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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Alexandra's Friend

first-time seansmom13 2018-02-24

When Alex had her hand inches from my dick, she whispered in my ear, "Am I making you uncomfortable?" The same thing seemed to happen for Alex as well, because she continued moving her hand up my leg to my dick. Alex started to moan, grabbing my hand and pushing it deeper into her insides. Finally, Alex let out a scream and I could feel her vagina contracting, her orgasm sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. The look of her sucking my dick and the absolutely amazing feeling of it felt even better than taking her virginity away. Alex stopped sucking and pulled me out of her mouth, jerking me off with both of her hands.

First Time

first-time 2018-02-24

In no time, I felt an incredible orgasm building inside me like nothing I ever experienced before. My mind was having a hard time processing how fucking pleasurable that had been. His cock felt so good sliding in my hot wet little pussy. We were sweating and the taste of our bodies as we kissed each other with the sweat, the cum from my pussy, and the incredible combination of him pumping inside of me was fuckiing hot as hell. I slid my lips just over the tip of his cock and licked my tongue around the head. I sucked, and licked, and fucked his cock with my mouth for as long as he wanted me to.

s****r act

first-time geemaninca 2018-02-24

At one point I starting laughing and one of the girls said “oh as if you even understand what we’re talking about.” I turned around, smiled at them, and said, “Yes, actually I do, and even d***k on my ass, I would know about germination, seeing how I grew up on a farm, and that’s pretty basic stuff taught is High School and 4 H.” With mouths wide opened, I explained the process so even they would understand, and I was still sort off pissed off at the comment made to me not knowing about what they were talking about and missed the opportunity to move in on them, so still a little d***k, I laid $10 on the counter for my food and tip, and walked out, heading up the long road to the motel room about 3 miles away.

Part Three - My Secret is Shared

first-time jenniferlikesmen 2018-02-24

I mentioned to her that I had seen the emails and casually told her to have fun tomorrow fucking George in the park. When we were intimate I would say things like, “It would be so hot if you had a cock in your mouth while I fuck you.” I would often use her dildo on her as she sucked me and ask, “Do you like having two cocks at once?' She would get encouraged by my dirty statements during sex. While out drinking one night I happened to mention to her how hot it would be if she picked up a guy and fucked him. That night while fucking my d***k wife I talked as dirty as ever to her and she was even dirtier in response.

All Together Now

first-time TBP95 2018-02-24

Now, as eighteen-year-old seniors in high school that've been dating for a year and a half, you'd probably think Chloe and I would be fucking like rabbits. Her family thinks my surgery and recovery was a miracle of God. Personally, I'm more grateful to my surgeons than I am to God. But Chloe's on the same train of thought as her family: 'no sex before marriage.' She's a good Christian girl. Leftie throws my empty mug aside and slips under Chloe's sweatpants, caressing her bare, inner thigh. I grab it to pull it away, but Chloe puts a hand on my chest and stops me. I bring Chloe down to me and put my open lips to hers, kissing her, pushing my tongue into her mouth. Chloe's wet lips slip open around my head as I push my cock into her.

Emma's Growing Pains

first-time krazy_karen_uk 2018-02-24

"Don't have one," She mumbled, he said a few other things but Emma wasn't really listening, it went quiet for a while, then she heard a rustling of clothing, and feeling the bed sag a little, she ignored it thinking he must have got bored and left, and then she felt a hand on stomach, and just froze. Being so turned on, Emma wanted him to carry on, and opened her legs slightly more, a few seconds later, he started slowly moving his finger in and out, the minutes passed and his fingering got harder and faster, so did Emma's breathing till she was making little whimpering noises.

My Renaissance Ch. 14

first-time Modern_Citizen 2018-02-24

"Now spank me because I've been a bad little girl sucking your cock and letting you eat my pussy." It seemed like the best of both worlds, with her big tits in my hands and my cock pumping in and out of her tight pussy. "She also said you're good for more than one round," Melissa added with a coy look as she reached over and grabbed my cock. "Well, the belt was certainly a first for me but you've got such a nice ass, if a spanking is what you want, a spanking is what you'll get," I told her. There's just something about a sexy blonde girl, naked in the shower with you that can get a fellow excited - especially if she lets you fondle her big tits and round ass!

Camping Trip

first-time zimabean 2018-02-24

Mrs. Kerns was fucking me in my sl**ping bag on a school trip during a massive rain storm. I held back as long as I could as I was not sure what to do, then I exploded deep inside Mrs. Kerns' pussy. I awoke several hours later, Sara was still on top of me, my cock was hard as steel still planted deep inside her cunt. I must really turn you on, I don't think I have ever had a guy cum so much." Sara said as she got a wet wipe and cleaned us both up. I sat on a bar stool and said "Lets get to work." Mrs. Kern had a glimmer in her eye as she looked at me over her cup of coffee.

