” Jill hummed as she gently spread the lips of her daughter’s pussy and sent her tongue deep into Ashley’s wet insides. Jill moaned like an opera singer as Ashley used her middle finger to fuck her ass faster than I ever could with my cock.

Lynn's Awakening

first-time ScarletIvy 2018-02-24

After freshening up I changed into my comfortable warm beige pj's and was about to exit the bathroom when I heard John and Rick's voices coming from the next room through the window. The thought "what the hell am I doing?" crossed my mind more than a couple of times, but it was also kind of fun and daring, two feelings I rarely felt. Rick motions me to come to him and I walk silently across the bathroom floor to him, noticing his cock starting to twitch again. To my surprise I cum after Rick has stopped moving, the feeling of his cumming cock inside me enough to make me clench as tightly as I can and have an earth shattering orgasm.

A weekend away (chapter 4)

first-time pinks43 2018-02-24

I looked around, there was the guy doing the cooking busily beavering away and then there was the young guy who had just taken our order (oh I don’t know – 19ish) behind the counter, resting his elbows on the serving hatch, his head in his hands – looking straight at us. Again, he didn’t say anything, he just straightened up again bring his crotch back to her hand, but this time, instead of sizing his cock from top to bottom, she gently pushed her hand up the shorts leg hole and found what she was looking for straight away. “Ok dad” he said as he quickly pushed his cock back inside his shorts and pulled his T shirt back down to cover his predicament.