A Sexual Proposition

first-time ainu 2018-02-24

"Well, maybe we can move slow naked," she says with a grin and starts pulling her T-shirt up over her head. "Umm," she says, moving her head a little and licking the side of my cock. Her hands move off me, her legs drop down to the side, She actually pulls on my hair a little, I guess telling me to slide back up again. "It's a mess," she says, "Everything that went in is coming out." She moves a little and gets a towel and wipes herself several times. I mean, you told me that the reason you'd never had sex is guys moved too fast and then you come here and within three minutes, you're naked and sucking my cock.

Dances With Poodles

first-time hammingbyrd7 2018-02-24

A few weeks ago, Laura came up to me between classes and said, "Steve, I think you and Jill are so close now that I consider you two as having begun your marriage dance. Formal schooling was easy for Laura, but no one was pushing her very hard to study, and she spent her time playing with Edward, loving and caring for her two younger sisters Katja and Natalie, and chatting with the neighbors with all their interesting languages." Laura spent a great part of her last five years in Bosnia in that library, lost in the beauty of the math and physics, trying to ignore the war that was just outside her window."

Mature Encounter

first-time Alwyzrdy 2018-02-24

I said "sure, go ahead" and he took out a really hard cock, much larger than mine and began slowly stroking it. I'd guess another five or possibly ten minutes went by and he said "you can suck it if you want, I don't mind." It's difficult to explain what was going through my head, but it took less than ten seconds for my mouth to find his cock and go to work. He kept sucking and stroking so I let loose what felt like a gallon of hot cum. Even though I really didn't feel like doing it, I put my mouth on his cock and took his cum again.

Obsession Ch. 04

first-time rachlou 2018-02-24

"She heard that we're together and she isn't happy." Daniel took Jess's hand and led her firmly down the side of the fence, heading towards the path that wound along the playing field and off the campus. This felt so wrong and she couldn't help feeling guilty despite the enormous pleasure she was experiencing, but then she remembered everything Jess had told her when they shared her bed, and she reminded herself that her friends did this kind of thing all the time. As she watched through blurred eyes, the brunette on screen writhed as the blonde licked her pussy and fleetingly Kelsey wondered what that would feel like as the spasms continued to rip through her body.

Dawn's First Time, In The Rain

first-time leslieincolour 2018-02-24

"Would I be able to have a spoon with that, I know it's a little weird but I like to have hot chocolate with a spoon." My hair drips water in my face, and my clothes are clinging to me, hugging the shape of my body and making me aware of it. "Come with me, I'd like to show you a nice place." she says, and walks away around the coffee shop. "Uh, I think you should not be so close to me because I feel like I'm going to jump you and I don't want to do anything to you that you might regret."


first-time DrVonWankenstein 2018-02-24

By the time she got halfway down it and "Sailing" began for the third time on the Hi Fi , Jane was coming all over my nose, mouth, chin, "fucking hell, Derek, you've got a big cock, and she SAID there was a big BELL END on it!!" she moaned "Come on relax, c*me your load, let go!" she said looking up at me , grinning at Jane I gently withdrew, and Jane grabbed my cock which was almost dripping with Rachel's juice, and wanked it whilst Early the following week Jane went to the pub over the road again, after work, and there she met some sort of travelling

The Blind Date

first-time rudeamerican 2018-02-24

After a few minutes, which started to seem like forever to my un-exercised neck and tongue, Kristi took the lead and used both hands to guide my head and tongue to the spot she wanted the most attention. Kristi's breathing started becoming more shallow as time passed, her fingers in my hair tightening and relaxing with each lick of my tongue and her hips started swaying and bucking to meet me in a rhythm that only accelerated the longer we went. She pulled her head back and started stroking the shaft, looking up and smiling for a second as she did so she returned to sucking me, but removing her mouth quickly when she seemed to think I was about to blow.

The Turkish Harem

first-time reddancer 2018-02-24

Priya's fingers were now freer to roam, and I saw her tickle all over Eva's wet pussy, paying particular attention at times to the top, which would cause Eva to make muffled sounds behind her hand. They ran their hands over my body, and while Priya kissed me with her soft wet lips, Eva's fingers moved into my pussy. Eva smiled at me and as she laid me down said "I think you deserve to see what this is like." She took no time to pleasure my thighs, but plunged her tongue into my pink pussy, and I almost fell apart with the shock of delight.

Class Room

first-time sexhunger12 2018-02-24

While moving my hand on her back and over her bra, sometimes in excitement I pulled her bra strap down from her right shoulder and started massaging her at that position, she was enjoying this, but at the same time she also got nervous, that somebody can watch her in this position with me. While moving my hands over her bra, I touched her boobs sideways and sometimes used to pinch her sexy black skin. When our teacher went out from the class and all the other students also went out from the class, as it was the leaving time from school, I was so horny that time that I kissed on her lips passionately as nobody was there and she was also horny as she completely took my tongue into her mouth and I also pressed her left boob while rubbing her back with my right hand, on this she moaned really heavily ”aaaaahhhhhhhh” .

Can't Remember What Happened

first-time Ooshnafloot 2018-02-24

Its daylight, probably morning, she was in her living room sleeping on the sofa and felt like shit. You and I watched them file out, then you went over and bent over the arm of the sofa and stuck your bare ass out at me, looking around as if to say 'come on'." She tried to pull the robe back a bit to cover her...her...self, but Freddie pulled it away again, sweeping his hands around to her ass. "The boys of course were all trying to get a peek at your snatch, and someone managed to stick some thing to your head which I think Jennifer left there, but we rallied the boys out of there and let you be.

Wife's Boss Part Two

first-time 2018-02-24

I pulled her shirt up wow better look amazing aerolas very wide I suck on both of her tits with passion I could hear her moaning and saying to me this is why we cant I am very loud and don't want a quick one.I went to my knees pulled her shirt off and let her jerk me off.She was so sexy telling me baby cum for me I told her I cum a lot and better get out of bed so we did she knelt down and I was standind and she was pulling on my balls to the point they hurt lol then she started this style with her hands going all the way around my cock it was not long I felt it coming I told her I am going to she held her head back and her tits where right there I stop her and grab a hold of my cock and let loose.I squited four times and it was a lot covered her tits in cum and little on her chin all she said was holy shit that is a lot I stop and grab her a towel and she cleaned up we talked about Tuesday and said she will be gone the whole day into the night and she thinks I am leaving.I was like yes cant wait.

Pin-up girl

first-time burnme 2018-02-24

What seemed like forever, too many seconds and minutes in time, my wants and hopes passing through my mind a hundred times, finally, and with more relief than I thought I could ever feel, the door of the restroom opened, and she moved inside, around the door, placing her back against it. It took little tension to pop the button, the cloth already strained from lack of room, and the zipper ripped downward in chattering release, she would need to do little more than pull them away from me, and her hands moved to the sides taking both the slacks, and my boxers, as she would not wait, or tease like I did to get what she wanted.

Learning The Hard Way

first-time SinsiousSiren 2018-02-24

"Yes, Doug, there is a common ground," I ran my hand up his tie and to the collar of his shirt and back down to where his tie met his belt, "but as I said, I don't think we can resolve the issue at hand." "Doug," I pressed my body against his and he leaned further back against the desk he was sitting on, putting his hands back to brace himself, "I only conduct myself the way I do because I want to turn you on." Looking up at me, he said, "I have wanted to do this ever since the first day you walked into class," and his face was down between my legs, licking and sucking like a hungry animal.


first-time loloishorny 2018-02-24

Calvin asked if Jeff didn't get to leave, if I would want to go home with him and let him play with my pussy. Calvin said that he's never had a woman suck his dick the way I could. I moaned as he reached my hot spot, he pumped me a few times, til I exploded my cum all over his dick. Calvin pulled me to his face to lick and suck my pussy, until he was ready to fuck some more. Calvin pulle me to his chest and fucked me with jack rabbit speed, til he came in me. Calvin pulled from me and told me, I had about 10 minutes before Jeff got off work.


first-time Acktion 2018-02-23

Who wants to go out with a girl with lenses so thick she looks like an owl or teeth that could eat an apple through a picket fence? But, tonight was like the hand of God reaching down and touching me. As I turned and looked at him, I felt like my eyeballs were going to fall from their sockets. I moaned in his mouth as my hands reached behind me to unzip the dress that I had so carefully selected to look good for him, but was now in the way. Not even the sour note of the pinch of pain when he took me on that piano bench could spoil the song of joy I screamed to the heavens that my dreams, my music, was becoming real.

first time with a girl.

first-time bilizz25 2018-02-23

I smiled and said "see you on the dancefloor girls" and went back to the bar to order 3 shots. One I gulped down to I picked up and went looking for the girl. I looked around and saw the other girl dancing with 2 or 3 friends of them I guessed. My head rested on her shoulder I knew I wanted to kiss her lick her make her cum on my face! My hand slowly went looking for her wet spot she was wearing panties. Her panties showed a wet spot I licked her panties she moaned and looked horny at me at what I was about to do.